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Day 9: Lower Body Blast

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 9! Today, Tracey brings more awareness to the posterior chain of the body by working the hamstrings and glutes. She also includes functional movements that will target your quads so you can work your entire lower body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Sliders (2)


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Hi everybody. Welcome to today nine. Yes, we are getting close. That's a tight. However, we've still got work out nine. I'm work out 10 yet to finish that Fallon. So come with me. I know you can do it. This workout has gone to be all about the lower body. Yeah, it's about that leg, front and back, right and booty. Your galoot.

All right, so you get a little bit functional moves to start off where the wheels are going to need our sliders or your towels, whatever thing that flies on the floor. All right, so let's get going. Put your hands on your head while you show the lights down and back. All right, we're going to truck through those feet. We go a friend. Hey, prompt and found better than fucking doesn't it? All right. The verdict is out there. That tropical pant friend thing, I like friends a bit more sexy. Right? Okay. I'd have to go four more and four, three, two.

You've been the like together Ben. I just reached the hands overhead and take it over. Okay, and again, until I take it back, now we're just going to step. Tuck right down that step today. Now, once you're saying who's on lateral here, so you're pushing up those legs, looking into the glues, just warming up those legs. Now I'm just going to ask you to rotate and little task is to work into that. Cool. Now set tight.

Push off the thigh. Now for that tap and rotate that a little bit deeper. Back set, Matt, pack it out. I just hold it here. Four more. Four, three, two, one up breath fail. Take the hand down and he's going to press the damn open up both hips.

You're just preparing for I work out here and now extends up and down. Does it. Simple little warmup. What I do suggest if what you're doing from work, I like this to maybe walk around the house, get your leg moving. Maybe just come for a walk outside or jog and if you do a little extra workout on top of that, but get your body moving. That's nice and warm. One more holy here. When the leg together, bend your knees, blow yourself all the way. Alright, take your leg and pocket. Now we're going to go lung test. So nice simple functional exercises. I like simplicity but good biomechanics, Peo.

So think of the need or and directly underneath the hip. Good. And the hands on this ties right here on your weight just to stabilize that pelvic. Okay. Now wholly here, the full pole. Three, two, one packet for I'm keeping my hands right here cause my focus is on that lower body. Yeah. Shoulders over your hips. Once you think, show the stack last time.

Now bring the other leg back in. Good. Now deep breath and witch out through the crown of the head. Good looking like doing laundry as lunges. Prep it. Exercise, lunges and squats. When done correctly for your lower body, your hamstrings, annual quad. Ready, triple tall to watch alignment. Now I know you're getting a little bit hot there right now. The heat is going through that bond.

[inaudible] into school too. There's street. Now turn your toes out. Step to the side. We go now wants to kiss your body slightly forward. Look for it. Same Joe by mechanics here. Pit. Now we're going to add the arm one week. Good. See my body's pitching forwards. I mean a lovely little curtsy, but where am I hit?

I've got two lights attached to my hipbone and they are shining forward, not back. Alright, Paul, the HIA triple poles. Three two, one three, two, one. You gotta get that rhythm. All about that lower body. Yay. Last time. Holly here. Relevance. Relevance. Now remember you're not going too high on that.

Relevate keep the weight over five toes. Good. Last time. Hold balance. Lift it up. Balance. Find your center. Hold it here. Yes. Toby's eight oh three okay, let's do eight mil cause I know you can do it right now. Three to release out. Link it out.

Let it go. I know you're smiling right now. Three, two and one being the light together. I'm going to get a little bit of challenges. We'll launch. Andrea, I'm going on a diagonal so you can see me a little bit better. Yeah, we launched transfer the way we go. Lunch, transfer, transfer ministry. I'm keeping my leg behind the hip. Just down underneath the hip joints, out of the back. Good. You can lose your balance quickly.

You're not focusing good. One, three. You got to keep your focus on your core. Now Ready? Try and balance. Three, two, one. His brain gets down. You can add the arm and leg. Good challenge. And you'll balance to keep the leg low. Yeah, keep it low.

Okay, keep smiling. It helps. Last time guys. Step it down. Stretch. There we go. Bring it in. Why? In roll all the way up. Tense. The other side. We're ready. We go. One, three, scoop.

Keep those apps pulled in. Got It. Is Not high. You're not going to achieve anything with a high leg. Just gonna pull over. Keep it low. Keep it out your back. Keep all the work in that posterior chain. Your glutes and your hamstrings are having a potty right now.

Like yes. Thank you for walking me here. Three, two, one down. Okay, so what about stress, balance, coordination. [inaudible] are you with me? Woo. [inaudible] states. Can you give me one more step you down. Stretch it out, Chris. Come on. You can get that nice little stretch going. Bring it down.

Select together. Roy, yourself all the way up. Okay. Get your slide is now or your towel, whatever. It's lives on the floor. All right. That stand right here. All right. I've got both feet on the sliders. Yeah, we're going to slowly take you forward. We go one, two, three, front side back. I'm just going to let the arms go. Good.

