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Romana's Pilates Mat

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Alisa Wyatt comes to Pilates Anytime to teach this inspired level 2/3 Romana's Pilates style class. If you want a killer ab workout, this is the class for you!
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Jan 25, 2011
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All right, everyone. Let's get started. Come to the front of your mat, standing with your toes apart, your heels together. Place one hand in the front of your stomach and one hand in the back so that you feel everything pull up and then let your arms drop and observe how it feels to stand here for a moment. Cross your arms. Shoulders are relaxed. Keep your powerhouse pulled up and cross one leg over the other. Lift your heels. If you have anything delicate back or knees, you can follow me and use your hands to sit down. Otherwise, try to sit down with hands up. Go ahead and lower yourself to the mat with control an arms. Reach out, knees are bent. Pull your navel back and curl down.

Lower back, middle back, upper back. Take your arms back and stretch out. Long and thin. Deep breath in here. Exhale all your air. Yeah, take your arms by your sides. Take another deep breath in. As you exhale, sink your navel towards your spine and one more deep. Inhale through your nose. This time, exhale and sink your spine towards the Mat.

Yes. Getting ready for the hundred. Squeeze your bottom tight. Curl your chin, Chin your chest, lift your legs a few inches off the mat, lift your arms and start pumping. Vigorous fully. Inhale and exhale 10 and in out 20 in and out. [inaudible] 30 this vigorous pumping is stirring our blood all the way through our system from fingertips to toe tips and it's giving you an internal shower. Fix, d e n [inaudible], and out 60 in. If it's better for your back to keep your legs a little higher, this can get you into your powerhouse more if you're a little weaker. So keep your legs higher if you need to. 70 an exhale. 80 in an XL, one more in.

Get rid of all your air XL. Everything out. When it's all gone. Carefully set your legs down and stretch your arms back. Once again, pause. Imagine you've put a vest on your waist, around your ribs and your pulling that vest nice and tight to button it up. Keep the vest on, flex your feet, inhale arms to the sky, head up. Look towards your knees and curl slowly off the mat. Towards your toes. Get rid of all the air. Inhale, curl back and lower back, middle back, upper back, arms reach back. Really actively.

Flex your feet. Inhale coming up. Exhale over towards your toes. Imagine that there's a strap over your feet or a very heavy weight, and as you curl down, you use the strap and the weight to press them towards the floor to bore here. Inhaling up. Exhale over. Inhale, curl back.

Exhale all the way down and on this last one, keep your arms and yours connected so that they're together. As we roll up, this is much more difficult. Exhale over. Inhale round back, and curl down to the mat. Oh the way. Bring your arms by your sides. Scooch back down if you moved backwards on the mat, so your head still on the cushion. Getting ready for the rollover. Press your shoulders flat underneath you. Arms long palms flat, scooping your powerhouse and lift your legs up to the ceiling.

Now roll them over your head. Open the feet, flex and roll down with control. Lower your legs to your point of control. Hug them together. Roll over this time. Open your feet a little bit wider flex. And if you're touching the floor, flick it away and roll down with pointed toes together. One more time. Lift the hips. Rollover open, flex and roll all the way down. We'll reverse the feet.

Open them hip distance. Roll over, lifting the pelvis. Hug the legs together and roll down with legs tight. Open the legs matte distance apart. This time, lift the pelvis over. Hug the legs together and roll down. Last one. Open the legs wide and rollover.

Hug them together and roll all the way down. Lower your left leg to the mat, leaving your right leg up in the sky. Take a hold of it with both hands. Give it a good stretch. Lift your chin to your chest, flex that top foot and push it away so you come all the way up and sit tall. Point your foot, flex your foot, and then bend your head towards your knee and curl back down to the mat. This is mimicking the tree on the reformer. If you'd like to make it more difficult, take your arms out. Big Inhale.

As you exhale, try to bring your forehead to your knee and then lower your legs slightly so you can lift your waistline tall, nice flex and point and forehead towards your knee. Curl back down and we'll do one more. Inhale. Exhale, forehead to Shin. Maybe this time, Huh? And lift up tall. Flex and point and around it. Back Down to the mat and change legs like scissors. Grabbing the left leg. Flex it first. Make it easy the first time. Push it away and come up.

This act of stretch in the hamstring helps to open it up. Point and flex. Forehead towards the knee and curl back to the mat. Reaching that leg actively to the sky and maybe with no hands. Inhale, exhale, Chin to chest girth. Rub onto your leg. Once you're up lower at sea, you can lift your back, tall and straight. Flex and point and curl it back down. Reaching up towards the sky. One more of these. Inhale. Exhale.

