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Mobilizing Pilates Arc

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Get ready to have fun with this energetic Pilates Arc workout by Serafino Ambrosio. He starts immediately with a standing warmup which includes Squats on different surfaces of the arc to promote hip mobility. He then flows into other functional movements to integrate the rest of your body and then finishes with a gentle meditation.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Pilates Arc

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Hi, I'm [inaudible] from Rome, Italy and I'm going to be teaching you this spine, correct that polarities art class and I've got two beautiful women to be my clients today. Let's get started. Okay, come with me. Let's start on the floor with our feet close together. Really relaxing our shoulders. Our head floats up to this ceiling. Our feet just become grounded on the floor and we're going to start with a warmup so you breathe in as you step the right foot forward all the way on top end. Breathe out as you go down, down, up. Now you can do this with music. Yes we can, but we're not doing it now I if you like, I will survive.

You can add that, but okay. Now let's add the arms. Now I can now the answer really important for all the muscular sling systems or the body. Last one. We're going to breathe and hole this change legs and other leg. Good and swing the arms. Lift the chest and open the heart. Breathe in and breathe. That last one and our whole.

Now just for the right leg goes up, hold and down, down, left leg up. Now what we can do here, we can add, we can experiment with the surface of the spine corrector. Therefore the heel can go down into dorsiflexion. Flection more or up interplant affliction more, which is pointing. You decide you can experiment with the ankle mobility. But remember, breathe. Two more. Last one. Good. And pause. Good.

Now one foot on the other foot on hold and turn around to face me. Good. Yes. Good. So our feet and now in a super nation, both of them. So they're going outwards. Yes. And we're just going to bend and reach. Bend and rich brain. Now as you go, reach up, you go.

Super nation pro nation. They're going to peel the pinky finger off. Good. Super nation prone nature. So we're really working into pronation. Go against resistance. Good. Well done guys. Breathe in. Breathe that last one. Now hold. We can also experiment it. Let's go with the right leg down onto the lower ages.

Now your hips go down now. So let's do the same thing. So breathe in, breathe out. Good. Breathe in and breathe out. Last two and breathe that will last one and hold. Bring the feet together. Take the foot on the other side. Good. And let's just do this side. Breathe in, breathe out.

Now the foot that's on the lower part is more unstable. Listen to guys, so you can either try to get stability or move the foot with alignment to increase mobility of the ankle, hip and knee joint. You decide. Okay, two more. Last one, good hold. Let's go for balance. Lift the lower leg. Appalled and Dan hauled arms out to the side. Good holiday hold. Now lift the other leg up. This is going to be more challenging and hold good. Breathe in, breathe out, lift the other leg up. Hole and Dan, pause and then the other leg Ho hold and down.

Fit Together. Let's change size. I turn to the other side of face. That was good. Okay, super nation. Remember this and bend and up first in joy, super nation and then go with super nation pro nation, so super nation pro nation. You can also add the arms as you prone it and move the arms to experiment with arms and feet and knees. Last one. Good hold.

Now take it down to the lower part of the arc. Yes. Same thing. Super Nation pronation. Super breathing. Good and breathe. Make sure the spine is long. Hips moving spine is long and the feet are moving. Last one. Super Nation. Hold. Come up and go to the other side.

The lower pair. Good whole Paul's. Breathe in and go and breathe that in and breathe out. Good, and in Embry, that good Katy, alignment of the knees. Keep moving the feet and the knees together with the hips. Two more. Last one. Hold up. You're going to lift the lower leg up.

Stretch your arms out to the side hole. Breathe in lower leg up, hold balance and down. Hold. Secure that lower leg first and then lift the other leg up and down. Breathe in. As you breathe out, lift the other leg. Hold and down and up and down. Good feet together. Turn towards me. Good.

And take one step down. Other step down and turn towards the arc. Feet together. So now you're going to step onto the concave part of the arch. Good. And the other foot.

So now I'll feed that way they're in plants, affliction, they're pointing. And now Theresa and just do five squats here and three good and two different surfaces of the arch. Promote different hip mobility. Last one. Good. Now take the rifle food only. Good. Nah, and just do the same thing. Trying to keep the hip stable. Feel the differences in the surface of the right foot and left foot. Last one, good and whole. This should be the other leg. Breathing and breathe in. Breathe out hip moves, knee moves, ankle moves.

