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Wake up your side body with this fun Tower workout by Benjamin Degenhardt. He focuses on side bending, finding opportunities to increase stability and mobility with lateral movements. By the end of the class, the sides of your body will feel nice and lifted.
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Oct 23, 2019
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Hi everyone. I'm Benjamin Dagon hearts. I'm here to teach another tower class today with the help of Kathleen and Chaz and we're working on a balanced body tower. Um, for this workout you're going to need your rollback bars and Springs. I'm attached to the highest setting possible. We will also be working with a red push through our spring fall, the push through work where the bar is loaded from the top. We're using purple Springs as our legs Springs and for today I have them set up to the height of the push through bar attachment and we will also use the bottom loaded spring for the push through bar and I chose a red spring forward today the focus for the session is going to be site banding lateral movement and waking up the side body both in terms of stability as well as mobility.

And I often get this question as a teacher. A lot of, there's apparently not a lot of sideway movement in Pilati so we're hopefully going to unlock some more possibilities to find that and really get into that lovely side stretch and you guys ready? We're going to start with the roll back so your bars are already set up. Go ahead and face your tower unit, place your feet against the poles and grab a hold of either end of your rollback bar. I like to do this with a slight bend to the knee so he can almost scoot yourself forward a little bit and have nice soft legs here and make sure that your heels are firmly attached to the pulse. And just find your breath here for a second. The bar is there to support you and help you come back up so we can really focus on becoming loose and passive in your spine here.

Begin to curl both ends of your spine and roll yourself all the way down, reclining onto your mat, allowing you like to straighten as you go. Sending energy out those heels even if they no longer touch. And then at the spring lift, you are bend your head forward, bend your spine evenly, head to tail and roll yourself all the way up to the top. And once the spring tension subsides, just lift yourself back up. Soften those knees. We'll do that three more times just to get warmed up.

And again, our spine. Ready for movement. Roll yourself back, energy out the heels that the spring support you fully let your chest open. Feel like you're standing on those poles for a second. Let the Springs lift you up. Bend both ends of your spine. Still energy out those heels as you pick yourself all the way up, softening the knees. Get to the top. One more time, rolling back or absolutely quicker this time allowing the spine to move down sequentially till you're back on your back. Feeling like you're standing on the pose. Chin over chest.

You come back up and you'll lift yourself up to the top. I'm getting ready for a side stretch by going with one arm here. Move your left hand to the middle of your roll back bar. You'll write him can go around the waist or behind your head. Wherever you feel more comfortable.

You try to keep your chest square towards the bar. Energy out both legs as you roll yourself down one time all the way onto your back and a gr both legs til your head arrives. Take a nice deep breath in here. Start to notice what that spring does to you as you hold it with one arm. Lift yourself back up. We're going to do it once on the other side before adding on the switch.

Right hand to the center of the bar left 10 where you had you're right before. Roll yourself all the way back again, thinking that you're standing evenly on both feet throughout the roll down and throughout the roll up. Chin over chest. You pick yourself back up, coming to the top switch yet again, so left tenture center, right arm around the waist. Roll yourself back one more time. We're going to add a side stretch here. Once you're down, become super aware of your left foot against the pole. That is going to be a standing axis that will stretch around your right arm lifts overhead and you take a sidemen to your left if you grab onto the side of your mat. If that's within reach, it'll add onto the stretch, but still keep focusing on your left leg, pushing into the pole. Start to breathe into the right side of your rib cage, the one you are stretching, and then start to move your right leg across the mat.

Maybe even cross your left strong leg. And then think about stretching your right foot and your right hand away from one another. Super actively for one more. Inhale for one more exhale and then actively bring yourself back to center. Both feet against the poles, square of your spine, arm around the waist, and you pick yourself back up. And then we'll take the other side. Of course, right-hand moves to the center of the roll back bar, left arm around the waist. You roll yourself down.

I often find that the side stretch seems to be an invitation to become super passive because it feels so good for today. The idea is to stay as active as possible in here, so this time it's your ride leg, that's your standing leg and your access. Once you took your side and you find that stretch, keep that right leg strong. Move your left leg across the mat, maybe across the other leg. If that's within reach, you can let it soften.

Stretch your foot in hand or away from one another to open into the right side of your ribcage. Sorry, it's the left side on this side. Taking a deep breath in. Deep breath out. Almost let that bar polio little bit and choose the sliders rotation and then begin to square yourself off. Feet against the pulse spine comes back to the center, left arm wraps around the waist. We're all yourself all the way back up. We'll take one more each side going a little quicker.

Left-handers center right arm around the waist. Roll yourself down. Sweep the right arm overhead into your side. Stretch immediately. Take the right leg across and now more actively starting to twist towards that bar. Really letting the Springs help you find rotation. Breathe into the right side of your rib cage and begin to come back up square of your feet, your spine, and around the waist. You lift yourself back up other side, right hand to center.

Left arm around the waist. Roll yourself down, especially your left arm, up and over your head. Find your side bend to your right. If you can. Grab onto the mat. Left leg moves across and it's the left side of your ribcage opening here. Deep breath in the right and be polled by the bar to support you. Right leg still going strong against the pole and square yourself off, feet apart and around the waist, square of your spine.

Lift yourself all the way back up. We'll just take one regular roll up just to send to the body. So separate your hands to the ends of your bar. Roll yourself down one more time and just when you thought, Oh this is a nice and stretchy workout, we'll get ready for our hundred using the roll back bar. So after this, roll yourself up. Set yourself up tall and then spin around so you're facing away from the tower that's now behind you. Roll yourself onto your bag. Keep the bar somewhat within reach.

