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Texture Reformer

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Feel the texture of your movements in this Reformer workout by Amy Taylor Alpers. She uses language to help you embody this concept so that you can fully absorb the oxygen you breathe in each exercise. Your body will feel warm and supple so that you can work to your full capacity.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole

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Hi everybody. I'm so excited to be back here at is anytime. I'm Amy Taylor alpers and I have the lovely ana and the lovely Janet, and we're going to do an intermediate reformer and we're gonna kind of focus on this concept of texture. And what I mean by texture is that you need to be absorbent. So we're breathing, we're getting oxygen or circulating the oxygen, but if we aren't absorbing the oxygen into absorbent tissue, then we're not getting the full benefit, right? So how do we do that? How do we think, what do we say?

Pilates Stance

How do we even use our hands to maybe help support that idea? Okay, I will try to remember to give you some springs as we go along. Um, we're gonna start with three just so these ladies don't overwork, but you could obviously be on four as well. Okay? So we're going to take a big inhale, have a seat, lie down, put your feet on your foot bars, toes apart, heels together. You got it? And then we're going to go inhale, stretch out, and exhale, come back in. Now I've also been working on keep going you guys, the idea that your allness and your fibulas stay kind of light, like the flying buttresses of your body. You go stretch and bend and stretch and then little faster. Ladies stretch and bend and stretch. And then, yeah, now you're keeping your heels up so that your feet don't rock around.

Exhale, and last time, Stir Rach and Ben. Now we'll come to bird on a perch and your task is go ahead out and, and your task is to get your body supple, right? So when you go out for one second, stay, drop your heels way down, way down, way down, way down, way down, curlier toes. But don't hang in your knees and then come in and massage your ankles in your feet versus straightening your knees and to Janet. Keep bringing them down and under, down, and under and in, right and toes over.


So you're trying to wake up those feet. Let's write a couple more. Breathe in, breathe out. Last time. Exhale. Now we'll come to the heels and inhale. Exhale, inhale, exhale.


Inhale. And it's not that the elbows are necessarily bend, it's that they're not hyper extended or turned out like this, right? So that the lungs have lots of room and you're not teaching your body sort of odd neurological patterns out and in. And again, you feel like you're pushing out more than you are just straightening your knees, right? And try to keep those ankles very flexed and pull them off that. So way last one and come back in. All right, you're going to come back to the balls of your feet. You're gonna lift your heels up nice and high, extend out and then lower. And again, here you go, right lower, lower, lower and lift, lift, lift in.

Heels Lower Lift

One thing that remodel would often do would be just hold your knees a little bit so that you couldn't hyperextend right and up. I like the toes lifted because it makes you massage into your joints a little bit better. And then when you come down, you can get a nice little stretch here. Just don't hang in your knees to do it. So a little softer knee and then hang into your ankles instead. Yes, and then way up. Bend your knees and come on home.

All right. You're just going to hook your foot bar and take that bar down. Straight. Legs down, straight, arms up, take a big inhale and then exhale. Up we go. All right, into three, four, five and out. Two little softer knees so that we're not locking the pathways through our body, right? Yeah. Nice Ana, right? You have long, straight arms, but you haven't hyperextended them and you put your weight on your hands a little bit like you are four foot animal again and you put a little more weight on your feet. Same feeling. Nice job. Exhale, and then you just open up all your tissues and schoolies fill your lungs, fill them, fill them, fill them, fill them deep abdominals, a little less sound, a little more abdominal squeezing on your exhale. Deep, deep contraction. And then one more time, really big and deep contraction. And then lift and lower handles in one hand. Come on up to sitting. We're going to drop down to two springs.


Typically you take your inner ones off and leave your outer ones. Put your head rest down. Okay? You're going to loop the leather through the handle and then curl up. And even as you're curled up and making these transitions, notice if you're hardening something, tightening something, holding something, and try to stay spongy and warm the whole time. Hands Down, we go in half. Stretch it out. Even here, you don't lock, you exhale and bend yourself. Big Inhale, fill your whole back and then exhale and roll down.

