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If you're in the mood for advanced Mat work, then this class by Meredith Rogers is perfect for you! She starts with fundamental exercises to prepare your body for what's to come. She then moves into advanced movements like Jackknife, Boomerang, and much more.
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Jun 03, 2019
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Hi, if you're watching me right now, that tells me you're in the mood for some advanced mat work. So let's do that. Look after yourself, modify if you need to. Sitting up, hands behind the thighs, close your eyes or don't. But I'm going to close mine and as I close mine, I'm going to bring myself into this space. I'm going to use my arms to feel that I'm encouraging my spine in a lifting and lightening manner. I'm gonna drop in, let go.

And in here I've opened my eyes. Now exhale, rack, rock, rock, rock, rock, rock the pelvis back round the spine. Sorry, I'll get my words together hopefully. And Ilan, game lifting, lifting, lifting an extra round. So I always like to remember, okay, that in the advanced work, why is the fundamental work? And if we can go deep. Yeah. In our fundamentals, in our warm up, as we start moving our body through space, we will bet better, better and better. Prepare ourselves for what's coming. Rock the pelvis, roll back, let the arms straighten, let the arm slide down. The sides of the size lifts the arms. Open the arms. As the arms come forward, the spine comes up. We take the thighs, lift the spine and go into extension.

Rounding and Lengthening

Yeah, come back to neutral. Round the spine. Rock back, bringing the body straight down the center. Yeah. The 13th open the arms. Take CRM through and for the body.

Half Roll Back Variation

Take the fast and lift the body and extend the spine. One more like that. Xcel round. Roll back. Okay. Lift the arm. Open the arms, take the arms forward. Press the abdominals into the mat. Roll Up.

Taking the size and lifting the spine. Extending this and then take the arms forwards and roll down. Yeah, and rotate. Left Center. Right Center. Left Center. Feeling the low back against the mat.

Half Roll Back w/Rotation

One more right center. Left Center, Rural Iowa. Lift up with the arms. Take the arms out. Bring the arms forward as you around the spine and rock back. Finding the lower back on the mat. Lift the right leg and a and the left and a and the right and a and the left. As the fat comes to the body, press the chest.

Half Roll Back w/Leg Lifts

To the thigh and one more and list up. Okay. Take the arms up with the spine. Softly. Open the arms out to the side. Press the arms through space as you round your spine and rock back.

Criss Cross Variation

Rotate left. Lift the left leg. Find Center. Rotate right, lift the right leg. Press the chest in the thighs towards one another. Reach the arms past the FAQ. Maybe just skimming the arm with the side of the thigh.

We'll do one more to each side. Rotate you rotate center. Inhale, lift up. Yeah, reach up and take the arms out. Take the left arm towards the right arm and roll down that side of your body. Reaching the arms just off center of the legs. Open through center. Go the other way. Lift up that side of the body. Sit all the way up to straight and unwind.

Circular Roll Back

Go the way you just came right hand to left hand XL to roll down. Open the arms. Reach across. Roll all the way up in rotation and unwind. Let's do one more to each side. Rotate going back down the right side of the body.

Opening in the center, right hand comes to the left. We will up the left side of the body all the way up, up, up, up, up, and we unwind. Right hand comes to the left. We rolled down the left side of the body. Okay, we unwind. We come across the other way. We roll out that side all the way up.

Find Center, roll down. Place your forearms on the Mat. Scoot your pelvis to your feet, put your head down on the mat. Take a breath in. Exhale, lift the hips, standing on the feet and lower. All the advanced movements have a home, a peace, and these warm up movements. Thinking about warming up the backs of the legs, thinking about warming up the backs of the shoulders so we create some heat. We create some energy. We create some a reaching energy, reaching the fingertips towards the heels, feeling the mid back working to help stabilize the Scapula, not squeezing it together, not pulling it down, just holding it stuff, just keeping it stuff. Okay, two more. Lifting up and lowering down.


Feeling the head stretch in opposition from the orientation of the pelvis, which is reaching out towards the feet last time. [inaudible] and inhale and exhale. Taking the body down, down, down, all the way. You can take your arms out to a tee position. If you're on a high mat like me, I like to wrap my arms around and get stretched through my chest. We're going to lift one leg followed by the other for the spine. Twist. Inhale, lifting off one hip onto the other and back. Inhale, lifting off one hip onto the other, keeping the knee side by side. So we're moving the spine in a lot of different directions.

