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Rhythm of Movement

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Create a rhythm of movement with your breath in this Reformer workout with Kristi Cooper and Meredith Rogers! It's the first Girl Time class of the year, and they use their tag team style of teaching to ensure that you work your entire body. They start off with an intense abdominal warm up, then build up to challenging exercises like Snake, Twist, and so much more!
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Mar 04, 2017
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Welcome to 2017. We have been arguing for the last five minutes and haven't been able to start. Now we're gonna get started. Are you ready to go? Girl time 2017 starting off well.

Yeah. So here's what we're going to do Kristy we're going to sit facing the back of the reformer. Arms reaching out straight ahead, spine lifting. Inhale, exhale tuck the tail under, begin to roll the spine back into the box, that's real too, that's not just a story. Feel the lower spine coming to the box, lift the arms up, take the arms out to the side reach forward with the arms, follow the arms forward, try to keep the feet down.

Lift all the way up tall, inhale. Exhale tuck the tail under reach, arms reach in opposition the movement of the spine, lower spine comes down, arms reach, arms open-- Oh, hi. Hi. Arm goes forward and roll up. No touching.

Oh gosh. Sit all the way up. And inhale and exhale, round. And one more. Reach up, reach out, reach forwards and lift, lift up tall.

Scooch a little bit, you want to be towards the front edge of your box for the rest. Okay, take your arms forward, exhale round back. Reach the arms up, hands behind the head lift one leg, lift the other leg. Hold the spine still, take both legs down hinge, they don't have to come all the way down there, just hinging from the hips and both legs back up. Inhale, the legs down.

Exhale, the legs up. Inhale, the legs down. Exhale, the legs up. Pause there, hands to the knees. Double leg stretch, here's how it's going to go.

We're going to go straight out three, and pull back, straight out, two and pull back. Straight out, one and pull back. Now take it out straight, hold the legs, extend over the top of the box. Arms come around, knees bend curl, three. Reach out, extend over the top of the box arms come around, knees bend, two.

Reach out, spine goes back, lower spine is stable arms come around, knees bend. Pause both hands on the left knee, reach the right leg forward and change, five. Five. Reach the straight leg away. Three, push down on the bend knee.

Two. One. Second set of five, the straight leg goes down into hip extension, into the well. Two, the body is still. Three, four, five, both knees in.

Take the back of the legs in the hands, use your arms, help yourself find very connected position. Hands behind the head, crisscross for five, straight leg goes straight out. Five. That makes sense. Four, four.

The leg that's not bend goes straight out. Three. The leg that's not bend it's straight. Two, two straight out in front of your eyes. So sorry.

One. Now take the straight leg down, down, two. Lift. Oh, that feels good. Three, little hip extension never hurt anyone, four.

Except when it does. Five, both knees in, hands behind the thighs. Curl up, curl up see how much control you can master as you roll yourself back up. Coming all the way up, all the way up, all the way up and place your feet down. Get off the box, put the box away.

We've got springs all ready set up for foot work. Three reds and a blue, three reds, three heavies. Whatever you like. Okay. Coming down into our backs for some foot work.

You going head rest up, head rest down? I'm going to go a little bit up. I'm going up too, 'cuzz then I can see you. Yeah. Okay, arms down long, pelvis heavy, heels of the feet on the bar, press into both legs without moving the carriage.

Feel the engagement of your legs and here we go. We go out and pull back. Out and pull back. Working in both directions. Lengthen and contracting.

Out and in. Exhale, inhale. Warming up the body, three. Two, one. And pump 10 times, nine, working both legs evenly.

Seven, might have skipped one, it's okay. Four, three, two, push out. Bend in, come on to the toes. Warming up. Warming up, keep the heels.

Here we go, press out heels are lifted, ankles aligned. Keep the hips still and bend and reach, pull, feel the work come from the trunk. Feel that resistance as you drag yourself in. Last five, pull, stretch, three, two, one. And we pump 10, think about the down.

Eight, seven, six, five, four. I'm pretty good at counting if I do it out loud. Yeah, I'm like trying to help you, but I'm gonna rest over here on the counting thing. Well done. Heels together, toes apart, wrap through the back of the legs and stretch and pull.

