Class #3602

Athletic Recovery Reformer

55 min - Class


You will address and realign your body with this athletic recovery Reformer workout by Ed Botha. Rather than just resting or stretching, he offers a mix of strengthening and stretching exercises to give you the true essence of recovery. He includes exercises that work the hip abductors and adductors and he moves the spine through all ranges of motion to get your body back to alignment.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Knee Pad (2)

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Hi, my name is Ed Bertha. I'm from Sydney, Australia, previously from South Africa. And I'm delighted to be back on [inaudible] anytime today. I've got Mandi and Martha with me. Um, an...

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Love this class! The details make all the difference, for example, in the height of the arms in pulling straps. I love the slow speed - it makes me really make sure I’ve got the alignment. I think i’ve done all Ed Botha’s classes, and I’d love more :)
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Love the precision, this workout is a great example of how less is more. :)
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Love all Ed Botha’s classes!
What a great workout for recovery! I was sore and stiff from my workout last night and demonstrating today at work. My glutes don't hate me anymore. Thank you, Ed! :D
I am SO glad you came back with another great class Ed! I have done all of your classes and they all are awesome, challenging and fun! Loved this one because of the precision and control in every movement and the strengthening and stretching variations! Perfect cueing! Want more please!!
Really appreciate the small details of your settings and tempo. I myself deal with a lot of athletes who needs recovery. One question- many of them are really tight on TFL as well as gluteus medius and IT. One of the slide lying with the strap on one foot made my TFL and IT engaged more which they are often overused and felt tight and uncomfortable. Could you enlighten me why you choose to include the movement? Thank your.
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Most athletes struggle with internal hip rotation. If your intention is to be an athlete that is able to run or sprint, then TFl and anterior fibres of Gluteus mediums are essential. Lose the external rotation...
I suspect tight and uncomfortable is more like weak and not working correctly.
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very much appreciate the pace which provides time for detailed instruction. thanks much
Excellent overall resistance stretches after being quite sore last few days. Thank you!
Loved it, more please Ed. Thank you
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