Class #3785

Class 5: Strength

30 min - Class


You are now at the point in your postpartum recovery where you can start to rebuild your strength. In this Reformer workout, Georgia Burns uses the resistance of the springs to help you return to your body. Her clear cues and vivid imagery will allow you to move with ease and control throughout the entire class.
What You'll Need: Reformer (No Box), Jump Board


Hi, my name is Georgia and this is class five, the strength class in a six part series for c-section and traumatic birth recovery. At this point in our recovery, we want to start a bui...


Thank you for your constant reminders to check in and the non complicated verbal instructions! I’m using this and your Cadillac class with my C-section clients and I really appreciate your series. Thanks!
Mel W I’m so glad you are finding these classes helpful!

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