Romana's Pilates Mat<br>Alisa Wyatt<br>Class 367

Romana's Pilates Mat
Alisa Wyatt
Class 367

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awesome class, fast paced but the flow was great and I really feel it.. saved it to favorites and will plan to do tomorrow!!!!
Loved this class! It is especially great when I am trying to stay true to the classical order, but need to stretch the time out to a full hour that is expected at the Fitness Club where I teach. The reformer variations and series of 5 was a great way to do this! Thanks so much, Alisa! :)
Fabulous! Impeccable cueing!!!
Amy C
I love your classes, Alisa! Always such a great workout and your cueing makes it so clear as to what you want us to do.
Awesome mat class. Loved the pace and the movements
Robin S
Excellent Excellent challenging fun fast moving class!! Thank you 
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