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Day 8: High Intensity

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 8! Today you will get your heart rate back up after yesterday's recovery class. Tracey works your whole body, encouraging you to dig deep so you can increase your overall strength. The fun music will definitely help you find your energy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Portable Barre, Hand Weights

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Hey guys, welcome today, yesterday with a little bit more low energy restorative. Now I'm back again. Yes, this is the cowling, so find that entity. Got Some Latin music here to get your move in or you needed your bar or chowder wars or something to hold on to. And a light dumbbell. Two to three pounds. All right guys, you ready? Let's go for a little trot. So we say our Fran thing right here. Cross it out. Oh, you got to shake the hips from side to side.

Four and three and two and one and open and close and open and close. Good. Just give me a couple malls. One more. Hold it here. Take it out. Beautiful. Now we're going to step to the side. Liga Stat, tap, tap, plead a transfer. See this, transferring your weight and bringing it towards pat, please. Now it's going to go into an attitude. One, one. Remember, you don't have to go in through an attitude. You can just keep it to a task. You're feeling a bit tired today or just low energy.

I promise you you're going to get there down and left and left. Now we're just going to hold it here. Listen to get your balance for three to staffy to the side. Hold it here and tap that little tack. Can you give me four more? Four, three, two, please hold it here. Take the hands. They're going to drop their hip drops. Rotate, rotate their, bring the hand around. So you're going to reach dropping the hip down from here. Take the hand around. Take your hands down, and we're just going to extend and bend.

Extend gently stretching out those legs. Good. Now one more. Hold it. Bend your knee. Take it around to the center. Reach it around. Take you down there. Ready. Lift your hips up. High lift and down. Lift.

Good. Try and get those hips nice and square. Now this time, hold it up. That whole bring you back to center. Now slowly bring the legs together while you'll shove all the way up. Oh my guys. Pick up your little dumbbell.

All right, we're going to go into af first position, po glued together. Get your weight over five toes, not high on the railway. Shoulder blades down. Let's work those arms and legs ready, plea out. And so just incorporating a dumbo with it just to get some upper body work too. So I love this because it's total body. Okay, total body. You'll focus total body [inaudible].

Now hold it here, hold it here. Bring it in and out and out in hip, elbow high, four, three, two and one take you back. Lovely. Open fourth position. Ready? Down, back into shoulders again. Keep the shoulders over your head.

Now hold it up and hold. Holding here. Three. Thank you for it. Now we're gonna lift. Rotate up, rotate up. So you're rotating into the bar. That's it. So get into those obliques in that lovely curtsy position.

See kind of rotating underneath the bar. Watch that top elbow goes down on the bar. Good. Now triple poles. Three to lift. Bring it down so it's slow and controlled. Now get down into those legs.

So diagonal, look to that back corner. Awesome. [inaudible] last time. [inaudible] good. Take it forward. Lift, lift, and bring it down. Let's go to the other side. Ready?

Let's go up and feeling good. Keep those heels together. Now. Bend your knees. Holy HIA. Now Bend your elbow. Take those hips with it. Good hips, squeeze, love, heels together. Four, three, two, one. Take it behind. Ready, open for we go. It's down and down.

Keep the shoulders over your head. Perfect. Can good. You got four more right here for three XL two. Exhale. Lift it up. Transfer. Ready, open, and open. Can you see I'm pressing the elbow on to the bar. I'm lifting. Now look good and work.

Answer those ties. Triple pulse right here. Three, two, one. Thank you. Down small. Nice. Sucking those apps. Elbow on the bar. Watch your shoulders. Oh, feels good. Walk into those obliques. Let's just do a couple more for good luck. Can never not do too many.

Finish off of those little tribe that's got to get them in that one more. Awesome job at. Put those wipe down. All right, we're going to stay here. Take a diagonal. He forwards me. Repeat it right here. Good. Now you're pushing off that back leg. Okay, so don't bounce up and down. See a lot of people always bouncing up and down. We're going to stay low. Yes. No.

Bouncy. Alright. Optional flow, flow. Good. Keep that front knee bend and just reach to the floor. You got to have goals. You don't have goals. You're going to go back on your bow last time. You take it down totally here. Now we're going to bring the leg.

It goes in which two back swiftly in which to now? Singles just here. Four, eight, eight. Single threes, two and one. Switch to the other side. See that lovely rotation. Rotation. Good job. Now we're going to run named place stuff. That's it. Move those size three.

Step back. Come all the way up. Take it round. Do the drive. Go. Perfect. Alright, so a little bit lower now don't bounce up and down. Think of this is working that leg. Yeah, your heart rate is up. We burning calories here. I put cardio is about right.

Burning calories. Good. Can you do eight more close? You can ready that eight dash six three two nugget down into your plan. A little different here. We're going to take it out. We go and walk and walk and bed and implants.

Please open those hips. Left leg, left, right? Other side, two other side, two alternating. Alternate. Oh, tonight. Two more. One more. Beautiful. Downward dog.

