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Bring energy and awareness into your space with this advanced Mat workout by Meredith Rogers. She starts simple, increasing the intensity as she moves through the class. She also includes many different Plank variations so you can work on building strength while maintaining the ease in your body.
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Jul 06, 2018
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Hi, thanks for joining me for math class. Today we're going to do advanced work. Are you ready? Sitting up, feet on the mat, finding the weight of the body, just resting or perched right above the sitting bones and taking a lot of the backs of the size and just pausing for a moment, uh, the positives for me and then pauses for you. We're just going to start bringing awareness to our breath. Perhaps you'll close your eyes or soften your gaze and bring awareness and energy inwards into your space, your practice space, your mental space, preparing the mind as well as the body for the movements that are to come. And um, look after yourself.

If you need to modify, you should and will inhale as you exhale, Tuck the tailbone under, round through the spine. So really intensify that length or, or look for length is you're looking for around spine. And then lift your back back up. So we start simple in here. Exhale, drawing the abdominals in. Feel that the shoulders stay right over the pelvis, but really deep in that length as you round. And inhale, build the spine back up and exhale as you round your spine.

Yes, and inhale as you lift back up and exhale as you roll back, allowing the arms to straighten, taking the body down towards the Mat. Once you arrive at your lower back, lift your arms, take the arms wide, take the arms forward, roll up. You could hold back on if you want, but I'm going to choose to just keep my arms forward. Floating. Inhale, as you exhale, create that same round shape using the arms as an extension of the trunk to create opposition rolling down. Feel the lower back. Come into contact with the mat. Inhale, the arms float. They open, they take the reach forward. We take them forward and exhale as you roll up, up, up and just feeling ease. Feeling that this mine just comes into position XR, round the spine in how they take the arms back and opening the shoulders, opening the chest. We gather ourself as the arms come forward and lift up all the way.

That's an itch you can itch with me if you want. Xcel around and go back and up and open and hold. Inhale. Exhale. The arm closest to me comes door, the other arm and in, yeah, and XLE. Alternates. Inhale to open. Exhale, come across is holding that flection in the spine. Excellent. Alternate and center.

Reaching your cross, the body and center. Warming up the abdominals pretty quick and center and in here. Take the arms forward, gather the energy through the abdominals, through the spine. Lift the arms and lift this spy. Take the arms open to the sides of you. Exhale around pushing the air through space and roll back.

Lift the arms up. Open them out to the side. Take the ride arm across the left leg and lift the left leg up. Inhale, open back center. Exhale, alternate so the arm doesn't touch. It comes across the thigh and you want to think of pulling the fat into the center of the body so you're clearing the arm and feeling attention to the inner thigh muscles and rotate and center and rotate and center. Last time and center, reach the arms forward. Roll the spine, lift the arms, take the arms out to the side. Exhale, reach forward and around. Rolling back.

Okay. In. Yes. Lighting the feet together. XL, pick both legs up. Inhale, place both legs down. So then there's energy in the forward reaching of the arms and down. We'll do three more times. Lift and go down.

Two more times. Lift and go down. Last time, lift and go down and in here and Xcel. Oh yeah, it's hard sitting all day. Oh yeah. Take the arms up. Take the arms wide and then as you XL, keep the arms wide and roll back down onto the mat. At the very end, reach down towards your heels.

Slide your heels in towards your fingertips and place your head in. Chest down onto the mat. And I'm just going to do a little scooch forward and inhale flat in the spine into the math. Sand equally on both of your feet. Peel the pelvis up off the mat, lift the hips up nice and high. Keep the ribs lower than the pelvis XL from the start. Placing the spine back down onto the mat, lowering through the lower back and dropping the hips and inhale and exhale, articulate up. So we've got long arms, active arms.

