Class #3712

Pelvis Power Reformer

35 min - Class


Look at the power of release in this Reformer workout with Christi Idavoy. She uses small props so that you can use gravity to help you find more space and traction in your spine. She also introduces the idea of going into inversions in a gentle way so you can create vibrations in your body.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Moon Box, Overball


Hi. We are going to do a pelvic power reformer class is what I like to call it but we're really gonna be looking at the power of releasing right now in this work out. So I'm gonna hand...


Fantastic class. I unlocked my spine and moved from new places in the cat/cow sequence. I feel 10 inches taller now. Thank you!
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You are an excellent teacher! I appreciated your thoughtful and mindful cues, and all with such an intelligent progression for this class.
I’ve never done anything quite like this before. I’ve heard it said that we sometimes hold our emotions or angst in our hips and pelvis. Well, I’m a believer now. I have to tell you... after the pelvic work on the overball, I just started crying. Came out of nowhere. Well, not nowhere - from my hips/pelvis I suppose. Talk about pelvis power!

Thank you! Guess I needed this more than I knew. Both physically and mentally. Great release to start the week!
thank you Christi for sharing you magic and give us this amazing Pelvis Power Reformer practice!!!
I love this so much. Thank you!
Wow, what a beautiful class!!!! Thank you very much Christi!!!! Excellent explanations and cues!!! Love it!!
I was struggling with anxiety before I began and this turned my day around! Apparently my low back was grumpy too, because it feels amazing now. Thank you Christi!
The tracking up from the toes to knees and pelvis on up is so helpful and important. Low back and psoas released while really activating the Transverses. Deliberate pace allows this work to occur. Thank you Christi!
What brand & size of overball is that?
Thank you Christi! Waiting for more videos from you.
Fantastic!  Cuing was spot on and flow of the class was easy to follow!  I feel wonderful!
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