Three. Can you guys again, heart rate up. This is wedding accounts. If that digging deep, burning, low calories, getting that body strong. Masha down. All right, we're going to take it nice and wide. Makes you away from your bar. Press down.

Now we're going to go away from the bar for and touch the floor. So you go three, two, one, reach, reach. And again, let's try it. Three, two, one, reach, reach. Paul. The here. Should we go again? Three, two, three, three. Paul the here. Let's go away and read and read and again, push the floor away. Keep the supporting like beds holding here. Now transfer over and lift. Now look, elbow on the ball. Rolling. Beautiful.

We're going to go in and take, you know, keeping my leg just below hip height. I can get it higher, but I'm choosing to go a little bit below hip height right now and I'm pressing out of the bar. The hand is staying on the head for a little support. Good. You can't take you forwards. Go diagonally out. Work at your own level. Good. Last time.

Bend your knee. Hand on your knee. Okay. Your ankle joint in line with the knee diagonally out. Ready? Put the hand in the head. My smile was made to bring it in and out.

The curb diagonal. So yeah, they act, they act. No one had no cross ready. Bring it back. Relevant. Press lift. Swing back. So I'm off. Swing back. Kind of like feel good to swing. Swing ready. Nudge optional.

Boom. Swing back. Boom. Swing back. It's optional. Up like a scheme. Push off with those feet pressed towards elongates. Shake it out. Roll all the way up. Let's take it to the other side. Now we're going to go away from the bar. Ready? We go.

Three, two, one, reach for to now hold here and again, push away from the floor. Nice. Stretch over to Holby here. There you go. You got that nice little with him at Combo. Colby here and again. Three, two, one. Great. Looking good. Come on a little bit bigger then the heart rate up. One more.

Hold here. Ready? Take it out to the side. Hold that leg up and left. Now look, elbow shoulder, Raleigh, back, and all right. Now we're going to bend the knee in extension. We go in through each fifth. Now try and get your ankle joint in line with the need. Doesn't have to be high. I'm keeping it just below hip height. My focus is my upper body.

Stabilizing me. Good in forward in and keep breathing and smiling. Another. This the toughest part of your class. Trust me. It's a love hate relationship, but you'll still love it when you see yourself on behind. Good one mol Bandon. He take the hand diagonally out to the side. Push you.

Hey and lift. We'll get back to your head. Listen to your bar, those obliques. A fryer in a lifting me up, out the bar lift. We're going to take the hands behind the head. You ready for your speaker? Bring it in. We go diagonal speaker, so push away from the bar and round through that thoracic spine so it's round, diagonal ground, diagonal, [inaudible], and we see you breathing. Exhale, abs last time. Beautiful. Remember your [inaudible], the causing that motion use.

You'll call lift up out the bar. All right, stick it out. We go up, press, press. Damn. Going. Reaching up as high as the can. I'm imagining though, I'm six foot tall, but I'm nowhere near wave. I don't try. I'm never going to get that here. Ready? Job Jump, swing.

Come on. I can do it. All right. I'm going to get you to do four more. You never want to do that, right? Come on. Three, two. Woo. Take it down. Shake it out. Snake. Go ahead. Three, two, and one road. Is that all the way up that don't just stop. Your heart rate's too high.

Okay, keep moving. Don't just stop. Let's face your bar. Okay. Now take your right leg forward. Deputy Bach [inaudible] into a nice movement here on straight knee, right underneath your hip. Now we're gonna rock it ball with rock neutral. When I'm walking forwards, I'm using my co, my app to close that pelvic tilt. And as I do that, I'm getting a beautiful stretch through the cloth and it's so asked.

But yes, I'm working those legs at the same time. Good greed. Take it down for two, down for two, up midway down for two. Now look at your shoulders. Depressed. Use your shoulder girdle muscles. Use your bar. Come on, you can do it. I know it's tough.

Those legs and they look amazing. I'm smiling because if I didn't smile I'd be crying. Now take it down. Abda Nico's out with a little bit of the icing on the cake is that bit when you like please can you stop Tracy? And I'm like, no, you can do four more. Four, three stretch.

[inaudible] one more. Alright guys, switch the legs here. So I'm gonna get myself in position here. Shoulders over your head. We have to have everything in alignment before we actually go in for the kill. If you think about it, you got to get all the Lymon, then you can go in for the kill.

We got to get the alignment for all right now rock here. So you're going Hoorah. Now call the abdominal the lifting and up and back behind the back of the room. Almost like punching you in the tummy. Alright, down for two. Now we're going into the attack bone and those legs alike I can't do anymore, but this is where your head is going to take over.

You can do it all in the mind. Your body strong. Beautiful. Take it down, down, up. Ooh, last time. Yeah. Ready? Hold it. Here we go. Up. Dot. Yes. Here's the icing. The let go out. Keep low dog.

