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Join Meredith Rogers and Kristi Cooper as they move through a Reformer workout together. They play with different cues and concepts to help you get the most out of each movement. By the end of the class, your body will feel more open, free, and ready for your day.
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Aug 23, 2018
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Welcome to girl girl time in a long time. It's been a long time. Let's get started. Okay. Pepe Summer Haffey summer. We are on a blue spring and we're just going to leave the bar as it is and we're going to do some cat stretches. So stand tall Christie, try and in here. Okay. And just exhale. I'm closing my eyes for a second.

Just letting myself come into this space and we can move in here. Exhale, bring the head down into the chest, reach forward and allow the hands to land on the box in front of you in your ear. Elongate the spine, reaching out with the spine, pressing the box away. So getting nice and long. Oh, that feels good. I know. Push your feet into the floor. So my intention is to keep it pretty simple today, Christy. Okay. Curl back in and we're in there.

Reach out in here, an XL test, sliding the pelvis under. So you rotate the hips and start pulling the box back into the stopper in the how? Leading with the hips as we'd go out. Okay. And exhale, curling back in. We're going to take both of our hands now to the right.

So both of the hands are on the same side of the box, just wherever it feels comfortable to you as you go out into that long line. Veer to the right. So you open up the left side of the body. Exhale to curl. Okay. Well it feels so nice that he moving together in Harry chatting or across to you. Are you actually shortening the one side?

And I sometimes get confused on that. Yeah, I'm thinking about squaring the pelvis, which means if I'm leaning, I've got to go over to the side or both sides. Street. No, I can, I'm like, that feels better. Maybe even pushing into the hip on the left. Got a leaning to the right. Got It. That's what I thought. Thank you. And then we'll come center and we'll cross bit sides so to the left. So that's, that's nice. I wasn't aware. Uh, kill cuing better.

We reach out and as you go out, let your right hip go to the side and let your both arms reach away from it. Does that better? Yup. Thank you. Ron. So as we're going down into that long line, it's almost like you're turning around to look behind you. Maybe. Yeah, that back one more time. Okay, great job.

And around back. We're going to come when we get to the center, when we get all the way, they'll stop. We're going to do one more in the center. Reach the spine out log. Usually this makes me feel like I've got way more range in the middle. Then Neil vose straight in the air in, he'll bend, stretch the elbows apart. Exhale, shoulder blades pulled down in the box, pushes for one more time then and press inhale and exhale, roll back up. And then while you're there, once the carriage comes to a stop, roll down, put a red spring on, take a blue spring off.

So you've got one red spring, and then just continue on to your feeding. Once you're on your feet, come around and sit down on the box. So let's hold onto the ropes just above the hardware. Start in a straight back. Bring your arms out in front of you.

We're going to bend the elbows out to the side. So they come out until like a 90 degree angle, straighten the arms and then as they come forward, I want us to around our spine and roll back. Throw in to try. Keep the feet on the headdress is best that we can in hand. Exhale, roll back up. When you find that your shoulders are over your pelvis, bend your arms to straight in your back and take the arms out to the side around the spine. Shoulders over, hips. Reach forward with the arms and roll back or your palms down right here.

Yep. I think I'm palm zone all the time. I'm in check for you. Exhale. Roll. Yeah. Shoulders over pelvis. Then the other, I'm just keeping my palms on all the time. Take the arms out, reach forward and around. I mean, I don't suppose it matters if the palms turn in there. It actually kind of feels nice to do that, but so yeah, just let them do what's comfortable for your, within your hands. Exhale, come up. We're going to do this one more time. After this one. We're going to been to sit, uh, take the arms out and around and reach forward.

It's a little heavy on the arms, but you'll be happy to have the spring ones. You know where I'm going now cause I think so. Inhale the Phil last time coming up and stretch forward now roll down. Fine. The connection to the lower back on the box or getting in here. Lift the right leg on the exhale and set it back down.

The same leg is going to come again for five. Exhale. Pull the abdominals into the box. So here's where that's heavy. Spring comes in handy. Excellent. Pull the leg on and down. Next soap. Pull the leg up and done. One more. Pull the Lega and we're changing right away. We lift the and, and let's see, I'll feel that the leg is coming from right underneath the [inaudible].

