Class #3717

Hydrating Mixed Equipment

40 min - Class


Give yourself a deep hydrating experience with this Mixed Equipment workout by Christi Idavoy. She continues on with her focus of pelvic floor integration, using the Cadillac and Spine Corrector to help you find connections to your body with functional movements. By mobilizing your spine and hips, you will be able to find strength from within.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Cadillac, Mixed Equipment

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That was great. Thank you soo much.
This looks fabulous and I am going to try it!  I have a reformer/tower so the side stretches using push thru bar and roll down bar are not available to me.  I am wondering if using a weight would give me the same effect.  If so, what weight would you recommend.  Thanks for this series!  
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Motion is lotion! I love that! This felt really great! I loved rolling back into the spine corrector with feet on the push through bar. A little bit like stomach massage.  And I just love your cues about the sitting bones.  I can really feel it happening when I focus.  Thank you so much!
Lovely class and cueing. Thank you kindly.
Great class Christi! And I love the SC + Trapeze combination

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