Try to feel three articulations moving at the same time. Last one, keeping the spine strong, whole feet together on top so the arch of your foot is really caressing the arch of the barrel. Same thing. Five Scott's here in and out. Good. This is my [inaudible]. Very pleasurable to feel the arc of the the arc touching or caressing your arc. Arc versus arc. That's a great thing to say. Good and pause. Now let's go into plan. Tough lectures.

I step forward with the right foot as much as you can. And step full with the lift. Ooh, that's a bit tricky. How do they plant that big toe down of the foot? So you've got a good anchor. Lift up tall with your spine and your body and do the same thing.

Breathe in, breathe out. Good. Breathe in. Now for whoever's very adventurous, you can even in go further down with your feet. So you take what bit? One more step further down and down and up. Two more. Down and up. Last one. And hold. Stay there. Reach up, toad. Plant the heels down, planted toes down. Lift the Chin and breathe into your ribs.

And as you breathe out, just take one step down. Paul's and elegantly take the other foot off. While down. Guys, sit around me and let's start by seeing on their spine corrector. So let's start sitting down. Good. On the age of the spine corrector with the feet securely placed in the floor with a big toe on the floor. So using the spine, correct the or the, the surface of the stip. Move your pelvis to more. Good.

The hands are either on top of the knee or below the knee promoting good scapular org organizations and breadth. Last one. Hold. Now let's just do circle of the palace. Really feel how the surface of the spine correct or the arc helps promote mobility or awareness of yours. Ischial tuberosities let's change direction or really rotate the other way. Last one, good and down. Well done. Good.

Now let's turn to face me please. So you got one sitting bone on the edge. The other sitting bone off the edge. Can you feel that? Good? Now place this hand on the arch. Really widen your hand. Push the hand down on the arc and chorus the other hand on your heart.

So lifting the body up, you're going to drop that floating skim onto the arch and then lift it. So it's a side lateral mobility of the pelvis. Yes. So you're using the hand to promote x elongation. Yes. Aren't we scapular organization. And you're trying now to experiment. Where does a dropping staff from your hip, from your spine, from your ribs, just experience the staff from the ribs. Maybe sometimes. Oh.

And you feel something different or staff from the lower back or start from the [inaudible] Rossi like a magnet. Pulling it down. Good. Last one and down. Good. Okay. Let's change sides and do the other side. So one is skim off, one is skim on. So the hand on the spy corrector widen and pushing down the other hand, caressing your heart and just start going up and down with the floating is [inaudible].

And the first thing you probably notice guys is a difference between this side of the hip and the other side. No, that's why we do pull rds because polarities helps you first recognize your differences so you know what to improve on. Yes. Good. Timo, last one and hard. Good. Turn around again. Hi guys and that's good. Slide all the way down. Okay. On onto the edge. Good. Now stretch your arms. It's just to put by pushing the big toe, the flow of your foot on the on the floor. Roll all the way down, caressing the spine, stretch your big toe and your legs back.

Relax your throat and lift the hip off the spine. Corrector. You. Breathe into your ribs and to your hands and into your feet. And as you breathe out, close your fingers of the hand. Close the fingers. Are you feeling? Curl up, curling fingers of the hand, fingers of the feet and body, all curling into flection and stretch. Align. Last one. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, roll it down.

Slide in your feet, sliding your feet forward and your body back. Open the palms to the ceiling. Open the palms of the foot or the doors who pat of the foot towards the floor. You breathe into your whole body. And as you breathe out, curl the hands, curl the feet of the feet and curl the abdominals. Curl the spine and breathed out hurling the whole of your body and roll yourself up. Good.

Come and sit on the edge of the top of the arch and plant your heels right at the age of the arc. So if you feel you can, you can pull the arch with the heels, can't you? Yes, but let's see if he can do that. Yes, that feels good. So as you pull the hills on the arch, you curl the spine and pulling it even further. Open the chest, open the arms and arch the spine and Paul and stretch using the arc to promote integration and moon of the Sun app pool. Pull out the back of the legs and open and feel how the leg muscles really work with your spine muscles. And you breathe in Paul, open the chest.

