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It's that wonderful time of the year again so join Meredith Rogers in her annual Christmas Mat workout. She invites you to let go of everything as you flow through a class that blends challenging exercises with movements that will promote self-care. By the end of the class, you will feel more open, free and joyful. Merry Christmas!
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Dec 25, 2018
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Merry Christmas. Yay. It's that time again. Merry Christmas everyone. Here's the Christmas Mat class for you. We've got some wonderful little elves in the house to play with. All my favorite little elves are here and your year, so let's have fun.

We were just having a conversation and we were curious about, um, it's what people want for their Christmas class. What do you want for your Christmas class? Let me know for next year. But we were curious if people want one or rural but kicking or if they just want to feel nice and easy and a little more towards self care. So we'll do both. So holding in the backs of the thighs, closing your eyes just for a moment, just to go in words. Gaze in words, let go of all of the other things that are happening on this day or whichever day you're choosing to do this class. Use your arms to find some length in your spine, some elongation.

Seated Flexion and Extension

Open your eyes in here and exhale as we around the spy. Okay. Deepen and inhale. Lengthen the spine. Exhale, lift the chest, lean back and center and exhale. And her around and inhaling thin, excellent, extended, lean back and I like to remind myself on this day and on all day is that I move my body, have the opportunity to move my body and heal straight to give thanks for that, that opportunity and go straight and around the spine.

Let go of the legs. Reach the arms for it. Now, if that's not not good for you, hold on to your legs. Do what you need to do. We're going to come down to the small of the back. We're going to inhale and raise the arms. If possible, open the arms, reach them forward and roll all the way. Lifting the back, lifting the arms around the spine. Reach the arms forward as you continue to XL, go back.

Roll Back w/ Arms Circling

If you're a person who needs a little help, this would be a good time to grab onto the thighs. You could continue to hold the thighs as an option or you can raise your arms, open your arms, reach them back forward, hold or not role and freely lift. Elongating the spine and inhale and exhale as you around forward over the knees. Roll back towards the lower back. Okay.

Inhale, take the arms open. Forward and lifting, lifting, lifting and reaching and Inia and around and rock back. Okay. Holding at the bottom, we're gonna rotate towards me and towards the center away from me and towards the center towards me in here. Cincher oh, away from me. Center.

Roll Back w/ Rotation

If we knew that we only had to do three of a thing, could we make it through? I think we can come into the center. Inhale. Exhale, Roll Baca. Lift the body, get a little lighter every time you go into that back extension, round your spine, reach forward and roll back. [inaudible] holding the low position. Inhale. Exhale. Lift the left knee. Inhale. Exhale. Lift the right knee. Inhale down, lift the left.

Roll Back w/ Leg Lifts

I just had like this fear that I was going to fall off the back. Very strange. One more. [inaudible] would not be a Christmas miracle if I fell off this mat. And don't roll that up. Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. [inaudible] easy. So you get through that difficult part.

Roll Back w/ Toe Taps

And then we get into the ease of the upward position. Roll back. We're gonna exchange legs, but one's gonna pass the other by. So one goes up and now we go. Change change two, two, three, three, both legs in the air, hands on the back of the size.

Use your arms and your abs to curl up and go back and cruel, ah, and go back. So sometimes utilizing, for me anyway, the strength of the arms just to maximize a difficult position is very useful. We'll do two more. Lifting up and down and lifting up and down. Take one leg down, then the other. Scoot your pelvis to your feet, preparing for some bridging and the head comes down onto the mat.

Chest Lift w/ Legs Lifted

Inhale here. Exhale, peel the hipsa standing into the feet and work very hard to keep my Christmas tree out in my head, but it's not going to be easy. And exhale, rolling down, feeling the chest soften. Melt into the mat underneath us. Feel this stretch through the arms, reaching through towards the heels as the heels pull back and reach for the fingertips. Inhale at the pelvis. Exhale, the lower spine flattens. The weight transfers into the legs, the arms become heavy. The back of the head becomes heavy. Inhale and exhale as you articulately placing one bone at a time into the mat, finishing as the pelvis drops in hand and excess standing in the feed articulating the spine. Ah, and inhale and exhale as we peel down through the spine, peel down through the spine. We're going to do one more. Inhale and exhale as we lift. Huh? I'm gonna stay lifted.


