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Class 6: Transition

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You've made it to the final class in the Traumatic Birth Recovery series and now you are ready to start going back to the exercises you love. Georgia begins with coordinated breathing and abdominal activation then moves onto exercises that use all parts of the Cadillac. Throughout the class, she reminds you to check on your body to ensure that you have no pain or increase in symptoms. Enjoy!
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Hi, my name's Georgia and this is the sixth and final class in my c-section and traumatic birth recovery program. This class is called transition and the goal is to bring us back to all the classical palazzos exercises that we love. So we're going to do that on the caddy and we're going to be doing a lot of checks of our body to make sure that there's no pain or increase in symptoms. Let's start seated, finding a nice coordinated breaths. So sitting tall, finding your sitting bones, lifting through the crown of your head and creating a strong sense of abdominals. Here I take a nice 3d breath into expand.

And as I exhale, I lift through the pelvic floor and from through the abdominal space we take a nice long full breath into expand. And as you exhale, the pelvic floor lifts. Take a breath, expand three-dimensionally. And this time as you exhale, start to rock back off of your sitting bones and hollow through the abdominal space CVM. Lift the pelvic floor and find some activation. Big Breath in to expand. And as you exhale, Tuck back off of your sitting bones. Half Roll back. Here's a good place to check that there's not any doming happening through the abdominals. Lift all the way back up and then one more big 3d breath in. And as you exhale from your abdominals, lift the pelvic floor tucked back off of the sitting bones for your half roll back.

Doing a little check to make sure there's tone and no doming lift back up all the way to the top. From here, let's use our push through bar and I don't have any spring on there. I'm in a mermaid position with my legs. The front knee is pointing towards the bar and the back leg pointing towards the back. Nice and lifted through the sitting bones. Heal really tall and engage through abdominals. There's downward pressure into the bars that your tricep is active and all down the side of your body you can feel tension.

We take the opposite arm out to the side, lift through the crown of the head, and then exhale as you side battened. Take a nice long breath in, rebound all the way back up and sway away from the bar. Almost hanging off of that. Slowly lift up through the crown of the head side. Bend lots of pressure into this bottom arm.

Make sure the shoulders are drawn out of your ears, firming through those abdominals. Lift your pelvic floor and then sway all the way over to the other side. Let's try that again. Big Breath in. Lift and exhale. Press into the arm. Stay tall and firm through abdominals. The pelvic floor is active.

Rotate down towards the bar and just your hands so they're evenly weighted into the bar. Slowly lift your eyes, lift your chest, take a big breath, expand, and as you exhale around through your spine and push through slowly round all the way back up. Expand. Lift your heart up under the Chin and then exhales your roll back down. Good. Let's hold there. The shoulders draw out of your ears. You lift the top arm up to the ceiling and then slowly sway all the way back to the beginning. Good seated, nice and tall. Feel open and engage through your abdominals.

Let's switch to the other side. Alright. Firmly rooted into your sitting bones. Take your hand onto the push through bar. Find some tensions through the underarm and down the side of your body. The opposite arm reaches away.

You take your breath into expand and then exhale up and over. Keep the shoulders out of the ears and then gently rebound. Bringing yourself swaying all the way away from the bar so you can always hang off of it. Big Breath in to lift up and then XL over. Keeping that tension to the bar on the shoulders.

Drying down the back and then rolling back through the spine all the way away from the bar. Good. And again. Yeah, an exhale. Firming the abdominal space, lifting your pelvic floor, drawing the shoulders down out of your ears. Go ahead and rotate down towards the bar. Adjust your hands. They're evenly weighted. Draw the shoulders down again. Feel some downward pressure into the bar. Inhale as you look up, opening through the chest, exhale round the spine. Forward am breathe in. How? Look up. Expand. Exhale, find that abdominal space tightened through pelvic floor as you push through, but one way like that, look up. Draw the shoulders down.