Short Spine Massage

Bend your knees. Good. And as you come down, inhale, say it when we get there. Exhale up. Inhale up, oh over. Bend your knees, bending your spine, and then keep your knees close to your chest and take the time to massage your spine. Bend your knees right here and inhale. So you're making yourself a sponge versus you're doing short spine. You roll down and then you keep your knees right where they are and you bend your knees. Yes, you come into a squeezed position, right? Like you're ringing a sponge out last time, big inhale. Each time you should be able to breathe better. Each time.

You should be able to feel your tissue soften and become much, much more supple. Nice job, ladies. Good job. All right. Take hold of your handles. Take your handles instead of the leather than pence. That off. You've got it. All right. Your head comes up. Points your toes. Inhale. And instead of thinking, I harden. Open, close. Exhale, squeeze. Think I fill, I fill open close, and I am t. All my cells, right. I fill my lungs open.


Close. Schoolies squeeze, squeeze. 'Em empty. And then last time we'll do some beats. Just keep breathing though. Keep breathing. Watch your elbows. Don't lock your elbows. Don't lock your knees. Just have open channels. Bend your knees all the way, all the way in, all the way in, and then your elbows. Very nice. Handles in one hand.

Step off, and then hook your handles. And we'll go into stomach massage. You're gonna put your foot bar up. We stayed on the same spring the whole time. Thus far. You're gonna put your head rest up just so it doesn't clock around. Okay. And we're going to stay on the same, oh, sorry. We didn't. We switched to tube and now we're going to go back to three or four.

Round Back

Four. If you're really feeling strong, you go for four. All right. Toes apart, heels together. Now there's so many ways we could just tighten and harden here. And instead, let's open and fill. Okay, so your toes apart, heels together on your foot bar and you go, inhale, fill yourself lower lift and exhale, come on home. And again, we're not going to set the knees down. We're going to fill instead in half. Stay filled, lower lift and exhale, come back eight all the way in, right? Like the exercise.

It's like when you put a sponge in a faucet, right? And you fill it up, fill it up, and then squeeze it out, right? So you're pumping fluid and ice, Janet. Yes, that's the one. Yeah. And take, let's do one last one and take an inhale and just pause when you get out there for a second. Take an inhale and pause. And even though I said pause, it's really continue to inhale. Soften the knees one degree, lift the heels up a little bit more and fill your lungs in stead, and then exhale, squeeze back in. Nice. Drop a spring and we'll take your arms back. You can be on a two or a three on this one. Same feeling. You're stretching your lungs versus straightening your knees. Inhale, stretch, lower, lift. Exhale.

Flat Back

What if you didn't straighten your knees and you filled your lungs twice as big? Yes. Right? So don't even just try a couple of where you don't even straighten your knees because you're actually focusing on inhaling. Yes or left soft elbows. So you're not locking out pathways between yourselves, between you know, your heart and your lungs and your fingers or your heart and your lungs and your toes. Exhale, good.

And then relax your spine so that it's that you're filling your spongy tissue and not hardening your joints. Right? So k around your on to buy. Now, if you weren't already, I often just put my foot here so that people don't drop their heels. Instead they inhale, exhale. That's right. Soften your elbows and fill your arms. Lift them up a little bit. Exhale. One more. Inhale.

Arms Reaching Forward

Now we're talking. Exhale with a twist. Inhale. Exhale. Don't straighten your knees so much. Inhale, pull your knees into your belly instead of pushing your knees to the floor. How about that? Exhale. Inhale, a little less. Elbowy. Shouldery little more. Lanae. That's the last one. That inhale. Exhale and arrest. Nice job.


Step off and we'll get ready for long box. Okay, so we're gonna put the foot bar down. We're going to be on two springs for Swan and then we'll bring the box for the whole series. Okay. We just took a little pause so we could bring the barrel in because I want these ladies to do two different versions of swan cause we're working on this idea of not holding, not tensing, not hardening, but instead of releasing and allowing so that your body's very absorbent instead of hard. So on is going to show us regular swan on the reformer. And then Janet is going to show us something a little unique over here. Okay.


