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Class #3598

Day 10: Feel the Burn

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 10! Today Tracey encourages you to bring out the dancer inside of you as she moves through a class that is guaranteed to make you sweat. She starts with a warm-up, then moves to the Barre, and finishes with a celebratory abdominal series so that you can feel the burn!
What You'll Need: Mat, Portable Barre

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Hooray! What a fantastic series. Tracey, you are so much fun. I just love your enthusiasm and joy plus you know how to kick some booty! Thank you!
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Phew, that last class was a killer but woohoo! I did it!! That was a tough but fantastic 10 days. Thank you so much Tracey. The constant challenge and variety combined with your enthusiasm made it really special. I'm going to miss this challenge. I might just have to rewind and start it all over again. Already looking forward to the next one x
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Thank you for the great start to 2019 Tracey! Love your energy - and you look amazing!
That was awesome, thank you! Your abs are an inspiration to me.
Tracey, you're an inspiration and so full of vibrancy and joy. The choreography was fun the entire time - the class flies by. And, I do feel I've improved a bit. Thank you and PA for offering this. More of these, please!
That was great. Went by in an instant. Ready for your next challenge. Thank you!
What a grand finale!!! I loved every bit of this challenge and am missing it already!! Thanks for sharing all this with us Tracey and please come back soon :))
Tracey, I loved all classes!!!!! I had to make two breaks in between, but just because of my fault. You did it great and surely I will repeat these classes again!!!! Thanks so much!

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