Can we keep them active and light at the same time? Exhale to peel down. Feel that the arms are reaching in the same direction that the spine is moving to elbow and drops in here. Exhale, lower spine flattens, standing on the feet, hips high, opening through the front of the body, warming up the back of the body, India and XL rolling down, down, softening the shoulders, keeping the Scapula flat and wide. We'll do two more. Exhale to lift up. Knees, stretching forward, heel sliding back towards the fingertips. Inhale and exhale as you roll down, massaging the spine, lengthening the spine and inhale and exhale as you lift up, holding at the top.

Lift the left leg off the mat for five and and four and just touch end three. Touch lift two, pulling in from the center of the body. Hold the leg there, roll the body down and roll the body up. Pressing the hips up nice and high and roll the body down and roll the body up. And one more. Exhale. Roll the body down, roll the body up. Place that leg down. Level the pelvis, lift the other leg up and lift. Working from the center of the body for three and hips up high, two and down. One more time.

Lift and articulate the body down and articulate the body up and articulate the body down and articulate the body of last time here. Roll the body down. Lift the body. Place your foot down on the floor. Take the arms up towards the ceiling. Open the arms out to the sides. Hover them just off the floor and then roll down all the way.

Stretching out through the fingers. Feel that stretch moving across the chest, moving out through the fingertips. As the pelvis comes down, allow the arms to rest down on the floor. I'm going to bend my elbows and hold onto my mat. You can just keep your hands flat unless you have a raised in that like me. Knees together and lifted spine twist. Inhale towards me. XL to center in Halloway XL to center.

So lifting off one hip onto the other. Exhale to come back, lifting off of one hip onto the other. Excellent to come back. Lifting off one hip onto the other, XR to come back. Last one like this in here. And exhale.

Now as you inhale, take both legs over. Stretch only the top leg. Long. Exhale, come to center and fold in. Y'all take both legs over. Exhale, stretch. Just the top leg. Long exhale come center and Ben. So we rotate. We use that top leg jet challenge, the challenge, the gravitational pull against the obliques and bend and rotate the legs.

Stretches that pull center and fold one more to each side. Rotate, stretch out. Come through center n bend, rotate, stretch. Come through center and Ben Hands Behind the head. Take an inhale. Exhale, head and chest. Come up. Up, up and in.

Yoda and Xcel had in Chesca. Yeah. Ah, ah, ah, ah. Control the down and again, lift and down. As you're lifting and lowering, think about keeping the weight of the head heavy in the hands. The shoulder blades were coming around the front of the body, cradling the weight of the head. One more time. Lifting up and hold. Take the legs away and back.

Keeping the upper body perfectly. So away and back. O away and lift. Last too. One more. And lift. Drop the sheet. Curl the knees to the nose. Curl the body back down. Lift the feet. Lower the head in chest.

Excellent. Had In chess, left feet, Jura. We roll the knees into the nose. We roll the pelvis back down onto the mat. Lift the feet, lower the upper body. Exhale, head and chest up. Feet draw. Keep the heels taped to the hips as the occur on those two knees needs to nose roll back down. Feet come on, head and chest down just two more times. Exhale, feet here.

Lower down. He come up had comes down. Here's our very last one. Lift up seat. Dra Corona. Hold your curl. Reach your arms down onto the mat. And from there as the head goes down, kick, go over into the rollover position. Flex the feet. Separate the legs roll through the spine, keeping the legs long and straight. Pelvis comes down to his point.

Legs go down and together. Lift, roll over, flex the feet. Separate the legs. Lower down, toes point legs come down and together. Lift up XL, roll over, flex the seat. Stay long in the trunk. Open. Roll down and he gather separate Lyft roles over heels come together. Legs come together. Feet flex, roll down. Yeah, point the feet. Separate the legs. Lift and roll over. Flex the feet, legs together and push the heels away as we roll down.