So you go ahead and step on toes apart, heels together. You can go on the wood or the foot bar depending a little bit on your equipment. Okay, you're on the upper thigh over here. All right. We're going to take the heels up a little higher than we might usually and then go palms together, thumbs hooked, and then just round over on a, don't hold that. Don't hold that. Just put it all down. Okay, so you're not holding to begin with. All right? And you're gonna push with your feet a little bit and not pick your backups so much as you're going to pick your arms up.

Just pick your arms up and go back. You got it. They open wide here. They stay here as you go. Chest to the box, keep your eyes up, less tension and then way back and then head first, not arms, just head. You got it. And then over here we could go all the way back and put our hands on that wall and do even a little push up. Looking back a little bit more beautiful, Janet, and then come all the way forward and we'll just round out. Exhale. Let's do one more time. And when we go, just reach for it. Just go all the way back without stopping. Beautiful.

And then reach it out. You got it on a thumbs. Come together and abdominals curl. Beautiful job, ladies. All right. And then just step off. Put your hands on there and come back in. Good. Okay. So we just did swan to free up our spines in our shoulders and our necks so that we can do post-ops and team. All right, so we've changed to one spring.

Pulling Straps

You're gonna lie on your box, belly down. You're going to have your shoulders even with the top of the box. And the only time that really varies is if you have somebody who's extremely long, but mostly you want to feel like you can really kind of press your chest into the box as you lift your eyes, right? So you pull with your whole hand right next to the wood and then you inhale and you let those arms kind of relax. Let go a little bit, let them go even more, and then exhale, release it down. Just release, just release. Pull just with your belly, like don't tighten your arms so much.

See if you can lift your shoulders up and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Nice Janet. And then down narrow. And one more time in Hale. Almost feel like you're kind of folding your back backwards. And then down we go. And you let go every single time.

Then you pulled down to the end of your leather and hold up very high, huge bird wings. And then you inhale and you lift your bird wings and your bird wings lift you so you don't have to lift you so much. You more lift your wings and you come out. And then we're way up here. And then way out here like that, right?

Pulling Straps - T Position

Way Up. Whoops. Don't turn your hands. This one is crazy hard. It's that way. Look up a little, that's the one. And then way out and put your head down. Yes. Handles in one hand. Step off at a spring. So we're on two now. Get on your backs.


Now you're going to come all the way to the bottom of the box so that your strap is way behind you. So that those swan arms kind of makes sense right there behind you. And then we go inhale up, exhale out. Inhale around and low, and then pull your elbows way back. Inhale up, exhale out. The farther back we get the arms come on in.

And I'm just going to slide you down a little bit, right the farther back before you go. Stand. No, it's hard to stay, but just stay here for one sec. So we're way back here so that the muscles of the back are helping to hold the head up. We go one, two, [inaudible] and all the way back. Use your upper back, reverse it, go down. And then use your upper back, upper shoulder muscles all the way home. Inhale, go down. Bring it all the way home. Bring it behind your head. And Ben, that's the one handles in one hand. Come on up, teaser up. All right, we're not teasing up and then drop a spray. Lie Back Down. Alright. You cannot tease her up too. That's more advanced, right? Okay, so now feel for a moment the open chest, the connection to the upper back muscles. Stay down your box, Janet, come as low on your box as you can without falling off. And then from your upper back a little more, you curl your Chin and your eyes on up. You got it.


And you lower the arms and you rise on up. And instead of feeling too much like you're here, see if you could feel like you were in your upper back a little bit more. Yes, often the knees and curl your spine more and then roll down. But keep feeling your arms behind you. Nice job all the way home. And again, we curl forward and we'll go right into some circles and circles.

Now you're gonna point your toes, have nice, strong hands and feet. You got it. And then you hold this spring in your hand and you release and bend your spine to go down, release and bend your spine. Okay, good job. All the way down. You want your arms kind of low. That's right. So they scoop from behind you. And one more time we'll do the circles again. So you're going to curl it up into some circles and as you do it, try not to just bicep it.