Stand on the right. They lift the left like Ah, and touch and lift up and touch. Feel the heaviness in the center of the body, but that the leg itself is light. And on one more. Lift up lower and lift the pelvis five and press up down. Press up to down. Press up three, five times here for one more time. Five. Now roll the spine down, allowing the pelvis to land and roll the spine. Ah, and roll the spine down and roll the spine up. And one more time.

Bridge w/ Single Leg Toe Tap

Roll the spine down and roll the spine up. Now once you're at the top, take that leg up straight. And as you roll your spine back down into the mat, I want you to bring that leg in, in, in, in, in towards your body. As the pelvis goes down, carry on with that straight leg down into the mat. Lift the leg up. That still bent.

Bridge w/ Single Leg Lower lift

Hold the outside of that thigh and twist. Yeah, bring your opposite arm out to the side. If that feels good to you, breathing into the stretch. Come back through. Stand on that leg. Bend the leg that straight. You readjust if you feel that's in necessary in your body. Exhale, lift the back up into the bridge. The left leg stays on the mat. This time the right leg floats up and touches and floats up and touches fluid.

Single Leg Bridge

Sir, can you feel that sense of lifting it from behind the belly button? Here's our last one and now we take the pelvis down and lift the pelvis. Press back with the arms. Take the pelvis down and lift the pole. This, take the pelvis down and lift the pelvis. We'll have two more here. Down and up, down and up.

Spinal Twist Stretch

Stretch that bent leg towards straight. Bring it towards the body. As you start stretching the body down into the mat. And then as the pelvis comes down, carry on with that straight leg into the mat. Lift the leg that's still been.

Bridge w/ Single Leg Toe Tap

Hold onto it with the opposite hand and bring the knee across the body. Breathing into this stretch. Come back into the center. Okay. Bring the other leg up to meet that leg. Bring your arms out to the side and to a t shape or into a low v shape. And now inhale into the spine. Twist, bringing the knees towards me and center. Yeah. As the knees go the other way, we pull back against the weight of the legs into the spine.

Bridge w/ Single Leg Lower lift

With the abdominals. Exhale to come. Center in Jose. Go over access. We pull through center. So can we find a combination of ease and also efficiency. XL, censure of connection, [inaudible] and depth.

Spinal Twist Stretch

[inaudible] gratitude finding center. Place one foot down. Place the other foot down. Reach back. Take your hands behind your head. Inhale. And as we exhale, we're going to lift the head and chest up. We're gonna reach the hands behind the thighs.

Supine Spine Twist

We're going to deepen into that position. We're going to let go, stick the feed into the mat, reach the arms up and back. Bring them behind the head and lay the spine back down again. Inhale, exhale, head and chest. Come up. Inhale hands. Find the backs of the thighs cruel up.

Chest Lift w/ Arms Circling

Let go. Reach up and back. Hands come and lay down. I like to press my legs together and also press my legs into the ground at the same time as I'm pressing down, I'm also thinking about trying to lift my leg so it's a complicated amount of different energies, but it works. Let go where each up and back. Hands come back behind the head and then we'll go down.

We go one more time. Staying up at the top, exhale to lift in Hilton. Find the thighs, hands come back and we're going to turn towards me. Exhale and into the center and the other I say, are you having a cram and center? Syrah is having a Christmas cramp and center, Cross and center. Two more to each side. Lift up as you go over and center. I hope no one else gets cramps for Christmas.

Chest Lift w/ Rotation

Then two last one. Rotate, center and rotate and center. Hold yourself in center. Stretch your arms forward. Thing is thrown off my center of gravity. Lift one leg. So it's come to my attention that I don't oftentimes teach the a hundred lifts the other leg. So guess what for Christmas, my gift to you all, we're going to reach down and back.


And two you candy is the a hundred. Lifts the head and chest. Reach forward. Stretch the legs out and inhale two, three, four, five and [inaudible] and into three, four, five an hour and into three, four, five an hour. Deep breaths. This time as we exhale, we're going up then the knees and curling up a little higher and stretch out. Two, three, four, five. Exhale into three. Four.