Stretch and drag, make the drag active. Last five. Inner thighs strong. Last one, half way down and push and pull. Working in both directions.

Last four, three, two, one. I have a new secret counting technique. It's secret, I can't tell you what it is. That's what I'm going to say. I don't want to know.

I'm still struggling with the last one. All right, inner thighs strong, drag your heels towards one another on the bar and press out pull back in. Push, creating a rhythm of movement with the breath. Last three, standing on both legs, that's a cue for me just so you know, it's for all of us, but it's for me. And pulse 10, squeeze the inner thighs.

Last five, four, three, two, stretch it all the way back bend and come back and moving to the toes. Making sure the knees aren't rotating out or the toes are rotated out more than the knees. Press out, pull in, stretch, drag. Each time you work notice that there is connection from the center of the body. Resist into the springs, five, four.

You almost got confused. I'm confused all the time. Last one and pump. You didn't have to call me out on it. Sorry.

Five, four, three, two, resist, one. Come in, toes in the center. Just 10 regular counts rising into prancing, reach out and under and from the back of the legs, from the glutes, you connect your heels to your bum. Work all the way down, last five, four, heavy ribs. Three, two and up and one.

Alternating, keeping the pelvis still, reaching under the bar that big stretch. Last five. I'd like to say that I wore heels over the Holidays but I didn't they're still tight. I can't remember the last time I wore heels. Probably, years.

Maybe, here it is, ready? The last time I wore heels. Yeah. Like proper heels, not just boots with a heel, was at the Pilates Anytime party in Las Vegas. When was that?

2013? Yeap, I think so. I was a kiddo. It's been quite a few years. I was very cute.

Who needs heels when you have Uggs and flip flops? Exactly. All the way in. Let's go into some hip work. Help yourself up.

Switch springs. May I? Hip work, lie down, we both have a red and a blue. One and a half for medium tension for your legs. Feet on the bar, push out, step into your straps.

I'll keep it simple here initially or totally perhaps. Let's just keep moving. We bend frog, settle in, let the weight of the straps, almost force the bones and the thighs. And off we go. We press out, reaching even as you pull back.

Press out and pull back. The feet for me are pretty flexed but not with a ton of tension. Can we do three more here? One, pull it in, you have to almost imagine it sometimes. One more time, out and in.

We're going back out, sorry. Out, lift the legs out point here a little bit. Stop there again, all we want to do for just a moment is peel the pelvis just a few inches, like stay vertical wherever they were, anyway. And then leave the feet in your mind where they are, roll the pelvis back, get a little deeper stretch, might even feel like you're sticking your bum out, hopefully not at the expense of your back. Press down, circle around and up.

Exhale, press down, I'm inhaling as I'm separating, come up. Trying to keep everything else still. Down, again up and down. One more time after this count here. Count down and up.

And reverse, open out, exhale. Now for those who hyper extend you're going to watch that how do you do that? You don't bend your knees necessarily, engage the back of the leg as if you were going to bend the knees with resistance, three. Just going to do two more. Remember how you felt when your pelvis felt down, leave it where it was.

Last one right here. From here, feet together, maybe from up high hips turn them out more. Slight the feet more, you might or might not need to bring them up go where you can. Sit down, for a second, imagine reaching the heels further then engage the back of the thighs, don't just soften the knees that's not going to do much for us. Then slide and drag them along the same plane out further that where you came from, as if you're somehow making a larger arch.

I just had a flashback to geometry and I don't know what little tool is called, but anyway, three. Protactor. Yeah, yeah. Something like that, anyway, get bigger with your moves without hurting yourself. And you will not fail the test.

Is a test? No, no test, that's what I'm saying, you just, last one, sort of. From there, changing so slightly bend to frog. Take a quick look, make sure you're not over rotating your feet or your knees. Real possible for all of us.

We watch for that. Knees over toes as best you can. Stretch the legs to the side and pull together, for three. Number two, stretch, reach. Try not to press up and down.

One more on this direction. Stretch, reach. And hold reverse it from here, push out, long, long, long legs, watch those knees. Bring it back. And from somewhere above your hip join if you can, think about the work coming from there, 'cuzz that really is more going on.