Teaser Circles

See if you could use your whole shoulder girdle and make huge movements. Yes, good job. And then you hold the spring in your hand, release and curl your spine all the way to the ground. Nice handles in one hand. Step off. Just place your handles on the ground between the frame. That's right. And then flip your box and we'll go into short box over your shoulder blocks.


That's right. You're going to grab your pole, put it in front of your box. You'll add a spring. So you have two springs just to stabilize your equipment and then have a seat and hook your feet under your strap. And because of different proportions, et Cetera, actually lengthen the strap a little bit on this so that because both of these moment are a little smaller so that it wouldn't pull on them so they didn't have to harden and tighten. Right? Just hang off that strap. All right, so going to fold the arms, kind of wrap them into you and bend your spine. Pull your belly way in and roll backwards and keep yourself supple.

Nice job. And then curl back. And I'm going to show you a little, little Romana partnering. That always works. Just going to come in right under the belly there and help pull the person back a little bit and then scoop them up. Began. And let's do one more and you feel that deep inside. Pull the belly and you got it. You got it right. So it's up. And if you want to go into extension, great. All right, take your bar and reach up over your head, shoulder with again, nice strong hands, right?

Flat Back

And see if maybe you could have more hand and a little less forearm and upper arm. So the shoulder is very free, right? It's not that the elbows are bent, they're just not locked. You're lifted very tall way up, and then you inhale back and you exhale forward. And as you go back, don't take your weight with you. Keep your weight on the pelvis better. Good. And Janet looked down at your feet so you don't arch and instead you keep your neck kind of support. It Look Chin down a little bit more. That's right. And then up again. One more time. Yeah. Beautiful Ana. There you go. There you go. Excellent.

And then reach all the way forward for your toes. Just release and go all the way forward. And then you use your belly and rural back up again. Same arms, same spine. You're lifted by muscles. We're going to side bend now Janet and your spine is free to bend.

Side Bend

Very nice. And up we come, right? So a little less tension here and a little more lift right here. And then the spine feels like maybe a piece of seaweed and come back up and a little piece of seaweed. And a lot of times we want to lean back a little bit on this. So we're going to slightly diagonal forward just a little so we don't go the other way. Nice job. All right, we're going to just stay on the pelvis, twist to the right, pull your belly in and curl back.

Side Bend w/ Twist

Still Curl a little bit and come back up. That's right. Other way. Keep your wrists strong when you curl the wrist back. Sorry. Don't lean back here if I'd lean forward a little bit. Yeah. And then, and then lean off my hand over there over there. That's the one, right? Exactly. Good job. Knuckles forward. One more time, right knuckle.

Stay forward. That helps you curl a little more and come back up and then be even. I'm beautiful. Comeback and just hook your strap under your, your bar under our eyes. Take your right knee to your chest. And in some ways I kind of often feel like all things lead to tree. Okay.


So you inhale and imagine kind of your leg is also a little piece of seaweed and Exhale, right? It's not like got one joint at the knee. Maybe it's got 10 joints in the Shin alone and exhale and you're not tightening anything including your back, including your hip, including your Shin. Stay at the top, flex and point like a deep massage in your ankle that moves things all the way through your whole body. Actually all the way to your eyes. All the way to your brain and skull. No. One more nice. And then you walk your hands up to your ankle, elbows are high, onus are high, right? Head is low, relax it forward. And then you walk down your leg. If you remember that feeling of that Ramana partnering, go ahead and move away and then come back up.

Right? You can try to straighten the leg, but don't lock the knee and you straighten the leg. Not so much by stretching it, but by pulling your quad into your hip socket a little bit. And right up you're so as light onus here as well. And a nice big stretch. And then Chin down, Janet Chin down. That's right. And then one more time. If you want to go into extension, you do. You're not hanging off your foot.

You're standing on your foot. Chin, Chin first, elbows high, right? And then bend that knee and elbows nice and high. That's the one. Beautiful. And switch feet. Nice. So by now, hopefully you're so warm deep inside because you haven't locked anything or tightened or hardened anything. And so you just inhale and maybe you feel right that there's a little more for suppleness in the muscles. So you're not going to go to where you think the end is or the wall is. Yeah.