Come up. [inaudible] shoulders. Woo. Oh three, two 75 beautiful guys to pick last time and tried it out. All right guys. Now we're going to step back. We are going to bend your knees going to go into underarm grip and you're going to round like a cat. Elbows bent. Now from here we're going to take the leg back it back.

We're going to go up and down. Now my elbows are bent here cause I'm on a portable bar. Alright. And I'm bending and extending my back leg. It's in hip extension, it's behind the front knee and I keeping it still beautiful. Keep it going. So you're a hip simmer in perfect alignment for now holding here, Dong a little donkey and press it up. Skip those apps.

Take your weight over your front thigh. Four, three, two, and one. Just swing and brings the leggings. Bad. Swing that leg. Now we can do a single squat salmon up, so we sit down and down and beautiful with that single leg squat here. Keep that knee right behind your front knee.

Then hip extension. Good. Open up your chest. All right, one more time. Ready? Feel a little donkey kick. Let's go. Push it back. Ooh, come on. I know you're feeling tired right now. Just got to push through it. Keep those abs. Gage. Don't let your upper body falter.

Your upper body is strong. Stabilizing that lower body ref. Swing it in and send your tailbone back. We're all the way up. Take it forward. High release. Totally switch. That's the pelvis forward. Take the ham, bring it in. Royal. I'm going to grab up. You're going to finish off with some core work. I'm going to put the much that's in front of the bar here.

Yeah, we'd go. Okay. All right, so we're going to grab the bar. We're going to hold it here. Am I going to come and go? Lovely. See, curb position. Arms are nice and wide. We're going to come up right leg. Now we're going to tap the toe down and see in that beautiful seeker position at bell. Inhale and try and keep that deep sea curve position. All right.

Oh, one more lifted up and bad run. Still it in a seeker position. I'm just reaching those legs, that seeker of inhale. Exhale. All right, now we're going to try and extend, so we're going to go up to two round for two, so I'm pushing up and depressing or wrapping around. Inhale, exhale up. This is too hard.

You can go into your modified position low. One more. Call the HIA Balam and take it down all the way. You're going to grab you a little way. How am I going to skip all the way down to the end? Kind of put your weight just below your knee.

How am I going to roll down? All right, we're going to pelvic tail. So I'm going to take the hands behind your head. Tilt. Going to finish off this lovely workout with a little bit of cold. Good Fomo. Two and one. We'll switch. Now everything comes up as the thing goes down. Everything comes up.

Finish off those little apps. Beautiful. Exhale, pull like this. Exhale, hold it and then roll down for all the way up your way to the side. 10 open your leg in and opening. Feel good. And that little butterfly. OOO, hold it. Right leg or left leg in front. Knee. The road as a matter of when it just struck it out though. Black, take it from here and re combat switch. Hold it here. Take it out. Three we're going to get back, right leg in front.

And then Pura. Take that leg forward. Grab that leg. All the here. Point black 0.2 and one other five. Correct your chest towards your knee. Open up the tab.

Alright, take that leg. Well both. Both falls flat. And how old that they didn't bring you the like up. Anytime he comes back. Well, you guys a dead man. Do knees and cone down. That's the role itself. All the way up. Slowly. We're going to walk it out. How do you guys feel girls? Cause reach your legs out the side that's come up and call down royal self all the way up. Lift up over head. Curl down. One more.

Lift up over head. Curl down with the legs together. We're going to finish off with a lovely roll up round through the spine. And how here in for Tesoro though. And then roll all the way. Did the lock head and I can show this. I feel good. See, when they say you need an hour to work out, that is not true.

You can work yourself out in 30 minutes. Pretty easy. You got strength, you got cardio, you've got some apps, you got your leg. Can I tell the body your heart got a workout that in just 30 minutes, you're doing great. But guess what? I'll be back. Bye guys. Hmm?

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Laurie C
1 person likes this.
Another mind and body challenge for me! I really look forward to repeating this challenge now that I get some of the choregraph. 8 down 2 to go. Can’t wait.
1 person likes this.
This was such a great workout! I keep thinking this is my favorite of the series, then the next day comes along!
1 person likes this.
Thanks for the short but effective blast 👍🏻
I really love your workouts, they are so thorough and well choreographed. Thank u, my abs are showing again after the holidays. I do hope there comes a version without "music".
Lisa V
They keep getting better and better. Love the music on this one. Thank you!
1 person likes this.
On the whole nicely paced and enjoyable but for us oldies the transitions are sometimes a tiny bit too fast ( it takes me longer than a nano second to move from butterfly to one leg extended to the side)! Also a chair or wall doesn’t work with the first ab exercise on the mat. Not a complaint, just constructive criticism. 👍🏼
Loved it!
Dena M
Love! Very fun.
Wow. A complete workout, yes!!
About the first abs exercise: I don't own a bar, so I did some other exercise during that segment while trying to think of a good substitute... I thought of a step ladder, but... no. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!
Debbie K
Wow that was challenging but at the same time so much fun! Thank you!!!
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