Scoot yourself back to the end of your tower. If you're working on a unit where the push through bars hanging like here, be mindful cause your head will be very close to it and then begin with your legs out straight on the mat. Press them into one another. Test the spring tension with your arms here for a moment. Pull the arms forward away from your head. See where that spring tension hits you. At this point, you will always have the option to move your spring attachment down. All right, I have a feeling we can do this right here. Let's see.

Go ahead and press the leg so far away from your hips. They start to hover up. Find your a hundred level curl you hadn't a can. Shoulders up. Get that bar in place and begin to pump breathing in two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four, five. Inhaling and exhaling. Now you make any adjustments that you need.

Knowing you're not stuck in this position. If the legs need to come up higher or soften in, you do that almost halfway through. Breathing in, breathing out. As you push that ball away from you, can you push yourself away from the bar as well? Finding more width across the chest, working the center. You've got two more. Inhale raging through those legs, wherever they might be at this point.

Last ten nine eight seven six five, four, three, two, one already done. Release the legs down. Release your head down. Release the bar at long last. Bend your knees into your chest and rock yourself up to a seated position. We just had to do it to get your body ready for what's to come. We'll work back on our side. Stability with the side arm press, so we're going to come to a kneeling position that's all.

Phase the tower first and then take a quarter turn to our left. Your right hand will be on the center of your roll back bar. Your left arm will be out to the side as if magically there was another roll back bar and your left hand. So stretching both arms out to either side. Take a moment here to be mindful of your position of the knees. You can open them and I keep your feet together.

If you want a really stable base of support or bring your knees to touch a little narrow base, which just requires a lot more side body activation. First movement, super simple. Go ahead and press down a couple of inches with your right arm. Get longer across your midline in the meantime so the roof of your head is rising up towards the ceiling and then slowly that that bar come back up. Now get a really strong grip on that bar and do it again.

Press the bar down a couple of inches, feeling the activation on the ride underside of the arm and along the right side of your back and slowly lift that arm back up. Now do this for me. Soften your elbow, but then immediately strengthen that connection again so it's slightly bend where there's still a strong connection to that arm and do it one more time and see if you can get that bar right against your hip or thigh. And the answer could be no, and that's totally fine. Slowly to that arm come out to the side. We'll do that twice more a little quicker. Press it down, stay down, get tall across the middle and release the arm outside. One more time.

Pull the bar in and let it come out to the side. Adding on, press the bar down where you just had it. Now bend the arms, slide the bar up along the side. Seam on your shirt. Unfold the arm out right. Do that twice more. Press it down, get taller through the middle. Bend the arm, lift the elbow out to the side and take it out. One more time. Press it down, pull it up, stretch it out. Now reverse it, pulling it, slide it down your right side that the arm come out to the side. You've got two more bent pressing down. Stretch it out. One more tack bent. Stretch it down and out and release. We are going to take a half turn away from that.

So now your left hand is on the bar for a second side. Now for most of our, I want to say, pull out his brains. It almost seems like the idea should be to keep the shoulder in one place, but I'll invite you to play with that a little bit and allow the bar to move wide and at full range and quite ferociously, even if that means your shoulder comes out of place for his second right. It's more important that your midline stays engaged and you stay upright. Then to keep that shoulder frozen on your back. All right, both arms out to the side first with a flat hand and a long straight left arm.

Press the bar down a couple of inches. See what happens underneath the left side, this time and along the left side of your back and let the bar come up and again this time with a fist grip, pressing down a little stronger and see what that adds to the movement and let that arm come back out. Now here's that soft bend of the arm, but then immediately strengthen around the joint again to press the bar down again. Maybe this time all the way down to the side of your leg and let it come up twice more like that precedent. And let it come out. One more time. Nice and long through the midline. Spine is upright. We add on precedent, brush it up, stretch it out. Your right arm is super helpful here to try to feel as if you're pressing down on something with that hand as well. It might just help one more. Damn.

Pull it up, stretch it side, reverse it. Now you pull it in first, press it down the sides of your body. Stretch it out two more times, right? Remember we're working on getting the side body more active and involved so that we can use that and call on it in our side Benz in our star. Later on. After you've completed all three, let's go ahead and face away from the tower. So now the roll back bar is behind you for a long back stretch arms. You take your arms back behind you. It's the same concept and same movement, but we're centering the body for the, so again, I recommend a Fisker with both hands, that bend elbow position that is super strong, right? So is there.

There's that duality to the way that you hold the bar chest open about an arm length away from your tower. We'll start again by just moving the bargains, the backs of our legs, or as close towards that as you can get. Keep that bend to the elbows. As you let the bar we pull away from you and up feeling that whining across the chest. Twice. More like that. Pull it. It. Get longer as you pull and let the bar come away from you. One more time, pulling it down the bar. Go down and back. Closing the Springs and we add on that same bend of the arms again.

You pull the bar in first, brush it up, you're back to the lower back and unfold from there. Two more times, pulling it more Russia. Unfold the arms. One more time. Pull it against the backs of your legs. Brush it up, release it from there, and reverse it. Three times. Bend, press [inaudible]. Stretch it back. Four, two, bending in precedent. Stretch it back one more time. Bend it in. Yeah, keep pushing those hips forward, but maintain that upright spine. Arms, reach back, let the bar go already. Feel how the sides of your waist are getting nice and long and active and alive and hopefully supportive. From here. We're going to need that for the next exercise. Sit back on your heels.

