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We've made it to the new year! In this Mat workout, Meredith Rogers encourages you to let go of things that are no longer serving you so you can move forward for the new year. She teaches a class that will allow you to feel grace, acceptance, and ease in your practice and life.
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Jan 01, 2019
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Thank you for being here. If you're watching this right now, then we've made it to the new year. Last year was a doozy. There was tragedy and then there was so many blessings. So going forward, that's all counts are blessings and move our bodies. Okay, so finding a seated position on the mat. Close your eyes.

I'm gonna just hold us still for a moment and ask that you bring your intention and energy inwards. Notice where you are in this moment. Maybe take note of where you wish to be and bringing awareness to breath. Feeling the inhalation, expanding the body, the exhalation. Gently supporting the body in space.

Okay. The inhalation we expand, expand into our consciousness. Expand into our position. Yeah, expand going forward into our lives for the new year. And on the exhale we can just let anything that is no longer serving us, fall away. Let anything that it's potentially distracting us. Fall away and be here right here. All right. Now Open your eyes, take a breath in and exhale round your spine.

Partial Roll Back w/Arm Variations

Drawing the abdominals in, making a long rounded shapes, or I think of lifting as I am round Dave, will he long Aden even as I'm rounding and then in his field, the back, just rebound. Just respond. Come back up right in here. Exhale, drawing the attention backwards through the abdominals, back through the lower part of the spine and in here, lengthening and lifting. We'll do about one more like that. Excellent. So you round back the things that I think about going forward every time I make it to a new year is ease, ease of life, ease of sensation, ease of movement, exhale, round the spine, and those are life thoughts, not just movement thoughts. Let's roll all the way down. Letting the hands slide the outsides of the thighs.

Yeah. Inhaling, pausing as we touched the low back onto the mat. Exhale, curling back up. Finding shoulders over Povich and Ilan gay pulling up on the back of the legs to energize through the upper back. Inhale. Exhale, drawing the abdominals in. You could simultaneously push your feet forward. As you're rolling down. They're not actually moving at all.

It's just a creation of sensation. XL Curl back up and as you curl back up, pull the feet back. So we do forward and back energy with the lower half of the body as we do forward and back energy with the spine. Rounding down. Yeah, and in here and lifting. And then I like to always think about my movement concepts as life.

So aren't we always doing forward and back energy in our lives. That's good. I feel that's healthy. Yeah, in healing at the bottom. Okay. And excavating to lift up [inaudible] in here and exhale. And as we move forward into our movement practice in the new year, I don't know what you want.

We're going to stay at the bottom. We're going to take the arms up and out and forward. But for me, I want grace, eh? Integrity. Okay.

These. Okay. One more arms. [inaudible] [inaudible] acceptance. Compassion in my life and my movement. Practice on left up and inhale and exhale. Roll back.

[inaudible] coming down now take just the arm closest to me up. Open out to the side as it goes behind you and come back. Now the other arm open. Follow it. Bring it around to the side and closest to me. Up, up. Reach around and through and open.

Creating a circle. One more time on each side. Up. Open. Circle through. Open circle through in hand. XL Rule of letting go of the thighs of reaching the arms up overhead. Expanding into our place, into our position, our movement. Reach forward. Roll up, knees, come back, arms come towards me. Roll down that side.

Yeah, fine. Center. Roll up the opposite side. Fine. Send to her arms. Come up, knees open. Spine stretches through working strength, working stability. Rotate away from me. Come down that side towards me. Roll up that side. Okay. Lift all the way tall before coming into center. Take the arms over, head dropped the knees and stretch long out and over the thigh.

Then Rola. Okay. And roll down in the center. Sliding the feet in, sliding the feet in, sliding the feed in so that as you come down onto your back, your feet are set up for a bridge and come all the way down. Now. If you have scooted yourself off your mat like I have, we come shift into the center. Arms reach down. Exhale, lift the head. Okay, inhale, stretch the arms overhead. Exhale as the spine comes down, reach the arms in opposition. Create length, create mobility, create anything that you want to create because it's possible.