Curl it up and catch your leg. Lift your waistline tall, flex and point and curl back down to the mat. Stay here, leaving the left leg up. Plant your body strong. Take that leg to the right for circles across, around, and up. Circle around to, sorry honey. Circle around. Three. Circle around for one more. Circle around, reverse down across. Stop at your nose, down, across.

Hole, down across. Three, down across four. One more down. Across which legs like scissors, right leg circled left. Circling up one circle. End Up to circle up for three. Circle up for, circle it up. Reverse. Inhale.

Exhale. One. Keep anchoring your powerhouse to the floor. 30 scoop around four and last time bring it up to the sky. Bend both knees in and rock yourself up to sit. If you need to move forward on the mat, lift your seat and then catch onto your ankles. Hug them towards your bottom all the way and try and drop your head between your knees. Just pull out. He's had a saying. He said, your knees are a vice and your head's a block of wood.

Hugged the wood in the device. Pull into rollback and rock right back up and balance. Balance. Inhale back. Exhale, right back up and balance. Balance. Nice. One more. Inhale back. Exhale. Right back up and balance balance. Now if you have the ability, take one hand to the opposite ankle, hold that same wrist and pull it straight into your bottom.

Trying to keep your ball even tighter in health three times back. Um, inhale back and on a last one back and last time up. Pause here. Move back on your mat to the center. If you're not there already, I call this next part stomach series suicide. Take a hold of your right leg, right hand on ankle. Left hand on the curl down. Shoulders. There's a way from ears. Give your right leg up. Pull pulse. Which Pole Pole? This double pole is the original, uh, method j Grimes taught me this part with the Pole, Paul.

To help open the hip, give it the circulation it needs. We have one more and take both legs in for doubles. Inhale, stretch the arms and legs out long scooping deeper. Exhale, fold it back in. Inhale it out. Stretch away from your strong center in health. Three. Exhale, hug in health. Four. Exhale, hug in health. Five. Exhale. Good.

Switch it. Single straight leg stretch, pull, pull, end. Switch hole. Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull a little faster. That's three pole pole. That's four. One more poll pole, both legs the sky. Inhale, lower your legs halfway. Exhale up one. Inhale, lower. Exhale two. Inhale, lower. Exhale three. You're wondering what the suicide means and ready. Chris crossed.

Whisper one and one twist for two. Two twists. Three three twists for four. We're going to repeat the whole series now four times. Hug the right knee in one and one switched.

Two and two. Switch three and three. Switch four and doubles in Hell. Everything's direction is exhale. One. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale to last. One of these single straight leg. Stretch. Pull, pull, switch, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull.

One more time. Double straight leg stretch. Hands behind the head and heel. Lower and exhale, lift. Inhale, lower and exhale. Two. Inhale, lower and exhale. Three last one of these. Ready Criss Cross twist. One and one twist. Two and two, twist three and three. Last one.

You know what's coming? Singles again, pull, pull, pull, pull. This is two and two. This is almost a break. Doubles. Hug it in. Inhale, reach it out maybe a little higher cause we're getting tired. Reach it too. And in last time, single straight leg. Stretch. Pull, pull, switch, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull. Pull.

One more. Alright. Both legs up. Inhale lower and exhale. Lift. Try to keep the same control stomachs are in. Last one, three. Crisscrosses twist one and one. Now you really feel him? That's two last time. Okay. Back to the beginning. Pole pole and pull. Pull. This is why it's called suicide. All right.

Hug them both then reach it out. Pull it home last time and go scissors. Pull. Pulse. Which pole pole last time or this? Both legs up in hell. Lower. Exhale, lift, lower and criss crossed Wiz for one and one last one, two. All right. Hugging in one and one. One of these, her each it out long. Pull it and make each one counts. Scissor and scissor both legs up lower and criss cross for one.

And you're done with that. All right. Rock yourself right up to sit tall. As hard as that was, you still have more arms are up. Flex your feet into your bottom. Breathing. Thank you. And exhale, curl over. Try to put the top of your head on the floor. Inhale, come up again.

Exhale over like someone pushed your belly backwards and your heels and fingers reach away. Inhale, come up. Stuck your bones taller. Three more. Exhale, curl and reached the heels and fingers even more. Inhale, come up. Try to put the very top of your head on the floor. Exhale all your air. This is the last one. Get it all out. You can even reach past your feet. Inhale, come all the way up.

Move your bottom forward on the mat. You have an option. Arms out. Lift your feet to your hands or arms out. Bring your feet together. Drop your hands to your feet. Yeah, good. Exactly. Yeah. Nice. All right. It's okay. You can practice it. It takes a while. Take the legs up.