Open heart. Breathe in. Last one. [inaudible] and breathing. Good. Now your really good guys. So let's lie down even further back. So your feet harbor the floor. So now they're in open connect chain. They're sort of in nowhere land because I can't touch the floor.

So you're really going to require these, don't you? You really feel these. Now this are the same thing. So you curl and the surface of the spiker. If that helps you now know it's easier to go into flexing. Good. And now it's going to be harder to come and say Paul, Paul, Paul, good.

Breathe in. And as you breathe up, curl and as you breathe in, ouch. Last one. Breathe out. Curl and breathing. Now hold it there. Lift the right leg off and do the same thing two more times. One curl and breathe in. Ah, edge and curl. Good. And Arch. Last one. Curl and art. Good.

Last, let's try the other leg and see if there's difference in the pelvis. When you lifted the knee up, did your pelvis move? Tried the other leg up. Does it [inaudible] here. Okay, so let's try to keep the pelvis still then. Huh? And up. Breathe in and breathe out. Last one. Breathe in and breathe out.

Breathe in and breathe out. Good. Place your hands on the spine, on the spine, Credo Arch, and then lower yourself all the way down, sliding your skin and your body back a slide or forward a bit. The arch. That was fun. You didn't, we need to have a bit of fun in the class sliding down. Why didn't you feet so there nearly to the edge of the spine corrector. Now that these are really nice handles because they help you pull yourself into flection and just hold as you widen your clavicles, widen your scapula and breathe into the back of the ribs.

Hold and then roll yourself up. Good. Now the front time will go on the floor towards me. The front. Yep. And the other one will go here. And you pull with the hand on the spiker, towards a front leg. Paul keeping the [inaudible] bone down. So you're going into fight flection. Yes.

And then up and change the other arm. Hold. Now when you change, try not to move the knees or feet. Keep Him Powell out. Hold. Keep stable with the spine. Now Paul with the arm of the arc into flection. As you rotate and flex his spine good and up. Hold. Stretch your arms forward. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, curl the body back a tiny bit and lift the knees and the head and hold.

Breathe in, breathe out. Open the legs. Open, open, open, and down we go. Good. How are we going? Good. So now lie all the way down into the arch and push it forward if you can. Good. And now pull the arc underneath your pelvis and let's go into some sort of airplanes. So push the heels towards the ceiling, opening your capitals, relaxing your jaw, breathing as you opened.

Three hold on the third airplane out. Breathe out and breathe in. Hold an airplane out. Breathe in, in, in hold and airplane out. More in, in, in hold and airplane out. Well done. Last one. Keep the pelvis, steel the spine long.

Hold an airplane out. Last one, one because we got to do both sides. Hold and out and feet together. Ding Dong. Go to the right and center. Breathe in, hold, hold, hold and breathe out. Drawing in the abdominals, relaxing the jaw. Breathe in and breathe that last one. Breathe in and breathe and breathe in.

Hold and breathe out. Good. Bend the knees, relax the knees and use a spine corrector to open the lower vertebraes into flection and use the gravity to help the knees drop into your shoulder joints. As you really feel the spine corrector caress and open your vertebraes in the lower back. Two more breaths here just for a pause and relaxation. And as you breathe out, relax your mouth. Relaxed to draw. Last one. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, feel the gravity.

Relax your knees to the shoulder joint. And now with your hands, push the spine corrector forward. Good. Place your feet on the spy corrector. The hands are on the floor by pushing all of the foot on the floor, especially the big toe. You're going to do bridging, breathing. As you breathe out, peel the vertebraes off, pushing or elongating your knees forward and the head back in opposition like life itself. Breathe in to your ribs and as you breathe out, roll the spine down. Thinking of pulling the spine corrector towards your buttocks with your feet.

Can you feel that? Yes. Last one. Roll it up. Good. Breathe in hold. And as you breathe out, pool the spine. Create the first pullets and relax your jaw and roll yourself down. Well. Dot. Perfect.

Let's turn to the side towards me. Turn the spine correct. And this go on. Yeah. Okay, so we are now going to sit on this side of the spine. Correct though. Okay. Faith towards me on the floor. Feet on the floor. That's it. Good. Well done.