Inhale out. Two, three, four, five. Exhale into three, four, five, two more. One more. Now hold the back of the size. This is a gift from my friend Sarah. We're gonna push the fas into the hands. We're going to get rocking, get rocky, get rocking, and we're going to rock ourself up to the top. From there, let the legs stretch out. You're welcome Sarah.

Spine Twist

Sitting up nice and tall. Let's do hands behind the head, giving ourselves some pressure against the hands at the back of the head and then we'll just do a double twist sort towards me. So here we go. We go pull, pull center and pull. Pull Center. I like to feel that I'm pulling my spine up by pulling up on the back of my school. Pull, pull, center, pull, pull, center lifting as the rotate and lifting. As you rotate. So now we're going to turn towards me. Now flex the spine, round the spine and take the same side. Elbow outside the same side leg.

Saw Variation

Build the spine back up to sit up tall and come to center. Inhale as we rotate. Exhale, same side. Although what I mean by that, as I'm not crossing the body, I'm taking my left elbow to my left knee and we're rolling up and center and twist. And it doesn't matter if you're on the right or the left, but I'm going right elbow outside of the right knee and rolling and finding center. So not attempting to cross the body, just bending to the same side. That's it. Lifting a feeling joyful, and one more tee. Each side over and uh, and center and rotate and down and up and center. Slide the feet in towards you. Take your hands from behind your head and reach around for your ankles or the backs of your legs. Get deep into that round position.

Rolling Like A Ball

Go a little deeper still simply to pick the feet up. And now we rock back. Oh No, I lost my tree back and [inaudible] gonna go right back and he's going to end up heading [inaudible] back. Sarah thought I could catch it with my head again, but I can't back and back. What if I try and I and back and it's off and back. Oh No, no, it's just underneath me. Okay, that's a little silly. Let's just do one more. I'll put it back on in a minute. Okay.

So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna take the hands to the knees and push your knees into your hands and your hands into your knees. And we're going to slowly take the body down to the mat, bring the knees over the pelvis, activate the arms, getting nice and deep in your curl. And then reach out and circle and recheck and circle in here. Feel the expansion. That's the stretch in that position. And then the connection and contraction that happens as you press your arms through space as you pull your knees in towards your chest for more out, in, back, in and out.

Double Leg Stretch

And back in one more. When he pushed the hands into the knees and knees into the hands come up the way we came down. Oh, it's a little difficult, especially with all the Christmas cookies. Take the right leg out straight. Bring the left knee into your body, underneath your hands. Push your knee into your hands. Reach that rightly way away from you. Super Straight. Roll down onto your back.

Single Leg Stretch

Oh yes and no. We change five, five. I'm like pushing down and back with my hands and pushing forward and out with my knee. She has an idea. Last one. We come back to hands on the left knee, MRI, legs energized. Imagine someone's pulling you up by reaching and pulling on that right leg. We rocka up, stay lifted, stay in that c curve, change legs, holding that and now we go back down.

Control, control, control. Finding your single leg, stretch position and change. Five, pushing down with the arms, pushing forward with the knee. Three, three, two. Last time we come back to the right knee. We come up. Sometimes a little rocking action can be your friend here and it's totally allowed. Let go if you want or hold on if you want. Change legs again, right? Gonna go down.

Criss Cross

Dan's actually, I feel maybe easier, harder for you Mandy. Hey, we're going to hands behind the head and Chris Cross. Five, four, four, three lifting up as you go across. Two, two, one. One comes into center with the left leg, been in the right leg straight. Do whatever you need to to roll back up. Find your balance. Change Sigh.

Here we go. Rolling back, back, back. Hands come back. And we criss cross fat 15 up as you go. Over four wringing out the spine to last one. Right knee and left leg. Stray. Roll that up. Oh, well I'm not gonna make it. I made it both knees in.

Roll down. Yes. Yes. Roll down as the head comes down. Stretch the legs out. Long. Lift the legs up. Exhale, roll over. Flex and separate the legs. Roll down through the spine, pushing the heels away, pushing the heels away. Point the feet.

Roll Over

Take the legs down together to touch and lift and rollover. Flex and separate and Rodin and reach down. Let's do three more left. Roll over, staying lifted through the spine, staying deeply engaged through the abdominals and go down using them arms to help de celebrate the lowering of the pelvis down and together. Go the legs. Lift him up. Exhale over flex and separate and good. Yeah, point down together. Touch, lift up. Exhale over flex. Separate. Roll down. Keep the legs apart.