Easy grip on your legs or just shoulder distance. Pull in the powerhouse. Rock rocket back. Rock it up. Have Fun and be loose. Rocket back. Rock it up and rock it back and rock up. One more rock back, and then let's play with this a little bit. If you have the ability to bring your legs together, you can either hold your toes or reach for your toes. Either one.

Inhale it back, exhale up one, three times. Inhale, scoop it in. Use your powerhouse. Scuba deeper. One more scoop of deeply everyone coming up. Balance their balance and let go of your feet. If you're holding them shoulders easy. Now use your stomach and lay back down into the mat and leave your head down.

Zip your legs tightly together for corkscrew. Deep. Inhale, circle to the right. Stop it your nose. Deep. Inhale, circle left. Adding onto this circle to the right finish with a hip lift. Hips come up and they lower circle left hips up and lower pause. Roll your legs all the way overhead. Hold it there.

Tight legs roll down in. Circle to the right overhead. Roll down and circle to the left overhead. We come from here for saw. Sit Up all the way, feet in a v. Flex your feet strongly open your arms as tall as you can be. Take a big circle with your arms. They're going to go around and back. One around and back to make it smaller. If you have an injury in your shoulder last time, take your arms to the tee, twist to the right pause.

Can you twist a little deeper and then saw off your little toe. Reach further and further and further. Inhale, come up, twist left, stay here. Can you twist deeper? Then reach. Exhale, reach and reach and reach. Inhale, come up. Keep going, twist, exhale, and reach and reach and reach. Nice. Inhale, come up, twist, exhale, and reach and reach and reach. Inhale, come all the way up and sit as tall as you can. Release your arms down. We're going to turn over onto our bellies. Ah, for the swan dive. So yeah, that's fine. Facing this way. All right.

Bring your hands by your ears. If it's comfortable for your back. You can bring your hands underneath your shoulder blades. Nice long legs. Let's go ahead and lift one leg off the floor and then lower it. Lift the other leg off the floor and lower it down. Now from your stomach, start to lift your chest off the floor with no hands, no hands helping yet. Good lift, exhale and come down.

Practice that once more. Inhale, lift. You must lift from your powerhouse. Exhale and come down. Last one. Inhale, lift it up. Now lifting from your powerhouse. Use Your hands as well to come up some more. If it's not comfortable where your hands are, walk them further in front of you. Reach your chest away. Nice. Slowly exhale and come down.

We'll practice that one more time. Inhale, lift your powerhouse. Lift with your chest, bending your rib cage, reaching your breastbone forward lift and slowly exhale and come down. Now optional rocking on your tummy. Inhale, scoop and lift up. First, engage the back of the body and rock six times on your belly. Forward and back like you're throwing a ball from feet to hands back. Beautiful. Forward and back. Last time. All right, and then come down and take a break by sitting into your heels.

Give yourself a nice stretch. All right, we'd shoot right back out onto the elbows. Snuggle your legs together, pinch them nice and tight. Press the Mat away with your elbows and at the same time pull your elbows towards your hips. Reach your chest through. Don't lose your stomach. Give your bottom a kick. Kick with one foot switch. Kick, kick again, kick, kick and kick. Kick, kick, kick, kick, kick.

Try to keep your two hip bones down on the mat and your stomach lifted off between them at a point. Flex. So we go. Point, flex and point. Flex. Two more. Point. Flex and point. Flex. Last time, point. Flex and point. Flex all the way and turn your head so that your left here is on the mat. Left ear. Take your hands long by your sides. If you have an injury, your arms can stay here. If your shoulders are comfortable with it, take your hands together behind you and bring them all the way up to your blades. Good. Squeeze the legs, keeping your legs straight and long.

Lift them off the mat so your bottom is working belly working as well. Hold them up straight. Long legs. Good. Now kick both feet to your Tush for three, two, one. Inhale, lift the chest up and reach. Turn your head the other way. Kick for three, two, one. Inhale, lift and reach. Turn your head and kick. Two, three. Inhale, lengthen. Reach. One more kick for three, two knees off the mat if you can. Inhale, reach. Last one. Kick three, two, one. Inhale, reach and lift. And last one, this side kicked three, two, one. Inhale, lift and hold it. Release your hands and reach them towards the front. Good.

And keeping your shoulders off the mat. Circle your arms back to the back. Catch your hands. One more big stretch. Inhale and exhale, come down. Rest good. Bend your knees and windshield wiper. Your legs side to side for me. So knees are bent. Just let them flop side to side. Good. And from here we'll take a seat in the heels. Once more.