Can I use my calf into the box or three w w for hamstring. The other calf. Oh yeah, I love that. I like it. I didn't, I haven't tried that and I like it too. So now I'll push both legs down and push both calves into the box and do a tiny lift and back at tiny lift. Use the back. Use the hands. I will. I get you Christie a lot. Here's three and four and we're going to come up on five. We're going to have a tiny break, so sit up and just take it into chest expansion. So just reaching the arms down and back. Take the arms forward.

It's a nice transition for that. [inaudible] roll back. I think I'm grateful. Great. You're rolling down. You only did one enrolling rolling down again. That was just yesterday. I said a tiny break. We're gonna lift one leg and now we're just going to change in the ear. Five five for sure.

Four. We're going to add some rotation to this to three. Just hinting at the hit, you can press down with the back of the legs, so that's a way to use the hamstring here to join a break first before we do rotation. Nope. Okay. Oh Wow. I'm going to go. Here we go. We turn to the leg. That's lifted and change too. We're only doing five. Use the back of the down leg. Fury, fury four, four, one or five five. Let's keep the legs up. Stretch them away a little bit, but they stay bent.

Roll Up. Oh, go away. And place the feet down. Let's do one more test expansion just because, and then when the arms come forward, we can hang the straps up on the hooks and get rid of the box for now. Miss too. Okay, so we're going to go into some foot work here. I'm an I like three reds in a blue.

Christy's will decide what she want. Other the same, getting tougher. Yeah. Again. Yep. Yeah. That girl. What are we doing with our head rest these days? What do you do? I feel like we should leave it down. I do too because of like the alignment of the spine factor, but I really like it up cause I like to see my feet, so I'm gonna start with mine up and maybe, yeah, I go back and forth on it too. I've been sitting at the computer, so I probably should not overstretch myself down there, you know, I guess I could trust, I could play around with trusting that I've seen my feet so many times that I know how to put them in the right place. Yeah.

So that could be my challenge for, did I leave mine down too? Here we go. Heels on the bar. Press out, find neutral pelvis, long. Straight arms and Paul, Eh, stretch and bend. So can we play with the idea of using the abdominals to bend the knees? Just like you wouldn't like the double leg stretch, right?

Using the abdominals to bring the knees towards the body. We'll do four. Pull resists three too. I wonder about my seat. I just put my address down. I'm just going to go with it. Okay. So coming all the way I did onto the toes is, it's a challenge for me to leave my headdress down. Bet. Yeah, I'm up for it. I'm up for it. Here we go. What about your shoulders or your shoulders down?

Yeah, down but on the mat. They're on the mat. They're not squeezing together. I'm just trying to keep them soft. Yeah. Is My idea around my shoulder organization. Okay. And I'm using my hamstrings, the backs of my legs and my stomach muscles in my, in my mind's eye to bring the knees to the chest.

We'll do three. They don't literally come to the chest. I realize too that that's my thought processing today. One and then heels come together. Oh, I just had to lift my head and look at my feet. Okay. That's all right. And reach press. So wrapping through the backs of the legs, squeezing the heels together to feel the connection between heel all the way up the legs, through the waist. Like you're zipping up your body from your heels to your breastbone. Last for focusing on the down there two and one way.

And then all the way back, we'll just split the heels to the outside of the foot bar. Keep that inner thigh focus activity and stretch and port. I like to imagine that my heels are magnetically drawn towards one another. So they're trying to pull together without actually moving at all on the bar. Do you reverse it when you go down? No, I do it all the time.

But I mean, do you, they come toward each other on the way out. Do they push apart on the way down? No, they pulled together all the time. Oh, all the time. In my imagination, like they're trying to touch each other but they can't, but they really want to like best friends separated by a fence. Ah, okay. I Dunno. That's a good analogy. Or a freeway. Okay. Last two and one more and then we'll come onto the toes and do the same thing.

So the big toes are trying to touch one another. They can, they're far apart, but they're just energetically inward polling all the time. Okay. I'm having a secret going on over here. I'm trying to see if I can do it the other way. I could drawing inward on the way out and out. Do you radically fat flat feet as a sort of slide you always, you sometimes these at Q with your hands spreading the bar? Yeah, just playing with, can I even do it? I kind of, I am too. I like it.

It doesn't like, it doesn't take away the inner thigh much does it? No, it does move it out, I think. Yeah. I don't mind that person. Interesting. [inaudible] made me forget all about where my head should be. Last one. Okay. Oh that's hard. Yeah, just plain. Yeah, I like it. Push all the way out. Feet in the center of the bark. Take the heels under an app. Calve raises. Oh, I wonder if I'll be right with you. Keep going. Stretchy. Okay. All right. Back to work.