Yeah. Separate lift XL. Over here comes the transition. Flex the feet legs together. As the pelvis goes down, the head comes up. We let go of the mat for English feet. Roll all the way to the feet. Lower the legs, lift the spine, bring the arms out to the side, flexing through the feet and spine. Twist, pull Paul and center lift as you twist and center lift as you twist and center. So we're wringing out the spine. We're lengthening with each rotation, getting taller and longer. And Center.

Lift, twist, center, left, twist central. Let's do two more. One more. Come through center. Bend your knees, reach for your ankles, pick the Fida and rock. Inhale and that just moving forward on my mat. And Inhale and balance.

See if you can create at the back of a sense of just suspend and ah and suspend, keeping the head lifted off the mat, keeping the nice shape of the spine nice and tight. Keep the knees connected together, actively connected together to and then won and left. Bring the hands to the knees. Push your knees into your hands. Push your hands into your knees, lower your body into the double leg stretch position and reach out and pull back. Feel as your knees are coming into your body. They're pushing against a created resistance. So we're not just flying through space, but there's action and activity.

So we create with our brains the energy that we want to feel in our bodies. We go out and pull back out and pull back and pull back. Last one out and pull back both hands to the right leg, left leg straight, push down and down. Another helpful thing to think about is as you're pushing down on your knee, push your knee up and forward into your hands. It helps to keep the heights of the body, helps to keep conscious energy happening all the time.

And we go four, four, three, three, two and one hands behind the head for crisscross, uh, been across keeping the head still in the hands. So it just comes with the body as we're creating that rotation up in, over a pin off and for four theory. Three stay with one. One both knees and hands to the knees. Can we come up with as much control as we came down with? The answer for me was no, but I tried to take a hold of the ankles, stretch the legs out.

Uh, finding the open leg rocker position and then inhale to rock. Okay. Balance lifting the chest through the lakes. Inhale, rock back. Yeah. Oh, so it's the lower spine. That rounds.

Can we keep the upper spine fairly long? Fairly long. Shoulders held in place. Yeah. Are you going to do two more or having fun? That's important too. Okay.

We come all the way up. Nope. We let the legs go. We take the legs down, sit all the way up, taking the arms out in front, taking India exos spine, stretch for rounding, Dan, Dan Overlake. Then inhale and lifting up. Feel arms or reaching overhead. The theatre, reaching away. So many ways to create opposition in our body in here, XR around.

So as we go forward, the opposition comes from the center of the body. Drawing back and in here and the list. Creating a sense of playfulness perhaps or ease or challenge or whatever you feel like you need in your body. You can produce just by thinking about moving that way and in here and Exa high. If you know me, I'm always looking for light. I'm always looking for ease, for rebound, for continuous flow, continuous movement. One more time. Exhale, reach forward. This time we're going to take it into extension. Lift the spine, take it back, lifted up, although away and inhale and exhale. Reach down. Take it out, bring it back and lift and sit up and in here and lift in and up through the waist as you go forward.

And then he learned gate the body and then round the body. Feel how each movement just collapsed like a dance into the next. And two more acts. How reaching forward, elongating the body, feeling the length of the spine. Go back forward. Roll up in here and XSE reach through and lifter. Yeah, I reach through unless and the arms come out to the side and we rotate flat back forward, reaching just outside that opposite hip.

Elongate the body and come to center and lift and twist. Flattening out the body. Try to really extend the spine as you sit up. And then center and lift and twist, spiraling de reach center and lift and twist and Ah, and reach, ah, and center. One more time through lift and twist and dive and reach out and center and lift and twist and die and reach out and center.

Hands behind us. Point the feet, push to the center of the back to lift the back up in forward. And now we hinge lifting up, back support, opening through the front of the body, take it down and lift up. Standing on the feet just as pressing through the arms and sitting back down and exhale to lift up and sitting back down. Trying to flatten the feet down into the floor. Feeling that the only thing that's really changing in the energetic holding of the shoulders and holding of the trunk is just the pelvis. There's that hin from the pelvis. Stay here, right like stays down, left leg comes up and then down up and then down up and then dad play.