Giving your back a good stretch. Press your palms into the mountain. Lift your belly away from your thighs. This will give you a nice lower back opening and we're going to curl up and stand on our knees. Good. Stay here. Placed one hand in the front of the belly, one hand in the back. Remind yourself to pull everything up so your spine is supported.

Arms in front as if you have the reigns of a strong team of horses and we're going to slowly lean back thigh stretch. If you have delicate knees, don't make it big. Slowly come forward again and we'll do that twice more. Come back just to your level so you feel the stretch in your thighs. No pain in the knee and come forward as if the horses are pulling you home. Last one. Good.

Stay here for chest expansion. Pull the reins of the horse's shoulder. Slide back, chest lifted. Look to the right. Look to the left, back to the center. Exhale. Let the reigns loose. One more of those. Pull the reins. Hold that. Grow Taller. Look left. Look right, stay tall as you slowly release the rains. That's it. Very good. All right, we're going to switch. Bring the feet turning around again. Bring the feet to the center, flex your feet and make sure you have plenty of mat behind you. About two fifth between your legs there apart for neck pole.

Take the hands behind the head. Press your head into your hands and your hands into your head. That's the reason it's called neck pullets is if we're pulling our head out of the body, curl down to the map, pressing those two together so they're having an argument and we're going to keep the feet flex is if you're pulling on a strap, curl up under a low ceiling and exhale over into your legs. Inhale, sit up as tall as you can and pressing your head into hands like someone stopped you in the tummy. Curl back down again, lower back, middle back, upper back head. Now in his studio, keep going. Inhale, curl it up and Xcel over. Joseph Pilati is always used a strap on the feet here, no matter what your level. And exhale, pull on the strap as you curl back down and that allowed you to work in your power house. Even better squeezed the middle a little last one. Inhale, curling up. Nice. Exhale over. Inhale, sit up really tall and exhale. Curl your belly back down to the mat. Lower Middle, reaching heels away and rest. Nice.

Stay here and move forward on your mat. If your head came off normal situation and will bend the knees and bring your feet somewhat close to your fingers. Perhaps not touching. If that's not comfortable for knees, they're still about two this apart. Press the Mat away for shoulder bridge. Lifting your hips nice and high. Wiggle one arm and then the other underneath you a bit more.

Reach your tailbone for the back of your knees. Find the stretch in the front of your thighs and your bottom. Working nice and hard. Now observe your hipbones, keep them nice and even take your right leg up to the ceiling. Reach it even longer. Flex to bring it down. Point ticket up. Flex point up, flex and point up.

No stop pointed down. Flex it up. Point and flex point and nice. We're gonna switch feet. Place that one down. Hold the hips nice and even one side will be more difficult. Take the other leg up, hold it there. Now flex down, point up, flex to flex and three stay point it down.

Flex up point and flex. Point and flex. Set the left leg down. Roll from your chest to the mat. Middle of your spine, lower back, tailbone down, release it and rock yourself up for spine. Twist, sitting nice and tall. Glue your legs together. Make sure your sit bones are under you. Lift the waist, open your arms. If you don't have space, hands on shoulders. Breathe in.

Grow more as we twist to the right twist. Twist, inhale, center. Exhale, twist. Can You keep your feet glued even more? Inhale, center. Exhale, twist, twist, twist, inhale, center. Exhale, twist. Try not to bounce, twist, twist. Inhale. One more and exhale, twist further and further and further. Inhale. Nice. Exhale, twist further, further, beautiful further and come home. Reach the arms high, grow a little more, and then roll back down to the mat. Remembering the any extra height you get in your spine.

You get to keep so work for it. Snowball your arms next to you nice and tight so your palms are flat and pressing the floor away. We're going to try three knife, squeeze the legs together. We're rolling the legs over. Jack. Knife up towards the sky. Now reach your toes towards the ceiling as you slowly roll down. Lower the legs any amount scooping more and roll over Jack Knife up.

Keep reaching up as you roll down. One more. Rolling it over, Jack. Knife up and reach up as you roll down. Lower the legs all the way to the floor and turn onto your left side so that you line your body up with the back edge of the mat. Once you're there, look at your feet and look at your long left arm and make sure that they're even with the edge of the mat. Once they are, you can prop your head up with this arm. Take the other hand in front of your hips.

Lift the feet and put them in the front. Nice. Your hips should stay stacked. Your shoulders, stay stack. Take the front leg and kick it forward towards your nose. Hold it. Can you kick it a little higher? Take it back behind you. Hold it. Make sure that your top hip hasn't fallen back with that leg. Reach the leg, but keep your hips stacked. Your arm is like a guide.