This is it. Go all the way, finish. Put your head rest down, please. I want to do one or two short spines and then I'm going to switch it. So we bend far just to begin it.

Settle the hips, press the legs out. Fold the legs over, Mary and I tend to go all the way to the stopper leaving the hips down as best as you can, then peel up. Up, up, up, once you're there and I happen to know Mary want's to do something in a minute. This is going to be a memory for us. The support we have on our feet.

So from there without dropping your back you're going to bend the knee and now melt your way down. Try not to look down, overly too much. Basically straight ahead. Flex your feet down, your seat and off we go. Press out, fold over.

Peel it up. This is one of those places again for those of us with hyper extension knees, you want to find that activity it's not severe, but it's there. We're rolling down, and we pull. And push out, this time let's do a long spine so parallel of the feet there together. That's okay Mary, I'll follow you.

about 90, maybe a little bit more, hips down, peel up, you want to leave the carriage still in this version we did not add straps, leave it here. Get up there, get up there. Long in front of the hips, separate. Do I need to say the hamstring knee thing again? Thank you.

Peel down, spread out the collarbones, find the tailbone circle around, once you do. One more like that, bend and up, as if you're just about to pull on those straps. You're not going to, they're just helping you. Separate, grow taller in your mind, or in your trunk for real. And roll down.

Might pay attention to where your wrists are, your shoulders are, and around. Reverse it or is it that too much for what you're about to do? No, I'm happy. We come back, we circle to parallel about hip distance. Up again, up, up, up.

Close it up, imagine getting taller or do. Then melt it down. Oops. You're not going to move the carriage even if I do. Wow, a lot.

Wow. And around, last one, we come to parallel first. They're still open I have to re-engage the back of my knees I'll be, Oh shut, that wasn't it either. I just got to practice more. Close it up, long, and down we go.

Down, down, down and let yourself out of the straps. I don't need you to control balance 'cuzz I like that exercise, it's my favorite. Put the straps away and take a hold of the handles. Keep the elbows and the scapula wide. Don't squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Lift the feet up. Send the legs out in front of you. Lift the legs as you inhale. Exhale, take the body over. Let's just flex the feet here in, we're going to do two roll overs.

Rolling the spine down. I have think about pulling the handles apart. That's nice. Thank you. Point, lower, lift, inhale.

Exhale, roll over. Where are your elbows? Wide. Oh, you said that, sorry. Flex and roll down, but not so wide that I'm pushing my shoulder blades, right?

I can see periphery if I looked side to side. Okay, thank you. Point, lower, control balance, lift up, inhale. Exhale to go over. This time drop the legs down, with the legs down lift the back.

Keep the right leg reaching for the inside of the well, the inside of the reformer as you lift the left leg, when you lift your left leg lift your back, we're going to go slow for the first one. We switch in mid air, keeping the spine stable. And now here we go, Kristy, give it some tempo. We pull, pull, switch. Pull, pull, switch.

Lift, try to touch the ceiling. Pull, pull, switch. Pull, pull, switch. One leg pushes up and away, the other pulls down and back. Last time, last time on this side.

Both legs up, both legs overhead and then reach out and take a hold of the backside of your leg somewhere around the calves. Just roll down. That was your shoulders don't actually hold on, I love it. All the way down. And bend.

And let's get a box. Get a box. Okay, and can I take it? Yeah. Get a box and put your foot bar down, please.

And springs? Um... One? Yes of course put springs on, I'm dropping my blue off, over there. Yes please.

What? One spring, I'm following you. One spring. Think in terms of a little abs with no springs, pulling straps and back Turkish kind of stuff. For now, we're going to start with pulling straps, please.

We have the one spring on, I think we both have a red. We have a full spring. Lie down, chest either just barely over or right at the edge with the straps we have them set up here. I'm going to suggest we hold above the hardware, wrap. Grab even higher still.

I'm not personally a huge fan of putting the thumb on the leather more so than the rope, so I'm going to ask you not to do that. And try it that way first. Here we go. We have the legs engaged, not lifting, just engaged. And we draw the shoulders down, our head it's just going to stay forward looking at the floor.