We mindful of the towel behind you. Sit off to one side, swing your legs out in front of you. Want to keep facing the same way, but your legs are in front of you. For this one, we want to grab onto that rollback bar again from here and again just because of where the Springs are attached. I recommend you start as far back on your tower as possible, but you can always adjust this by sliding away from that if you want more or bringing the Springs down if you want less resistance, right? I call this the long, the long stretch. Similar to what we do on the reformer when you were to begin with your arms for spin by your sides. Again, we're choosing a fist grip here that the Elvis fold back. Activate your legs like you're trying to lift out of your waist.

Take a deep breath in and lift your arms up above the head. Now thinking of that plank line we find on the reforming our long stretch, take another sniff of area and hold it. Press the bar and in front of you, see if you can hold it there for a second. And as you exhale, bend the arms. Bring the bar back behind you. We'll do that again. Take a deep breath in. Lift the bar up, hold the breath as you press the bar down. Pause there for a moment and bend the arms back in a couple more times.

Inhale it. Press the bar in front of you. Lift the sides of your waist into this resistance. Bend the arms back one more like that. Inhale, lift. Press the bar down in front of you. Bend the arms back on and take a couple more here. Take a deep breath in.

Lift those arms up. Hold the breath, press the bar down and let the bar come towards your chest. Last one, lift it up, press it out in front of you. Pause. Almost lift your chest away from that. Bend the arms back and before you reverse it, know that you have the option to always open your legs. If your legs are starting to get tired at this point, it can even soften your knees a little bit around the tower cause I'm nice that way. I'm going to reverse it from here. So from arms bend back, push the bar out in front of your chest to start. Lift the bar up from there. And then from here, bend the arms back down and again, press the bar in front of you. Lift the bar up, feel the front of your body stretch. Bend the arms. We'll take two more.

Push the bar forward, lifted up, lift your back into it. Nice. Bend the arms. Last one, forward up, bend the arms, take a little butt. Walk forward. From here we're going into our side to side. So think short box on the reformer. That means anything to you. You open your legs to about hip distance. You flex your feet, the bar is up above your head.

You almost want to have a little bit of tension to start. Lean forward ever so slightly with a straight back. Here's your side stretch. You reach up and over to your right side and rather than going by what it looks like, think about stretching the left side seam of your shirt, whatever that means to you. Come back to center, take it the other way, slightly forward over to your left, stretching down the right side seam of your back. Come back through center and we'll do it twice more each way. Each time you go. Think about finding a new spot to stretch into, even if that means adding a tiny little twist to it.

Go by feel and less by shape. Nice. Awesome. And back to center. One more time. Keep those legs nice. Energize them, counterpart to this stretch. Lift yourself back onto both hips. Final one, forward and left nicey guys and back through center that that bar come down. We'll do a couple of more things with that roll back bar. Go ahead and let it go. Spin around. Face it again.

We'll stay in the short box material for a second. Bringing our feet against the poles this time. So we're in a seated position and we'll do our flat back Hinch. Lift the bar back up again. Keep in mind you can bring the spring attachment down if you needed, but this is less about going really far and much more about kind of cashing in on all that side. Body activation we've been working on.

Both legs are active into the poles. Lift the sides of your waist. Now take your body back. Try to keep your arms with you as you hinge. Get even taller as you return coming forward and release for a moment. Do that again. Lift yourself up. Active legs reclined. Take the Springs and arms with you.

Get taller and return to release two more like that. Lift to pull yourself back. Energized the heels into the poles just like we've done in our roll backs. Come forward and release. Final one. Lift up, energy out the legs, take it back. Lift back up. Release now. Built a slightest amount of tension on the Springs with your arms.

Still up for another round of side to side time where you almost want to stay up right rather than leaning forward as you take your body over to the right, keeping the left foot energized against the pole and come back through center. Other side. Keep the right leg strong against the pole. Gorgeous. Nice and come back to center one more time each way. So notice that there's a different quality to this side. Stretch and two, the first one we took last one over, left, beautiful back through center. Let that bar come down and then go ahead and cross your knees in front of you and you fee so we can come up onto your knees. For our chest expansion.

I was still facing the tower. Back yourself off about an arm length away from your wall unit or tower. Hold on to both ends of your roll back bar chest expansion. I want you to start pressing the hips forward so they're right the top of the knees. Build a nice tall spine from there and then pull the bar back against you as you inhale, hold your breath for a brief moment. Don't do anything else just yet.

Wait for the XL to release the spring tension. So similarly to everything we've done so far, every time you engage those Springs, use them to lift yourself higher that you're pushing yourself off of that bar. Gorgeous. Nice Xcel at the bar come away from you. We're going to add a neck tilt to this today. Align with our theme of side bending your pull Brian. On an inhale, hold your breath as you tip your right ear to your right shoulder.

Keep the bar on stretch. Tip your left ear to your left shoulder. Come up right and that the bar come away from you. Okay. And go again in how polar [inaudible] hold your breath tip left and right. Coming back and release two more sets. Keep going at your own pace here.

The Springs really help you to put your shoulder girdle and stretch so that the muscles down the sides of your neck and a moment of release and being pulled in opposite directions. This is your last time. Start left nice and or right center. Let the bar come away from you and let the bar go for a moment. Next step, we'll go into our side pull down, which is an exercise that you probably don't see all that much, so we'll take some time setting this up. We'll take a quarter turn to our left from here. Sit down on the left side of your knees for a moment so that your feet are off to your right. You have two options here.

One would be to bring your feet against the poles on this side. Your right leg, your top leg would go back, your left leg would go forward, so you separate them against the pole using your back leg to push your hips side by side so that they're square with each other. The other option would be to clam both feet around the back pole behind you. If you want to show us that exactly and you can use your top foot on the other side of the pole so we can bring the front in and that way hold onto the pole. You have those two options.