Table Top Hip Rotation

Getting it ready and warming it up. Yeah, in, yeah, and and India. Maybe you'll notice that without losing stability in your shoulders, you're able to take your knees a little further each time. Maybe not, but it's something to think about. Not Required. Just something to think about. Pulling the abdominals away from the knees all the time.

[inaudible] one more to each side. Last time. Place one foot down followed by the other. Let's keep the legs together today. Bring the hands all the way to behind the head. Fully interlock your fingers and press down in the feet. Press down in the pelvis. Exhale, lift the head and chest. Now you're up as high as you can. We're gonna tilt the tilt.

Abdominal Curl w/ Pelvic Curl

The hell of us are going to pull the pubic bone in the nose. Together we're going to lower the pelvis and try to bring the chest a little higher. Are going to take the body down. Here's another thing to think about. I'll tell you when to think about it when I'm thinking about it. Not yet. Press down into your feet. Curl the pelvis. Now as your pelvis is coming down and your chest is trying to lift higher, try to feel that your feet are getting lighter and and excellent to lift.

Nobody pushed down in the feet to lift the hips. We lower the pelvis. Feel the feet tried to lift. They can't. They're stuck and me go down. Everything has a home here. Lift up, curl lower the pelvis. Take the hands to the thighs, deepen into your position.

Lower back is connected to the mat. Let go. Take the hands back in here. Exhale, turn and send to turn. Yes. And Center bringing Lauren rib up and over. The other, the underneath ribs in and down. So in my imagination it feels like the ribs and the rib cage.

Abdominal Curl w/ Rotation

The two sides of the rib cage is trying to trade places. We go again. Again, one word to eat. Roti center, rotate center. Lift one knee, lift the other knee. Take the arms to the hips. Take the arms up, take the body down. Exhale, head, chest, arms. Reach up, stretch the legs in here. And next three week, Ben, two, three, four, five. Stretch two, two, three, four, five. Stretch three, two, three, four, five. Stretch. Next three. We left up to three, four, five. Push away. Up. Two, three, four, five. Push away.


Up to three, four, five. Push away. Two, two, three, four. Oh, I suggest three. We have to do one more to make it a hundred. So there it is. Push away. Bend the knees, put the feet down, stretch your legs out along your mat. Lower your head and chest. Bend your right knee. Lift your right leg, flex that foot.

I'm going to take my arms back into that open position. We're gonna lift the pelvis, circle down, around and up. Lift the pelvis down around in, up the opposite leg. The one on the mat, it's being used as an anchor last too. So it's like spine twist with a little bit of gravitational pull. Goody. Anyway, open down across the body and center out down across the body and center and out. Cross center.

Single Leg Circles

Cross [inaudible] center cross slowing down in that stretch, bringing the pelvis down with the obliques. Bend that knee, hold onto it with your left hand. Bring your leg across your body to the left. Come back through center. The right leg goes straight, left knee bends, stretches up and flexes. Lift the pelvis down all around and left. Feel the relationship between the movement of the pelvis and the weight of the sigh and the connection to the center of the body. One more. Stop. Reverse down across. Pull the pelvis down, out, down, across, and back. Down.

All Cross and back. Last two. [inaudible] down, across and back. Last one down across and bend the knee. Hold the Romy in the right hand, twist to the right, come back through center. Reach your arms over your head as you stretch your leg out. Inhale, head and chest. Sta. Exhale, roll and inhale and exhale. Roll down. Reaching the feet away and back and head and chest.

Roll Up

Okay. Rounding the spine, keeping them spine long. The legs in parallel. [inaudible] and lift. Gazing out into the horizon until the last minute where the gaze just goes down over the ankles. [inaudible], [inaudible] and last to lift.

Okay. Pressing the thighs together. Last one. Take the body forward. Lift the body up, arms out to the side, palms up. Flex feet. Spine, twist.

Spine Twist

Okay, so bring yourself into your breath here, into the center of your body. Okay. Feel the stillness in the size, the dynamic work all the way up and down the spine from the front and the back of the body. Chris lifts the arms. Take the arms back, come to the center, twist, lift the arms, lift the spine, take the arms down, calm to the center and twist. Arms Open Center and with arms open center and one more arms open.