Arms come down in here and lifting the hips. Press down with the arms. Press down with the back of the head. Press Down with the fee. Reach your arms back. Maybe we reach for what we want as a respond. Falls down into the mat.

Landing lightly. The arms come down. They press down. We do. Two more exhale to lift up. Feeling the weight of the body in the earth, the weight of the sheet, the arms lightly floating as the spine rolls down and bring the arms down last time. Exhale, left. Inhale, pause. Reach the arms back. Exhale, peel down, peel down, peel down, peel down. Bring me arms around to the sides, holding onto the mat.

If you have a a rectangular mount like me or just out to the sides. Inhale spine to a supine and exhale coming back to center. So then the spine twist supine. We take both knees to one side, keeping them exactly side by side. We draw deeper through the abdominals to come back into the center inhales we rotate to the other side and exhale slowly pull back through center of the body coming back to center. Inhale over to the first side. Excellent calming back through center.

Spinal Twist

So how much can we bring our awareness inwards into the center of the body to power that side to side movement of the hips from deep within xs center in hill, over ex back and inhale over. Exhale back in center. Place one leg down, place the other leg down. Reach back to bring the hands behind the head, fully into lock the hands. Imagine the feet are stuck to the mat as you exhale and lift your body up, bringing the low back flat against the Mat. Imagine that you're picking up the feet. You can't. They're stuck that it's a nice way to feel a different thing.

Forward Flexion w/Leg Lift

And or and down the same thing differently. Exhale, head in, chest up, picking up the fee, squeezing the thighs together, cradling the head with the hands and down. Exhale to lift the head and chest. I think of wrapping my shoulder blades around the front of me, kind of up around the chin so that I really feel just as sense of really deeply cradling the head. The head is just resting in the hands and go down and then exhale, lift. [inaudible] this time bring the hands behind the thighs.

Bend the elbows cruel a little deeper into your position. Reach back, hands behind the head. Inhale. Now we do list the legs. They just flow towards the chest and they float back down. Any amount. Keep the lower spine stable. Exhale, float the legs up. Inhale, reach the legs. Yeah, exhale. Float the legs up. Inhale, take the legs down. Exhale, float the legs. Ah, how light can you be in your lower body while your upper body works very hard to create stability. [inaudible] it's a combination of stability and ease.

Evan, flow, strength and flexibility. Take the legs down. Take the body down. Exhale, lift that in. Chest. Inhale once again. Hands behind the thighs. Yeah. Okay.

Criss Cross

Lift up hands, come back. Lighten up on the feet. Exhale, rotate towards me. Lift that leg up in. Stay lifted and come to center. Exhale, rotate to the back and lift that leg up and center. And again, alternating sides using the foot that's still on the mat to anchor into the mat. Has the work from the waist to create rotation in our upper body and take it down to hit across. Take it down. One more time to eat. Side. Exhale and XL and center.

Lay the head down. Separate the fee. I slide them in a little closer. Arms down on the Mat. Take an inhale. Exhale Rola India. So lift the left leg. Ah, and touch. Lift the left leg and touch. Nice and simple. Lift the left leg up and touch last to lift up and touch. Last one. Lift up and place the left leg down right away.

Single Leg Bridge

Lift the right leg. Oh and touch right rag up. Coming from the center of the body, right, like and touch shooing. The arms, reaching years to and touch. One more time. Up and such. Roll the spine down. Stretch the legs long. Stretch the arms overhead, reaching the arms and the legs away from one another. Lift the head and chest.

Roll Up

Inhale. Exhale. Roll through the spine. Stretch all the way over the length, all the way forward today and then lift the arms out to the side in here. Exhale around the spine and articulate down, down, down feeling. The legs are anchored energetically reaching, creating Lincoln both directions. Lift the head and chest. Exhale, lift the body. Reach all the way out over your thighs. Taking a stretch because we all need a stretch. Sometimes open the arms expand.