Bring the feet closer together is just a narrow base, a little harder to control. All right, so you choose your battle, for lack of a better word for it today. Make sure that your hips are slightly centered on the mats and not on the back edge. And then go ahead and pull the roll back bar above your head with your left hand. Okay, so it's the outer hand relative to the Springs that pulls the bar above your head. Your right hand pushes against it. Now bring the bar on your head as close together as possible. Almost like it sits on the crown of your head. Nice.

Now we're basically going into a side playing from here, keeping the sides of the waist long. Go ahead and pull your whole body off to the left. Use your feet actively against the poles. Keep the bottom side lengthen and then lift yourself back up. Resisting the spring as it pulls you back.

Feeling the sideline active and engage. Lift back up against the bar and go again. Pull yourself out to the side. Feel your spine stretch in two directions almost a little bit more here. Nice and then lift yourself back up. One more time. Head against bar, bar against head. You pull yourself over to the left. Now try and take any arch out of your back. Beautiful adjustment. Nice.

Keep the bottom side of you active. And if yourself all the way back up now, and this last one, almost allow yourself to side bend a little to the right at the end where the Springs are kind of pulling you. Take yourself out. One more time to the left, to any twist out of your spine, any arch out of your back. Nice. And lift yourself back up and just sound really allow your left side to soften at the end. Gorgeous work. We're going to take it to our second side, so again, keep your options in mind. It's the top HIB, that side leg that's back behind you and that's on top of the other foot and you use that to push on this side of the left hip forward. So they're centered with each other. It's the outer hand that pulls the bar above your head and it's the other hand that supports it all right. Length now through both sides of the waist. Take your body out to the right.

Use your legs actively against the poles for support. This is a side playing without you having to hold your weight on your shoulder length and back up, up, up. Soften in and do it again. Lift up to go out. Press your feet against the poults. Beautiful. Try to push the Springs out even more before you come back up. Lift, lift, lift. You've got two more of these. Lengthen out, pressing down. Again, noticing if your rib cage has a tendency to push forward.

See if you can take that arch out of your back. One more time. Take it up and over this time really let the Springs pull you back up to the very end of that where the right side of you softens into a tiny little side bend to your left. You upright yourself. We'll do one more thing with our rollback bar here, which is how half Swan. Just a nice way to get away from our side pans into a little bit of extension. We're going to face the rollback bar. We come to our stomach and this is where I want you to be with your shoulders, right?

And I want you to have your hands on the rollback bar. If the high attachment doesn't do great things for your shoulder, bring the spring attachment down. All right. Make it doable for you. These guys have great mobile shoulders so they can work at this level, no problem, but be mindful of that. Take the time you need to make those adjustments. Press the hipbones down for this half Swan today.

I want your chest and your legs to lift at the same time as you push the bar down any amount you can use it to lift yourself up. Whole back line is fired up. Stay here for a moment. Try to stay up as you release the bar back up and then stretch your head and your feet away from each other as you come down. I want to do that for more tacks. Push the bar down. If everything else up your ebbs and your arms are pressing down, everything else lived into your extension bar comes up first, taking weight out of the Springs, and then you lengthen yourself out into directions to come back again.

Pull on down. Lengthen your heart forward and your feedback so much. They lift away from one another, release the bar first. You come back down and this is your last one. Press the bar down, chest forward and up. Nice, tall and proud, wide across your collar bones and then release the bar up. Stretch yourself out, release the bar gently. It might still be intention, so be mindful. Set yourself back over your heels and we'll take a little counter stretch from all of that. All right, well these guys and you are stretching out.

We're going to switch gears and apparatus a little bit. We're going to take those rollback bars off so if you can go ahead and just release the top attachment. Get rid of the rollback bars. They're just going to be in our way. Otherwise and next step we'll be working with our push two bars with that once red spring from above. All right. Our first exercise will be the cat stretch.

So we're coming to a kneeling position facing the push through bar. All right? Hands will be on the bar and you're an arm length away from your bar. And the way that I, um, teach and like to practice my cat stretch is to basically compound the knee stretch position from the reformer sitting the hips back towards the heels, pushing down into the bar simultaneously. Like you're trying to get yourself back into a child's pose of sorts. That stretch that you were just in to come back up.

Feel like you're pulling the bar towards you and your hips towards the bar to restack your spine until you get to the top. We'll do that a few more times around your back. Pull your hips back, tail under, head down, and then pull your hips towards the bar, your bar towards the hips. As you restack your spine will take two more like that, little quick polling back lifting up or I more time stretching. Both ends of your spine into your C curve. Lifting back up, C as in cat. Of course. One more time and we will add on from here.

Once you as far back and down as you can keep your hips where they are, push the bar down and forward to go into an arch. From there, once you've found it, allow your hips to shift forward into the bars. Well notice it will become more about your shoulders. The farther you come forward. Sit your hips back towards the heels. Tuck both ends of your spine in. Roll yourself back up, pushing those forward. You're back to start. We'll move through that twice more. Roll back, C, curve the spine. Push the bar down and forward. Find the arch.

Lift your chest above the bar. Look above it. Hip. Stay higher than the head. Hips move back. You roll yourself back up. Oh, that looks yummy. One more time, Paul, of our down. Push it away from you. Find the arch lifting your gaze. Annual collarbones above the line of that bar you're holding on to round your tail. Under hips back. You'll lift yourself all the way back up and we'll go into our snack size stretch from here, right? Some of us may know this as the mermaid.