Expand three dimensionally and then exhale round the spine, find the pelvic floor and hole, lift the top arm back up, and then sway all the way back away from the bar. Good. Let's find ourselves up into a tall seated position and we'll turn to face this pushed through bar. Right on. Straighten your legs. We're going to press down into the bar here. So again, you've got your triceps active and the pinky finger side of the hand has a little bit extra weight. We're seated nice and tall in the sitting bones. Taking a big three-dimensional breath into expand and as you exhale starts a rule halfway back. Find the pelvic floor.

Find that nice deep activation through the transverse abdominis and then check there's no doming or pain from here. Maintain Hall onus and then push through and lengthen through the hamstrings. Good place to double check. The shoulders are nice and wide. Good as you roll up your spine, roll all the way back. Keep your left hand connected. Reach the right arm out to the side, reach all the way back and then reverse.

Reach out to the side, towards the bar, hollow the abdominals, find the pelvic floor and then push through it. Stay as lifted up off of your thighs as possible. Take a breath, exhale. As you find the pelvic flow, you roll back the left arm. This time reaches out to the side and then back. And then reverse. Slowly push through hollow abdominals.

Find that pelvic floor activation and again, the shoulders drop. Edit the ears. We have downward pressure into the bar. The pinky finger side of the hand is heavy. Slowly rolling back. The right arm reaches around all the way and then reverses you. Exhale. Find that tension through abdominals. Pelvic floor lifts.

Reach all the way. Push through slowly round back, back, back, back. This time the left arm reaches around all the way back. Big Breath in, and then exhale hollow abdominals here we can check and then push through. Find the pelvic floor activation. Slowly roll all the way up center and then release and relax. We're gonna lie onto our side and reach for like strap.

So sideline, I'm going to take my top foot into the strap. I'm going to use my bottom hand as it the pillow. I'm going to make sure hip is stacked over hip and my strap or my spring is lined up with my shin. I want to really maintain this right angle. So to start with, I'm gonna push my hip away from my rib. Make sure there's nice amount of space here. Take your breath, expands like a balloon.

As you exhale from the abdominal space, lift the pelvic floor and then press the leg straight. Inhale as you bend, maintaining that distance between your hip and your ribs. And as you exhale from the space, pull up through pelvic floor. Press the leg straight back, just so it lines up with your hip. Inhale slowly, Ben, halfway in, just to 90 degrees.

XF from the space. Lift the pelvic floor, then push back. We've got to think about it every single time. Inhale as we bend, exhale from pelvic floor and then pushed through. And then one more time. Inhale, bend to 90 expand three dimensionally exhale, lift the pelvic floor, tightened your abdominals, push through. Great. From here, we're going to bend the knee to 90 degrees. We're going to press ourselves up.

So we're on our forearm at this point. We want to make sure that our elbow is directly underneath our shoulder, so tuck it in a little bit and this is where we want to really chat cause that there is no extra pressure creating that doming through the middle. Here we go for a breath in, we expand and as you exhale you press all the way back to straight. Inhale as you bend, exhale as you stretch, find the pelvic floor and that nice deep transfers activation. Check every time in hell. Bent. Acts Up, pelvic floor, s t, a activation, lots of checking for doming. Again, make sure you don't look down to do your check because that extra bit of flection can cause doming. Inhale as you bend and expand, exhale, press through. Find that abdominal space, pelvic floor activation.

And then one more big breath expand and then exhale, tighten through low belly. Find the pelvic floor, bend your knee, release an [inaudible], Hook your leg. Great. Let's go to the other side. Sure. Interact first. Lying on your side. We'll take hold of the foot strap and place our top foot into the rope. All right, so first thing, we checked the heads in line.

The hips are stacked. My knee isn't 90 degrees and I've pushed my hip away from my rib to create this extra bit of space. Taking a breath, expanding through there. On Your exhale, tighten through your abdominals, lift the pelvic floor, and then push the legs straight out underneath. You. Inhale as you bend just to 90 degrees, expand three dimensionally. Exhale, tighten abdominals, lift pelvic floor. Then push away. Make sure that hip is staying away from the rip. Inhale as you bend, exhale, tighten abdominal space.

