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Cervical Powerhouse Mat

50 min - Class


Build strength and improve endurance and motor control in your neck with this Mat workout by Jeremy Laverdure. He uses images, strategies, and exercises directly from a workshop he teaches with Cara Reeser called the Cervical Powerhouse. By using Pilates and other preparatory protocols to move three-dimensionally, you will be able to understand how the neck and head relate to the rest of the spine in every movement.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Block, Triadball

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This is a biggg preset for me🙏🙏🙏
Thanks for watching Z A and Ozlem !
This was the most helpful class so far
Glad you liked it, Emily !
This is why I love PA. Such a variation with exercises and their executions. But all with the same results! Enjoyed this class very much! I tend to get robotic sometimes and this helped me move with flow and a little bit more ease! Thank you!
Oh my goodness, that was fantastic!!
Thank you for the feedback Laurie and Jan ! I'm glad you enjoyed the class!
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really great, thank you Jeremy! So necessary to work with awareness of what is happening in the cervical spine. People are so afraid of any strain in the neck!! But complain in many ways about pain that is related to a weak neck, or of course caused by terrible posture.. So I will take this and bring it to class and see what´s happening!
I agree, Silke ! I think a lot of those unpleasant feeling in the neck can be improved by working on cervical muscle strength and endurance.
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