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Class 4: Connection

35 min - Class


Focus on reconnecting to your core with this postnatal Mat workout by Georgia Burns. Once you are ready to turn your muscles back on, Georgia encourages you to coordinate your abdominals with your entire body. She uses vivid imagery to guide you through each movement so you can return to your practice in a safe and effective way.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall


Hi, my name is Georgia and this is class four in a series of six for c-section and traumatic birth recovery. In this class, we're going to focus on reconnecting to the core. It's really important afte...


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Great Class and really suitable for any beginner not just post natal clients.  Love the imagery to help find a 6 dimensional activation of the powerhouse.
These classes are all based on functional and progressive movement that hospitals use after any major surgery. They work the same way a baby learns to roll over before they crawl. Breathing is the key component. 
We all need fundamentals in our practice!
I'm glad the imagery worked well for you.
This is a great series so far. I would love to know your thoughts on when each class is appropriate for clients post birth? 
Emily Tubbert 
This is a great question. 

The first 2 classes in the series are for the very early days. This could mean the day after baby is born or it could be when ever mom is ready to start core rehabilitation. For some that might mean 10 + years post pregnancy. It’s never too late to reconnect with the Pelvic Floor. 

Emily Tubbert 

Classes 3 & 4 are designed for after a Postpartum checkup usually around 6 weeks without any complications. I personally couldn’t start these classes until 6 months due to some major limitations. 

< div>Using the simplified diastasis evaluation here will give a bench mark for progress

The final 2 classes are to help a woman transition back into more traditional Pilates exercises. This often happens around the 1 year mark but is very different for everyone.  Challenging the core safety is essential to abdominal recovery.

Check out the intro video for more information.
Perfect. Thank you. I'm using this series as part of my certification process (special populations). I never had a c-section, but I wish i had known about this when I was trying to get back into pilates after my daughter was born. She's 6 now :). Ill definirtelty be watching the last two classes in the next day or so, thanks so much for your response!
Emily Tubbert let me know if you have any other questions. 

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