You're going to try to expand the tissue. Stay at the top via expanding flex and point flex. You're not hanging in your back. You are around. That's it. Last time, good job. Stay pointed. All those very light. Take your arms up to your ankle. Head is down.

You're not really stretching anything. You're just bending things. That's right. And then you walk down, dominoes, take you abdominals, take you into Nice Janet. And up we come. Very nice. Elbows are light. Head is low. You're not holding tension in your spine. You're just floating your parts a little bit, including your forearms and then up.

Your forearms come and your spine just folds in. Don't even stretch it. Just bend it. That's right. You fill the difference, right? And then you go down one more time. Beautiful, supple, seaweedy spines. And then you curl. Just bend. Bend yourself home. Elbows are high. Head is down. You're not stretching. You're just bending.

And then bend that knee and step off. Very nice ladies, take your box away. Take your pole away and then your head rest will come up and we're going to put a pad on your head. Rest foot bar will come up pat on your headrest and then one or two springs for a long stretch. One is harder but challenges you a little bit better. So see if you can use this upper back strength a little bit more so you don't have to lock your arms so much. Okay, so you're going to go hand, foot, hand, foot, thumbs with fingers. Your weight is on your hands, your weight is on your feet and you're using a power that you got from your swan a little bit. So drop that down, right? Soften here and then inhale, push out and come back in. Are you going to try not to, it's hard, hard heart to use this, but instead of using good job, Janet, you're going to use this. You can lift that one degree. Maybe even stick your butt out tiniest little bit. Yes.

Long Stretch

And then let this go right so that we're not always building thoracic tension. Walk your toes forward a little bit so you can stand on them better. Right? Soften this. Put the weight that's there on your hand. Yes, that's it. Right? And then just keep this down. Now we're going to in and lower your knees and add a spring if you were only on one, if you're on two than stay feeding. Get your shoulder blocks.

Down Stretch

So now here's where you start to see, right? Like if I start tightening my thoracic, then I can't really extend, right? Okay. So you're going to let that swan home again, right? Let your chest come through. Drop it, drop it. Sometimes I feel like I'm talking to my dog probably dropping. Okay.

Shoulders back a little bit, right? And you're looking up like you and your swan. Okay. And you pushed back with your hands, pushing to your feet and then you come back up and you bend. Bend, Ben, Nice. All the way out. Nice on a nice job. Right?

And then what she's also doing really nicely is when she's coming in, she's not stretching, she's just bending, bending, beautiful up. Stretch ears go right between your elbows. Move your toes out slightly. Let your head curl way in. Push your heels away, let your hips come down and come home because now you have a spine like an octopus tentacle. See if you can keep relaxing tension in your spine and put the work down in your hands and feet and in your abs. Head goes through.

Up Stretch

See if you can relax a little bit more. One more time. Push it out. Keep your head down. Hips come down lower and come on in. Then we're going to pike up into elephant and you're going to lower your heels. So your weights on your hands and feet pretty evenly. Okay? You inhale, move your carriage out. You exhale, abdominals up. Janna, just keep relaxing your whole spine, including your Nag. That's the one gut.


And then you can go a little more weight on your hands. Yup. And exhale up and no banging because you're exhaling up versus in. That's the one beautiful job. Nice. And then you exhale up so high your heels lift, move back to your shoulder blocks. Take one leg up and same thing and exhale.

Just keep relaxing your neck. Janet, put all your weight on your hands. See if you're willing to take all that tension and put it here. That's the leg job. Switch feet and you can be a pretty darn high on your feet so that you cannot lean on your shins. You have to pull with your ballet.


All Right, nice job and step down. Good. All right, we're going to go into long spine next. All right, so you're gonna take your foot bar down. You're going to take your pad away. You stay on two springs, you grab your black straps, that's right. You'll loop them through either pieces or you can just loop it through the leather with the handle hooked and then you get back on. Got Him. It'd be nice if we had an auto machine for that. Okay.

