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Class #3595

Day 8: High Intensity

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 8! Today you will get your heart rate back up after yesterday's recovery class. Tracey works your whole body, encouraging you to dig deep so you can increase your overall strength. The fun music will definitely help you find your energy!
What You'll Need: Mat, Portable Barre, Hand Weights


Hey guys, welcome today, yesterday with a little bit more low energy restorative. Now I'm back again. Yes, this is the cowling, so find that entity. Got Some Latin music here to get yo...


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Another mind and body challenge for me! I really look forward to repeating this challenge now that I get some of the choregraph. 8 down 2 to go. Can’t wait.
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This was such a great workout! I keep thinking this is my favorite of the series, then the next day comes along!
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Thanks for the short but effective blast 👍🏻
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I really love your workouts, they are so thorough and well choreographed. Thank u, my abs are showing again after the holidays. I do hope there comes a version without "music".
They keep getting better and better. Love the music on this one. Thank you!
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On the whole nicely paced and enjoyable but for us oldies the transitions are sometimes a tiny bit too fast ( it takes me longer than a nano second to move from butterfly to one leg extended to the side)! Also a chair or wall doesn’t work with the first ab exercise on the mat. Not a complaint, just constructive criticism. 👍🏼
Loved it!
Love! Very fun.
Wow. A complete workout, yes!!
About the first abs exercise: I don't own a bar, so I did some other exercise during that segment while trying to think of a good substitute... I thought of a step ladder, but... no. Does anyone have a suggestion? Thanks!
Wow that was challenging but at the same time so much fun! Thank you!!!
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