Center and twist. As I opened my arms, I think I'm getting taller and twist. Take the arms forward up overhead around behind you. Onto the mat. Press Away with your arms. Think about the middle back working here. We go into the back support, push down into the heels, lift the pelvis, lower the pelvis, keep lifting through that mid back. Stay very focused in the abdominals. XLF and uh, excellent lift and exhale. Lift and are using the backs of the legs to help keep the shoulders in control.

Leg Pull Back Prep

And Dan, then the knees reach for the ankles rolling like cabal. Here we go back and keep this shape back and that and back. [inaudible] and back. [inaudible] and last one I have off-centered myself. I'm just setting it. Centering myself again. Pardon me for that. Hope it helped you. Maybe you needed to recenter to we're having the hands on the knees.

Rolling Like A Ball

We're rolling down onto the mat. Slowly lift, control, control, Nisa about the pelvis. Press down on your knees, try to pull them apart at the same time you're squeezing them together. Reach and do that again, right? So make it an arm. Exercises, reach and Nora reach Anna around field of legs going straight up and straight back. Straight up and straight back. Less. Three, two, one hands on the right leg, left leg straight and pull. Pull. Think about that same thing. Pull the knee in with your arms and push out with your knee.

Double Leg Stretch

Okay? At the same time you could push down on your knee to curl your chest higher. And we do four, four, three, two, one. Bring both knees in hands I hadn't had lifted. A little more twist left, right, left wringing out the spine, keeping that nice clean position with the legs lining the toes up on the same line. Five, five, four.

Single Leg Stretch

All those are wide had comes with the body. Meaning I'm not turning my head in my hands. I'm holding my head and my hands and I'm turning from my waist. Both knees in all lift, a little higher. Place your feet down on the floor. Place your body down on the floor. Bring your arms along your sides.

Criss Cross

Take a breath. Exhale, press down into your feet, lifted the pelvis up off the mat. Stand on their right leg. Lift the left leg, straighten it and take it down and back. Push and pull. Push and pull. Last to keeping the hips high. One more. Hold that leg up and now press up and up and up and up and up. Then the left knee, put it down without shifting anything in the body.

Shoulder Bridge Variation

Lift the right leg, stretch it up. Take it down, pull back one dow, pull back to keep the back of that moving like very controlled. One more. Hold it up and lift. Lift, lift, lift, lift first and then knee level out. The pelvis is with one side has draw. Take your arms over your head.

Reach the arms in this far in opposition. Lee, as you work through the, the rounding of the back, rounding of the back, getting deep into that lower spinal space. Bring the arms down, bring the legs up, stretch the legs out. Lift to vertical x to rollover. Flex open, maybe lower and down. When I say maybe lower, what I mean is that, sorry, I did adjust my headset. What I mean is that once you're in that upper curl at that suit, it's really the seeker of shape. When you're attempting to lower your legs, you want to keep your spine still so that legs only go so far as that can be achieved.

Roll Over

The point legs come down and together and up. Let's do one more like that. Flex, open. Push the feed away. As you roll down, we'll take one more roll over and bring it into a transition. Lift a pin over flex and separate. Okay.

Roll down. As the pelvis touches the head comes up the toes. Point we roll up. Whoop. Catch the fee. Not Perfection. I know, but then again, show me. Perfect. I'd like to see rock back rock and so if you want to see him perfection, all you have to do is watch me, but we're trying. Right? And that's what matters. The only thing back and up and back and finding it and back and taking the arms. Lower the feet.

Open Leg Rocker

Lift the spine in here and take [inaudible] the body down. Exhale and lift back, fitting up taller, lighter, Moret, eas and India, and exhale. What I like to try to play with in my own body and my own practice, I'm just share a fun fact about me is even if the work is very difficult, try to see how easy I can make it. It's not to say I don't try hard or look deed. It's not what I'm saying at all. What I'm saying is the more difficult things are, the more I think we have to have a sense of play coming now into spinal extension. Flatten out the back. Take it back forward. Lift Baca, India X. I reached out.

Spine Stretch Forward

Flatten out the back. Reach back, lift up. One more. Exhale, reach down. Why not the back? Maybe we'll get a little lower. In fact, everybody holds your legs. Everybody do. Get a little over. Everybody do. Get a little straighter. Everybody lift your arms and press the arms back and as the arms press back, pull your abdominals back. Sit All the way on. Take the arms open, twist to the left, right arm, goes to the left foot, flatten out the back in that direction. Reached the arms away from one another to sit up. Open and center.