Nice. In the sense of stretch your spine out and let's just do one spine extension because we, I want you to feel how even if the neck goes in a spine extension or neck, cervical extension, we get length in that cervical extension. We don't compress too much. Do you feel the difference? Yes. Try to go in extension in the cervical, but try to keep it length. Breathe along. Breathe in, enter in. As you breathe out, move the Gaze, move the chin, move the arms into a extension.

Bring it in and move the spine into flection. Now good and curl. That was the nice preparation because now scoot towards me. So you've got the center of your coxix nearly in line with this edge of the spine corrector. Roll down and, okay, good. And feel how the spy corrector is nearly Powell out to your vertebraes.

It all goes power to what we called the linguists Miss Muscle. It's a muscle of your extensor group. Okay, now slowly go into spine extension. Drop the head if you can. If you, if you need a pillow, you can put the pillow behind your head and now we've got one scapular that is on one that scapulary is off. Can you feel that? And you're now going to increase the mobility of the skip scapula that is off. So I go up like an elevator down like an elevator. Breathe in. As you go up, breathe out, breathe in last two and breathe in and breathe out whole.

Lift the head up. Look forward. Drop the hands. Now can you go even a bit further outwards or inwards? You decide because we're trying to distinguish between the [inaudible] group, the [inaudible] group, and the Iliacus stylus group about abbess spine extensors and how go down how these muscles by separating the muscles of your extensors will help scapular mobility or vice versa. We'll scap your mobility helps spine extension and mobility. Breathe in, lengthening and neck front end back thinking that you've got eyes at the back of the head looking downwards. Last one. Good. Now Down with the Scapula, down with the elbow down with the hand and reach up with the head.

Stretch the same arm as leg down and now go into star pushing up hold. Now that we've got the scapula working, now let's move it from here. Got Close, kinetic chain, lengthening your body up. Good. Two more. Last one. Good close connect chain there and hold.

Go down. Roll up and up and relax. Let's do the other side. So He's changed position. I'll change the spine corrector. Okay, let's start a straight away with the side. Okay, so find the cock sick and then roll yourself down. Get lengthen your spine. Work parallel to the muscle.

Really feel how the spine corrector really helps to assess the length and the parallel parity, if that's a word. All of the muscles of the extensors. Good. Now keeping the throat relaxed. Go into Scapula Moba. Mobilization up and down like an elevator to breathe in as you go up. Breathe out as you relax the jaw. Two more.

Last one. Keep pushing the feet down. Keep uh, alignment. Lift the eyes lifted. Head. Go into, uh, arm extension. And then spine flection. Good. Try another position, just a t laterally or more inwards. You just experiment with that. Good. Go all the way down.

Follow that spinal group with the age of the spine corrector. Now do the same thing with the scapular organization and if you hit different muscles of the spine extensors, you'll feel a difference in scapular mobility. Hopefully. Maybe today. Yes, maybe today. No, but Rome wasn't built in a day. Guys. We keep working. We keep trying. That's what [inaudible] is all about. Last one. Now did they go down into scapular retraction, elbow bands, hand presses and extends.

Leg extends. Move the body towards a hand and push up into star. Keeping this close connect chain. Move the Scapula. Now move the Scapula with the hand. Good. Up and down and feel. Now after you've done that exercise, how good if feel, feels to move that Scapula last one and down we go. Good. Well done.

Hold it there. Good. Now let's turn around and face the arc. Now you can turn the arc towards me guys. Perfect. Let's go into a a grip lateral grip like this feet sort of together. You breathe in and as you breathe out, lift the knees off and plant and down.

Going into downward facing dog. Opening your heart towards the knees and opening the ankle joint. Lifting the feet off the floor if you can, or widing as you breathe out, push with the feet into the knees, into the hip. Push the hip into the ribs, the ribs into the head and hold it there. Breathe in as you been the right knee and touch. You can actually pause it.

Pause, breathe. And as you breathe out, press the head forward and foot back. Go other knee. Hold Paul's, get that length in the head. Get that length in the heel and press good. Now we're gonna touch m press touch, m pressed task m breathe and touch em. Press touch and press last one and hold going into downward facing dog. Well done. Hold.

So the spy correct or the arc is a good tool to actually help you touch the knee. No, it gives you motivation to go into more knee flection. Come in from the ankle, go back into Lake Pool, front position from the ankle into the knee to the hip, into the thorax, into the head. So you've touched. Breathe in. Now you're going to scoop down and push, touch. Scoop under and push up. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in.