Make sure your shoulder hasn't fallen forward and we'll go faster. Now kick, kick, reach back. Two more. Kick, kick, reach back. One more. Those kick, kick and reach back. Now go fast and just let it go. It doesn't matter so much if your hip wiggles around or you're loose on the mat. Just work fast. Kick forward, kick back forward, kick back forward. Kick back. One more forward. Kick back.

Bring it home to the bottom leg. So both legs are together. Turn the top one out slightly. Use your bottom. Kick it up. Flex, squeeze down. Grow Taller up and squeeze up and squeeze. Two more. Up and squeeze last time up and hold it at the bottom. We're gonna make a medium sized circle. Point both toes and circle that leg.

Stop. Go for precision here. Circle and stop. Circle and stop. One more. Circle four times the other way. Circle and stop. Circle and stop. One more circle and stop. Turn onto your tummy. Put your hands into your head like a pillow. Squeeze your bottom.

Find the back of your body to lift the legs away from the floor. Lift your powerhouse as well. Clap your legs together. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one rest. All right, turn back to the other side of your body. So you're on your right side. Yep. And then line up with the back edge of your mat. Quickly. Prop your head up with your bottom arm. Block the hips with your front arm, feet in the front of the Mat. 45 degree angle.

Now continue growing from your powerhouse through your head. Take your top leg, kick it forward. Kick, kick. Hold it there for a moment. Sorry. Hold it forward. Now reach it back and keep the top hip on your arm. Don't let it drift back with your leg. Shoulders are stacked as well. Now we go faster. Have Fun. Kick, kick reached back one. Just create a strong powerhouse and go kick, kick reach.

Three kick, kick, reach for kick, kick, especially back. Kick. Kick. We want to stir up the leg kick as far as you can. One more kick, kick and reach. Bring it home to the bottom leg. Turn it out, kick it up, squeeze it down. Point. Kick up, squeeze two and lift three and lift four and lift. Hold it at the bottom for four circles around on. Stop around on, stop to around and stop three around and reverse around. Keep growing taller around that two around for three around.

And that's four nice. We're gonna flip. Flip back onto our backs. So rolling onto your back. Shake it all out. Let it go. Take a deep breath in and we've come to the ultimate Peloton. Exercise The teaser. Bring your knees to your chest. I'm going to give an option here. Take your legs out to a tabletop position, palms to the ceiling. Take an inhale, and as you exhale, roll yourself up. If you need to grab the back of your legs, go ahead, but curl yourself up and sit as tall as you can in your waistline.

Go ahead and take the back behind your legs. Take one hand with the other. Now lift your waistline up. This is usually one of the hardest things for us to find is that lift in the back. So here you've got it. Try to keep that and take the arms back out. Now as if someone's sunk a heavyweight into your belly. Roll back to the mat this time coming up. See if you can get that same lift. Can you do it without your hands? Can you find that length?

Beautiful and roll that back down. We're going to add challenge to this. Let your knees fall to your chest. Anchor your belly downwards as you stretch your legs out. Hold them long and rural up to the toes. That's it. Lift the waist like you did and reach the arms to the sky.

Now reaching away from the legs. Curl your body only to the mat. Roll up and reach to the toes. Lift up to the sky and reach your body away from your legs. One more of these. Roll up to the toes. Lift reached their arms up and roll your body back down.

Float the legs back to the chest. Second round. Scoop your belly as you extend your legs out, reaching the legs long. Roll up to your toes and then catch on as if someone's arm is right there to hold onto. Lift your waist, lower your feet an inch. Lift your feet. Hold me and lift back up. Hold me tight, lower. Use me, lift back up. That's right. Lower.

Lift it up and then roll everything down to the mat and stay long. You can let your arms go back behind your head. Nice for the final third teaser. Imagine someone who's coming, stepped on your belly to help fold you in half as we curl all the way up to the toes and lift the arms and then everything folds away from that strong center. Reach longer and then someone stepped on you to fold this in, half. Lift up to the sky and lengthen as we roll all the way down.

Last time, scoop in and come up and reach to the sky and roll it all the way back down to the mat and rest. Excellent job. Flip over on your Belize right where you are for swimming. Stretch out long and then lift your chest slightly out of the water so you can just look at the wall, the base of the wall in front of you. Pull your shoulders down, your back, left arm and right leg. Lift out of the water and switch and switch and switch really stretched and opposition equally and switch and switch will swim fast.

Inhale and exhale. One more. Inhale and exhale. Sit back into your heels and stretch. Getting ready for leg pull down, leg pull up. We're going to add the transition for these two so you'll look out at your hands. Make sure their shoulder distance apart.