[inaudible] and here I like to try to feel if I could connect my heels all the way up to my seat. [inaudible] I'm going to have us do three moray and two of them more and last one. And then we just can go straight into walking. So down, uh, or pre on seeing or running or whatever name that you, Eh, put with this exercise as what we're doing alternating the feet, but creating full articulation of the foot at the same time. Oh, we'll do four on each side more. Yeah. Getting away under the bus.

Bye. This is the last one. You want to have a minute to stretch. Okay. Yeah. That's a [inaudible]. And then changing science, eh. Okay. And then coming in when you're ready. So I challenged for us or for me anyway, I sometimes make this and sometimes I don't.

We're going to reach over the bar with our legs. Lift, arms up, lift the head up. Oh really? We can get up if you need a hold on. You can, I might have to, I don't know. And then what we do get to do here is just drape the knees over the top of the bar and pull the back. Yeah. Okay. And then while you're there, just reached down. Change for spring, a change springs for hip works on choosing a red in the blue for me.

Then we can just roll back down the way we came. Oh, that's Kinda nice too. Yeah, that's a lot of times. It makes me very excited that the bar is attached. Yeah, keep putting the feet into the strap. Let's do that version, the diamond version that I think you, you may have come up with. So press out about three quarters of the way to straight and then diamond the legs and think of finding before you even go anywhere, the external rotators of the hips. Then we'll take that whole shape up. And then I want us to press think of opening the hips or opening the knees more depressed down. What'd you say? Um, what I said was opening the hips more. So. Ah, what I mean, I'm trying to turn my knees away from one another and that's how I'm stretching and that side of it, reformers moving. Got It.

So rather than thinking about just moving the feet, thinking about working from the hip is a different way to say it. Thank you. I heard it. So we'll do two more. Remember this and one more. So now we're going to go down to the bottom. What you're going to do is you're going to pull so much energy into the center of your body that as you straighten your legs, that carriage stays still. Yep. And then as you bend your knees, the carriage stays still and then you lift and stretch to the ceiling.

Carriage stays still. Bendon and then when she get back into that diamond shape, we press again, keep their carriage, still stretch the length, then then kind of move a little, right. It might, I can do it without moving sometimes if I really, really think almost like a sucking my hips deeper into their sockets and really, really finding the external rotators or like the like not saying like pulling the heads deeper into the hip sockets and turning the knees out more. I think I just kept mine completely. I'll have to work on that or go higher and then we'll just do one stretch up straight. Now that's easy to keep the road and pressed down. Stretch out Ben, Dan, come back, go all the way to straight and we'll circle down.

Oh No. Yes. Oh and on that with me feeling like I might have pulled something, but I don't think I did it. Let's do six. Okay, so that means three more. One, two. Oh, it feels good, doesn't it? After that rural controlled moving and it really does to be free and then we'll river so out, down together. So I'm playing with that same sense in my truck as I was when I was trying to keep the reformer and stretch the legs forward of really trying to pull back with my waist and length and my legs out in front of me.

Okay. Last two [inaudible] one more and then let's bend the right leg. Take the left leg out, stray pull with the left leg, the straight leg to bring the legs back to gather Ben the Lao. They been a long time. I know in, Oh, don't push with the bent leg. Pull with the straight leg or just that's where the focus is or that's where I'm choosing to encourage our focus. I'm sure you could just do exactly as you wish, but it's a little harder to pull with that long lever than it is to push with this. Yeah. The power of the bend of the knee.

This is second to the last one. We're going to do one more to each side and then we're going to bend the knees. Jeff, can we do one more? Oh yeah. Can we, can we, I bear with me. It's been a while since you, and I've done this, but where we went to I think pretty close to straight legs over hips, and then we separated them. This is focused on that hamstring today and we've bent both knees and then we went to Australia. It's a bit of control and it's a bit of hamstring for me to save. Okay.

So it's like the feet are sorta relaxed. Um, I tend to know somewhere in our block we're gonna need the hamstrings still as we go. So I can make myself a little more aware when I do just three more, whatever that be. What's interesting to me is to see if I can get the feet to move evenly. Same, same. And I kind of go, oh, the strap is longer. All of a sudden. I'm sure. How about one more after this and I'm just going just to 90. If I didn't say thank you. Yeah. Okay. Now we're okay. So we're going to take the feet out. I'm going to take, the next place we're going is into the semi-circle so we could choose to keep the same spring. I like a lighter spring. So I'm going to do that same thing that we did to transition before, wrap my knees over the barbering, my arms over my chest, lift my head and chest.

