Romana's Pilates Mat<br>Alisa Wyatt<br>Class 367

Romana's Pilates Mat
Alisa Wyatt
Class 367

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I've been too embarrassed to ask you to send your downloads AGAIN so was super happy this morning to find you here at Pilates Anytme where I have a membership. I'm the woman who divides her time between Guadalajara Mexico and Newport Beach who wrote with her tale of woe about a dying (now dead) hard drive. Glad I can still take a class from you now thanks to Kristi's fantastic efforts to include a wide variety of instructors!
Yes Adrienne, I teach reformer, chair, everything Pilates. I'll do a reformer class next time :).
Oh dear, I'm sorry to hear the hard drive didn't make it after all but glad you found me here! I'll resend your links, don't be shy if you need them again.
fantastic class!
I really worked to keep up with this class about jumping right in !! thanks for such inspiration !!!
Larysa K
Excellent class! I am looking forward for more classes. I loved core suicide a lot, great cuing too.
Great Class, oh yea loved the core suicide also!
this is my second try at your class...I love it !!! thanks for challenging me seriously !!!!
Loved the class!! I have one of your videos and I love your fast pace classes...It really gets the sweat on :)
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