Take a quarter turn to our left right hand is on the bargain, very similar to the site on press we did with the rollback bar earlier, but now we have the push through bar moving along its own trajectory here. Let's start with the left arm up against the year and four today. I recommend you actually let that shoulder slide up against your ear so you really may contact biceps two ear. That's it. Press the bar down until you have tension on the spring and then go ahead and side stretch over. We're going to stay here for a while too. Don't go too far right away.

Think about pushing your hips gently over to the left, but keep a sense of even weight on both your knees and read your fingertips really far away from that left side knee at this point, arch out of the back and twist your spine. Nice adjustments and then we stack your spine. Really allowing the bar to help you come back up, up, up. We'll take two more like that. Press the bar down and get longer along the left side. Keep bicep with ear.

Even if that limits your range of motion a little bit, you might just get a bit more side pen out of it and it feels good and then slowly lift yourself back up. Rolling yourself up a top. That left knee. One more time. Press the bar down. Stretch up and over. I'm going to break the rules a little bit, but that's okay. Today you're going to stay in your side. Stretch now from here, twist your chest up towards the ceiling. Think of pushing your left hip forward in space as you move your left shoulder back. Almost like you're trying to touch the back pole on your tower.

That yummy knows that yummy. Come back to the center. Lift yourself all the way back up. Beautiful. Let the bar release and let's swing over to the second side. How's the side body feeling? Nice and active. Yeah. Good. All right. Of course, this is all in service of some of the bigger movements we'll do very soon.

Press the bar down with your left arm from here. Your right arm is up against your ear this time, and again I'll encourage you to explore head pressing into arm. Arm pressing into head bar comes down, you stretch up, you stretch over, almost bump your hips a little over to the right so you maintain that weight on the right knee. Nice. And then restack come back up atop the right knee and again, press the bar down, stretch up. So merge along the right side of your body that the bin is almost a consequence of that. Removing the arch and twisting the spine, even if that limits your range, you come back up. Nice. So one more time.

Press the bar down. Stretch up, then over. Bump your hip slightly to the ride. See if you can release any creases in your hips by pushing libs forward. We'll take that twist from here. So chest, your gaze up towards the ceiling. Now is push that right, a board and space left shoulder forward. Beautiful.

Slowly come back to center, roll yourself up sideways and let all of that girl now isn't. That's already the work we'll do with the push through bar and the spring from a top. So we'll have another furniture change. Take all of that stretch with you that you just got. We're going to release the top spring and we'll set up for a bottom loaded push through bar. All right, so we'll get the safety band first, wrap it around, attach it to the lowest setting, and then we'll attach the Springs after the exercise we'll do here, or monkey or sit up and our hips stretch for some sides. Stability. Once you're set up, get your spring on there as well. So again, we're using a red spring today and for the monkey will be setting up, facing up towards the bar.

Watch your heads as you set yourself up. I've seen it all and this is that precarious set up where you slide yourself almost off the tower a little bit. All right, so get your shoulder by, it's almost to the very end. Push the bar away from you with your arms. Check in with that spring tension and get your feet inside your hands, heels together, toes apart. You can also choose a parallel alignment if that feels better on you. Basically what we're doing is we Hearst the movement.

We'll choose for our hips stretch in a second. All right. Actively push the ball away from you with the arms and your feet to lift yourself up into your monkey stretch. You can play around with pointing your feet really high up into that bar to increase the stretch and lift your back. Go ahead and flex your feet, staying up in the stretch, maybe even pulling yourself up a little higher points your feet again and without a change in height. Can you soften your knees against your chest and then roll yourself slowly down. Letting the bar compress you down into your arresting pose that the spring tension subside and go again twice more. Lift yourself up. Flex the feet, pull up higher. Point the feedback of lift even more.

Bend your knees in and roll yourself all the way down. We'll take one more like that. Press it up. Strong feet, strong arms. Flex the feed. Lift higher, point the feedback up, soften your knees up and into you to roll yourself. Slow Lee down. Once you're there, keep the bar strong in your hands so we can take your feet down that the bar coming towards you. Again, monitor that strongly it is coming for your teeth and then slide away from underneath the push through bars so that your head is on the map now and the bar is somewhat above your collarbone line. All right, let's start this one with the knees bench. So your feet are flat down. It can have them side by side and together hands are on the bar and you push the bar away from you first. See how that feels from here, you may already get a sense that you're too far forward or back.

Listen to that intuition and reset. Take that time always. And then from here we'll go into our sit up. You bring your chin over your chest. Think it's the curl of your spine that pushes the bar up and away from you. So you come up any amount you can without feeling like the bar is yanking your arms. Way back behind you without you controlling it and then the bar stays up.

It's like, I have my eyes on that bar. Don't move it, but start rolling yourself down. Yeah. It's the idea of really stretching in opposite direction. The bar is still being pushed up. As you unlock movement in your lower back release fully at the end, bend the arms even in, let that spring tension go for a moment and then rebuild it. Press back up, chin over, chest, lift yourself to the top. Activate your feet into the ground, find the sides of your waist lifting through your arms into the bar into the spring, and then come back down with control. It's really that are coming down.

Part of where we build all the strings we're going to need for our side bands and our star. All those fun things we're about to do. One more time for us it up. Sit up, shin over chest, lift to the top again, there's no site. Then in here, what can you find the sides of your waist and LinkedIn, both of them up into the spring tension and come down from there. So good, you guys. Nice release. The next one is called a stretch, but that doesn't mean it's not hard work. We're going to be on our side for this one. Leave the bar where it is for a moment. Let it go.