Spinal Flexion and Extension

Inhale, rotate. Exhale. Re take the body up. Open and center in Hera. T take the body down. Left out and up. Open and center.


Rotate. Think of the head reaching out and not as the opposite. Chest reaches down and forward. Lift up, open and center. One more reach. Yeah. Open Center. Last time. Twist. Reach the eyes.

Go just outside of the opposite foot. Uh, open center. Step the feet together. Hands behind your head. Point your feet. Lift your spine. Hinge the tail. Roll down all the way. Inhale, head in, chest flat in the back, into the mat. Exhale to lift all the way up. Take the body out over the size. Stack the spine. Hinge back to tailender.

Neck Pull

Reach down. Lifter. Stretch forward. Hinge. Tuck under left. Huh? Stretch. Flooring one more like that. Lifter.

Stretch foreign k. Everyone together. Five seconds. Pull your pants up. Okay. It's real. So I'm not going to print attendants and I everyone pants on. Here we go. Hinge back, tuck under. Don't go all the way this time.

Don't go all the way. Just find your lower back. Lift your left. They take it in your hands and we go po, Po and we change Po, Po and ICI. Yeah, you get that like just stretch. Last one. Okay. Hands behind the head.

Single Straight Leg Stretch

Bottom like presses. Top like pools and with rotation. My friends. Pool Pool. Paul, keep breathing. Okay, two more. Last one. Okay, well like that. Find your center. Lift a little more. Bring the legs a little further back. Bend your knees, put your feet down.

Scissors w/ Rotation

Stretch one leg than the other. Like your head come down. I'm going to shift to the bottom of my mat. Can join me if you're on a high mat. If you're on the floor, not necessary. Bend the knees, bring them to the chest. Hug the knees to the chest, lift the knees, arms come down, stretch the legs out, lift the legs. Exhale, take the legs over. Take the arms around, holding onto the right foot. Start extending through the spine. Extend the leg into the air so you reach out, reach, reach up, not just with the leg but with the body.

Control Balance

And then we change and we go pull. Pull. No. One more. Both legs come down. Take a hold of your ankles or calves in a gentle manner and just use the weight of your arms to assist your body to get a little stretch as you come down.

Okay, let go. Hi, I'm Stan. Take the legs down. Lift the legs up. Take them up and over. Touch him. Lift. Okay. And ruled. This is why we needed to warm up the arms, the back of the arms, the back of the body. Lift up. We're going to do three. I got to go over touchdown, back extension, shoulder extension, hip extension, spine extension and down.


And the way, very special surprise for you after this next one. Are you ready for a special surprise? I hope so. Go down. God a Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa. Up. Cut. Go down. Lift your head. Rola. Reach for your feet.

Reach for your feet and your holds. Damn. Yeah. Pen back and left. Watch where you're going. It helps. And Dan, Dan hung back and I left and down and back. Okay, I left.

Teaser 1

Now take the arms down and take the legs to the right and the arms to the left and center and switch. Rotate pelvis and spine. One more. One more center. Knees Bend, knees open. Just lifts. Let the hips rock into anterior tilt or arch.

Teaser Variation

Let the pelvis rock into a posterior tilt or a tuck. Come back up. Okay. Other way. And just pause. Find your center and come up onto your knees. Okay. Take the arms out to the side. Take the body over to the left or one side, whichever, and back to center where you go. Over and back and all over and back.

Side to Side

Okay. And Oh and back. Come down onto the left. Lift. The right leg. Hand comes behind the head. We're gonna flex that foot. Pull it forward. Forward. Press back, back. Pull forward. Forward press pull forward, forward. Press back. Keep the trunk nice and stable. Last two.

Forward and Back

One more. We're going to take the light to the battery. We're going to rotate the body. Take the arm in opposition, find a stretch and then lift that like up and back. Pressing the bottom hip forward. Ah, pin back. Take the arm, step down. Step under, side bend and back. Take the pelvis down, lift the pelvis up, side bend and back. Take the pelvis down, lift the pelvis. Ah, side bend and on. One more. Take the pelvis down, lift the pelvis up, side bend, come back, bring the knee in, lift the leg. Oh a little higher than that. And then bend that knee. Sit onto it.