We're not lifting the upper back just yet. When you're taking those palms, so they're facing maybe even touch your hips. Forget the hands and focus on your lower back. Focus on the upper arm it's even easier to think. Press those upper arms together.

Then lower down the arms stay absolutely straight. Check, 'cuzz you might not know that you're bending. Off you go. Pull, upper arms squeeze them together and down. It's so easy.

You're not moving your spine into extension-- I'm not. You're pulling the arms. Well mine happens mind strap is an extension these days. Yes, I am not lifting until right now. I am.

Here's the cue, slightly start the arms. You have your resistance, you start to looks forward. You start to peel the spine up, even as your arms are doing exactly what they were doing exactly before, hug the upper arms way together. Maybe even rotate the pinkies towards each other. And down we go.

Two more like that. And come down with the spine. We start to pull, we start to look forward, we start to feel the back peeling up, the legs never changed, hug those upper arms. Woo. And down we go.

Right, and last one. You might pay attention to the collarbone. You might not. Do what works. All right, that's that you can just hold the straps in your hand.

We're going to turn around, do a little teaser. Get up, I don't think I... I didn't really. Grab the straps again. I was confused, I'm really.

You closed all the cabinets in your house too. Okay, sit down near the front. Teaser prep, first. We have the ones for now, we're coming down. Which for us, for me means legs in table top.

You can let your head hand for a second but I wouldn't let it there for long. We are going to scoop down and roll up, as we roll up actually extend the legs, that's not what I called it, but that's what we're doing. Reach them, reach them, reach them and then slowly, I would leave your legs straight for a little while longer as you roll down, feel that opposition, then bend the knees. And find that balance between those two actions. Here we go, up, up, up.

I don't know if I want to inhale or exhale. I don't know if I want to straighten my legs. You don't have to. I'm wanting to inhale to go down, it's that good for everyone? If you don't want to, change it and I won't cue it anymore.

Off we go, exhaling up. Stay here, are we here? From there just the arms and they scoop up. One, keep those legs up, two of three. And we keep those arms, leave the legs up there this time.

Slowly roll down, leave the legs just flex your spine when you're almost down, bend never mind the order, here we go. And we stay up, open circle around, hold and bring it back. Up, imagine the resistance were a little heavier you needed or used to that way. You don't need it. Any of it, we need to feel what's happening and what we need.

And yes the objective is abs here and breath. We have to reverse it to finish it though. Okay good, push out. Open, over hands over shoulder, legs right over hips, then bend. Here we go, inhale push, open around, up.

And bend, one more time. Push, out and up. And that was one more, right? Help yourself up. That was really hard.

Come on, you're Meredith Rogers, wasn't that hard. For me. It is hard. It is hard, very hard. Hamstring pull?

Yes. Okay, so how to get into the hamstring pull. With spring the same? Same spring, I think. Yeah.

Sit facing the risers, put your straps on your feet cross the straps, did I say cross the straps? You did not say cross the straps. Cross the straps, put the straps on your feet. We're going to face down. You're going to go towards the strap that's crossed over the top.

I feel like ---- white, because. What? I'm trying to demonstrate what you're saying then I'm not doing a good job. Oh Vana, I see. Then you turn-- Turn towards the top leg?

Yeah, towards the strap that's on top to bring yourself down. Thank you. Taking the hands just in front of the box. You'll notice that when you straighten your legs you're not going to have tension right away, and that's okay, we're going to deal with that. Just find some energy in the legs to support the lower back with the abdominals, bend the knees find your spring tension it's not a lot of range and pull.

And then keep lifting the legs, reach out and strengthen. Can we find the place in our body where you're catching the tension of the springs where you can't really tell in your movement, or your still working through out the movement, no matter-- The tension on your springs are not, even on the full spring Even on the full spring. Imagine that that tension just continues out, we'll do two more. And reach out. And one more.

Hold here, reach back for your feet. I'm going to back off for one just for one still. Press your pelvis into the box, lift your legs, press your feet into your hands to lift your spine. And now try to lift your legs higher to move into rocking press your legs away to bring your carriage towards the stopper. Lift your legs to rock forward, press the legs away to rock back.

Lift the legs to rock forward, press the legs away to rock back. One more. Lift, rock forward, press away, rock back. Let go, bend your knees. Thank you.