Yeah. And other seems to easy, but don't worry. Three one, two, three, balance on that side last time. Now you're going to hold the hair hold. We're going to go down, down, down. Now we're going to go down to the course. Slowly down the two up, but two down 50 up and up. Good. You got to balance and bring all the way up without hamstring. Yes.

It's challenges. One too, working that hamstring on that support aside and glues. Last time you just aiming for the pool. Uh, the sky one, two, three. Do you remember when that was? The move before. We don't have to go all the way down to the floor of the up and meet away and then as you get stronger, your goal is to touch the floor. You might not be bay now, but you will be if you keep it up that the hand go last time.

Now take you back back. Beautiful. All right, now you're ready. We're going to try and do that rotation. Let's go. Two counts two and up. So it's two counts down to counselor. I remember you can just go to here, but that's so challenging as it is, so don't worry if you can't get down to the floor, you're still fucking not hamstring and glute. Lot of work. It's down from state. Just got one more. Take it out. All right, so my favorite, easy move to do. Okay.

You're running as fast as you can and you pump in no dom and it feels good cause you work and the light goes out. But get fluff. Not this. I like working this flag, right. Alrighty. Four, three, two, stepping out. Oh whoa. Yes. Your Body Flores and you'll lift in that leg.

Glutes on fire for three to hold it up. Yes, go fucking nose up. You are gone to have a deal. Booty boundaries. Deal last time. Bring it in. Ready? Let's go. To the other side. Let's go. I don't know. Imagine that you're running a crash as you can. Some people don't realize when they run these sprinters at fantastic as they've got great strong upper bodies to push them through the air, propel their bodies for us. Right? I'm a little bit deeper.

I just do eight more. Good. Go. Ooh know to pick your weight over your thigh. Shoulder blades down. I know you're getting tired, but you've got to set yourself up for success. That means the upper body is super important. Okay, now holding here. Oh, I know you feel like giving up. You cannot give up cause you want a challenge with me. I can see every single one of you three.

Woo. Check it out. Feel that. I know everyone's going. Wow. Other direction. Take your feet nice and wide. We're going to go.

Okay. Now off position with the shoulder down. Down. Can you give me four more right here while I'm back to center now? Three, three, two. One, three, two, three. All right, so now it's time to come down onto the floor. You feel sliders though?

[inaudible] okay. Does that matter? All right, so you're going to fit on your mat, but you want your feet off of the mat. We want to slide. So gonna focus on those hamstrings now. Okay, so you're gonna put your elbows down onto the mat here. You can put your heels in the middle. Yeah, just press it out out. Now this is pretty easy, right? But what you want to do is think of pressing the heels down into the floor.

Okay? So you're pressing the heel down into the floor. Now hold his ass narrow. You're going to lift up on God. Now you're going to have you in a neutral position and harbor holiday. Yes, my hamstrings are firing. Go. Ready, ready? We go. Just right leg only. That's just do the right leg only before we switch. Okay, let's switch to the other side. Left. Now I'm in a neutral position.

Neutral harbor. Then my buck is skimming the mat. Fill those hamstrings. Holiday here. Hold it, lift up. Take a break. Round. Take ready. We're going to lift your booty off the floor in a neutral position.

Right then left right left. Now this is too challenging. You can have your head on the floor and be in a bridge position. If this is too much pressure on your shoulder joint. Get into a bridge position. Okay, four woo. Three, two, and one. Hold the SA lower down. Press up, press down. Alrighty. [inaudible] sad. I'm gonna lift up.

It's going to get a little harder. Lift Reese selects out. Now hold it there. Pelvic tilt, tilt, tilt, four, three, two. Hold it lower. Lift up and flex your toes. Build those little hamstrings. Nice work guys. Roll all the way up. Bring it in.

Take it away around. That's gonna stretch out your chest. Just from holding that position, you and your quad, your pet position is going to reach forward ground and hold these at neutral. Position a den. Now see, hold neutral and again. Inhale, lift. Paul is at one more time. Extend and round. Lift the opposite direction. Let me feel good.

Now use your call. Your app to pull the slide is back utero round now focused on your app, your abs, and the arm comes secondary. And again, reach. I'll put over one more guy slowly. We're going to take your right leg back, left leg back. Now we're going to abduct the right leg to the side, three to the side too, and one other leg. Keeping in that plank position, taking the leg out to the side. Good. Four more. Four, three, two and one. Bend your knees. Put your body forward.

Still lift up, come back. Nice work guys. Slide all the way back. Play a slider's away for now. Okay, we're going to sell off all the way up. Okay. Now we're going to get a little bit working into our sides of our hips, so we're going to go into that lovely sideline. So you're in this position here. Hold it here. I'm going to read the hand overhead. Now put your palm down, almond, Lego together as we go.

One end way each one and reach. So he goes lateral and forward. Lateral, and for that you've got like a little arabesque. Now hold it. Here we go. One, two, elbow to knee, and we keep off and over your knee. Now you're looking a little bit into side oblique.