Lift the chest and exhale. Chair around. Enroll back, back, back, sending the arms back. Lifting the head in. Chest in half, identifies with the outs insides of the hands. Exhale, press with the upper arms towards one another. As you take your spine out over your legs, open the arms out to the side and around the spine. Two more. Exhale, roll back. Reach back in. How light and easy take the arms. Open the body on that, around the spine and roll back eyes forward. That was mostly a reminder for myself.

Keeping the eyes forward goes a long way and keeping the alignment of the head in a good position. Exhale, roll forward. Stretch the arms out. Turn the palms of the hands up, lift the chest, press the arms back for five for opening the heart to one. Take the arms out to the sides all the way tall. Inhale, flex the fee and exhale, twist, twist, and center so that we find our spinal twist. Keeping the arms reaching out infinitely in space, meaning there is no end point for the reach. There's just constant striving for widening and broadening through the back. As we rotate around through the spinal extensors, through the rotators, we'll do two more.


Center two and one and one center come towards me. Put one hand down backhand. Lift this arm up, bend up and back over that back hand. Take a stretch, lift straight back on and come to the center in her routine. Hand comes down, bend the back arm, take the top arm overhead, reach everything back up and find center an inhale and, and been up and over using the arm for support up and send her an inhale and comes down. Elbow Benz, lift up and over. Come back, find center around the spine. Slide the knees and holding here, holding here. Expansion, contraction, stability, flow. Oh, life lessons. Rock back in here and, and in here and balance.

Seated Rotational Stretch

And I'm endeavoring to have a little compassion for myself in my body today, which isn't perfect. And you could do the same if you wanted or you could choose something else to focus on. Back on the inhale, uh, find the exhale back on the inhale. Upon on the exhale, hands to the knees. Press the knees into the hands. Roll back down, down onto the mat. We're going to do a little variation on the double leg stretch today.


We're going to sit in the arms and the legs out. We're going to reach back around. Don't hold on. Drop the fee. Bring the knees to the nose as the legs come back down. Give yourself that chance to hang on and reach out. Reach you around. We hold you. Don't hold on yet. We dropped the fee. Bring the knees to the nose, roll down, lift the feet, answer the knees, reinforce the shape and our seat curl and two more out our feet.

Double Leg Stretch

Drop crural and back and out. Our feet. Drop, curl and back. And Ah, our feet drop, curl and that hands on the rightly send the left leg out. Stray and change. Push down on the hand.

Single Leg Stretch

Pull the knee into the hands to keep pulling the torso forward. Here's three, three, two, two. We're going to take this into a bicycle. Now one, one take the knee in, stretch up and reach up and reach up and up and three and three to stretch and to one stretch and one stretch and back to the home position. Hands behind the head. We Criss Cross, Chris Cross criss cross breathing for connecting. Five taking it to a bicycle. We come in stretch and as we rotate that stretch and pull through, kick and pull through kick and three more and then first end stretch tumor. Fun position any longer. [inaudible] find them position any longer.


Last time and back to center. Feet on the mat, hands on the Mat, head on the mat, roll up all the way. Left leg lifted, stretches out in space. It goes down, pulls back, goes down, pause, back and reach and pull and two and back. Last time and now hold. Keep that leg there. Circle in and in and in. Looking just to challenge the stability of the chores. So pause, reverse, go out around and back.

Criss Cross Bicycle Combo

[inaudible] when in doubt, bring it always back to the breath. Let's come down in between guys, I'm like on the verge of cramping all the time. Today we're getting a lot of breaks. You're welcome and thank you for being patient. Roll hip all the way. It's new years. After all, let's give our own selves a little love stretch and kick down and flex back down and flex back. Three two, one and circle for challenging the stability of the trunk.

Single Leg Bridge w/Variation

Two one and rivers around in and around and around and around. And then last time, take the leg down, folded back in, lift and level the pelvis. Peel down, down, down, down through the spine. Bring the legs in together, float them and stretch them out. Long. Lift them up and over. Flex the feet. Bring the legs apart.