We're going to roll the spine down. We're going to lift the head up in a point. The fear in oral law. Oh yes. Take the legs, lift the spine, and let's open leg rocker. Rocking back. Well, Lena and her rocking back and, oh, lifting a and rocking back.

Open Leg Rocker

Okay. Oh, lifting the sign at the top. We'll just do two more. Back and up. Reaching up one more back and uphold it at the top. Can we let go? Can we keep lifted? And then very slowly tick the legs down and come up to sitting up tall for this spine. Stretch forward in here.

Spine Stretch Forward

Exhale, bringing the head through the arms around in the spine. Forward, reaching out in between or towards the feet. Inhale. Exhale. Feel the ease in which we can lift the back back up to straight. Always. Okay. For the needs to be bent in this exercise, if it helps you feel a more comfortable, upright spinal position. XO, he takes the body forward. Yeah, reaching out through the length.

I like to play with pushing the legs forward as I pull back with my abdominals to stack the spine and sit tall. Inhale. Exhale down. [inaudible] and in here and exhale. Ah, so now keeping the arms out in front of you. Rotate. So you're facing over your leg. That's closest to me. Say XL. Roll down just on the diagonal over that Lang role. Ah, and return to center. Let's inhale to rotate.

Spine Stretch Forward w/ Rotation

Exhale to roll down, pulling back in opposition with the center of the body. Lift back up and come to center in how rotate lifting tall. Exhale, chair around. Inhale to lift up, stacking up upright through the spine and come center. And inhale to rotate. Exhale to reach through.

Inhale, come back up. Exhale, find center from center. Go straight down. Bring the arms to the ears. Reach out nice and long in the spine, coming out into a flat back. Exhale to reach back forwards. Push the legs and the arms away as you draw back through the center of your body to bring your body back up right in here. Exhale round through. Inhale flat back XL. Arms down and roll through.

Spine Stretch Forward to Flat Back

Okay. And in here and around, down and her reach out. Maybe you'll get a little lower every time and reach back and the lift. Huh? Good. And we'll just do that one more time. Exhale to around, forward in, you know, Elan hit the back X.

I'll take it back down. Roll all the way up and lift the arms overhead, bringing the spine up with you. Turn towards me. Split the arms, reach one arm forward, one arm back. Now sending the arms in opposite directions. When goes to next year, one goes to last year, reach up and center and you can take your energy in the direction that you want to go. Do you want to go forward into next year or backward until last year. I know where I want to go and center and it ain't backwards or reach out, but there is that energy right there is that backward reaching and up and center and twist and I [inaudible] and up and last time [inaudible] elongating both homes, finding the center last time and reach through and [inaudible] and up and center. Take your hands behind your head, hold onto your hats and roll down in the top of the head towards the floor.


And I'm like pulling on my head so much. It's just letting the weight of my hand against the back of my head, give my upper back and neck a little bit of a stretch. And then we're going to take the hands away from the hand and we're gonna roll back up nice and gently up to sitting. So I'm going to change my unicorn horn hat back to Christmas tree and we're going to come onto our knees. Face me. Your knees have to be directly under your sitting bones.

Kneeling Side Stretch

They can be a little bit wider than your hips. We're going to take the arms out to the sides, lifting the spine, making sure the pelvis is right underneath the shoulders. We're going to go, let's all go towards the ocean, towards the ocean and take that top arm, reach it up overhead, bring the bottom arm into the thigh, push into their thigh, reach, find a stretch. Let the body come back easily. From there in has he reached over towards the other direction? Reaching out.

And if you don't have a notion to reach for a reach for our ocean and a retail over and uh, maybe you have something better. Maybe you have snow, big snowy, something somewhere. That would be fun. Fine Christmas. And now we're going to go over towards the ocean again. We're going to lift the leg. You're gonna take the hand a hand by in the head. Leg comes out to the side and we're going to go down and down and down.

Lower Lift

Waking up those hips. Two more. Last one. Hold it. Uptake it forward. Bring it back fo. Bring it back. Three more. Keep it high and back. Two more. Forward and back. Last time, forward and back. Take it down.

