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Day 10: Feel the Burn

30 min - Class


Welcome to Day 10! Today Tracey encourages you to bring out the dancer inside of you as she moves through a class that is guaranteed to make you sweat. She starts with a warm-up, then moves to the Barre, and finishes with a celebratory abdominal series so that you can feel the burn!
What You'll Need: Mat, Portable Barre

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Hey guys, it's day 10 we've made it this far. We're going to have a great class today. Be careful. You are gonna Sweat. You're kidding. Grab some water and let's get rocking and rolling and we're going to start out with a nice warm up. Am I going to go to the bar and then we're going to go down to the floor.

So I take your hands on your head. Depressed. Recast the crowns I had. All right, the find that with them right then left where you go. Right and left and right and left. Good. Or can those little feet is eight seven, six, five, four, three, two. One being the legs together.

Now we're going to take the right leg back in a month. We go back together back. Now we're going to read the hand for it. Yeah, for more warm up those legs. Okay, last time holding here. Handful with rocky. Forward them back. Keep that front leg Benz or just stretching out those lovely calf. Remember we've been working a lot on a relevant way through.

Want to stretch out those car holding here. Take you down. Press the pelvic down a little bit lower. Ready? Hold up strat. They're gonna pick the bones up to the sky. We go up and down. Ooh, for those hamstring. Oh, we'd love to do this before I start class. Some active flexibility to get those hamstrings nice and loose. One last, Bret holding here where the hips bend your knee.

Roll yourself all the way up. Take the opposite leg back forth and back over that front thigh. Press that heel down. Stretch those car. One More Paul to here for that level of threat. Take you down. Pelvic down. Now we're going to send the hip.

The Pie. We go up and down. Feels so good. Get those hips, floppy and square. All right guys, four more. Cool. The three, two, one more. Come all the way up. Where those hips up into that Dereck? Four, three, two, fan the navy near the lake. Back. Well all the way up with the hands over your head. Marty down and again we shoot up my free tool. Take it out. We're going to go up to you a bar. Put your hands on your head.


Relevant. Heal together. The prayer. We pray ready down and out food and it goes down and so the knees are going diagonally forward. The wall is behind my back, but that's time you're ready. Now back down, holding here. Little diamond position. You're getting that lovely diamond position here to tango out here twice and feel the heat and those size before we start our little workout. Good to feel that heat. All right, before we start I little combination info three to the front.

We go to to the back on again. Good. This is two to the front, two to the back. Keep that the leg bends. Then we're going to add on now for two to the front to the back. Transfer on again.

We go to the back to to the funds transfer kind of easy release. We go to the back counselor, keep that leg low. Double tramp. Keep that leg low. Let's keep it going because you're looking so good now cause you've got it. Transfer that body forests and again to transfer holding here, hip it out at Swinger Day 10 travel down. Pick it up. All right. Let's take the [inaudible]. There we go.

Come on. Flicker. That negativity your way. You're here. Yes. I know you're burning, but that's where I sold the bat, right? Call the heat balance. Take it around now. Ready? Go. We're going to go. Woo. Now you can see my supporting leg is bent.

Hamstrings are working and I go a little bit deeper. Get the knee high behind the body. You've got eight more. I know you feel that bread sweet. Wandering it in. Ruck it out. Looks easy, but it wasn't easy, right? It's go to the other side. Ready? Relevant. Just catch it with me.

I'm going to keep moving, you know, patch up. Shredding up. No diamonds. All right, you're ready to just take it back and just hold it here. Don't go so high on that. Relevant baby kitten hills. Remember no stiletto high heels here. You ready for your combination two to the front, to the back. Trunk to behind. Inside lack again. We go to again cause you just feel so good. Booty booty hit.

There we go. Let's add the, um, shake it out. Good. I'm going to flick it away. You're ready to travel down to flick it down. Woo. And up and down and up. You got two more or less than you? Course you have and up. Last time holding. He had transfer. Send it around. Go. Yeah. Can you see my knees? Hi.

My support is like it's bent. So yes, I'm working that deep sigh that he, my heart rate is up burning those calories right now. Go a little deeper. Ready? Come on. You can do this. All right. You got eight more. Sorry. Hang on. Let's go. Cool. Oh, and break it and check it out.