Breathe out now touched diagonal and push diagonal and push diagonal. M push to m, push dyed eggonaut and push and diagonal and hold feet together. Go into downward facing dog. Hold. Breathe in and come down. Good. Nice. Okay. Turn the spy corrector upside down or the end.

Take the base off. Good. Just place it to the side for being good. Okay, now turn it upside down. Well done. And sit on the floor with the logo. Pat Basing me good. Now get comfortable like a rocking chair.

Yes, the pounds of the hand are touching the grooves of the arch, so I'm pushing the palm to lift the chest off and to open the thorax. Can you feel that pushing good now pushing the feet on the floor. You go into extension with the head and go all the way down. Push with a very push and then use gravity as you bend the knees, move the gaze into affliction. Good and push with the hand. Push with the feet.

M try to feel hand and feet moving your body. So as you come down, come use your hands and a shoulder girdle to decelerate. Good. Last one. That's really good. You breathe in. Push. Push with the big toe as well. Well done Ilan. Guys. Elongate the spine. Come up and pose halfway guys.

Halfway done. Not all the way and just pulse. Rock. Push hand. Good. Now push foot and hand, foot and then hand down. Foot and DOJ with hand for TSH. Good. So really working on the communication between pushing feet and pushing hands. Very important way of learning human movement. Good.

And now up and down. Jump, jump, jump. Good Champ, champ. Champ. One foot, one, one, one, one, two more. One and two other foot. Up and breathe and breathe and breathe. And both reed and up. Down, up. Eh, try to stretch.

Stridor street. Striders three good. And three and one. And relax. Slide all the way down. Stretch your legs out, stretch your arms out and relax your body. And brave. Okay? Okay. How are we going? Stretch your spine up and let's just do one more exercise.

So grab onto the a slit. Stand up. Uh, let's place the spine curricular like this at the midway of the, uh, of the Mat. Feet towards me. Guys. Say on there. Yes. Forward. Forward guys. And you're going to lie down. It'll sit on it like this. Yes.

And we're gonna run with our feet wider than the hips. And the spine is long. Those whities centered right into the pelvis. The thorax is on the pelvis, the head is on the thorax and pelvis. You got to use the surface of the spy of the arch to rock the body back and forth, pretending that you're actually placed on a wall with your back and you're trying to scratch your back on the wall. Two more.

Okay. And now you can add the arms one. So you use the same arm as the same side. Now can you feel the difference of the two surfaces of the spine corrector promoting more lateral flection? Yes. So one assists more. One resists more good.

Push with the feet and open the fingers of your feet on the floor. Two more. Wave two that train last one, eh. See how I'm waving now? Yeah. And wave that train away. Good. Last one and pause. Good. Place the hands on the spine corrector. Walk your feet forward and now place your back all your toe racks on the spine. Correct. Then we the heads behind your head like a Hammock, keeping the feet stable in the pelvis. Stable.

Push the feet right and lift and feel held. The spy corrector promotes rotation of the thorax. Yes. If your neck begins to get, so just look towards your knees for a bit more muscle activity of the cervical flexors. Good. Now we can now lift the same heel as a side you go on.

So if you rotate to the left, you will lift the left heel. If you rotate to the right, you'll lift the right here. Good. And now if he can flex even more the thorax. So they come up even further. Two more. Good. Now, last one and a bit faster.

One and one. And one is if you're walking or running and three and rotate and two and rotate and one and release. Good hands on the spy character school all the way back and sit on it. Good. Hinge forward and stand up. Okay. Turn towards the spine corrector.

Lift it up and light on its side like this. So it's now very stable compared to unstable surfaces. No. So now let's sit on the spine corrector. Now you can sit on at this way towards the surface of surface closed surface. Oh, if you want to hit mobilization, you can sit on the other way.

We'll try both ways. And what are you going to do? You're going to use it as a tool to just spine twist. So breathe in, push the feet on the floor with, widen your fingers and breathe out as you turn towards the lift, keeping the sitting bones steel. Now lift the left arm up into the ceiling. Drop the right hand into saw into soar.