Roll down. [inaudible] feeling the energy, reaching out through the fingertips, reaching out through the fie. Point down together and up. N Roll over. Flex. Separate. Yeah. Yeah. The body down. Yeah. And point down together.

And two more over making one movement transition seamlessly into the next as though there is no stopping, there is only moving forward. Only moving forward into the next moments of movement. As we roll down the Rola, we take the arms, we take the legs down, finding a seated position, and inhale. Now moving the spine forward. Okay.

Spine Stretch Forward

And move in a spine up. Looking straight at exhale, looking inwards. Rolling down. Okay. Inhale. Exhale. Rolling up to take the gay straight ahead.

Then inwards on the down. Roll down and Ah, and inhale and exhale. Roll down this time. Reach out, find a flat spine. Take it back forward further than ever. Roll all the way back up and sit tall in here. Exhale, take it forward.

Okay. Reach out, bringing the back out. One, keeping the front ribs connected to the back rooms. Finding where your flap has back position is lifting up and inhale and exhale to take it forward. [inaudible] and Ah, and Dan and back. Last time flowing through the spine, feeling the moving energy in the body. Healing gratitude for your ability, our ability to create. Take the arms down to the shins to create this moving energy.


To make these choices. Let go. Take the arm closest to me. Bendet pull back, reach behind you, look back and then press back and look forward. Ben, the other arm, pull back the opposite arm is reaching forward into the future and bend and reach forward. I want, I'm reaches for the future one. I'm looks back at the past and bend in, reached through when I'm reaches for the future. One arm waves. Goodbye as a past bend in. Reach the, we'll do one more time on each side.

Thank you for coming with me on my crazy mental tangents. I appreciate it. Good. Now we lift the arms and lift the spine and take the arms out to the side and rotate to reach less the body open and center. Rotate. Reach across, flattening out the back, lift up open and center and twist and come up. Open and center and twist and a reach through, up open and center.

One more time through diving forward. Ah, open and center. Last time. Reaching forward, lifting up open and center. Reach back. Bring your hands behind your head, let your legs relax, let your elbows relaxed and then just roll in, making yourself into the most compact thing, most compact shape you can, and then pressing the head into hands and reaching out into the most expansive shape that you can and sitting all the way up. Taking the hands from the head end, turning towards me, coming up onto the elbow, coming up onto the stacking the knees and the feet. Taking the arm up in the air where you lift the hips. Just off the mat in here. As we exhale, we thread that arm through each way underneath. Yeah. Inhale, unwind, exhale.

Side Arm Support w/Rotation

Keep the line in the side of the body, long as the pelvis comes down, lift up, inhale Exa dise through, come back and sit down three more times. Lift up and dive through [inaudible] come down and ah, die through and come back. And Dan, I think this is the last one up and I through, I could promise that in the new year I would be a better counter, but I just don't think that that's a realistic expectation for me to make on myself. So I'm not going to promise that, but I am going to promise to keep showing up. It's like if I take it forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward. So for this first little bit, we're just holding the tour. Still forward, forward. I'm pressing my head into my hands. I'm feeling that the elbow is right in my periphery. Four forward, back, back, running. Two more here.

Side Kicks

Like this, back back. Last one. Forward, forward, back, back. Now I want you to take your arm out to the side. As the leg goes forward, I want you to take your arm up around your spine and then as your leg goes back, I want you to take your arm out the side and a region. Let the spine extent, here we go, far forward around arm to the side and kick, kick and far forward. Round out to the side at kick. Kick and forward, forward out to the side and expanding through the chest. And two more forward, forward.

Side Kicks w/Arm & Leg Extension

So I think I took us through six back, back, and last one could be wrong. Back back. Now hold it back. Take the hand to the mat, rotate the torso, lengthen and lift the chest out and up. Bend that knee. Press it back behind you and press out and back. And three, four and five and stretch the leg long now lifted up and Ah, and three, four, five, six. Take the arm and reach the arm and the leg. Finding a little bit of additional back extension. Bring the leg around.