Press through and then lift your pelvic floor. Inhale as you bend the reedy breath. Exhale, abdominal space tightens. Pelvic floor lifts into your body. In hip. Hip is long stacked. Exhale, this space is tightening. We press through the legs. The pelvic floor lifts up into the body, so I have three more. Inhale, slow bend. Keep the length just to 90 degrees, Xcel street, and then the leg connecting. Coordinating abdominals to pelvic floor.

Inhale slowly bend. Exhale, transverse pelvic floor coordination. Good. And then just one more time here guys, press through and straighten the leg from here. You can bend your knee, keep it at 90 degrees, and really keep that space between hip and red. You know, pull up onto the forearm and we're going to feel that the elbow is directly underneath your shoulder and your nice and Tom lifted off your spine. Again, here's a really challenging exercise that we need to make sure we're doing our checks to make sure there's no doming or pain. Say Tall on your shoulder. Take a breath in to expand and as you exhale, find that abdominal space. Tighten it up as you press through the leg, your pelvic floor lifts in how slow bend acts, how strong coordination of abdominals and pelvic floor too nice and lifted off the shoulder the whole time. Exhale, press through.

Feel for any doming and in Hilton bent and exhale really strong through your middle power like floor is active every time. Give it a really strong contraction. Inhale as you bend and exhale, abdominal space titans. Pelvic floor is active. We push through leg two more. Please. Inhale, expand. Exhale. Tall arm abdominals. Tighten pelvic floors strong and lifted.

We push through the leg. Yay. Last time. Inhale and slow Ben to 90 tall Armstrong abs pelvic floor leg. Push through. Good. And then slowly bend that knee and release and bring yourself out of the strap. Okay. Amazing job. From here, we're going to bring ourselves up to standing.

Okay, I'm gonna use my safety strap on the push through bar. Okay, hook this up. Great. We'll leave that for now. You know, find my hands on either side of the rails, standing with my feet slightly wider than hip bone. With distance apart, make sure you can dry your shoulders down out of your ears. From here, as we bend our knees, we're going to sit back.

As if sitting into a chair. As you exhale, draw the shoulders down, tighten your abdominals and lift your pelvic floor. Pull yourself up to a standing position. Inhale sitting back, and then exhale, lifting the belly button, pulling up through your pelvic floor, and then shoulders down. Arms pull you up. Let's try that for four mar in Hatton, back hanging off the arms that really keep the shoulders engaged here. As you exhale, lift the pelvic floor strength and abdominals.

Press yourself up to leaning back. Hips back, neutral. Spy. Xcels the shoulders draw down. I'm Domino's. Tighten pelvic floor lifts too, and inhale back shoulders and exhale up. Good one in house, sitting back. Good. Make sure your shoulders are really strong and out of your ears and as you Xcel, press up, pulling through your arms. Good.

We're going to reach down now and grab hold of one of those springs. I'm going to take the spring to the foot for this away from it and then step holding on for support. We're going to take a nice long full breath in and as you exhale with the spring, step away and do that same hang back squat. Come up and hold down to squat up and lift the leg. Inhale down.

Exhale up to lift your leg. Let's do four more. Inhale and down. Exhale and leg lift. Three. Inhale down. Fill your pelvic floor. Really opening up here and lift and pulling it back up. Firming your abdominal space. Get inhale down.

Pelvic floor opens. Exhale, lift and tighten. Do One more here. Big Squat down, and exhale up and lift. From here, we're going to turn to face the spring. I'm going to stand really close to the edge and take my foot just to the outside of the caddie, holding hands on either side of the rail. Find a breath to stay. Tong. Create a sense of lift from ribs away from hips. And on the exhale I slide the leg back and forward.

This can put a ton of pressure on the abdominal space. So again, perfect place to do a check and make sure there's no doming pain or discomfort. Inhale, stay Tal and lifted on your support leg. Exhale, lift your pelvic floor, find the abdominal space, and then sweep the leg behind you. Inhale, big expansion. Exhale en abdominals, pelvic floor. Press back, expand and stay tall.

Stay lifted from hips. Ribs, there should be a lot of space. Let's do one more there and exhale. Tighten. Lift your pelvic floor. Press back. Good one more with this foot in the strap. From here we turn the back. I'm going to let my shoulders draw down.