Beautiful. Now we're going to come around for the other side. When it gets to the back of your ball, back to your bar, reap that leg out to the side. We go. Shit. It's like a swish, Swish. Oh, cool. They did a little Rockette move. We can pretend through the Rockettes. Know we've got these beautiful long legs now kick around. Tough little fan kick. Great for hip mobility. Hip Mobility.

Yeah. We're going to go the opposite direction. Yes. You hip. Doug Do. This feels kind of weird at first because you're not used to doing this. You've got to keep hip mobility as we age. We need it. Got It. Around, around, around last time. Relevant. Relevant. Yay.

Good job guys. You relevant. Not too high though. Remember, keep that kid in the heel down and up and up. The secret is to keep low. I know you want to go a little higher. You got to stay low. Woo. Oh, the back of the throw the way up.

Ready for the opposite leg. Can. I've got a little head. If you look dramatic little move that there's always two down, three and all of the fighting to get out. Now you're at the bar. You've got no excuse. Ready? Brown, Brown. Now Opposite Direction. We go. Inward motion. Keep it small. Little Fun kid. We are the Rockies.

Briquette girl. Good last time. Take you back. Here we go. All right guys. Yeah, we're just going to balance healthy balance. Send it up. Come all the way down. Walk it out. We go. Jumping Jack. Perfect transition. Now bring the leg so your knees are going to need your hips.

I'm trying to get you to hips in line with your shoulders as much as you can. Think of your pole right here. Eight seven six oh three send your hands full in this position here. Stretch it out with the hands back. Feet together. Scoop out. Turn around. All right guys, let's take it forward to here. We're going to come back.

Relevant is by your bite. That now we scoop out those apps is by your biceps. Just straight. Holy here. Home little pulse is gone. Be Mindful not to go too high on [inaudible]. I always catch myself doing it to keep your heels a little bit lower.

Weight is over five toes on each feet. That makes 10 toes. Now hold it. Here needs go. Reach back. Sit back. My arms are reaching forward. I'm scooping out my app and I'm abducting my size. Elvis Booty Burnett. Pull shit out. Nice work guys.

Keep it going. Let's go back to your slow counts slow. Let me going to gently come up in that little position through the feet. Stepping back. We leg. Alright guys, leaving you a Tiara. Bath there wants to open your hip. Look underneath your armpit. You see I'm opening up the hip now.

Now we're going to close the hip. Even though you're still externally rotated at the hip, the hips have somewhat square. Now open the pelvis. Look into the John Pickle. The arm stays straight. Rotate holding here so you can see I'm rotated so my leg is a little bit higher cause I'm rotated. My arms are straight.

Bring it straight forward from here. They're going to bring the leg around. Reach around, stretch around. Reach one stretch around. We told it here. Take the hands down in that lovely stretch. When you Lex together, roll yourself all the way up. Reach the hands back in this position.

Lift your leg lift. Get your arms externally rotated is by your biceps. Now rotate. We go open. Take the box, add again or rotate that leg up and back. Get those hips nice and square and then just open up those beautiful hips and back to square. Good and beautiful. Feels good, doesn't it? This time you're going to open it.

And Holding. Yeah. You ready to shoot the light? Here we go. Shoot. People looking to the other side. Good and open the hip. Now we're going to slowly bring that leg around.

Take that leg back. And Ben. Dad again. We go Ben. One more time. Hold it. And Ben. Good job. Hold it all the way up. Nice work. Ready? Turn it around. Three, two.

Hold to hold two toes to toes. One. There we go. This movie. Do you want to take your arms low? You can take the three. Oh, oh Ho, Ho, Ho, Ho. Last time. Take you down. If this is too hard or just swat for plot, check it out. Bring it down.

Beautiful guys. Slow yourself all the way. Awesome job. We're going to face the bar. Going to bring the hands here. Yeah, we're going to Relevate. If we can bring the leg underneath, take you back into your hip extension here and we're just gonna flex the top part. Now your shoulders are down, you reducing your bar. You're scooping up through those apps. Beautiful. Yeah, you're going to hold it here. You're gonna Lower and lift. There's a single leg Relevate here, Katherine k pretty easy. Well, it's not that easy.