I think the easiest thing to do is just to drop the straps off the feet. And get up. Thank you. We're going to keep the red spring. Keep the red spring, put the bar up.

Stand on the reformer. Thank you. I like the head rest up, go ahead and put my head rest up. And what we'll do is we'll put the right foot just the toes of the right foot going over the top of the head rest and the balls of the feet rest in that little crevice that we created. Put the left foot on the bar.

Bend your right knee and reach long through that left leg behind you. You're on the ball of your feet? I'm on the ball of my foot. What we're going to do from here, it's we're going to stretch that right leg forward trying to keep the spine long and then lift the pelvis, keep that back leg active, reach down, maybe bend the arms and hang forward for that hamstring stretch. Keep the quad active.

Bend the front leg, press out. Stretch that forward leg, forward. For a lack of a better cue. Bring the carriage in-- That's about as clear as it gets. That's very clear.

And bend, one more. Lunge, press. All right, Kristy. What? Here is-- Straight leg, okay.

Here is the challenge of the New Year, we're going to bend and come back down into that lunge. Yeah. Then can we balance? Yeah, of course we can. We bring the arms out to the sides.

And we take that front leg and stretch forward and back. This is not my most beautiful performance. Me neither. Forward, but that's all right. And back.

We didn't say beauty was the goal. Balance, and we're still up here. True. How many? That's it.

Good. Put your hands down, keep that back leg active. lower yourself back into lunge that position. Hold the carriage still, step back. Pointing the feet and take the carriage forward.

Exhale and back, and exhale, working the front of the body for support and exhale, and back. Step the left foot forward. Right leg, strong and active. And here we go, stretch that left leg forward and we bring the carriage back. Keep the back leg strong all the time.

Bend, reach out, I'm out of shape. Welcome back after the Holidays. There we go. I'm just saying, maybe I need to stop my love of the fundamentals and start working again. Reach out, stretch out.

We'll find a way. Pushing the back leg, back. And pull in. Okay, here it is, bend. Oh, we have to do it again.

Strong back leg, yeah, we gotta do it on this side. Finding your balance. Later in the year is going to be better. And then press. Press what?

The front leg forward-- Right, right. Front knee and bend. Straighten the front knee, if I fall off it would be really embarrassing. One more time, straighten. I'm going down, in a good way.

That's it, that's three, reach down. Hands on the carriage, hold it still. Step back, plank position and stretch. How far can you go and back. And back, one more.

And back. Let's come down onto one knee and the other knee. I think this is a really nice way to transition into some arm work. How about some kneeling arm work? I think so, I think you're on a roll.

Coming up. Let's just start with a little chest expansion. Just going to do a few reps of each, bringing the arms to the sides of the body. Pull back, reach back, hold. Resist, reach forward.

Pull back, hold. Resist, reach forward. One more. Pull back, hold. Resist, reach forward.

Now just the left arm pulls and the body rotates. And just the right arm pulls and the body follows. And then again, one more time to each side. Making a change. Not right now.

Rotate back to the left. Reach the left arm down the left side, arch the lower back find neutral, come center. Right arm pulls, reach down and back. Lift up and center. One more time, reach down and back.

Can you hear all the cracking going on over here? Can I hear the cracking. Oh good, can you hear my body screaming? Me too. There's more of a cracking going on.

Good, good, good, good. Kristy's cracking and mine is screaming. In center pull both arms back at the same time, lift through the center of the spine, go into back extension, so up thoracic extension come back to neutral bring the arms forward. Two more. If I'm hinging, I'm not looking.

I'm not thigh hinging. Okay. I'm not leaning back, I'm going to go first so what I'm doing is pushing back with the arms. I'm not leaning back, if anything I'm trying to take my sternum up and forward. Thank you.

Oh, that feels good. Then center and arms forward. And one more time, pull back. Lifting, neutral and forward. Stay there.

Oh sorry, you started it. This time don't do the thoracic part, yet. Hinge back, the back of the legs get closer to the thighs, just go where you can, don't go to far, go limited, then do what Mary did, which was to extend the spine. Thoracic primarily, bring it back to neutral. Kneel back upright, yeah?

