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Mobilizing Pilates Arc

35 min - Class


Get ready to have fun with this energetic Pilates Arc workout by Serafino Ambrosio. He starts immediately with a standing warmup which includes Squats on different surfaces of the arc to promote hip mobility. He then flows into other functional movements to integrate the rest of your body and then finishes with a gentle meditation.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Pilates Arc

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This was one of my favorite classes! I have never worker with my Arc in such fun ways!  Thank you Serafino!  More, more, more!!!
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Very innovative, exciting class! I just love using my equipment in different ways!  Squatting and foot work are especially important to me, and I am nursing a sprained ankle yet again, so need strengthening in that area.   This class is going into regular rotation for me. I look forward to more classes from you and thank you for this fun class!
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Super fun, very creative! I really enjoyed using the arc in new ways. Squats on different parts of the arc are great for balance and proprioception.  One note - I didn’t have the same spine corrector and arc as the one shown, and some of the exercises didn’t work as well with the equipment I have. Nonetheless, a terrific class.
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Some interesting and creative ways to use the arc! I also detect an Aussie accent there Serafino !! 
I am glad you are all enjoying the new energy and ' ways of moving' i would like to inspire .. Great Thank you and yes i lived half of my life in Australia but am in Rome Italy now.  Hope to hear from u all soon ..Happy Pilates ...Anytime! Ciao 
Yay, a new Arc class! Can't wait to try it :) :)
Grazie per questo meraviglioso allenamento! Funzionale e creativo, grazie Serafino e grazie Pilates anytime, Francesca M. Chiarenza
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That was absolutely fantastic! So many new ideas. In fact, this is brilliant.
Creative use of the arc, and awesome energy!
Fun! Some seriously good nuggets of creativity i there. Just what I needed-thank you:)
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