Holiday here in the need, directly behind it to the side. Now if this is too challenging, just bring your heel down onto the floor. You've always got that modification. Okay, me too. Holding here lower and lift. Ooh, low. Yes you are glute medius on the supportive side is dying right now.

Come on, you can come with me when you do that. Don't give up on me yet. Hold the hair, hold going. Get in, switch to the other leg. Flex it up. Resists up and out of the by of scooping the belly in and you'd be pressing. Reaching out with a crown of the head. Heel is not too high or put your heel down on the floor. Okay, three's I this.

Lower the heel down and left down. This is where you're going to feel those legs start to shake. You see my leg shaking. There we go. Woo. Goop. Does that keep that knee still holding here? Bring it in. Take it to the woo.

Now make sure it's right to the five. It's a lot to the side. Do you want to put the heel down? Just do it right now. Boom. All right. Now, how old are you here? Hold. Lower your heel down. Relevant. Right here with burning right here. Good. Good though. That plowed and left.

Come on guys. If you attend day, you guys must feel much stronger by now. Is it a piece of cake for your right now? Right last time. Hold the hair. Hold. Bring the legs together. Shake it out. Beautiful. We're going to step back. We're going to bend your knees. Now we're going to come down and fill a lovely plank position. Hold the here, rotate to the front. Half the bar. Lift, come back from center reach. Tap the, let's try that again. This time you're going to tap the ball.

We're going to try and lift that top leg up and down. If it's too challenging to hold the ball and just reach the hand overhead or bend the supporting knee for, and one more beautiful cross hold onto here and modification here. They can't do the opposite. Oh, the modification do three more. Three and one come back. Take it around. Bring the knees together. It's always the modification. All right guys, we're going to quickly put the bar grab. You're going to put your mat long way here.

You're going to be facing me in a nice position here for the hands. Fourth knees underneath your hands. All right, we're gonna lift that right leg. Can we get some other feet up? Come down pretty easy. Up and down. Now we're going to add the arm with it. Um, right. Here we go. Four, three. Keep scooping out those apps to take you down and to open up your head. The elbows on the floor. We're going to take you to lift the, to sound like a hop circle. Take you back.

Press the elbow down onto the floor. Good little circle here. Keep it going. Scoop out those abs and push away from the floor. Keep breathing. Remember Cole Control. Hold it. Dab and your leg in transfer. Reset. Hand hold.

It's going to go into a five stretch. I'm bringing it back. Press the pelvis in that lovely five stretch and reach the hands in a position back for two front please. The body and press you pubic bomb for. Open up the hip. Now hold it here for four, three, two, one. Thank you. Forward back into your closet. Pet position. Reach the opposite leg. Get your hips square up and down.

Not too high that you go into lower back. Keep it underneath your hip. That's at the arm, up and down. Keep those hips nice and square. Nice balance. Challenge. Work here. Now hold it here. Whole elbow down. Open up your head.

It goes to look that back foot. Can you feel that nice and open position? Look in the glutes, but nice flexibility to it and we do that little semicircle. Hatkoff circle forward. One, two back lifts round. Now don't forget those abdominal guys goop out those apps down. Ooh, this is too challenging. Ben, Julette and Mike, you'll let a little bit smaller. Okay, one tap open, one open hold of that hole and your knee transfer scoop.

The hip school was ready back for your size. Scratch. Now the Tommy going to hold that by stretch. Hold it, hold it. Pelvic tilt. Tilt at the full normal. Oh three two one. Hold the HIA. Come down now. Shoulders over your hips and down and again, harder time. Yeah, you're going to hold it here. I'm going to do a little dancing move. You Ready?

Time to celebrate. Ooh. 10 days, 10 days. We're celebrating with a cyber brand. All right guys, by the side, you're by giving your heel ready. Eight more ago. Eight oh one woo. Come forth and deal applying physician holding here. Now right knee comes in, in. Reach out in [inaudible]. Reach out. Come on, push away from the floor in holding here. Step back, reach back. Come all the way back in in the knee along the mat. Woo Scoop.