Side Leg Extension w/Lift

Sit yourself up, take a stretch. Breathe. [inaudible] take the leg out to the side. [inaudible] take the arms, uh, reach. Ah, it's like a trust fall here. And then we heard rotate the spine and another expansion opportunity as we raise our breastbone through our arms. Round the spine, open, left stretch up and over to the side and back hinge, stressful, light landing XL hollering out all of the old in here, expanding to everything that's new x house, stretch, unwind, lift sta and dropping into both sides of the pelvis as we take our body across.


And one more time. Arms app, reach at handstand, reach. Open up the chest. I'm tipping my pelvis back and forward trying to loosen up in the lower part of the back and whine. Smile, be happy. We're not. It's nice to be happy than not my mind. Anyway. Let's take legs across the other way and come down onto the forearm.

So we bring the hand behind the head. Remember that we're not pinching that shoulder blade back. We're keeping that elbow slightly forward in our periphery. The scapula is on the outside of the body. The leg comes out to the side, we flex the foot, he goes forward. Forward. Now for these first six, we're trying to hold the body still. So we did two different variations of this exercise forward, forward and back. Back.

First one was very controlled following the rules. Okay, she's the last one and now I want to say, let the rules go a little bit. As the goes forward, take the arm forward, round the spine as the leg goes back, let the spine extent and press back and forward. Pike and open. Here I feel like I'm about to fly away.

It's a nice feel like and forth and back and allowing the spine to round and extend because rules are good, but sometimes they're made to be broken. Last too for that extend. Last one, forward, back, extend. Hand comes down. That hip is still an extension. You're going to bend that knee. We're going to press it back, back. Lifting the chest up in forward to once stretched the leg out.

Long. Lengthen out through the spine of kick. Ah, AH, using both arms to help the spinal position. Last two. Last one. Take the arm, take the leg, find your extension, feel the reach and bring it across. Sitting up, coming into the stretch on that side. [inaudible] breathing. [inaudible] take the leg out to the side. Sitting into both hips, into both hips. Arms are. Take the body out.

This is where we just floated in space. We lightly fell to the ground cam around. [inaudible] feeling the closing of the shape. Shifting of the shape. So bending the opening, the lifting.

Okay. No, I'm just thinking about how polite his words, her words used to describe movement can be. Words used to describe life. Trust. Yeah. Closure.

Shift. Flexibility, stretch, open trust. Yeah. Movement. One more time. Inhale as you go on out. Exhale. As you rotate the ribs, bringing the arm through. Inhale, lift the heart through the center of the chest like it's going to jump right out of your body. Exhale around open left and gift yourself into that stretch and then come up all the way and turn down onto the front.

Prone Hamstring Combo

Bringing one hand on top of the other to make her pillow for the head. Heels together, knees and toes apart, feet flexed abdominals and lift the thighs up off the mat and press the legs app. Ah, AH, stretch the legs out. Point the feet. Circle five, four. Nice. Even circles to one the other ways. Touch. Lift, two, three, four, five. Read the knees, let the arms rest on the mat. Lift the head and chest up. Repeat the list. Two, three, four, five, stretch long. Circle one, two, three, four, five.

Circle one, two, three, four. I have lower the legs. Reach the arms out to the side, lower the body so it's just floating. And then take the arms around behind the back, behind the hips, behind the ties. Open the chest and then the arms reach out in the body, comes down, lets in you expand into the breath, into the chest and exhale to come down and in. You expand into the chest and X.

Prone Spine Extension

I'll take come down two more times. Reach and expand and yeah, on last one, reach and expand. Interlock the hands. Lift the legs, turn the face, bend the arms, bend the knees, kicked three to one and stretch that body long and kick one. Resting the head on the mat and reach out. Well and kick one, two, three on reach out long. I can't go one, two, three on reach out long and take the legs down. Take the arms down, press off into the forms.

Double Leg Kick

Rounding the spine as you go and maneuvering the pelvis back to sit down onto the sheet. Finding a moment to stretch the spine. Roll through the spine. Press down into this shins. Bring the pelvis through, ripple through the chest. So the chest is looking up in front of us were lifting the eyes, lifting the back. Press down into the hands, press down into the knees, press down into the shins, but lift up with the center of your body and just hover back over your feet and then start that again. Rippling through the spine, feeling the movement. Move through the body, shape shifting, pelvis drops down, chest straps, up.