You need to keep my hands here for support and I'm going to step slightly away and I'm going to take a breath to prepare, staying tall and lifted ribs away from hips. And as I XL I'm going to pull the leg towards the support leg. Inhale, let it open. Exhale, pull it to center. Inhale to open. It's a really small movement, but you should feel your inner thighs on both sides. Inhale and exhale.

Lift the pelvic floor from this abdominal space to pull this stop to center. Three. Inhale, expand, exhale and pull to inhale, expand. Really feel the bowls of the inner thighs are pulling towards each other even though it's just one leg moving, pelvic floor lifts, abdominals tighten, and let's do one more in or thighs. Pull together like magnets. Let that really triggered the pelvic floor activation and slowly release there. Good. Let go of that strap and we're going to stay facing away and we're going to take your foot furthest away from that Spring and step onto it.

Okay, so holding on here. I'm going to take my breath in to sit back into my squat. This is a great place to allow your pelvic floor to really open up and release, and then as you exhale, come up and keep this leg strong. Inhale down into the squat. Let yourself hang a little bit. The shoulders wide. Exhale, lift the pelvic floor, tighten your abdominals, and then come up and do a little leg lift.

Inhaling on the way down, exhales, you lift your pelvic floor, tighten the abdominal zen, the leg lifts. Keep strong and that support side. Inhale and sitting down into a squat. Exhale, lifting up. Find pelvic floor ta activation leg reaches. Inhale on the way down. Pelvic floor is open. Exhale, lift the pelvic floor all the way up really from the abdominal space, the leg out to the side. Let's do three more. Inhaling down, shoulders down. Exhaling, pelvic floor lifts, low valleys, active. Press that leg out and to inhale and open the pelvic floor. Lift, pelvic floor strength and abdominals, and then lift the leg. Two. Inhaling down.

Exhale, shoulders down, low belly lifts, pelvic floors active. Then the leg last time. Inhale and squat. Exhale up and then leg lifts. Good. Let that relax for a second. We're going to turn to face the spring. Hands on either side of the rails renewal.

Allow the leg with the spring on it to just be to the outside of the caddy. Find some stability. Lift your ribs up off of your hip support legs should be very strong. We'll find a breath in to prepare and as you exhale, first pelvic floor. Then abdominal activation.

Go ahead and progress that like back and forward and XL and back. Here's a good place to check for doming and release and exhale, abdominals, pelvic floor. Then leg reaches big three dimensional expansion. Front side and back. Exhale, pelvic floor. Then abdominals. Press the leg expand to pelvic floor.

Ta Activation. Leg presses back. Okay, one more please. Big Breath. Expand. Let go of the pelvic floor. Pick it back up, tighten and then push back. Great job. Release that leg step slightly further away. Alright, nice. Small movement. We draw the shoulders all the way down. We take our breath in as you exhale, that same tee, a pelvic floor coordination as we pull the leg in and then let it go.

Exhale, pull, and then let it go. Exhale every time. Find that deep connection and coordination and then release. Let's do five more Xcel the pelvic floor. That transverse abdominis is your inner thighs.

Imagine them pulling towards each other. Big 3d expansion and exhale, lift and firm and pull and release. And exhale, lift from pole too. And exhale, lift from pull big last one, ready and exhale. Press up in and Paul check and then release and let go of that leg.

Great. From here, let's lie back down. So I've got my safety strap on my push through bar. I'm going to lie into one side to bring myself down onto my back. Good. Make sure your knees are directly underneath the bar here and then we're going to place our toes does are wrapped around the bar like a bird on a wire.

See neutral through your spine here, and then just gently press the legs upwards. Good. From here, let's keep our legs straight. Press into the bars. Your hamstrings are activated, feeling nice and long through the upper body. The shoulders stay wide. You take a nice full breath, you expand, and as you exhale, pelvic tuck. As we slowly come up into our bridge, gently roll back down bone by bone, by bone.

