Class #3629

Pilates Mat and Gait

50 min - Class


You will lengthen, load, and restore your body in this Mat workout by Tom McCook. He puts the concepts from his previous tutorials together so that you can achieve a wonderful movement experience. He flows through the exercises, allowing you to learn how to be more center-loaded without tension when you are in motion.
What You'll Need: Mat, Triadball, Franklin Ball (2), Theraband

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Hi everybody. I'm Tom Tama Cook. I'm here at Palladio's anytime for a matte class experience. I'm here with j d and Aaron and our class is going to be a nice flow where we're going to combine some wor...

The Teacher's Corner - Playlist 1: How I Teach


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Wonderful, looking forward to this!
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A tad much for your average pupil
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wooow, what a great class!!! beautiful explanation, great feelings and understanding more of some exercises!!! love it!!! thank you Tom McCook
Thank you all for your feedback! Thanks Alice, happy to hear you gave it a try! Consider going through again, the second and third time are usually more fluid. Thank you Olga, great to hear you're feeling the benefits!!
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Great class to start off the new year to just get space and a new intention.
Thank you Lynn! Happy to be a support for a great year ahead!!
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Fantastic! My hips are so stiff after the holidays, they feel much better now!
Thank you Tom. Always so insightful; watching as a 'new' teacher (although forever a pupil!) there is a lot of info to take in. I'll probably watch a few times to reinforce key cues. Great ball work for hips and enjoyed the side series also. Many thanks and Happy New Year! Sarah from the UK.
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Thank you Sarah! Always a great idea with new concepts to review several times to get an embodied understanding. Wishing you the very best and enjoy!
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I just love your classes Tom, always interesting. Your cues and visual imagery make the simple moves more effective and the challenging moves possible . Truly functional and foundational movement for all levels. I am so thankful for you and pilates anytime!
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