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Class 6: Transition

35 min - Class


You've made it to the final class in the Traumatic Birth Recovery series and now you are ready to start going back to the exercises you love. Georgia begins with coordinated breathing and abdominal activation then moves onto exercises that use all parts of the Cadillac. Throughout the class, she reminds you to check on your body to ensure that you have no pain or increase in symptoms. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Cadillac


Hi, my name's Georgia and this is the sixth and final class in my c-section and traumatic birth recovery program. This class is called transition and the goal is to bring us back to al...


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Wow! I am smashed... and ashamed and also exited.. - where has my pelvic floor been all those years? I always thought I had it engaged but that was an illusion!! Georgia, I am so thankful for this eye-opening, challenging class, and especially that you cued the coordination of the TA and Pelvic Floor with every single move! It took all my concentration and I realized that I have to work on this ! I am 57, had 4 children, who are adults now, and for 3-4 years I have issues with my pelvic floor, although my Gyn is convinced that it is really strong. I was sceptic, and I think I was cheating myself! I am telling everybody this because this training should be found not only by new mothers but also by those older women. Pilatesanytime - please put this video in the category Anatomical Focus - Pelvic Floor!
Georgia, - you are awesome!
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I agree completely with the comment above. My daughter is 12 years old I only had one, but I was young and didn’t spend time on my recovery.
I found the focus of this class humbling and difficult... while I’m used to practicing more athletic classes I did not get bored at all and really appreciated the constant reminders and cues of breath TA & PF. I agree that many Women not just newly post partum or older should take this.
I’m loving the pelvic floor focus classes from you and Christi
Silke I’m so grateful that the message of this series has come through loud and clear!
Finding deep core activation is what made me fall in love with Pilates. It is so humbling but so empowering. 

Mel W that’s awesome!! Women are post natal forever once they’ve been pregnant. It’s absolutely never too late to connect to deep core muscles. 
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You rock, Georgia!  Thank-you for this work :)

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