Make sure you have plenty of space on your mat to hop out into a plank. Once you're in a plank, squeeze your legs together, keeping them nice and tight. Bottom touching heels touching. Shift forward towards your tippy toes and press back into your heels. Press press. This is the most basic version of leg hold down.

Press press one more. K If you can keep everything tight and strong, nothing changes except lift your right foot off the floor. Shift forward and press twice to your heel. Forward and press press last time. Forward and press press change feet. Lift the left foot.

Shift forward and press press forward and press. Press one more forward and press press. Keep both feet on the mat once more. Take the left hand over to the right. Lift the right off to flip over. Make your fingertips point towards your toes. Squeeze your legs together. That's it. And then everyone have a seat. Briefly roll your shoulders back.

Keep your chest up and as as there's a big hot air balloon underneath you, lift your hips and lower them. One more time and lift the hips nice and high. Good. We're going to leave out kicks today. Take your left knee and Tuck it underneath you. Come up onto that knee. Once you're on top of your knee, make your shoe, your hip and knee are stacked.

Lean on your left hand. Put your right hand behind your head. Push your head back into it. Lift the leg. Make circles for five, four, three, two, one. Reach your toe and go circle the other way. Five, four, three, two. Once when you're like back, fold your heel to your bottom. Bend your knee all the way forward to your chest. Stretch it out in front. Kick it back, heel to bottom. Bend it through. Stretch it out. One, kick it back, heel to bottom. Bend it through. Stretch it out. Go to the sides.

Stop now, kick forward. Bend it in. Bend it all the way back. Stretch it out. Kick forward and in bend back. Stretch it out. Kick it forward. Bend it in. Bend it back, stretch it out, and reach it to the side. Come so reached so far. You come up to your knee. That's it. Let your both arms loosen a kneel on that knee and take the left leg out to the side. Now switching sides. Hips press forward. Fall over to your right hand.

Left hand behind your head. Lift the leg up and circles for five, four. Keep getting longer. Two, one, reverse for five, four, three, two, one. Kick your leg back, heel to bottom. Bend it through. Stretch it out. Kick it back, heel to bottom. Then to through. Stretch it out. One more. Kick it back, heel to bottom. Bend through. Stretch it out. Go to the side. Stop. Kick it forward. Bend it in. Bend it behind you. Stretch it out. This makes really strong wishes. You'll have a nice sculpted bottom. One more. Kick it forward. Bend it in, bend it back. Stretch it out. Reach it so far that it brings you up onto both knees again and have a seat on your left hip. Why don't I have you guys on this side of the room.

Turn around and face me. That's it. That's it. So you're on your right hip. All right. If this bothers your knee, I want your right leg straight and your top leg straight. If your knee is okay here, hold onto your ankles this way. Take your opposite hand up to the sky. Glue it to your ear and grow. Exhale over.

Inhale both arms open and exhale over. Let the opposite hip sink towards the floor. That's it. Inhale open and exhale over. Inhale open and exhale. Let the opposite hip sink towards the floor. Good. Now stay here. Place the feet out.

If you have trouble balancing inside bends, take the top leg in front of the back of the bottom leg. If you don't have any trouble balancing, stack your feet. Press with your bottom arms. You really get your lats to work. You're back to work. Take your other hand on your leg. Inhale lifted up. Stretch like a cat, reaching over as if you could touch the floor and exhale, bring it slowly down with control. Inhale over up, and exhale all the way back down. Last time.

Inhale all the way up and exhale all the way down. Changing sides from Mermaid. Take your legs up and took them to the other end again. If you need a little care for the knee street and your bottom, a top leg out, hold onto the feet. Take the top leg, arm up, sorry, the arm and reach up and over and inhale both arms open. Feels good. Exhale over at the hips. Sink down and inhale and exhale over.

Ah, inhale open. Last one. Exhale over. Well that back up. Pause. Take your arms down, place your feet out top, leg in front of the bottom, like if you can do it that way, or stack them on top of each other. Press with that arms so your arm really needs to activate. Take an inhale and lift it up. Reaching over. Exhale, bring it down. Second time. Inhale, lift it up, reaching over. Exhale. Last one. Inhale, reaching up, lifting over. Exhale, bring that all the way down. And now keep the position you're in.

Place the top leg. So the knee is open and the bottom foot in the front. Yeah, we're going to do a reformer on the mat. Exercise your handle. Stay just about where is the other hand comes and joins it. And we're going to just fold in half. Let the uh, for me it was my right leg, but let the leg that's on top be loose. But lift that same side of your hip up. You're looking at your feet. You might need to adjust by walking your hands slightly further away.