Eyes Look to the heavens. [inaudible] unreached through taking this moment for moving with you in gratitude and being grateful for all of the amazing opportunities I have in my life. And I just paused there so you could think about what you're grateful for. So let's do one more and we'll have one more pause rolling through. Reaching through [inaudible].

Rounding back as you come back, Tuck your toes under. As you arrive back, lift your hips up. I'm going to walk a little forward on my mat and press up into a pyramid or up stretch. Take the left leg up behind you. Reach Nice and high. Bring the knee into the nose. Exhale and reach back and me into the nurse and your reach back and Nan to the nose and I reach back. Open the hip, Ben. Find the stretch. Stretch the way. Bring that leg down to the mat. Find your up stretch.

Up Stretch w/Leg Extension

Bring your body forward and bend and straighten. Okay, two more. Why not reach up? Lift the head opposite leg. Lift. Sad. Find your line. Bring it through and stretch through and stretcher through. Stretch up.


Open them. Bend the knee. Find the stretch to the front of the head. Stretch out like out. Bring the leg through. Find your up, stretch rural through your spine coming forward and bed and stretch. Inhale. Push the floor away. Three more, two more. One. [inaudible] hips lift, knees, bend, hop.

Up Stretch w/Leg Extension

Sit down, open the knees, sit tall. Float the arms out to the side. Float the arms up overhead and allow the chest Cherise with the arms. Keep the open chest as you bring your arms open, embracing the new round four and lift up. Okay.


Letting the arms float. I sometimes like to imagine what it would feel like if my arms were water open the chest. Uh, I know, right? I mean it feels like to move in water. Okay, well that sensation [inaudible] into my body while I'm moving it around on the earth. One more time. Open [inaudible] and around and lift and bring the left hand down to the mat.

Bend the left elbow. Stretch the right arm often over. Reach the right arm forward. So we around over the left knee. Come back, lift all the way up, chain side and the right arm. Reach the left arm over moving the spine in all different directions, creating openness. Left up both arms, both arms forward, Eh, and bring the spine up and bring the palms of the hands together at the heart.

And then I'm going to keep my eyes closed. You can do whatever you wish. We're just going to have three deep breaths together in here and like go exhale and fill up in here. And I let go. And this time as we inhale, take the arms up, take the chest, uh, maybe open the eyes, open the arms, suspending the arms in space for a moment, and bring the arm down. Okay. Thank you for choosing to celebrate New Year's with me. I appreciate you.

Pilates with Meri Rogers: Holiday Classes


I thoroughly enjoyed the flow, precision and the non stop perseverance - towards 2019 in thankfulness.
Also I find myself thinking that Meredith is personally progressing in her teaching, I follow her direction with respect.
Regards, Isabella
Cat W
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I especially appreciate the reminders that our movement reflects our lives and vice versa. Compassion is a challenge, for sure. However you may perceive your body to be imperfect, Meredith, it certainly isn't evident to your students. The perfect body is one that has integrity, grace and strength. Gracias, merci and thankyou for bringing in my New Year with your usual soulful flow of words, actions and lessons.
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a great hour in the new year !!
and hopefully many more will follow!
Happy new year!!!!!
2 people like this.
a great hour in the new year !!
and hopefully many more will follow!
Happy new year!!!!!
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a great hour in the new year !!
and hopefully many more will follow!
Happy new year!!!!!
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Happy New Year, Meredith,
I am looking forward to many new classes with you!
Thank you for the lovely beginning of the year.
1 person likes this.
Happy New Year! 🍾🍾🌟🌟🙏🏻
1 person likes this.
Happy new year Meredith!!!
2 people like this.
Thank you, Meredith...I was in a sad mood this morning, now I'm just happy. Much love from Germany
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Beautiful class Meredith- Happy New Year everyone
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