Sit down, right like comes up and then down. Push and push down to keep the pelvis up, up and then down. Lift the hips, press open through the chest, sit down, sit up, hands behind your head, hinge the body back, Tuck the tail end or roll the body down into the mat. Inhale, lift the head in, chest accelerate up and all the way over. Grow the spine ta hinge back.

Tuck the towel underside. The pelvis down had comes down, had comes up all the way up and over and a link and hinge and articulately and yeah, and left and float to the stretch to the articulation, to the hinge to the roll. One more time. Lift the head and chest roll. HAP reach forward. Take your sheet, give yourself a stretch. I'm going to move myself forward on my mat a little bit while we're here. Hands back behind the head roller. Tuck the tail all hinge.

Tuck the tail, stay at your lower back. Lift the left leg, bring it to the hands. And Paul Paul switch. Paul Paul switch. So the spotting leg is incurring into them po po po po po Po drying in with the center of the body, not just with the orange last time. Hands by hitting the head, cradling the head and the hands. The legs continue. The trunk is stable and stable.

We do theory pull, pull to that top leg is drawing into the battery last time and one and add rotations to the leg too. Bringing that high right of course to the chest. And we go three and 32 and two. One and one. Both things I had Ben Journey's just briefly hadn't chest down.

Stretch the legs out in front of you. Lift the legs up extra to take the legs over the top. Placing the feet down, reaching around, taking a hold of the right foot. Friending the left leg up, taking the spine up with the leg and we pull, pull and chains. Poor. Poor. See, think about lifting the back.

So we use the extensors of the body. Yeah. Oh one more time. Through reaching out and reaching up. Both legs come down, arms come around the size of the body. Exhale, roll the body down. Take the legs down, lift the legs, Afghan over, take the legs down and then press away. We left all the way into the Jackknife in here and peered.

He, US trying to keep the legs reaching away from the face, like go away and back up and Xcel is [inaudible] over and take the legs up. Up. Huh? Uh Huh. [inaudible] back then and her roll down. Okay.

And take the legs down and lift last time. Up and over. Take the legs down and then up, up, up, up, up and now down and lift the head up. Who rose up to your sheet in here and take just the upper body down, keeping the leg still and back. Just the upper body up. Oh yeah. We're almost didn't make it my friends and Dan and back up.

Pop Up and down and back, back and pop up. Eh, I know that the body goes down in the legs. Go down. Keep the lower back under control. Arms come up, roll the spine up. Reach Crete and yeah, more time Dan, back up. Okay.

And Bend your knees. Turn towards me. Cross the top foot over the bottom. Setting up for the side bend. Pardon me while I make sure my Mike is in place. Okay, here we go. Like that. So we're going to reach out over that top arm, bottom arm. We're going to side bend, looking down, bring the body back and down and inhale and pan over and back and down. Lift up a pan over and come back and down.

One more time. [inaudible] up. Bend over, come back, drop the knee, press the pelvis forward and either behind your head or just floating in the air. I like the, I like the feedback of having my hand behind my head. When I lift the leg up, it's going to swing forward, forward, back, back, forward, forward, back, back, forward, back, back. Forward, forward, back, back. Last two. One more. Take the leg from the backhoe down. Up, touch, friend. Up. Touch, back up. Touch friend. Okay, two more. Last one.

[inaudible] bring it out to the side. Turn to wards your mat. Let the leg that you're balancing on rotate. Two parallel hands are on the outside of the Mat. We're doing peck pushups here as you bend your elbows and bring your chest to them. I don't use little that they got nice and high and pushy and lists and push lists and push two more times in here using the hip extensors on that straight leg in knee and push. Come back around lifting the hip higher than it's ever been before.

