Class #3555

Mat for Happy Feet

30 min - Class


Learn how you can get healthier and happier feet with this Mat workout by Brent Anderson. He focuses on improving mobility in the feet, specifically the ability to pronate and supinate. By the end of the class, your feet will be more dynamic, mobile, and agile so you have the support you need when you are standing.

Brent starts with a lesson about the anatomy of the feet. The movement portion of the class begins at 6:19.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Small Tennis Ball

About This Video


Hello Brent Anderson here and another Palladio's anytime lecture and class. And I wanted to talk to you today about how we can get our feet to be happier. And I thought before I start ...

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Love having more foot classes. Such important information! I do some of these exercises nightly while I watch tv, now I have a few more to add to my repertoire. My feet are in much better shape now than a few years ago. Thanks!
Great class - we need more feet exercises and awareness how important the feet are. Thanks for the class - need to practice my strength in the different sections of the toes. Will integrate it in my class!
I have a thing about feet in my classes at the moment so more mobility work was great!!!
Thank for such an informative explanation. Can't wait to share this information with my clients.
Thank You So mucha This is awesome 💪🏻🔥💝
so glad you are enjoying this class. I have become such an advocate of doing foot intrinsic work and even using the foot and toe corrector. Keep up the good work.
this class was amazing
Ah this was fabulous, love it. Brent you mentioned - and I quickly wrote it down at the time as I heard it - something like Juan Yetos Foot Exercises for Running Teams? Can you help me out further with what it was? Many thanks.
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Jo ~ I believe Brent was referring to Juan Nieto's Runity videos. You can find them here. I hope this helps!
Great class, very informative. Great foot workout. Hopefully more people realize how important these exercises are.
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