Class #3748

Reformer for Back Strength

35 min - Class


Use the apparatus to inform your alignment with this Reformer workout by Monica Wilson. She continues with her Back Care series adding new exercises to your practice to help strengthen your powerhouse, hips, and glutes. She also begins to introduce more flow to the workout but encourages you to maintain your precision so you can stay safe.
What You'll Need: Reformer, Pilates Pole


Welcome to class number four with my friend Tara. We did mat last time, and now we get to use the reformer to reinforce all of those feelings, and get to use the apparatus to really te...


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Question? What injury does the participant have?
I love your sense of humour and making the client feel comfortable. The precision and the cuing of the exercises were great. What do you do with hyperextended knees when doing the leg series? How do you cue and which adjustments will you do? With the "Side to Side" exercise; was it intentional to keep the upper body slightly forward and rounded? Another question: the headrest is up during Pelvic Tilt -not so important to take it down or do you only take it down when people have neck problems? Thanks in advance. I really enjoyed watching this class. 
pull in the belly to the spine?  that is so old school and so not useful.  
Unfortunately, I haven't seen alignment in this workout. When footwork series she was tilting her pelvis over using her hip flexors and tightening her lower back. Ribcage wasn't engaged at all.
When frog you need to use your powerhouse and stop the knees above the hips, otherwise you just making too much hip and knee flexion and there's no control. 
I couldn't watch after the frog((

I needed this refresher. I’ve gotten a bit lazy about pulling my stomach in. Good to return to the basics!

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