Lift and Lower

Sit onto it, onto it, all the way onto it. Okay. And come straight back up. I'm that to the side Mike. Package Testament. Yeah, you're with me. You can do yours too. Here we go. Go over to the right. I'm down. Leg Up, hand behind the head.

Side Bend

Legal pull, pull back, back, pull, pull back back. Keep the like lifted high last time, the leg to the back, the arm goes to the front, the bottom hip presses forward. We go down and lift up and back. Down and up. In, back down and up and back. Last time, bring it back out to the side, lifting it up, up, up, up, up. Step into that foot. Step the other foot, back and side. Been Oh and side playing. Take the pelvis down, lift the pelvis up and side bend and back. Stabilize the Scapula as the pelvis goes down and I and side bend and like last time lifting up.

Forward and Back

Take it all the way over. Come back, come down, lift that leg again and reach across. Finding the stretch. Carry on to that side. Onto the opposite hand for the twist.

Lift and Lower

Maybe we need sticky. Now I have my sticky. Better safe than, sorry. Here we go. We go up and into the twist. We stand back into the feet. We reached down across towards that back foot. Come back, come back, come back here. This time we're going to bend. We're going to go down, but not all the way we're gonna reach at. Gonna. Go under, flattening out the back. Use your lengths and back and back and one more.

Side Bend

Under and back. And this time, come all the way down. Bring the feet in. Bring your sticky with, you've put it to the other side of the Mat. If you have one, reach and stretch your spine to that side. I'm using my arms, using my arm to help me pull.

Side Bend w/ Twist

We're going to do a little rotation here. Then we're going to come around to the other side with the length. And here we go. Here we go. We go up and flattening out the back and back and back and up and under.


Yeah. And back and bend and, and yeah, and back. And this time we calm down all the way. Bring the feet in, lift the arm up, stretching to the side. I just do a little quarter turn to the front of the room. Yeah. And then we come back and all the way up, come onto your hands and knees. Okay.

Side Bend w/ Twist

Finding a friend's support, like position. Step the right leg back. Step the left leg back. Oh yes. My friend's three pushups. One, two, three hips. Come up, heels, press down, lift the heels, articulate through, lift the left leg, bring it in and back. In and back. In and back.


Across and across. And across. You can either put your foot down or you can coat it in the air while you do three more pushups. Okay. Definitely stepped down. Now lift up heels. Press down.

Push Up

Spine is long. Heels lift. Take the body through, right leg lefts comes into the body and back into the body and back into the body and back in, out across the body and back in across the body. And back in one more like stays in the air, goes down onto the mat. Three pushups, one, two, three. That's as much more difficult for me. Could you tell by my breathing?

Plank w/ Knee Bends

No, you're gonna listen. Yes. In a roll of the spine. Forward in the bend the arms to the point that you feel like you're absolutely in control. Drop the knees. Drop the body. Lifting buddy up onto the elbows. So we pushed back with the elbows. We use that pull back with the Elvis to bring the spine up in forward.

Push Up

We lift the naval just off the mat. We lift the legs, hold the back extension and we go kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop, bop. Bop, Bop, bop up. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale both legs out straight. Turn your face this way. Hands behind the back. You can lay your face down all the way. We'll go pull, pull, pull and stretch Paul Paul. Well Hurry Cha.

Plank w/ Knee Bends

Cool. Paul, Paul and Cha and Paul. Paul, Paul recheck. Last one. Pull, pull, pull, reach out. Take the arms around and India, two, three, four and exhale swimming. Three, four. Inhale, two, three, four. And exhale. Two, three, four and one, two, three, four. An extra two, three, four.

Push Up

Press the arms down. Lower the lengths. Press up onto your knees. Keep the arms there or let them come with you a little bit. As you sit down towards your feet, roll the body back forward over the arms. Bend the arms, lower yourself down. Place the forms down on the mat. Prepping for this one dive, we're going to slide the scapula down. Lift the head, start to lift the chest. Press with the elbows, lift the elbows up, lift the spine.

Single Leg Kick

Okay. And as the elbows come back down on the mat first we take the Lang's, okay. And we lower the legs. Head, eyes, reaching up in forward. We take the hell bus down, lifts the legs and legs go down. Spine goes that [inaudible] and spine goes down. Legs go up. Here we go. Taking the, yeah, keep doing the prep if you want.

