Class #3716

Breathing Cool Down

20 min - Class


You will bring your body to the state of homeostasis with this gentle cool down by Christi Idavoy. She explores the different parts of the pelvic floor, allowing you to notice the different sensations you feel in your body. She also invites you to use your breath to make space and to help calm the nervous system
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Bolster


Hi. So we're going to do a short cool down, and as well as helping just cool everything down and really calm the nervous system and allow for homeostasis to really set in. So we've talked about the fa...


que buena sesión. estoy deseando probarla con mis clientes. gracias
Visual quit working...
A lovely way to end a class, the wall is such a nice place to work. Thanks for some new ideas
pues lo hice con dos de mis clientas, les encanto las sensaciones que se producian , sobretodo con una de ellas que tiene problemas con su suelo pelvico. muchas gracias , ha sido de gran utilidad
Very relaxing ! 
Great way to cool down. And I love the tank top! :)
Needed this after I overdid a session this!

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