Forward and Back

Lift up and front up. Ben. Back up and front up and back. Three more. Up in front. Up in back. Two more up in front at bend back one more. Up in front. Up and back. Keep it at the back of you.

Up and Over

Let it slide away. Take the arm up, stretch out, maybe lean into the chest, a little. Open the chest. Come back at step. Just to the side of you with that leg. Take the other leg underneath it. We're going to side bend. Hold onto your hats. Ladies.

Side Bend

Come back and Ben and reach out and Oh, [inaudible] and back and down and out and over and back. Bring the bottom like in. Lift that back leg are that top they were at. Back Up. Bend the knee. Bring the knee down to the mat. Reach the opposite arm overhead and sit back on the diagonal into that hip for a stretch. [inaudible] yes, you're welcome.

Child's Pose Stretch

And then when you're ready, make way back up onto your knees. Get organized with go the other way. So we'll start by reaching. Oh, away from the ocean. Arm comes down. This arm's gonna reach. This time we're going to add a little twist. So bending forward, reaching forward, come back and lift up, and then the other way, inhale and exhale. Inhale, come back. Exhale, lift up. Let's do that one more time to each side.

Kneeling Side Stretch

Inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Breathing. Have you had any time to breathe yet? This Christmas and back and now we go over to the side. The leg comes up, it's stretches out. We take the hand behind the head and we take the leg down and up.

Lower Lift

Down if not just from the hip, but from the Torsa last too. One more whole. The lay got, take it to the front and to the back, into the front and the back. Three more forward. Keeping the center of the body can take two and one. Now we dropped it down, up front, down and back. Up to the front. Up to the back.

Forward and Back

Head continues to press into the hands. We have two more. One more at a go front. Keep it to the back. Let it go down towards the floor. Let it slide away from you. Do whatever feels good.

Up and Over

[inaudible] uh Huh. We got some moaning happening in here in case you can't hear it. Come back. Step onto the mat. Get ready and a place that other leg under. We're gonna side bend. Looking down. We're gonna come back. Gonna bet and inhale, lift up.

Side Bend

Exhale over. Inhale back. Exhale down. Inhale, exhale over. Inhale back. I think this is where we dropped the leg. Press the hips forward. Lift the leg up, bend the knee. As it comes down to the mat, we sit back into that hip for a stretch of a couple of breaths in joy. [inaudible] and then reorient yourself onto your hands and knees. Yeah, so bringing the hands under the shoulders, the knees under the pelvis to start in a step back through the right leg in a step back through the left flank going to hold. We'll do three pushups. One, two. This is my Christmas gift to everyone. Fury.

Child's Pose Stretch

You're welcome. Lift the hips on. Find your up, stretch. [inaudible]. Lift the heels, articulate through the spine. Stand on the right leg. Point the left leg. Lift up and down. Five, up and down. Four, three, two, one. Put the foot down or hover it in the air. If you're brave. Three push ups.


One, two, and three. Hips lift. Find that nice long elongation of the spine. Lift the heels rural through the spine. Point the right foot. Lift the right, like up and down. Five, up and down. Four, three, two.

Front Support

One leg goes down. You know what to do. Three push ups or grow is just hold your plank, Murray caressed and then we lift the hips, press the heels through. [inaudible]. Lift the heels, crawl through the spine, bring the right knee in underneath us and slide back left way and slide back. Right leg and back. Left leg, pulling the leg in from the center of the body.


Two more to each side. [inaudible] last time. Yeah, and hold and three pushups. 12 pushups for the 12 days of Christmas. Last time. Bend the knees, sit the hips back.

Front Support

Take a stretch. Okay. Come up onto all fours. Take the arm. That's for this away from me underneath the body so that as you rotate, you can put your weight down on the arm and the arm that still bent on the mat. You can use to help you feel a little bit more rotation in the spine, a little bit bigger stretch and you're going to push that.


There's a single arm push up as a bonus and we come up to center and we go other way. Laying down onto the outside of that arm. Right? If you have a headband that gets in your way, just simply take it off, put it back on in a minute. [inaudible] I think everyone who does our Christmas class with us should wear a Santa hat or a headband and post a photo in the comments. I think it would be so fun.

