Class #3538

Texture Reformer

40 min - Class


Feel the texture of your movements in this Reformer workout by Amy Taylor Alpers. She uses language to help you embody this concept so that you can fully absorb the oxygen you breathe in each exercise. Your body will feel warm and supple so that you can work to your full capacity.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

About This Video


Hi everybody. I'm so excited to be back here at is anytime. I'm Amy Taylor alpers and I have the lovely ana and the lovely Janet, and we're going to do an intermediate reformer and we're gonna kind of...

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Awesome class! I love the cues you gave throughout class, especially during climb a tree. That one has always been hard for me, but I was happy with it today. Stomach massage, short box... Everything was wonderfully cued so that I found myself executing each exercise better than I have before. Thank you for bringing such great classes to PA.
Thanks Anne-Marie I'm so glad you liked it and it helped with some hard issues.
Brilliant thank you so much!
I love being able to take your classes Amy! It brings me right back to my trainee days with you years ago? You continue to inspire me and nurture my journey as a teacher. I am ever grateful to you and Rachel for believing in me when I was just a green little sprout!
You are such an inspiration, I love every moment of your classes, thank you so much
Holy Swan, Amy. Feels like home to hear your voice and cueing. Loved this class and it’s focus.
Great class- loved it!
Thanks I really enjoyed your expert ques and this class .
Great class Amy! Always great to be able to hear your words, descriptions and cueing!
Amy your cueing just changes the whole exercise. Thank you for a good workout. Discovered new things thanks to your precision

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