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Class 10: Standing Pilates

20 min - Class


Welcome to Class 10! Today we are changing our perspective and doing a standing workout. Sarah invites you to explore the exercises you already know in a different way. By the end of the class, you will feel grounded, moved, and invigorated.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Today. Let's change our perspective and do this entire workout standing so it'll still be short and sweet and effective. And we'll explore some exercises in a different way. Stand with...

The Daily Dose: with Sarah Bertucelli


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Very nice!
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Thank you I felt great after this class. Great teaching style
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My poor balance is getting better because of you...thank you Sarah
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Loved it!! Thanks Sarah :))
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Loved this, thanks Sarah 😃!
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Great class sprinkled with wisdom! Nice varied exercises. Thank you!
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love this and your teaching style
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I teach a standing and sitting class to older people and this has really inspired me - thank you. I love the way you teach. Boo xx

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