Class #367

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


Alisa Wyatt comes to Pilates Anytime to teach this inspired level 2/3 Romana's Pilates style class. If you want a killer ab workout, this is the class for you!
What You'll Need: Mat

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All right, everyone. Let's get started. Come to the front of your mat, standing with your toes apart, your heels together. Place one hand in the front of your stomach and one hand in t...


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Loved your fast pace workout class. Loved it so much I am going to take the class again tomorrow.
Fabulous, thorough workout. Especially like the core suicide series! Very nice cuing and pace. Thank you for this class Alisa!!
Oh what an enjoyable class!! Cant do anything at this point but watch and admire until my knee is rehabed but it sure gives me something to look forward too!! Alisa is a wonderful, thorough teacher who teaches with such ease and flow.. loved it! I dont think she missed a single pilates exercise !! Jamie-
This class is awesome! I love her flow and sense of humour.
Very good class. Very challenging, and fast paced to the point you have to catch up.... liked it a lot!!
Fantastic!! Excellent pace and flow of movement, very well thought out. Great variety for all body!
What a class Alisa!!! Can you stay a regular teacher??? This one was amazing. Excellent core work, great cues, fast pace and so nice teaching. really love it.
Hello Everyone! Thank you for your lovely comments!! I'm happy to know you are sweating as much as I was teaching this class. I'll be back soon with more!! xx, Alisa
Really enjoyed this workout, loved the pace and flow. Do you also teach on the reformer?
Terrific class. Please film more!
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