We're gonna paint the line from our feet. So using your eyes, paint a line from your feet down on the mat, through your arms and up the opposite wall. Bottom lowers towards the floor. Lift your waistline up and we'll do it again from the feet down the floor through the arms. Open the chest, scoop the waistline up. Last one of these goop and roll it down. Opening the chest, roll the shoulders back, let your sternum reach and come back up and then sit down on the right hip. And again, we're going to take the feet to the other side. This time the top leg is open and the bottom leg just like before is in the front. Push with that arm and fold in half. Let the leg that stacked on top be loose, but lift that same hip towards the sky. Looking at your feet, paint a line down the mat through your arms. Open your chest, keep your bottom tight. Lift your waistline up to more down the floor through the arms.

Open the chest and lift the waistline up last time down the floor through the arms. Open the chest and lift it back up and have a seat on the left hip. All right, coming back to face the center. Cross the right foot over the left for boomerang. Make sure you have plenty of map behind you to roll back on.

We'll have the option here of rolling all the way back. If it's not for you to roll over at this point, you can just come back to here. I'm going to give a variation of this exercise that's not often done, but it's fun because it really gets your powerhouse. Yeah. So here you're going to try and put your nose in your knees. And then from here we'll try to roll back, keeping our nose and knees somewhat connected. So do your best. How Fun.

And rollback keeping nose and knees somewhat close. Switch feet and come up. Nose and knees still connected. Reach your arms. Oh, it's almost impossible. And then taking your hands back. Keep that nose in these clothes. Fall gently over. Woo. Looking into your belly. Release the arms. Circle to your feet and don't come up.

Just place your hands back for nose and knees together. Roll. We switch feet and come up. Nose and knees touching and holding his back and grab and lift arms and circle. Let me see one more that he knows the knees touching and switch. Feet come up. Nose and knees touching and then hands back, nose and knees touching. Still lift to fall over and circle.

Last one to complete the set. Knows the needs together. Roll back cause everybody feel your powerhouse. Yeah, come up. Nose and knees together. That's it. Elbows back. Release the shoulders as you lift to fall over and circle to your feet. Wonderful. We'll release your feet. Come up, scoot your bottom forward slightly. Take your hands like a book.

Open the book and put it under your ankles. For the seal on this seal, I want your legs to hug into your arms so that nothing is floppy. So we're going to really work the joint here by going [inaudible] clap, clap, clap. Poo in the roll back, clap, clap, clap and pause here. Clap, clap, clap. Try to stop your movement. Clap, clap, clap. One more clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. On the next one. We're going to stand up together. Clap, clap, clap and clap. Stand all the way up however you can. That's right.

Sit Down right away however you can. One more set of those. Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap. I saw Romana just last year. Sorry. Sorry. Two more. Two more. And she had us do this for a half an hour. Sit down, stand up. I was never so good at sitting in standing last time. Rural back.

Ready. Stand it up. That's okay. That's the first. The first bunch of years or sometimes turn yourself around right where you are. Backup so you have plenty of Matt. Zip your legs together. Bloody stance. Again, take your arms to the sky, lift your waistline.

Try to be precise as we bend over and place the hands right in front of the toes. Hold that position for a moment. Hips over heels. Try not to let your hips fall back. Lift your powerhouse and walk out in four. Once you're in plank position, you can just hold the plank if the pushups are not for you today or do five pushups, bending and pressing that not away with your whole body. Three and four and then fold in half. Lifting your powerhouse and walk back and forth. Steps. Pause. Once you're at your feet, hips over heels.

Drop your head and scoop to roll up to the sky. Lift your arms optional. Take your right leg and lifted off the mat, hovering and off the mat. Keeping the balance as we fold over to the toes and walk out in four steps. Hold that strong plank, right leg in the air. Three pushups. Boys could do more. When you're finished, fold in half and walk hands back to toes.

Pause here with your right leg reaching higher this time. Make it like a t so that your leg and your body make a t position. Hold that leg up and hover your hands off the mat. Try to keep your balance. Practice that, hold that. Reach out evenly through the head and through that back foot.

Take the arms by your ears and come all the way up. Hi. Nice. Take the left leg back reach. Same thing. Take the left leg back. Reach evenly through the arms in that left foot. Fold over and walk out to your plank.

Once you've got your strong plank, go for your three pushups. Yeah. When you finished with three fold in half, walk back and keep that left leg off the floor. Fingertips touching the mat. Now pause and reach through the left leg through the crown of the head. Lift the fingertips in balance there.