Long Spine

Have a seat and lie down some kind of Nice little person that came along and did that for us. All right. So now hopefully you're a little more in your hands and feet with a little more upper back strength and a little less tension in your spines. So let's just straighten your leg straight up. Bring your feet over your face and roll up. All right. And you don't have to bring it all the way home, but a little bit open.

Stand weight on your feet and hands and let your spine be draped down by the movement. Nice. And up we go. And maybe you feel I go up, the carriage comes home open. Nice. And here's where you might start to feel right that we want to get that freedom through the shoulder girdle that we started on way back and footwork by not locking our elbows out to be able to get a press back through the upper back. Nice. Janet reverse. If you haven't, that's it. Yeah. So now you feel the upper back power in opposition to the feet.

Yeah. Good job. Head around in up three each way. I lost count. So you decide, is this the last one? One more up. We go soft in the knees so that you can push with the feet. Yes, and then open and finish up and then you drop one strap and then the other or you can drop them both at the same time. You got it right up to standing. Put your head rest up, put your foot bar up. Nice.

Stretches, kneeling. Okay, so your toes are tucked under just because they're nice and limber. Now there's no tension, there's no hardness. Head is ears between the elbows. That's a rule. Okay? You're going to sit a little lower today, right? And the head is way down. Way down. Inhale, press the feet, exhale. You gotta Janet.


That's the way, right? You relax all that tension and when you come in for one second, come on home, sit lower. That's it. And then move your feet. That's the one, right? No tension in your spine. Stand on your hands and feet like a cat and free your spine. It doesn't necessarily move around a lot, but it is soft.

Then we come in and you arch shoe and then you go out in and again and stay even lower. Get Low. Yes. That's the way. Yeah. Get down even more and think about standing on your hands versus your arms. See if you can let that go even more, Janet, like you did in Swan. It's like really extended. Maybe get down one more inch. That's better. Nice job.


And then round one more time and stay that low and just relax your spine. Don't even do this piece. Yeah. And then go out and then use your hands and feet and keep your body suspended between the two, so maybe not quite as big. Exhale and exhale and exhale and exhale. That's the one, right. Exhale. Like you can't even really exhale if you're holding your spine so tight, relax your head all the way down. Just put it down. Relax all of this.


Bend your knees a little more relaxed. That again. Okay. Just move your feet and then exhale and exhale and exhale. Last one, add. Exhale. That's the way. And step off. Nice. Half as much. Work twice as much value to four or three springs.


Whatever you did for your footwork. So you'll add one or two. Have a seat and lie down. So it was a party heels together. Now you're like a flushing river, just oxygen going everywhere and being soaked up at the same time. Let's go parallel. Lift your heels and then lower and switch.

Switch and switch. Go up a little bit more on, go up, up, down, up, down. That's the way. And when you come down, you got it ladies. And just switch. Don't stops with Shan. Switch Shen's with a little faster. Switch free those feet freedom. Move into them like they're soft cat paws. Don't hold them tight. That's right. You just don't lock or drop your knee. Yes.

So you stay in the foot and you don't hang in the knee and you take a deep breath in and bend both knees and come home. Take your feet to the corners of the bar, levitate your pelvis about three inches, and just take a huge inhale, the best one yet, and exhale. And you can go really wide. Okay. Hips up a little higher and exhale and just open the knees. Really? Why don't hold tension there. That's the way. Inhale.

Pelvic Lift

Feel the back of your hip, like you're carving around the back of the hip, right on a, yeah. Right. You've got your long, straight arms, but they're not hyper extended so you can straighten them a little bit more. Yes. So they get long little straighter arms. Yeah, just not locked. And then last one, big inhale and then exhale. Come on in. Roll your spine down. Step off, come to standing. I want to do some quick sides. Splits in front splits and we're done. All right, so we're going to go either one or two springs.

Side Splits

You're going to take your pad and put it on the wood and just yet flip your bar out. You got it. Okay, so now I'm going to watch and see how they do. I, they both chose to because it is a little safer obviously, but it also doesn't let you free your hip quite as well. So let's see. And I'll see if I want to go on one spring for some of them or at least one of them. Okay. So you're gonna go foot and we'll just take this out a little bit foot right here. He'll tell yourself to your shoulder blocks. Take your arms out, take a deep breath and make sure you're calm and that can be far enough for you, Janet. Okay? All right. You're going to release out. Can you, I think those springs are gonna be too heavy and you come back in. All right. If you want to stay, Janet, you do. But I'm going to take one off here because I want you to release out. Let go, let go, let go, let go. Just let go. And then come home.

