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Reformer for Creating Space

50 min - Class


You will create more space in your mind and your body with this Reformer workout by Kristi Cooper and Meredith Rogers. They're back with another Girl Time class, starting with a gentle warm-up that will help you release your low back. As they move, they share what they are experiencing and how they get the most out of each movement.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Girl time! Girl time! It's happening, it's been so long. So long, Summer, but new year. New year, new you? New day. (laughs) Let's do it.
Yep. S...


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Great class ladies, it has set me up for my day. Particularly liked the variation on climb a tree t,he hinge back as opposed to round and being able to contact the opposite hamstring to the box made it feel so much more stable and I would be more confident to teach that. Thank you and have a great day x
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Loved this! Thank you! And I REALLY love the listing of the exercises in the notes section! This is so helpful to me as a non-instructor in determining if it is the right class for me. I hope this will become a common thing for all classes.

Thanks for helping me to start the day right.
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I refreshed my "latest videos" page, hoping for a new reformer class by either of you and was so stoked to find Girl Time! Felt good to get way into the basics. Yum and fun!
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So happy to have a new Girl Time video! I love this series. This is a great addition. I particularly love the thoracic spine extension at the end.
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It was wonderful to do a new “Girl Time” video. Thrilled you’re exercising together again.

BTW: That final stretch (after mermaid) felt phenomenal!
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Lovely ladies!! Thank you! It felt great and just what I needed to ease some muscle stiffness.
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Just what I needed today, thx ladies 🙂
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Loved this round of 'girl time'! That final stretch at the end was so lovely! Very needed. Thank you!
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As I was doing this class I became very thankful for the girlfriends in my life! And it got me curious, how did you two girls meet? And how long have you known one another? Whatever the answer may be, keep that friendship through your life times! I’m happy to call you my online friends! Xoxo
Thanks for joining us and sharing your loving and positive feedback!
Hopefully, we will get to share another with you soon.
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