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Be Your Own Partner

40 min - Class


Explore how you can use imagery and your own body to help you get more out of each exercise in this Mat workout with Debora Kolwey. She encourages you to think about the ways a teacher gives tactile feedback so you can get the same feeling when you are working out alone. By moving this way, you will give your body more space so you are free to move with efficiency and ease.
What You'll Need: Mat, Pilates Pole

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Hi, I'm Debora Kolwey. Last time I came to Pilates Anytime, I taught a class using a lot of partnering. And this time we're gonna try and see how we could be our own partner and see how that goes. In ...

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WOW!!! I love the cues and the flow of this class Debora! Thank you x
One and only fantastic workout; strong yet refreshing, exilarating and rebalancing. Love it:)
MAGICAL!!! I’m floating...Thanks so much, Deborah for sharing your beautiful teaching skills.
Fabulous! Strait to favorites. Thank you
Thank you for so many additional encouraging words I can use to talk to myself during my mat classes.
Imagining a partner helping really works - loved the extra length I found! Wonderful cues and perfect pace ...Thank you :>)))
OMG OMG! Amazing! Debora wonderful simple cues! Loved the flow, The ladies made the moves look so effortless!
This class is so wonderful. Cues, length, and with Debora... always, years of wisdom filter through.
Love the cuing on how to help my own body make deeper connection.
hooray!!! my best to you all and thanks for your comments!
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