Bend your knee, reach across your body to the opposite side as you sit down into that hip stretch, taking a couple of moments in your breath, allowing me to catch mine over to the other side so he just continued in the off in the direction of the stretch. And now we're on the other arm. Inhale as you come up into your side plank. Exhale as you reach up, bend over, inhale as you come back and then hover and lift. Exhale up. But making that to high tight rainbow. Come back and bend and lift up over back. And Ben, last one to the top of. Find your side. Bend. Come back, knee comes down and comes behind the head. Hit presses forward, leg comes up and pull, pull, reach back and pull. Pull, reach back.

Try Meredith not to drop the leg as it comes to the front. Last two and back. One more to the back end. Go down, up to front, lift up, try to clear the height of your elbow. Last two to one and one we'd take the leg out, rotate towards the Mat, bring that leg into a more parallel position. Back leg is very active and strong. Benton, bring the chest to the mat and push away.

Think about it like you're swan dive leggings and push. So they're very strong. Very straight. Last two and one more. Okay. And comes back. Rotate back through. Lifting that leg, lifting that leg, lifting that leg and bend and sit into the stretch.

[inaudible] continue again onto that hip. Bringing the hand back, the opposite side for the twist. Here we go. We reach out. And then under, really flattening out the back. Come out, hover and lift. Pressing the legs together. Reach through, flatten off the back. Come back and hover and ah, and reach through. Back and hover and lift.

Turn towards the Mat. Okay. Lift the right leg up and bring it into the chest and back into the chest and back into the chest and back to more into the chest and back. One more into the chest and back. Now into Arabesque.

Bend the knee to the outside of the right arm. Come back into Arabic and then across to the left in terra. Bask to the right in terra. Bask to the last, you can do one more. I think I might lose my mic, but we're going to try at o cross. Step back to the mat. Five pushups, one, two, strongly legs. Three, four, five. Bend your knees. Sit All the way back on your feet, Eh, eh.

Okay. So let's just come turn to the other side so you'll see my back for a minute, but that's okay. So here we go. Into the twist, stretch the length, reach under and through. Come back and hover and inhale. You could always bend the knees again. Reach underneath to really try and get that back. Nice and flat.

Come back and hover. One where each up, reach under and through. [inaudible] come back and hover and then turn towards the math. Oh yeah. Here we go. Lift the left leg up and bring it through and take it back and bring it through.

Pressing the other leg back and back and through and back. Two more times. Exhale, one more time. Exhale. Now lift the leg up. Come into your air. Beske bring the knee to the outside of the left arm, lift hat and across the body lift to the ad side. They have an across the body on where it's time lift up and out and across the body. Snap back.

Can we do it? Five push ups or hold your plank or sit on your feet and rest. Last two. When my knees down and reach back. It's pausing for a moment. Watching our breath. [inaudible] Florida to the elbows.

Okay. Pressing the elbows into the mat, pulling the upper arms back. Lift the legs and kick the Riley kick. Kick left kick. So feel here that you're trying to pull your body forward. You're pulling your legs back.

It's going to prep us for something to come. Pull, pull, pull, pull one that's on the down. Stay as long and straight and just hovers one more time through both like straight head towards me. Hands behind your back. Double. Can we go? One, two, three. He stretched out all the way and we go, what? Two three stretch out long and kick on to reach out. Lifting the arms off the pelvis.

One C lifting arms off the pelvis. One more time. Can you go one, two, three, right? Yeah. Okay, cool. One, two, three. Reach out. Take the arms around to the front and inhale. Two, three, four and exhale. Swimming. Three, four. Inhale. Two, three hats. Have legs and exa strong for the trunk. Three, four, one more breath pattern and out to three. Everything.

Linkedins everything calms down. Press into your forearms. Lift, stretch back towards your feet, keeping their arms away. We're gonna roll the spine forward. We're a drop the hips through. Gonna reach up and forward with the chest. Yeah, we deserve to open up the front of the body and then push into the knees, push into the arms and sit back and then roll through the spine. Hips come forward, chest reaches through the arms.