We're all going to turn on to our left side. [inaudible]. All right. If you have the option to move the spring around, you want to make sure that it's possibly behind you, but definitely make sure that it's not close to your head. So jazz, I think you're good here for today. We're not gonna stay here long or do a lot. Your left hand is against the back pole. You can choose to stretch it out all the way. If you have really open, flexible hips, if you're just kind of monitoring, and if you're not sure today, keep the arm bend and use it to support your head.

Your right hand is going to push the bar up and away from you. Be mindful of your shoulder placement here to get the bar up. Your legs are slightly forward the same way you would have them for your side cakes. And then bend your top leg in, place your foot against the front corner of the push through bar or towards center, but not back behind you. Alright? And then extend the leg all the way out. Make sure that the push through are rests comfortably on your food, that you have a good grip on it and the stretch is already happening right now.

Go ahead and point your foot super high up, lichen monkey. Flex the foot that the heel reach higher than the bar 0.1 more time. And then liken monkey to soften uni up and into you and let the spring compressed down into an opening of the hip, keeping them stacked as much as possible. Do that again, stretching up with the pointed third four legs, the third opening, the inner seam of the leg, even more than point up. Again, soften your knee up and into you almost behind that shoulder if that's available to you. And we'll take one more. Stretch it up. Now we have a side body theme today, right? So be really mindful of how the bottom side of you engage us with the mat as you flex and points God, and as you soften that knee in to come all the way home, start to also notice what happens to the top side of your waist.

If it starts to crunch in, we have a second side. So go ahead and take the right hand against your bar to release it so your foot can come down. Release the spring first and then make your way over to the other side or no right side now for the left leg and make sure that that spring doesn't get too close to your head, your hair, you know good. Your legs are slightly forward. Again, you to choose almost like a sidekick. Alignment from I'm at work. All right, your right leg nice and long against the ground. Again, you have the option to stretch that right? I'm out. If you know that you really open in your hips, otherwise that arm is somewhat bent, supporting the head there and three times we'll go through the stretching sequence. So your point up, you flex the foot, letting that heel reach higher point again, push that bar away from you and then soften the knee to wards the side of your body. Maybe even behind your left shoulder. Twice more. Stretch it up.

Pull the inner heel up towards the ceiling. Point again, bend your knee, soften back in and take one more. Think about the bottom side of your waist, the bottom side of your bottom leg as well. Keep that active. Bend your knee, come back in. Your left hand is going to grab a hold on that bar so you can release your left leg down from here and that's our hip stretch length, that leg down. Lovely. We're now done with the push toolbar, so let's go ahead and reset them and get them out of the way. Always take the spring off first before releasing the safety band.

The next step we're going to work with our legs Springs. We just built some mobility in our hips, so now we're going to add some strength to it using our legs Springs. Again, as a reminder, I have them set up on the height of the push through our attachment, but you can play around with that based on the amount of resistance you want from this. All right, go ahead and lie down on your backs with your head towards the tower. Reach behind you to grab onto your legs, Springs in, place them around your feet. Now, I personally love to extend my arms against the poles, four legs, spring work. Um, if that's not all right with your shoulders, don't do it. You can bend your arms, you can slide them up higher.

You been can be closer to your tower, but if available to you, extend those arms fully and really push against the poles to get your hips as far away from your hands as possible and really put your back into it as well. I'm going to start with some bilateral leg spring work just to get into this wing of the Springs. You press your legs out into your Frasure start and you bend your knees back in. All right, no side bending here but already become aware of whether one leg is competing with the other. Make sure the heels touch at the same spot and extend at the same time.

We'll take about six more here going nice and fast. You push out, you bend in. I always like to think of continuously pushing against the polls even and especially as the knees come back into towards the body. Let's take two more. Press out, bend in, out and in. Press at one more time and stay really feel that distance between your hands and your feet where the Springs attached to your feet. We are going into a lower end lift motion from here so you extend the legs up towards the ceiling as far as you can.

Keep your seat down on the mat and then you press your legs down towards the mat, making sure the back of your ribcage stays low and lift the legs back up, up, up, and press them back down. You're essentially just clearing the range for your leg circles. We'll start them on this one. Press the legs down, open into a circle from here. Go full range, lift the legs, close them, go again, down, around and up, down, around and up. Two more times. Really indulge into that movement range the tower provides you with is nothing holding you back. After you've done four, go the other way. Open your legs, press them down and together.

Lift back up from there three more times at your own pace. Basically starting to warm up our hips for the one leg circle, which is next after your fourth. Go ahead and take your left leg spring off. So we're still left with one spring on the right side. You could potentially do this as well with a spring crossing over to your foot, but we'll stay on the same side today for our sidekicks series.

Right after pay attention to your left leg. Really, you press it away from you using both arms back behind you. We'll start with a lower end lift again so that right leg comes down to start. Once it's down. Pause. Can you make your right leg longer than the left? Keeping both hip steady melt into the hip socket. Let the right leg be lifted by the spring and go again.

You press the leg down and arch the back. Make the right like super long, heavy ride here. Lift the leg back up one more time. Press the leg down, stretch it away from you. Soft right hip lifted up. Now take it across the body nice and steady through the hips. Where this one, circle it down, around and up, Ergon or crust down, around and up. Node is what happens to your arms if you're using them evenly throughout. So let's take one more before we reverse. Open the leg outside. Take it down and up.

Start to notice how much activity there is in your side body right now, especially on the left side. Your standing leg. Let's take one more pause. Lower the right leg all the way down. Surprise. We're going to do circles again, but this time with your left leg, lift your left leg up. It's going to feel surprisingly heavy right now because the spring is supporting your standing leg. Let's take tiny circles three each way with your left leg just to see how much that ride sized stability with the spring is adding to the circle.