And now I'm going to try to challenge myself to do it more smoothly. This time. More this time more for me. I'm trying, that's why I'm challenging myself to go more smoothly. But I do like this moment where you get to lift your back. Yeah. Cause that feels nice. And then I'm going to go to a red. And so my challenge here for my own self is to try to roll down without pulling the bar. Push it.

Yeah. And I did it too. We're in a perfect place to set it for the semi circle. So we're just gonna keep our legs as they are just like that. And you're going to slide out with your arms. Okay. And then once you're get your arms nice and straight, we're just gonna step the feet up onto the bar. So we'll go into a heels together, toes apart, position.

We'll lift the hips up nice and high. And then from that place we're gonna articulate down through the spine. We're going to do so trying to keep the carriage daddy and then let the spine open as we open the springs are arch rolls through the spinal lifting up. Bend the knees. Imagine someone's pulling your thighs full. Yeah.

Anyone knows what that feels like. Have at it. If anyone's ever experienced the feeling of having someone pull their fas in, they're doing this exercise where's they know why it's a good, it's a good sensation to try to find lifting the hips [inaudible] and try to pull yourself through. Lifting up in the hips and one more. Roll down and recheck and articulate this. Fine to lift and bend. Now we're going to press out. Don't go all the way to straight. Just about three quarters of the way. Carrots stays stable. As we roll down.

I'm checking myself for straight elbows, Ben, rural knees, reaching forward, hips lifting, high crest out. Articulate down, hips drop, knees, bend. Roll that one more time. [inaudible] articulate down. Yeah. Then then, and then we'll, I'll laugh.

I don't when I'm going to try to do is help us to find that stretch cause see, so we're going to take the hands off the shoulder box onto the frame, see if you can walk yourself forward so you can take the foot bar in your hands. We're just stay here for a second. So Nice. See you're pressing the pelvis up and you're pulling in. If you can't grab the foot or just hold the frame and pull the knees over the foot bar and then we'll get out the way we came in. So you just drape one leg over, drape the other leg over, reach back and slide yourself in.

And sometimes it gets a little sticky. Oh and look, we're in the perfect place. Oh come on. I was feeling so good about my cell phone. That little I've grabbed the Bahrain leading you need to and then little slip easier, faster. I'm in the, well, I just shifted. Okay. So let's do some arms. Okay. Kneeling. Sure. Okay.

So the spring is a set on a red. Come on to the knees, taking the straps with our hands, taking the arms just in front of the thighs. As we exhale, we'll take them on and back and then down and forward. So it's that down energy in the arms, but as the arms are reaching down in back, the spine is lifting up and forward. [inaudible] breathing as we do something just so solid and good about this.

I love this exercise and if you don't do all the head turning, and especially maybe, would you like to do some head turning? No, I'm happy. Okay. Yeah. What I like to try is, you know how it's super easy just to lean back and hold. The position I like to try to do is kind of find a place where it feels almost like I'm, I'm about to tip over and I really have to hold myself against that.

Yeah. Like I know, me too. Let's do one more, Eh, eh. Okay. So we're gonna reach down, put the strap. So I'm going to take us through in reverse. Knee stretch idea a, it's a little heavy, but I'm gonna stick with it just to say for the sake of not changing the springs. But if you want to change your spring, go to blue. I'm gonna. So what we're gonna do is bring the shoulders over the hands. We're going to start with a straight back.

Okay. From the straight back. We're going to round this fine and bring the knees underneath us. Now keep the spine around and continue pulling the carriage in. It's gonna feel like you're gonna sit on your feet. So you just are rounding through Zackly.

Stay round as you return the carrot and then straighten your back again so we could exhale to around and then continue in the space between the hips and the heels will narrow and then stay around as the hips lift off the heels. But you maintain that flection and then rain is real hard on spring was just thinking, how is she doing sail around d pool. What helps me is as I'm going forward with the knees, is to really push up away from the frame with my straight arms. Okay? Okay. Okay. Let me push up away. Yeah, I get it. Like Ashley on the return.

Yeah. Okay. One more like panting, eh. Oh, okay. That last one just didn't have any words cause I couldn't, I didn't have any extra space for it. Okay. So let's keep this name spring turnaround, which feed up against the shoulder blocks. So I go back to red. Yeah. So we're going to go into the down stretch here and the red is what I would recommend for this next one.