To have a little more of a pull with the strap, more than where we started. Hinge back, you might have to tuck the pelvis a little so that you don't hyper extend it. Grow longer into that same exact extension. You shouldn't sound like I just did. So I won't do it again.

But we have to do it one more time. Pull back, hinge. Now I gotta prove that I can do it. I'm going to keep talking, extend-- And you're not going to go to that place I'll work on it, but you shouldn't do that. Don't get where you can't breathe.

That's it for me. That's it. We turn around. Maybe some more arm circles. I'm not going to do that on that spring.

I'm going to use a blue spring. Okay. 'Cuzz as I mentioned-- You're lightening it. Yeah, I'm lightening it to a half a spring. 'Cuzz I'm out of shape.

Actually 'cuzz that's an appropriate spring for me. For sure me. Okay, so we come up. Bringing the arms forward, like you're scooping up the air in front of you. You reach all the way up, open wide with the arms.

And scoop up the air up in front of you, length from the body, don't lean forward and reach out. Two more, scoop up, open, reach out. I love the reach out part of any exercise. It's my favorite thing to do. That feeling of opening and now we're going to go the other way.

Out and down the front of the body. And exhale, get the carriage to move right away. If it doesn't move right away, your arms are too far behind you. You want to keep them moving. And out and down.

One more time, out and up hold it there. Make a princess crown, it's birthday crown Kristy. Happy Birthday to you. And we press out and bend. You put that princess crown on and take it off.

And put it on and put it straight up in the air, not forward. And bend, reach up. Who gets to work with their best buddy on their birthday? I don't know. Me, it's pretty fun.

Everyone else, good. Around. That was good. Hands straps? No.

What? Biceps, come on. Yeap, you cue it. I'm going to cue it 'cuzz I want it. And I like it a little heavy, so you can leave it where it was.

I think it's harder to even feel it with the blue. I just added a red. I like red and a blue too. Both are on, arms are back. Main thing, keep the front of the chest open, palms down, elbows up not in on each other.

And we bend, keeping the upper arm high, hold that for just a second. Can you rise the elbow higher without leaning forward and without rolling the shoulders forward? That's just to check every now and again. Stretch fully back and again pull. I'll leave my arms or hands open just a little bit because if I overly grip it, I tend to turn my upper arm and I'm aiming for straight back, without overly pinching and straighten.

I love this one. I know you hate it, I'm so sorry. I like it. I don't hate it. I don't hate Pilates.

Okay, I want a couple more. This could be like 11 or 14. It feels good. You just tell me when you're done. One more.

I'm going to be done now. It's yours. Thank you. I would like to remove the blue spring. Remove.

Remove the blue spring. We're back in one full spring or a red. Hand on the bar, feet up against the shoulder blocks. And we're going to come forward into the down stretch position. Pressing the heels down against the shoulder blocks.

Take the carriage away. And then press down into the hands and reach the spine away from the bar as you lift. And then again, push the heels into the shoulder blocks as you bring your body, up and forward. One more, push out, pull in. Now, keep the carriage still as you pike back, round your spine, stay there, straighten your spine.

Press out with your hands, careful about this, it can be challenging on the shoulders, don't go to low, if you don't know what you can handle. Out with the legs, pelvis comes down and we arc up and back. The cobra, and we round. Straighten the back, press out with your arms, stabilize your shoulder blades, press out the legs, reach all the way in and up, touch, curl. Two more.

Back, arms, hip extension, spinal extension, flexion. Last one, flat back, arms reach, push out drop the hips, lift the spine. and lets sit all the way back. I've moved my feet away from the shoulder box. Gonna reach out and rest the forearms on the bar.

Okay, Kristy, here's a question. What? Do you think that we can do snake and twist? I think we can try. Okay, let's try.

I need a sticky. And I want to. I want to two, I'm going to get myself a sticky. 'Cuzz I am hot and sweaty. We're doing bar down.

I'm going to do the bar down. You chose whatever you want to do. Okay, I'm going to do bar down. One red spring still and good. This will be fine.

We're going to step to the back of the reformer. I was just thinking Okay, here we go snake and twist. Might not be pretty. One foot on the bar, same side hand on the carriage. Other hand on the shoulder block.