The abdominals are so strong. And then come back, pushing the mat away with your arms, sitting back towards the heels and come through. Yeah. Hips go forward. Sit back. Yeah.

And then come through. Yeah. And Bend your arms to lower your body down. Gonna to bend the knees and take a hold of the ankles. So thinking about the rocking and it's fairly systematic way, we're going to press the pelvis forward, lift the abdominals in.

Once you get those two things happening, start to lift the size up off the mat, the size lift in there, trying to press into your hands. So it's as though you're trying to push your hands into your feet or straighten your knees. Then we're going to lift the legs to start our rock forward and push away to rock up. Lift the legs to rock forward. Push into the hands to lift and left to Rockford. Push into the hands to lift up. Two more up last time and up.

Let everything go. Pause for just a moment. Resting your head into your hands. Rock the pelvis from side to side, allowing that low back to a little bit of a stretch and then come up onto your hands and knees. So inhale. Exhale, press sessions into the mat. Tuck the tail under as you're rounding through your lower back.

Allow your head to look down so you're just looking in between your thighs. Come back into neutral and then going through a full back extension, allowing the lower back to arch, allowing the upper back to arch and then pressing the knees into the mat. Rippling through your spine, rippling through your spine. Okay. And then reaching back and extend and we'll do two more talking under.

Okay, so I'm going through full range in my spine and talking under yeah, and extending. And they're going to go back under. One more time around the spine. Tuck the toes like someone's holding you around your waist. Just lift your hips right up. Press back through them. The heels. Press through the spine. Bend your knees and look through your hands.

And as light as a bunny, just hot and sit. Taking their arms underneath the knees, reaching around for the ankles. Gazing inwards. You go open class one, two, three and rock back balance. Just stuff off the head. One, two, three.

Rock almost didn't make that one my friends. And what? Two. Three. Pushing the knees into the arms and the arms into the knees. Find your balance. Animal. One, two, three, left. One, two, three and back. One, two, three. Last time. Strong arms, strong inner thigh. One, two, three.

Balance. Sliding the hands out from the legs, bringing the legs into a diamond shape in front of you. Taking the hands just to the the shins or the front of the knees or really wherever it makes sense for them to land in your body and inhale and exhale as you round your spine. Feel that the knees are opening, the knees are opening and we're rounding, stretching the back and then lifting the back again. And just like a cat stretch that we just did, our knees are going to arch the spine and come to neutral and letting the eyes again meter be soft or closed. I'm bringing in word awareness. Again, checking in, giving things. I don't know about you, but I'm quite grateful for my movement. Practice keeps me sane.

And then taking the homes are just feel how much ease can you create in your body? How little energy do you need to hold yourself this tall and this light and then let the arms just reach out and take the body for it over the legs. Okay. In [inaudible] and again, that's floating in space, like almost like you could just be lifted by a light breeze and then open [inaudible] and forwards and last time and open and allow the arms just to come down this time. [inaudible] the sitting in stillness. Oh, for a couple of moments before we get up and move forward into our day.

I thank you for joining me. Have a good one.


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Perfect flow as it is in your other classes...excellent cueing...thank you Meredith...
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Oh my goodness this was killer!! Thank you Meredith x
Laurie C
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Another great class! Thank you!
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Wow Meredith you are a machine! What amazing strength, flow and of course your super amazing ability. Wonderful class, thank you !
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Wow. I am sweating a lot now. Thanks for this great mat workout!
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So glad I made myself do this! Was going to wait until tomorrow but now I don’t have to! I think I will be feeling my abdominals tomorrow. Thank you Meredith!
Trisha Donnelly
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So awesome ,so inspirational my dearest Meri
1 person likes this.
Jeezzzzz so challenging , I’ll need to improve still to complete this amazing 45 min . Thank you
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Thank you for sharing your amazing passion and soul 🙏
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