Three reverse and two nice and one. Lower that leg down. Bend your right knee in. Now if you can, we can transition onto our left side with the foot inside the strap. If you feel like you need to take it off in order to set yourself up for sideline legs, spring work, um, feel free to do that. Take the time for it. So we're on our left side, stretching the right leg out into the spring.

Use your left hand in front of your chest, maybe against the opposite end of the mat for stability. And just like in our one leg lower end lift, I want you to make your right leg longer than the left. See how that already pulls the rights out of your waist longer. Lift your top leg to hip distance and then take it forward from here. Stretch the leg down now as you feed pass again, make sure that topple again goes really long. Stretchered back behind you.

Use your front hand for support to go into that front leg stretch and go again as the legs pass, make the top leg longer. Lengthen the top side of your waist, stretch the leg down and back behind you. Keeping the top set of your waist nice and long and go three more times and forward, down and back. Open through the chest and to especially notice how it also stretches the side of your head. As you take that leg back behind you. Final one, bring it forward. Bring it down and back behind you and then find your way out. You bend that knee in.

Take your left hand to the strap to take it off and then we'll go back to our lower end. Lift on one side with our left leg Springs so you return onto your backs. Take the other leg spring, put it around your left foot. Find that same distance from the polls again with your arms outstretched over your head, your right leg as long on the mat, your left leg straight up. I'm going to start with that lower and lift again so your left leg goes straight down. Once you have your spring tension, Stu for a second.

First that left leg longer than the right and keep it that long as you lifted back up and twice more. Pressing down, stretch. Keep it stretched, lifted up. One more time. Dat out lift with control. Stay circles. Take the leg across, down, around, and up. Monitor how big you want to make these circles right are double leg circles. We're full range.

These are a little bit smaller because we want to stay inside the hip socket and keep the stability after three, reverse it open. Lower cross and lift to monitor that right leg. Remember in a second you're going to pick that leg up. Bring your left leg all the way down when you're done right leg stretches long. Lift the leg up. Three tiny circles across the middle, down, around and up.

Two down around and up. One down around and up. Reverse. Open down across and lift two down across the lift. One more time, lifted up, lower the right leg down. Stretch it away from you. Bend your left knee in and transition onto your right side. Again, you can leave that spring on if you're adventurous or take it off and put it back on. Alright. Take your time. Safety first body lines up with the back end of your mad leg slightly forward.

Again, your left hand can support you in front of you. You can even hold on to it and start to work on a little bit of a push and pull there to keep you centered. Make your left leg longer than the right. Nice. Lift your top leg up to hip distance, parallel to floor and ceiling, and start by bringing the like forward. Nice spring the leg down. Each time your feed pass. Remember we're here to stretch the side of the body, so as your feet pass, push your left hip away from your head to stay long along the sides of your waist and take it back and forward. Now it's three more times. Stretch it down and back. Bring it forward.

Four to down and back and forward. Last time, long through the spine. Beautiful. And bend your knee in. Once it's out in front of you again, now we can take the spring off. We're just going to be working without Springs for a second. Now that we've got our side body stretch and activated, we're going into some math work. We're going to be facing the same direction. Still sit down on the right side of your feet with your knees bend.

We're setting up for a side bend on the mat or I'd make sure you're not too close to your tower because we're going to be stretching that way. Um, Kathleen, just bring your feet over the other way. There we go. So you're supported on your right hand here. You feed your hips and your right hand are in line with one another. It's time to go in to that side plan. Let's see if this class has prepared us for it.

Go ahead and press into feed and hand to stretch out into a side plank. Lift your left arm overhead. We're going into that part of our, and right away bump your left hip up towards the ceiling. Push the right hand away from you, like there's a rollback barn into your hand, and then bend your knees. Come back down like you're reversing out of it. We'll just do that part twice more, right? It's a lot of movements. We've been working on our coming together here.

Push them out away with your right arm straight. Now both legs making your bottom like longer than the top. Reach your left hand away from your left foot. Come back down nice. Twice more. Adding the full sidemen in both directions in so you stretch out again. Arm overhead. Now you stay somewhat lifted, you lower your right calf, the ground you look over your left shoulder keeping a straight right arm, left arm Lois towards the hip, so your site bending down and then press back up from there.

Up and over. Nice and then soften back in. Good. Now if you have trouble balancing, which I'm exactly the same way, you just stagger your feet. One in front of the other. Totally cool. Yeah, we'll do that one more time. Press into your right hand and both your feet to find that side plank line. You bend up and over. Nice. Now your left arm travels down onto your left side. You side bend your way down. Any amount you can.

You press yourself back up, stretching up and over, and then bend both knees and come back down and shake it loose for a second. Yeah, we've been working on side body quite a bit. So if things go awry, this is why we're here, right? To test that it's swing over to the other side. [inaudible] yeah, with a teaser. Why not? So now we're supporting ourselves in our left 10 so if that first side proved difficult for you, maybe already go into staggered feed, no harm in that your feet, hip and left hand are aligned with one another. Twice we press into that side. Plank lines, strong legs, long legs already monitor.

If your shoulder lands over that left hand and then reverse back out, coming back down, using the sides of your waist. Nice and long. Parallel to each other. One more time like that. Strong legs, strong sides lengthen out, stretching the right hand away from your feet. You come back down and we're going to add on. You stretch up and over going into a foresight. Then from here, which comes down to your right arm, onto the right hip, bottom calf onto the mat. Look over your shoulder, come back up from there. Beautiful and soften back in. Good and holding aside, playing is just if not harder, so that's great. One more time.