Find neutral. Bend your knees. Take a big breath in. This is a great place to fill the pelvic floor. Release. Exhale, press into the bar so the hamstrings are active. You tuck your pelvis, rural your way up your spine, checking for any doming here. Are you still coordinating ta and pelvic floor, rural back down bone by bone, by bone. Release the pelvic floor. Let it open up. As you breathe in. Exhale, press those legs. Tuck the pelvis ruling up harder to get that coordination in this position.

See if you can find it even here, and then rolling and articulating down your spine. Bone by bone, opening up pelvic floor for a nice long breath in. Exhale, pressing into the bar, gently tucking through the pelvis. Find that nice deep activation pelvic floor draws in [inaudible] and then slowly roll back down. Good. Bend your knees and then bringing the feet down. Get to roll over to one side to press yourself up to a seated position.

So I'm just going to get rid of the safety strap here. Oh, we'll let that go. So let's turn now and face our rollback bar. This is where we're going to get into some more classical exercises that challenge the abdominals. And we'll get a good sense of if there's doming, if there's increased pain or symptoms. And if we're ready to transition into more classical plot, these exercises.

So using the roll back bar, we're gonna take our hands and flip them upside down so your palms are really facing up, legs are straight, and you start with a long breath in to set the shoulders down your back. As you exhale, tip back off your sitting bones and find your half roll back. And here's where it's really important to have an experienced set of eyes checking out and making sure that there's no doming in the abdominals. So if it looks good, go ahead and continue here. Find a big breath into expand. And as you exhale, we're gonna go for a bicep curl five and inhale, expand.

Exhale to coordinate transverse abdominis and pelvic floor for they breath in. And three, connecting that coordinated core three pelvic floor transverse two. And really want to check each time to make sure there's no pain, no domain. Okay, good. One more time. Exhale, add. Okay.

Bringing it all the way back and then roll up all the way to the top. Find a breath in. Nice and tall. Good access. Half Roll back check. Looks good. We're gonna take a breath in this time is your exhale. Pelvic floor, Domino's engaged, and then pulling the bar towards the chest. Inhale, big expansion. Exhale that coordinated abdominal connection. Big Breath to expand, straightening the arms.

Exhale and find pelvic floor. Ordinated good. Let's do two more. XL and pelvic floor. First. Big Expansion. One more time. Exhale. [inaudible] back towards the center and then rolling up all the way to the top.

Okay, that looks good. Let's keep going. So now we're going to meet kneeling tall, right in the very center of the Cadillac. We want to put some downward pressure into the bar. Really thinking about the pinky finger side of the hands, which should give you a lot of activation through your arms and down the sides of your body. So this can really create a bald, so be careful and keep. Keep your awareness.

Find your breath in to draw your shoulders down. As you exhale, press through the arms first. Find the low belly, find that nice deep coordinated abdominal activation, and then gently inching backwards. Lift the arms, lift your spine back up. XL Pelvic floor transverse abdominis pressing into that bar as you lean back, lift the chest, lift the bar, bring yourself back upright. Just really try to keep neutral as you do it. Exhale, press arms, fine abdominal coordination and lean back. Open through the front of the hips, expand and then lift back up all the way to the top. Two more. Exhale, low belly contracts, pelvic floor active pressed through the arms.

We hinge backwards. Open the chest and then lift, and then slowly, let's do one more Xcel press. Keep that nice neutral spine as you hinge. Extend the spine and then lift all the way up to the top. Okay? Feels amazing. All right, from here, let's go back over to the push through bar.

We have to really make sure that the abdominals are well coordinated and working together. If you feel any doming any pain, bring it back. All right, so we're going to take ourselves down onto our side to transition onto our back. I'm going to start with one foot pressing into the bar. Give myself a little bit of a opening stretch here. Yeah. Feeling for the openness of the pelvic floor, a little bit of a release and let this just feel good, good, and release that leg. And then the second leg leg foot comes up onto the bar. I'm just doing a little bit of release.

Try not to put any activation into this. Feel the pelvic floor. Let go. All right, so the second foot comes on to the bar. We're now open up. This is an amazing place to let go of the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor releases, the jaw softens. We're going to start with that. You take your breath in to prepare certain, to nod your chin. As you exhale, slowly start destroying the legs.