Plank w/ Knee to Opposite Shoulder

A community of Christmas revelers so we're going to bring the arms down next to the body, energizing through the lungs, sliding the elbows down towards the knees to reach up and forward in the spine, letting the body lift and length and focusing with the majority of our energy into our upper back. And then Ilan Gaye back down and sliding the upper arms back, reaching out and forward with that out and forward with the sternum dominoes or lifting, feeling that nice connection to the upper back and really three more like that gliding backward, gliding in the Scapula, paying attention to the arm that you know is not your dominant side. And then releasing back down last two times. Reaching out and out and one my time reaching out and up. Yeah, no.


Staying where you know that you can maintain your position without the help of your arms. Stretch your arms overhead. Float your legs up off the floor. Oppositional arm and leg reaches. Here's our pace. We inhale two, three, four, five and exhale and inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale and inhale, two, three, four, five and exhale and two more breaths cycles. Exhale. One more breath. Sika. Exhale. Hold your body. Reach your arms around behind you.

Shoulder Stretch

Interlock your fingers. Turn your head to face, the ocean kick or two. Three. Stretch the arms. Stretch the chest. Open the heart. It's Christmas and swear to one, two 30 ad open and switch. One, two, three and oh, penance. Yeah, and to one, two, three elongate. We'll go one more time to eat side please kick on getting lighter and more free and more open and more, I don't know.


Joyful with each repetition. Pause here. Hands. Come to the mat, legs come down. Use your arms to help you on. Sit back towards your feet, keeping your arms well out in front of you. Having a couple of moments to breathe, to let the back open, and then lifting the pelvis up away from the hips. Start rippling through the spine.


Bring the weight of your body over your arms. Let the pelvis drop through. Open the chest, lift up. Inhale, push into your hands in your knees. Draw back with the center of your body and Exhale, sitting back. Just hover just to hover like a bunny rabbit.

Double Leg Kick

Getting ready to jump. And then we will roll through the spine. Draw the hips, lift the chest, lift the eyes, push into the hands. Articulate the spine to sit back. Let's do that one more time. Roll. Sorry. It's an empathetic giggle.

Child's Pose Stretch

Left up and round back through. Once you arrived back down onto your feet, allow yourself to rest once again, down onto your heels. Organizing a stretch with your arms. Maybe pushing with the hands to get the pelvis to going deeper with the to the hips or maybe reaching back for the feet. Using the arms to help pull the pelvis towards the feet. And then we're going to roll up through the spine onto our knees.

Child's Pose to Upward Dog

You're gonna let the arms come up, reaching up overhead, open the arms as though you are going to embrace the whole world. And then around far sitting back towards the fee, and then I go down lifter. It kind of feels like we're contracting, doesn't it? We want to hug. We're not contracting. We're hugging, hugging the whole world and lifter and Oh, and hug the whole world. Sarah, pay attention and lift, uh, and open the arms finishing class with an open heart ready to take on the holidays. Thank you for being here with me. Thank you for being here with us. Merry Christmas.


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Love this Christmas Day motivational class! Thoracic feels really open now, thanks Meri. Merry Christmas! 🎄
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Merry Christmas I’m ready for the holidays thank you !🥳
That was just beautiful. Just what I needed this Christmas morning. Thank you SO much. Merry Christmas!
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One of my favorite holiday traditions! Meri Everything!
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Hello meredith!!
Thank you for the great workout!
I was so happy when I am on pilatesanytime this morning!!!
Kirsten M
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Merry Christmas and thank you for a wonderful class!! The perfect way to jump start my Christmas afternoon😊
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Meri Christmas Meri! Thank you! Sending you big hugs xoxo
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Thank you Meri! Merry Christmas! I got to do a good portion of this yesterday before all of the craziness began and was so happy to do so! Finished off today with push-ups and upper back extension. Thank you again!
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So great! Sending wishes to all you Pilates Anytime folks for a wonderful new year. Can't wait to do more with you. Thanks so much!
Laurie C
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Perfect amount of dose with ease and challenge! Wishing you and everyone at PA the very best for the New Year!🎉🥂 I am truly grateful to all of you! Not just the men and women we see in the videos but everyone behind the scenes. Couldn’t happen without them as well! 💛
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