So we'll do three and then we'll to take it into a bit of a Combo. So bringing the pelvis forward into the down stretched as in lifting the chest and press out, lift back and, and press ah, back one more time. Press I using the back of the legs and the abdominals to support this positioning of the spine. Now we're going to round back, keep the carriage in straight in your back. Push out with the leggings and lift the spine through and pull the knees in straight and out the back. Press that and pull through.

Do you want to do the third one too or do you want to leave it for another day? I wouldn't mind going a little lower, but I go the full deal. Yeah, that's what I mean for the SA. Okay, so Kristen knows what I'm talking about. We're going to go into the graph right now. So you round your spine, you find that same flat back position. Then you push with your arms, then you push with your legs and then you come all the way through. So they're just pieces, right? Then they build flat back. Press that, be careful of your shoulders. Press out with the Lens.

Bring yourself through one more back straightens arms. Press support the shoulders in the spine. Come all the way through and then take the feet in the middle and sit back. Um, let's finish out the arm series. I'm going to change the spring to blue for me. Be to virgin.

Do some surface circles. Yes. Eh? Okay. So reach back for your steps with your hands. Feed into the head. Rest. I'm starting at our side. Same idea. Finding a position that makes you feel like you need to support it.

Take the arms up and are out and exhale. Christy, there's diamonds in there. Oh, sure. I know. I was just thinking God get nice or we can say yes. Okay. Just getting really sort of thing. I'll just enjoy it so much more now. Right? One more. And then we're going to take it in reverse and move the carriage ride away as the arms come up. Palms up, arms come down. Exhale, openness. Spring in here. Close the Sprague.

Xcel. I have to keep reminding myself not to lean forward into my straps. We'll finish on this one. Arms overhead, Ben. [inaudible] first, fingers in, thumbs together and press up straight up if you can. Straight up will feel the shoulder blades drying up down the back and my back. We're going to do a few of these. We'll do five more. Plus does, Huh?

Four. Three too. Feels hard to me. Oh, and then all the way around. You wanna do some biceps? Yes, I'd like to add. Same. Yeah. I'm going to take a read on. So I had now have a red and a blue my spring choice there in the stretch alone. Yeah.

So nice if the arms are high scapular or separate, the body is upright and need bend and re and I always catch myself like what can you like I'm some sort of like warrior. Do you find a like a warrior? I kind of do, but I don't mean to like that. I think I feel like anything that makes you feel a warrior like a way or can't be a bad thing. No, it's just, you know, alignment. Yeah, too. Last two. Alright. So we'll put the straps down and we'll take the bar down and we'll grab a box and we're going to put it on short ways and we're going to put it this spring. Fun.

Can you tell me what we're gonna do? Cause sometimes I put my box over and some types of things. Yeah, we're going to do this, the short box, some short box abdominal work, and then we're going to do side over. Perfect. Thank you. Okay. I'm doing this one for you. You know, cause you love it. I do. Okay. Have a seat. Yeah, I liked it. Move the bar out of the way. Cool. I guess it doesn't matter.

Okay. Just feels better to me cause then I can get like a, I can't get the bar as well as I'd like to, but I can get my feet to push down. Yeah. Okay. So let's take that arms. Just cross them at the forms and take a breath in. As we exhale, we're going to Tuck the tail end Rana, leave the arms as they are and we're gonna roll the spine away from the arm.

Then once you have that shape, continue to take the body backwards. Take an inhale, taken excess to roll up and return the spine to straight. Exceptionally short. Some of them tiny bit ready and XSE around the side. So it just rolling away from the arms of rocking back. Rocking.

Okay. And are and round rocking back coming up. And Richard running near arms. Let's do one more. Okay. And then returning and reaching back for behind the head, finding a straight back, pressing the head into the hand and then hinge in here.

Get Taller as you sit back up and hinge in here and taller as you sit back up. Hinge. Nice. Getting longer on the back and taller on the top and two more hinge back and one more hinge back in. Now we're going to go rotate. Let's go. Rotate. Last hinge, last lift up, right. Rotate Center.

Rotate right hinge right, lift up, left, rotate center. Turn back, left and center and breathe or like inhale and exhale. Uh, the way through our brief how you need to, but that's just an idea in here and this is I last time through inhale and exhale and center. Turn face this way. No fiancee stuff. Kay. Just some side overs. I'm thinking about five. Perfect. Yeah, hopefully.