Press Your Sofa all the way. Check for doming and then run back down bone by bone, by bone. Okay, move slowly. Be Gentle with yourself. Here. Find a breath. Really release the pelvic floor. Exhales. You nod your chin, round your spine. Push through and up. Hollow the abdominals.

Tighten the pelvic floor and then round back down bone by bone. By allow your pelvic floor to release. Find breaths. Enjoy it. Take a breath in. Nod Your Chin, round the spine. Exhale dominoes, pelvic floor. Make sure the shoulders are soft. Breathe into it and release. Oh the way back down, one leg down the other leg releases.

You can let go of the bar and rural onto one side. Let's push all the way through so we're lying on our front with our hands on the bar. Check your long through your lower back. Shoulders. Draw the way down. Get connected to your bar. Pressing down gently through the pinky finger, sides of your hands. As you inhale, you nod your Chin forward, draw the shoulders gently down your back and come half way up.

Let's check here and see how that feels. Before you go any further, you don't want to feel any doming or pain and then slowly release. Boom by bone all the way back down. You should be fully in control of this action. Inhale the shoulders drugged down. Your eyes lift up. You slowly climb upwards. Maybe a little higher this time, but again, just take a moment check and don't push too far.

Slowly release all the way back down. Big Breath in, sue. One more. The shoulders draw down, low belly tightens the pelvic floor, lifts open through chest and then gently release back down. Okay, from here, let's come up and sit back. Really allow your lower back to open up. Feel the pelvic floor release. Completely breathe. Rolling up our spine gently. Let's come to stand one more time.

We're going to turn, take hold of the rails. Bring our feet close towards the vertical rail there. We're going to take a breath in and look up and as we exhale we'll hang backwards. Just allow this to feel good. Inhale, roll and articulate through your spine. Look up and then exhale.

Roll through the spine. Back Down. See if we can add the abdominal coordination here. Tuck. The valve was rural this way. Lift as you inhale, can you feel your pelvic floor release? And as you exhale, nod your chin. Round the spine. Feel the pelvic floor lift as your transverse abdominis. Titans.

Yeah. One more tech that hell was lift the spine. Big Breath expand. And as you exhale, Tuck the Chin around the spine. Find that pelvic floor t a connection and coordination. Slowly bring yourself back to a centered position.

Yeah, good. Come all the way down. Okay. Remember to always enjoy the action. If it hurts, if it increases your symptoms, go back, go back to the deep coordinated breathing. That's really what's going to build a strong and healthy core. We will get back to the exercises we love. It might take a little more time.

So I hope you enjoyed this series. Come back and try them again and again, and I will always be here to answer any questions you have. Thank you.


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Wow! I am smashed... and ashamed and also exited.. - where has my pelvic floor been all those years? I always thought I had it engaged but that was an illusion!! Georgia, I am so thankful for this eye-opening, challenging class, and especially that you cued the coordination of the TA and Pelvic Floor with every single move! It took all my concentration and I realized that I have to work on this ! I am 57, had 4 children, who are adults now, and for 3-4 years I have issues with my pelvic floor, although my Gyn is convinced that it is really strong. I was sceptic, and I think I was cheating myself! I am telling everybody this because this training should be found not only by new mothers but also by those older women. Pilatesanytime - please put this video in the category Anatomical Focus - Pelvic Floor!
Georgia, - you are awesome!
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I agree completely with the comment above. My daughter is 12 years old I only had one, but I was young and didn’t spend time on my recovery.
I found the focus of this class humbling and difficult... while I’m used to practicing more athletic classes I did not get bored at all and really appreciated the constant reminders and cues of breath TA & PF. I agree that many Women not just newly post partum or older should take this.
I’m loving the pelvic floor focus classes from you and Christi
Silke I’m so grateful that the message of this series has come through loud and clear!
Finding deep core activation is what made me fall in love with Pilates. It is so humbling but so empowering. 

Mel W that’s awesome!! Women are post natal forever once they’ve been pregnant. It’s absolutely never too late to connect to deep core muscles. 
Domenica F
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You rock, Georgia!  Thank-you for this work :)

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