Right? Hold your feet. Have a little prayer full, but let this go. Let it go. Just go and come back home. Just let it go. Open your carriage as big as you can right away. Let go. I had come back one more time. Right away. Get there right away, out. Go, go, go, come back in. Heel toe. Come all the way in. Okay. And then step two, your carriage. Very carefully.

Turn and face this when you can just stay on the same side. If we're not doing that, move your hip, your heel back. If we're not doing the rolling forward. Picking the flour stuff you can to stay on the same side. All right, so what if you just went all the way out right away? What if you just let go that one and you come back and you got it and you just let go. Nice. Janet, right now you're going to have floating ONAS yes, and wide. Fibulas could you even have that sort of wide fibula feeling? So turn in a little bit more parallel. A little bit more.

Okay. All right. And then way out. Way Out. Way Out. That's the one, right? Yes. And then heel toe back in and step over to the white. I gotcha. All right. Yes. All right. And then let's do front splits to finish. So you're going to go to two springs. If you weren't, you can use a pattern, not for either the front or the back foot.

Front Splits

You're going to put the right foot right in the middle and we're gonna try and do the same thing. All right. Put your hands down. Okay. He'll tell your left foot back to the shoulder block on a forward diagonal rides. Maybe turn in a little bit more, but you want to kind of prayer foot that back foot. So you're on the outer foot and the inner knee is supported and then you're going to relax. This is going to drop that right? You're going to stand on your feet and release everything in between, okay? And then you're gonna push from way down here. Don't lift, just push. Stay low and feel like you're going down, down, down. Not Up, up, up. Okay. When you come in, put all of this on your feet and keep it on your feet. Stay down.

Push your feet, stay down. Push your feet. You got Janet. Stay down right now you're starting to push those. Stay down, right? And come back in, down on this leg, nice and bent. That's it. You got it on a right. And then if you're done, you can switch feet. He'll tell your back foot in. So we're learning, we're just trying to trust that our hands and feet go left foot first.

Our hands and feet are trustworthy. Okay? Maybe turn in a little bit. So you do feel that you stand on the outer foot a little bit and you release tension. Okay? And your head is just floating and then you stay low. Like you're going under the limbo pole with your sacrum and you push out and you stay low and you try not to tense. You try to let go and open. Nice job. You got it.

Lift her head just a little so it's not dangling down, down, down, down, down, down, down. There we go and come back in. Now you could work on keeping your front heel a little bit higher so that doesn't drop your spine and your hips are free, but your feet in your hands stay strong. That was awesome. And relax a little bit more, Janet, if you can, right? You're just trying to drop this to the floor. Yes. Right. And come back in.

You guys step off carefully and then just take a moment on your feet. Take a big breath in. Nice job.

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Awesome class! I love the cues you gave throughout class, especially during climb a tree. That one has always been hard for me, but I was happy with it today. Stomach massage, short box... Everything was wonderfully cued so that I found myself executing each exercise better than I have before. Thank you for bringing such great classes to PA.
Thanks Anne-Marie I'm so glad you liked it and it helped with some hard issues.
Brilliant thank you so much!
I love being able to take your classes Amy! It brings me right back to my trainee days with you years ago? You continue to inspire me and nurture my journey as a teacher. I am ever grateful to you and Rachel for believing in me when I was just a green little sprout!
You are such an inspiration, I love every moment of your classes, thank you so much
Holy Swan, Amy. Feels like home to hear your voice and cueing. Loved this class and it’s focus.
Great class- loved it!
Thanks I really enjoyed your expert ques and this class .
Great class Amy! Always great to be able to hear your words, descriptions and cueing!
Amy your cueing just changes the whole exercise. Thank you for a good workout. Discovered new things thanks to your precision

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