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Texture Wunda Chair

35 min - Class


Maintain the suppleness of your body with this Wunda Chair workout by Amy Taylor Alpers. She continues with the theme of working with textural qualities so that you can release tension and feel "spongey." She plays with exercises that are often left out like Leg Press on Hip, Kneeling Head Press, and much more!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Knee Pad

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Welcome everybody. I'm Amy Taylor outbursts from the plotty center in Boulder, Colorado. And this is Jen. And we're going to do a chair class, like a 30 minute chair class, and we're gonna focus on co...

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This is great! Love the flow. New to teaching chair to private clients so this was really helpful with cueing! Thanks Amy!!
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wow wonderful class
Pilates 100%
thank you Amy and PAT
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i struggled to follow the cues ("feel this", "use this"). would have appreciated more anatomical cueing. i haven't seen kneeling head press before, so that was interesting.
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LOVE the instruction “looking for places that are harder than they need to be”! Learn so much from you Amy! Thanks for wonderful cues.
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Hi Amy, thanks for a short and challenging class.
What is the main purpose of the kneeling head press? Reminds me of the washer woman...
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what do you tell clients for breathing IN on the pressing or work load such as footwork
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I loved it! The Wunda chair is my favorite and thank you for sharing this practice!
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I enjoyed the lesson very much!
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Thank you ! As always enlightening ✨
Love the twisty , bendy , flow movements💕
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Thank you Amy- great cue: “put more weight in your hands and feet so the spine stays free and you can use your abs”- ❤️
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