Keep reaching as you take your arms to your ears. Reach to come all the way up. Nice walk. Sorry. One more fold over. Walk out and four steps. One, two, three, four, pause here. Then the elbows and inch. Then the elbows get taller, another inch, then the elbows and let all the way on your mat. That's it. Rest, scoop back on your mat. If you've come off. Now take a nice big inhale and as you exhale, bend both knees. You can lift the legs from them and to get the hips to lengthen on the mat.

[inaudible] and if this exercises for you today, you'll reach back and catch your ankles. If you're having any delicate back issues, then maybe not catching your ankles, just bending your knees and windshield wiper in your legs for the next few minutes. All right, rocking. Take the legs and press the heel, the feet into the hands to open the chest. Looking up a little and in this position if you feel fabulous, rock forward and back. Using the legs to start the movement. Good about four times slowly come to a stop and rest. Good windshield wiper, your legs, everyone for a moment.

These exercises are so important to me. They're the hardest because my body does not like to open in a back bend. It likes to curl forward better. And if that's you, these are really important to keep us upright. All right, last time, reach back, catch the ankles, use the pressure of your legs to open the chest, lifting the chest nice and high and then perhaps rocking forward and back three to four times. [inaudible] Nice. Come to a stop and let the legs go. Windshield wiper, the legs, let them rock side to side. This is not Pilati is it just feels really good. And then we'll sit back into our heels and take a nice big stretch.

Sure. And we're going to finish with one of my favorite exercises that I rarely teach, but it's such a wonderful exercise that if you can do it with control, it feels wonderful. So curl yourself up. If you have any issues in your knees or your neck today, you might leave this out and do the rocking or the role like we did earlier. Instead, this is called crab. Sit somewhat back on your mat so that you have space in front of you. Yeah, so there's plenty of space so that you can roll over and place your head down and there's plenty of space to roll back as well. We'll be right in the middle.

Take your hands like crab claws. Yeah, and then we're gonna look, catch our toes. Yeah, and I usually do it where I catch the end of my foot. Some people will do it this way. Either one is fine. All right. Be Gentle on your knees and slowly rock forward. Setting the knees down. Place the top of your head on the mat very carefully. Now once your head is touching, lift your ribs up towards the sky.

Enjoy that big stretch. Put a little pressure on your head here and we'll rock back. Once your overhead, change your legs and catch your feet the other way and roll back over and place the head. Lift the ribs. Shoulders relax and roll it back. The legs open and close and the catch the feet. Rollover Lyft and roll it back in the legs open and close to alternate and lift it over.

One more. Roll it back and legs open and close. Lift the waistline and gently set the head down carefully. If you're coming off. Oh, I'm roll it back one more time. Switch to the feet and come up to sit tall. That's it. Set your feet down. Bring the legs back together in the rolling like a ball position and we'll stand up one more time. So just three rolls in hill back. Exhale up.

Use Your hands. It's okay to use the hands and exhale up. And last one. It doesn't have to be perfect. Use Your hands if it's difficult. Just like this. Yup. Good. Stand with your toes apart. Heels together. Just like we started. Close your eyes and observe what's happening in your body. All the changes you made, the circulation, the blood you pushed through your body, the length you gave to your spine, the space between all of your bones, the strength and stability in your hips.

Take a deep breath in, let all that air out, zip the legs together and inhale. Reach the arms up. Rise up, eyes open, squeezing the legs together. Grow Taller as your heels come down. Keep growing. Keep growing. Keep growing. That's nice. We'll do that one more time. Inhale, rise up. Shoulders are down. Waist is nice and long. Continue growing taller as the arms come down.

Thanks for a great class everyone. [inaudible].


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Loved your fast pace workout class. Loved it so much I am going to take the class again tomorrow.
Fabulous, thorough workout. Especially like the core suicide series! Very nice cuing and pace. Thank you for this class Alisa!!
Oh what an enjoyable class!! Cant do anything at this point but watch and admire until my knee is rehabed but it sure gives me something to look forward too!! Alisa is a wonderful, thorough teacher who teaches with such ease and flow.. loved it! I dont think she missed a single pilates exercise !! Jamie-
This class is awesome! I love her flow and sense of humour.
Very good class. Very challenging, and fast paced to the point you have to catch up.... liked it a lot!!
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Fantastic!! Excellent pace and flow of movement, very well thought out. Great variety for all body!
What a class Alisa!!! Can you stay a regular teacher??? This one was amazing. Excellent core work, great cues, fast pace and so nice teaching. really love it.
Hello Everyone! Thank you for your lovely comments!! I'm happy to know you are sweating as much as I was teaching this class. I'll be back soon with more!! xx, Alisa
Really enjoyed this workout, loved the pace and flow. Do you also teach on the reformer?
Terrific class. Please film more!
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