Years up over as he for swimming with the lift, hand swim, swim, go forward with Yam. Go forward with [inaudible]. Swim and down into spine stretch and now pushing with the feet. Roll yourself up as you widen the arms spree. Then as you breathe out, turn to the right now hold, keeping boasting bones down. Keep pushing with the feet. Lift the right arm up, dive that left hand down like so into the other foot open. Push the sitting bones down into the arc as you curl the body into flection hole breathing. And as you breathe out, roll yourself up. Good.

Place your feet closer. Stand up and let's sit the other way. Don't turn it. Yeah, just and now experiment with the surface of the broken edges on your sitting bones. Very funny feel now. Yes, it's funny. Now it's a [inaudible] experimental, so you probably got mobilization of one obterator and the other hip will probably be mobilizing the Piriformis and other muscles there on the external part of the ischial tuberosities by pushing the feet down. Nathan the spine up. Get that head over the pelvis. Breathe into the right side and turn to the right. Good hold.

Now lift the right arm up towards the ceiling. Look at the hand dyed that left hand down, but keep the pelvis still swim forward. Push the hip back and the hand forward. Curl the spine. Pause into spine. Stretch. Breathing into the lower back. And as you breathe out, roll yourself down. Hold and up.

Lengthen your arms, lift the chest, get grounded with your pelvis. Breathe in as you go into length of the body. And as you breathe out, go to the lift, keeping the right sitting bone down. Lift the left arm up. Dye that right hand forward, and stretch your pelvis back. Back your hand forward. Relaxing your ribs, relaxing your jaw, relaxing your shoulders and roll yourself up. Breathe that good and open and down. Good.

Bring the feet closer. Stand up and roll yourself up. Turn towards me. And we're just going to finish with one meditation to finish off really nicely. So turn the, the arc on its unstable side like this.

Elegantly lie on your stomach. Uh, lie on your back. Putting your car bustles on the spine corrector. Okay. And now relaxing the fingers of your feet. Okay. So your legs are bent a tiny bit. Yes, you are going to relax the knees, relax the feet, relax your body and just rock.

You can rock your head as well to promote rocking. A little feeling of rocking and feel how that rocking of the Arc helps you rock your head. Rock the fluid of your body. Rock the fashion bustles and articulations. Feel your articulations heavy into the floor. Feel the muscles dropping and releasing as you concentrate on sensation.

Any sensation of pleasure, of movement of life. Breathe in. And as you breathe out, hold, come to steal this and breathe. Three times feeling how stillness feels after rocking. Okay. And as you breathe in, open your eyes towards the ceiling or towards the sky.

Turn towards me. Turn the feet. Place the hands on the floor and roll up. Get linked in your body, placing your hands on the knees, feeling the experience of surfaces and how surfaces has changed your body and your shape. Breathe in to the sky and into the ceiling. And as you breathe out, feel a new you. Thank you.


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This was one of my favorite classes! I have never worker with my Arc in such fun ways!  Thank you Serafino!  More, more, more!!!
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Very innovative, exciting class! I just love using my equipment in different ways!  Squatting and foot work are especially important to me, and I am nursing a sprained ankle yet again, so need strengthening in that area.   This class is going into regular rotation for me. I look forward to more classes from you and thank you for this fun class!
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Super fun, very creative! I really enjoyed using the arc in new ways. Squats on different parts of the arc are great for balance and proprioception.  One note - I didn’t have the same spine corrector and arc as the one shown, and some of the exercises didn’t work as well with the equipment I have. Nonetheless, a terrific class.
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Some interesting and creative ways to use the arc! I also detect an Aussie accent there Serafino !! 
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I am glad you are all enjoying the new energy and ' ways of moving' i would like to inspire .. Great Thank you and yes i lived half of my life in Australia but am in Rome Italy now.  Hope to hear from u all soon ..Happy Pilates ...Anytime! Ciao 
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Yay, a new Arc class! Can't wait to try it :) :)
Grazie per questo meraviglioso allenamento! Funzionale e creativo, grazie Serafino e grazie Pilates anytime, Francesca M. Chiarenza
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That was absolutely fantastic! So many new ideas. In fact, this is brilliant.
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Creative use of the arc, and awesome energy!
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Fun! Some seriously good nuggets of creativity i there. Just what I needed-thank you:)
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