Stretch it out into your side, Ben. Find that laying across the right side here. Side bend down. Find the length in your left side. Stretch up. One more time. Up, up, up. Push both hips towards the ceiling and bend on down. Awesome. And shake it loose. Release for a second. Alright, we do have one more thing here in our side playing, which is the star.

All right, there's tons of variation on these. We're going to keep it fairly simple, right? Any amount will do if your leg doesn't trail forward all that far, even though we prepared for it with our legs spring, that's fine. We'll set up on the other side for side playing. One more time without right-hand supporting us, our legs off to our left.

Again, you can stagger your feet in front of one another if that suits you. Find your side plank line from here. Your arm stays on your side this time. Now from here, see if you can shift weight into your bottom third. So your top leg can lift maybe to the height of your hip. From here, the leg and arm trail forward in space and come back to where you started. Your arm goes forward, your leg goes back nice and you come back to center.

Keep the bottom side strong. One more time. Arm and leg forward. Find center forward, leg back. Nice. And come back to center. Bend it down and let's try the other side. Ah, found your kryptonite. We'll do it again. All right. Again, any amount we'll do.

We're just testing the stability of your sides. We are ready to try it. Let's see where this side goes. Hand out to the left. Push into your side, playing here. Top leg. See if it rises up. If not, stay inside plank. If you can support the stacking is of your hips, your arm and leg trail forward. Yes. And come back to the center. Um, forward, leg, back and back center. One more time. Arm and leg forward. Come back to side plank. Arm forward, leg back. Nice and come back center. Great effort van unis come all the way down. Amazing work you guys. We're gonna finish it off with a little side switch here using our arms Springs.

So we'll set up for that. Alright, so we're getting ready for the open arm side stretch and what do we do to set up for this as bring our Springs to the other side of the tower and attach them at about shoulder height. Now we're still using our legs Springs but we attached handles to them. If you have specific arm Springs you like to use, use those. We're going to start with our arms out wide to the side and depending on the length of your Springs, you will have to walk out enough so that you can lean into that spring tangent. Feel really expansive across the width of your collarbones into the wingspan of your arms.

Now a side stretch or it started small first your right arm lifts up towards the ear. Your left arm comes down at the same time. You can look down towards your left hand and bump your hips ever so slightly towards the right side. Leave it at that for a moment. Stamp your right heel down, stretch your right hand away from it, and then come back to center. Opening your arms wide to the side. Have started the other way. Your left arm lifts up. Take your gaze down to the right hand.

Bump your hips ever so slightly to the left and then stretch from left heel to left. Fingertips coming back to center. We'll take it a little bit farther. The second time around, it was getting really long through the side body right him up. Left arm down this time. Allow the right side of your body. Thomas' wrap around the left, going into a bit of a twist and return to center. Take your arms wide to either side, left arm OB. Write them down.

Go into your twist, looking towards your right hand and come back through center. One more round. Adding yet another level of depth here. Right arm of left hand down. This time. Allow your left hand to travel almost behind your body, across the hip. Wrap the right side of you around and come back through center.

Opening your arms wide to the side. Last time left arm up right arm down that your right hand travel to the of your left hip. Wrap the left side of you around into that mini twist. Come back out to the side. Arms why to either side. Stand back on both. Feed with the sides of your waist. Nice and lifted that the spring tension. Return you back onto long legs.

And final thing we'll do today is our standing chest expansion. So go ahead and turn around. Face your tower bout an arm length away from your tower poles. Got a nice strong Fiskar with your hands. Heels together, toes apart for more stability and just like we did kneeling earlier, you poll the Springs back behind the hips on an inhale, tilt your head over to the right, stand tall through the sides of your waist. Come back through center up and over to the left, left ear to left shoulder, still holding tension on the spring straight to center and release three more of those pulling back. Stretch over left. To start, we really let your collarbones and shoulder girdle stay on.

Stretch over to the right, beautiful and straight ahead and release the spring tension. Last sets. Paul, hold the breath till the head right and center. Feel the sides of your waist still active and alive and center release. This is your final one. Inhale, Paul holding the breath as utill the head left and right straight up. Release the Springs. Let the spring tension go. And you, my friends are all said excellent work.

I hope the sides of your body feel nice and lifted and take that with you into your practice from here on out. Thank you so much and thank you for watching.


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Wonderful lateral column flexions. I imagine that the hips will have freed themselves from the weight of the torso. Excellent work
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wow, - that was awesome!! I feel my sides, I feel lifted and totally energized - really great workout!! I love your cues and your spirit, Benjamin, and I will definitely come back to this! Maybe one day I can even do the star... 
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what an amazing class ..cant wait to try it out 
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Great session!  I love the swan using the rollback bar. 
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Thank you so much🙏
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Awesome work,  One question --the yellow springs with the push thru--were they the short or long springs.  I found it extremely difficult to perform most of those moves with roll back bar on short yellows.
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Nice the "inter-curl" and the side plank with no weight on shoulder.   Thank you thank you!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thank you all so much for watching! Susan - we did use yellow BB springs for the Roll Back bar exercises, but I highly recommend trying the exercises with springs that suit your practice, and/or moving the attachment up or down to dilute the tension to meet your needs. Hope this helps!
Rebecca P
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This was an awesome class! Loved all the cues and use of the roll down bar. I can’t wait to repeat.  Thank you
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Wow, that was INTENSE !!! Loved it all, as always. Thanks a lot, Benjamin :)))
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