So you can do one arm out straight is easier or you can do hands behind your head. It's, it's a choice to be made by the individual person. Hands are or where you chose, they go down. It may reach long in here and reach long in hill. Keeping the body like it's just between two panes of glass. Five seems like a lot. This is four already though, to psych myself out. One more. We're going to reach down and either put your elbow down on the headdress or if it feels comfortable to you and you feel like you have enough room, put your hand down on the ground.

Take the opposite arm over head and push the leg away into the strap. I like to hold onto the frame from the underneath. And this is just like what feels good to me. So it feels free to find a different strategy and roll the hip. Oh and then take one hand on either side of the train, pull the spine through.

And then with the ham that was the top hand. The hand. Yeah. Anyway, the hand that was on top, reach across towards the hand that was on bottom and stretched that way. I thought I had long arms. Hm. And then help yourself up.

Let's stay here for just one second. Go this way and reach for me a little bit. Yeah, just cause it's cause it feels good. Yeah. Chain side. So here we go. Let put the head off. Hand down. Hand are the upper hand is wherever you choose, straight out or behind the head. The other hand comes up, we go into the frame and we reach out long in here and we're each keeping the head in line with the rest of the spine so the head doesn't lift up.

It reaches to the opposite side of the room from your foot last too, one more and calm down. And that was just thinking you put your elbow down, put your hand down. So it was just a little bit more fun to move your body with a friend. Definitely, definitely. And then you could maybe lean the top hip back. You could hold on the underside of that before more on top.

Yeah. And then rotating around and forward. Okay. And then I'm taking my top hand over towards the hand that was on the bottom and it just use it to help me stretch. And if any of this is like unavailable to you or it doesn't feel good, it's not required.

What is required is you find a stretch that does feel good in your body or what is suggested cases. Just sitting up now and the other arm comes up, the bottom arm reaches over and then rotate a little quarter rotation forward and come back and lift all the way up. And then we're going to stand up, step down, going to go back to the long box shape and two back to the blue spring. Okay. Finished with its little back extension exercise. It happens to be my favorite currently, although that may shift from day to day.

We're going to lay on the box. This one I love right now we're going to just keep the legs that are just about as high as the frame and reach way up on the frame with your hands. So there's some um, hip extension energy. We're going to start sliding the shoulder blades down so it's not a pull from the hands. It's a pull from the back, lift the head up, look just over the edge of the reformer and pull the chest through the arms and then resist going [inaudible] and then abdominals in. I start to look up the wall in front of you, pulling up into the upper back and releasing back down.

[inaudible] and again noticing if you're more heavy or more active on one arm or the other [inaudible] and back down. We'll just do two more. [inaudible] [inaudible] and milking the upper back sensation. [inaudible] and back, Eh, last one had, have arms flew through, [inaudible] in and then we come all the way back. Wait for the carriage to come all the way back to the stopper, then step off and all of just come full circle. Finished the way we started. So just at the edge of the box, edge of the reformer I guess whatever around four at hands on the box and then just maybe, yeah, see any hand stretch, learn. Taking a moment to notice if that feels any different to you. Any better, any worse.

I personally feel like I've got a ton more space in my body to move with. I do in my brain at least. Well that's even better. It's huge. Insane in the membrane. [inaudible] well life gets like that sometimes, isn't it? Let's do one more. Let it all go cause they will wait for you to pick it back up. We can use this. We have an easy way out that we know of, curl through and then take the arms and turn this way like this.

Thank you. Thank you.

Girl Time with Kristi and Meri: Reformer Classes


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I cant wait to workout with you girls😍
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Yep! That was fun! Quick and to the point. Can’t believe I was able to do the rollup every time ! Thank you
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Love girls time!! It gives me the feeling moving with friends. So much fun and hapiness!! I especially liked the hipwork in diamand shape.
Thank you so much!!
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Connie wish I could have! Lovely class Meredith thanks!
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Lovely class! I always really enjoy the girl time classes - thank you so much for sharing your friendship and your workout with us! The only frustration is with the audio. It seemed like the microphone wasn't working well. In some sections, the audio was fine, and then at other times the volume would drop so that the cues we're inaudible.
Thank you all for sharing your girl time with us.
We appreciate it so much.
Rachel, I'm sorry about the audio.
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Nice fun class. . . Love girl time. Thanks!
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Thanks chickas! Now i feel ready for my big day of teaching.. Love girl time :)
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