Push away from the floor and find out the collapse of the shoulder blades last time. Take it back it here. Bend your knees to take your feet forward. Ready? We're going to take your feet in for diamond position. We go back. Flip back there. Add lift, lift, lift. You got it. One more. Hold it here. Hold it up. Given that seeker position posted up, here's the belly lift. Switch leg. Lift up, wandering the leg in Sandy, the round.

Lift the leg up. Four, three, two, eight, eight, three, two other leg. Laura, quick transition there. You guys are ready for it the 10th day. So I'm pushing you a little bit further. I know you're like, why? Why is she gone? Rush again. Just rewind and do it again. Three, two, one. [inaudible] like the hand ready, let Kayak. We go.

All right. This is where you're going to remind you why you're kayaking too. I want to Kayak to the Seychelles. That from my book, it lists. I want to go to the Indian Ocean on. So now you're going to send positive energy. Where are you going with this guy? You are going somewhere. Good.

Three, two, hold. Holy. Here we go. Lift down the lip. Come on. Come on. You finished guys. Come on. Don't give up on me now we need done.

We still, I doubt single like fat. Yes. I'm going to go for gold. Hands behind the head. Come on. We need you to breathe. You Ready? Let's go. Class three. Okay, well no guys, go please to one Ollie here. I want you to roll all the way up. Hold it. Hold it. Oh, anybody want to go a little bit farther? Oh, and take it down all the way.

Awesome job you guys think you have behind your head. How you feeling? Just swing from side to side. Awesome job guys. It's been a lot of fun working out with you. Congratulations. You did it. Just think how strong you are now. Think how more flexible you are. You did it.

You took the challenge. Lift up and you're like together. Little extra stretch here. So remember guys, keep it up. This is not the end. This is just the beginning. It really truly is. This is the start of the new. You don't give up. Keep on moving. You've come this far. Don't let it go.

You got over the hard bit. Now everything else is gonna get a little easier. Not too easy, because if it's too easy, then you're not really counted in your body. The royal self or the way af read Tobia had come into prayer position here. Hold it here. Deep breath. Inhale and exhale. One last time, lift up, inhale and exhale.

Oh, awesome job guys. [inaudible] stretch jet stretch. She works a lot of glutes and hamstrings. Always stretch. Thank you for coming with me on this journey. I'm going to see you again. I know I will be back. [inaudible].

Kick it Up Challenge: with Tracey Mallett


3 people like this.
Hooray! What a fantastic series. Tracey, you are so much fun. I just love your enthusiasm and joy plus you know how to kick some booty! Thank you!
3 people like this.
Phew, that last class was a killer but woohoo! I did it!! That was a tough but fantastic 10 days. Thank you so much Tracey. The constant challenge and variety combined with your enthusiasm made it really special. I'm going to miss this challenge. I might just have to rewind and start it all over again. Already looking forward to the next one x
2 people like this.
Thank you for the great start to 2019 Tracey! Love your energy - and you look amazing!
That was awesome, thank you! Your abs are an inspiration to me.
Lisa V
4 people like this.
Tracey, you're an inspiration and so full of vibrancy and joy. The choreography was fun the entire time - the class flies by. And, I do feel I've improved a bit. Thank you and PA for offering this. More of these, please!
Dena M
2 people like this.
That was great. Went by in an instant. Ready for your next challenge. Thank you!
3 people like this.
What a grand finale!!! I loved every bit of this challenge and am missing it already!! Thanks for sharing all this with us Tracey and please come back soon :))
1 person likes this.
Tracey, I loved all classes!!!!! I had to make two breaks in between, but just because of my fault. You did it great and surely I will repeat these classes again!!!! Thanks so much!
2 people like this.
Thanks a lot Tracey, i enjoy every Day of this challange....
I think i will do it again and Start tomorrow with # 1 💖
2 people like this.
We did it! Hallelujah! I'm totally going to do this challenge again--I'm curious to see how much easier it will be next time. Thank you, Tracey--you are such a BOSS!
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