Good bye to mall. Laughter. Take it diagonally forward. Turn that back leg out. Now we're going to bend the knee. We go in, put a little bend in the knee and extending Ben. It's that work in that booty. We go Beth, last time. Holy Duh. Hold it. Bend your knee. Take it out to the other side. Ready? One lateral diagonally forward so it's lateral.

Look forward. Mile. You're dancing on that mat going diagonally forward. Awesome job. Keep pressing out about Matt. Lifting up. One more now. Ready? Elbow in. In think of side obliques here and your breathing. So easy to stop breathing and focus on the movement is breathe and move.

All right, one more guy. Elbow to knee, three C and one take you forward. Turn that back. Click out now shoot. We're going to go Ben Breech. Shoot that leg and you're rocking with your upper body and we sign off to take that leg to high. Get carried away with it. It feels good, but control it from your center. Hampton glue.

Can we just do a few more here? Four, three, two, one more. Hold it Paul. Hold. Bring it in. Transition. We're going to go full lift and again, take you back now from here, quad to pad position. All right guys. You Ready? Cool. Your toes underneath. We're gonna press away. Lift. Take each down and hold.

We press and lift and hold and down and again with that rhythm for breath and lift and hold and yeah, add again. Press and lists and Whoa. Okay. It's going to get a bit harder now. Press less. Reach out and hold and pull. Three, two, one.

Let me get in and down and again, press and hold. And three, two, one, ring you back and down. Lateral work to the side. Lateral. You're going to the side here. Okay. Can you see my knees? The records beside pretty easy movements here, but remember your upper body is completely still.

Does that make sure the knees are going directly to the side, not forward them back. Oh, and Wa potted out. Pick, tap, tap one. Tap, tap, tap last time and take you back. So that's direct. She went around to the other side. Push away from the floor. All right.

All the toes and Denise are you're ready? Push away. Lift that front leg. Now we're going to bring it in and out. Two more. One more. Ready for the other leg. Push away. Hava take the leg out.

Ready in five. Excellent. Cool. Keep the upper body three. Keep it still two and one. Let me get in. Take you down. All right, ready with that leg. It's going to go to the side. Let go. Weight goes up. Now this is a pretty easy move, not fancy coffee, so now you're going to get a look. Read.

Look at your biomechanics. See I'm pushing away from the floor, my leg going directly to the side, not the front or to the back. You guys might not move very far depending on your flexibility of your head. Okay. Now we're going to add that little kit. There you go. One kick tap in there.

If that's too challenging, you could just do it diagonally back. That could be like your modification here. Say I can leave back. Okay, one kick in. They, I told you that. Keep that upper body strong, not just about your lower body, your upper body stabilizing you. So don't forget that. So the why is you just working the lower body and the upper body has no sense.

No purpura. Whoo. One, two. All right. Can you give me one more? Take you back. Stretch it out. Nice work guys. All right, Ben, do you need Paul, the here, Cola, the toes, and Denise. Downward dog. Always the perfect suggestion here. We'll love you. Stretch.

Hold. Yeah. You're going to take your front leg. We're going to wrap it around and little pulses here and the bend your knee. Look underneath your arm there. That stretch. Open that hit the train. Lift. Take you back the way it came.

You move a little bit over. Take the leg all the way around now. Little pulses. Ben, that knee, look underneath your arm pit. I feel good. Open up your hip. [inaudible] it's then that lad, he goes, by the way you came off all the here. We'll keep hands back to your feet. Bend your knees, grab hold of your elbow. Swing or from job guys. All right, slowly. We're gonna roll the way up.

How am I going to come back into the center? And I'm going to walk through the feet. How are you guys feeling? Okay, great. Workout for the lower body at a little bit of core in the Abbott, it was always about thinking of working your lower body, your hamstrings, as well as your quad, because we always overwork half quads and forget about our ham frames. So this workout will truly bring a little bit more awareness to work you through that posterior chain. Okay? To that back of you guy, bring it together and just band and extend. So your focus is working through the back of the thigh when you take a deep breath in and out. One more time. Good Dab. Nice work. And once again, I'll be back [inaudible].

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Loved it💕if I want to do two in a row, which day would You recommend me to do with this class? Could you please suggest us some alternatives? Like day 9+ day7 maybe?
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Loved this! Thank you!
Esra H. I would do exactly that Day 7 and 9 would be a great match.
Indeed a blast. What a workout, thank you!
Lisa V
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This is such a great series. Thanks for the bridge modification to take some tension off of the shoulders. So appreciated this as my a.m. wake-up workout!
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Excellently challenging !! Loved it. Thanks Tracey :)))
Laurie C
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Had to take a break due to unforeseen circumstances but I’m back now. This is probably my favorite one out there f the series. Although still have #10 so we will see. Thank you!
Dena M
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That was a challenge. Hip flexibility!
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just a suggestion - when we were using the sliders and the bridge - I couldn't get up on my elbows, but fine when I extended my arms. Love your whole challenge, Sorry it's over tomorrow. Thanks a million!
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Thank You Tracey Mallett !I cant believe Im almost done!
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