Keep the carriage still. Step into the foot that's on the bar and lift up. In a twisted pike take the carriage out on the inhale, exhale rock the hips, looks behind you. Inhale come back, exhale pike in for three. Inhale, out, exhale.

Oh my goodness. I love it. I'm not flexible, either. And out, and rotate. And back and in.

Step to the floor. I'm going to take the long way around, have a little break. Kristy is braver than I. Okay, here we go the other side. We go foot, hands, stabilized the carriage.

Step up. Oh god, it's different. Inhale take the carriage out, exhale, rotate, drop the pelvis. Wow. Look over the shoulder, come back and in.

Hi. Hi and-- Do I look short on this side as I feel right now? I don't know. I think I must. I can't concentrate on you, I'm just worried about myself.

Right, right, one more. And twist and out and step down. I'll take the long way. Just like that, a little rest breather, maybe some flamenco wrist, okay. We got this, is the last one.

One of the last one. First one of the last one? First one of the year, of the last one of the year. I don't know what you're talking about. Don't say it.

She knows what she's talking about but I don't. She will say more or not. Step up. Snake. Snake.

Hands, step up. We'll take the carriage out, take the pelvis down look forward-- Oh. Come back and in. And then out, dropping the hips extending through the upper spine, back and my writs have two. Great.

I'm stepping down 'cuzz I still need to save my wrist for the second two on the other side. That feels good. That feels really good. I'm inspired to start practicing more advanced movements. Just more advanced movements in general.

Step up. Maybe next year for my resolution. And then hands on the carriage. Is it too late this year to make a resolution? No, hope not.

Take the carriage out, bring the hips down, eyes and chest up and then back. The funnest part of the exercise is right now. Hi. Hi. No joke.

Down and back. And I mean-- Thank you. And step, I think I want to just end here on our feet. Okay, yeah. We take the arms up, I want to flex my wrists this way.

I want to turn them that way, actually. Want to turn them that way? Whatever, I just want to move my wrists around. Let's go forward flex, push, open. I love that.

Extend, let's round. Chin into the chest, curl down. Leaning the body over the feet, not behind the feet. Inhale, exhale up. Rolling the spine, opening the arms out.

Reach out, lift up. Reach back out. And down. Namaste. Namaste.

Happy New Year. Woo, we did it. Girl time.


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Girs where have you been. I will be doing this first thing in the morning:)))
Aww thanks Z A, I hurt myself a few months ago. It was a slip and fall that gave me a concussion. I couldn't teach on my own until a couple of weeks ago. I'm pretty sure this was my first attempt back and Meri carries me the whole way. I can't watch ;). I'm getting better all the time and happy to say that "Girl Time" (with a few surprise guests too) is back on the schedule! Hope you enjoy this one!
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Great as always :)
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Kristi I am so happy to hear that you are getting better and feeling better. Sending my healing prayers to you from Istanbul. Get well soon🙏 I cannot wait to see the oher girl time classes. First thing in the morning will be doing this class. Take care please. You have to think of your PA family and take care yourself more than anyone;)
Myriam Kane
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Woooot! What a great morning-waker-upper by the Dynamic Duo!! Aaaargh--thx for the Snake motivation--been a while!! Thank you, Meredith & Kristi...Hugs and all things Good!
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First of all, happy to see you Kristi ! Keep feeling better ! I only watched the first exercises to have a fresh start on my equip class. I can always count on you guys to show me new and fun variations ! I'll be viewing the rest later ! LOVE this site ! Thank you Meredith and Kristi !
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Always fun to see Meredith and Krisit share a class and their interaction. Thanks for the controlled, flowing and challenging workout.
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I love when you two tag team a class. The workout is great crack me up
Tanya E
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Love this! I am visiting our Denver studio to teach a workshop and a few classes and one of my fellow instructors requested that I teach (just the instructors) a Level 3... this certainly fits the bill! We'll attempt it in just a few short hours, I'm sure it's going to be a killer workout :)
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Super Fun workout and love the pace! Gotta keep it moving sometimes and yes! steer those delicious 'fundamentals' into good old Pilates!!
Can't wait for Studio Soma in Durango CO to rock it out!
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