Double Leg Kick

I'm going to do the real deal for you. What you want to think about utilizing the momentum of the movement. Utilize your arms. Utilize your legs. Here we go. We dropped down. Arms, legs, arms, legs, arms, legs. That's enough. Whew. And we sit back. Let me take the heels, the hips back to the heels. Look how crooked I am. Now.


What does that say? I'm not perfect. We're gonna roll this. Fina are going to drop the hips through. We're going to lift the chest through the arms. [inaudible] press the pelvis forward with the back of the legs. Push your knees into the mat.

Child's Pose

Pull your stomach into your spine and sit back towards your feet again. Yeah. Curl the spine through a silly ripple through the spine. Moving through. Flection into extension. Hyper extension actually, but supporting that from the front and the back sides of our body. Push into the knees. Push into the hands. Reach back. Yeah. One more.

Swan Prep

[inaudible]. [inaudible] okay, let's roll back up. I'm just going to sit back down on my mat turning around because this is how much better view. It's purely selfish. Of course. Okay, so we're going to cross the legs together. Think upper thighs crossing. Reach forward with the arms. Feel the spine elongating over the feet and then we roll back.

Swan Dive

We're going into the boomerang year. We feel the low that come down. We lift the legs up and over. We roll over. UNCROSS and re cross the legs. Lift the head, lower the spine. Lift this fine. Stabilize in the legs, Meredith. Reach back arms. Let the legs come down. Take the arms around and roll back and over.

Child's Pose

[inaudible] and UNCROSS. Re Cross lower the pelvis. Lift the head. [inaudible] reaching up all rounds back. Take the lengths down. Reach far. Let's do that twice more back. [inaudible] alright, play. Switch the legs. Roll the pelvis down in the header.

Flexion to Extension

Finding the boomerang, reaching up, arms around, stretching the shoulders. Take the legs down. Take theorem through last time ruling like [inaudible]. I've been all over. [inaudible] rolling down. [inaudible] lifting on, taking the arms and taking the body and then just take a hold of your feet. However, where your sins or whatever you can reach and pull.


[inaudible]. Okay. Bend your knees, reach underneath the knee, underneath the other knee. Taking the hands to the ankles, Eh, finding your shape helps here to push out on the knees and pull in on the elbow. Simultaneously we opened close. One, two, three. Rock back in balance. Open. Close. One, two, three. Roll up in balance. One, two, three.


Make it better every time. That's my advice to myself. One, two, three. Enjoy it for yourself if you wish. And one, two, three and back. And one, two, three Oh analyst, last chance to make it even better. One to three and back. One, two, three. Oh and Ah, and we take the feet down and we shift the pelvis into a comfortable seating position. I'm allowing my knees just drop out to the sides. Feel free to do whatever feels most comfortable for you. I want us to just take the eyes forward and the left side arms and I'll just share the image that I have with you.

Arm Circle Variation

It's a sparkly ocean. Looks like diamonds on the water. It's beautiful. Take the arms out. Take this spine for it. Let the spine come up light like it's moving through water. Bring me arms with you.

Take the arms out, maybe lift his sternum if that feels good to you. And take the arms forward. Gathering energy, letting go of tension last time. Okay, Ben? No, this time as you sit back up, allow your eyes to close again. If you want. Come up. Allow that arms just to rest where they're comfortable and just pause and another check-in. Oh, I'm seeing how the body feels.

We're coming from the inside and a big India and a big ax. Yeah. Yeah. And then open your eyes and um, be grateful you have a moving body that's alive that can do that stuff. I am. Thank you.

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fabulous as always, love your style of teaching :)
yay finally a longer meredith class! loved it. more please
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Bravo! Beautiful swan.
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I don't even have words for how perfect that class was! Still can't believe that I can do what Meredith Rogers can do. May not look like hers, but it is getting done. Thank you so much PA. Love this platform. 
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great,great, great .... more Meredith, please:) and on the mat:)
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Gorgeous Meredith, a new favorite for me :)
Thanks everyone for your beautiful feedback and for rising to the challenge of this class.  It was a tough one (for me at least).
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XOXO, love this ! Thank you Meredith! Oh yes,  more mat work please!
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You make me smile and giggle while my body's muscles are are challenged to (literally the core) . LOL!  Thank you for another challenging mat work. Loved the transitions
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