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Side Body Tower

55 min - Class


Wake up your side body with this fun Tower workout by Benjamin Degenhardt. He focuses on side bending, finding opportunities to increase stability and mobility with lateral movements. By the end of the class, the sides of your body will feel nice and lifted.
What You'll Need: Tower

About This Video


Hi everyone. I'm Benjamin Dagon hearts. I'm here to teach another tower class today with the help of Kathleen and Chaz and we're working on a balanced body tower. Um, for this workout ...


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Wonderful lateral column flexions. I imagine that the hips will have freed themselves from the weight of the torso. Excellent work
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wow, - that was awesome!! I feel my sides, I feel lifted and totally energized - really great workout!! I love your cues and your spirit, Benjamin, and I will definitely come back to this! Maybe one day I can even do the star... 
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what an amazing class ..cant wait to try it out 
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Great session!  I love the swan using the rollback bar. 
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Thank you so much🙏
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Awesome work,  One question --the yellow springs with the push thru--were they the short or long springs.  I found it extremely difficult to perform most of those moves with roll back bar on short yellows.
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Nice the "inter-curl" and the side plank with no weight on shoulder.   Thank you thank you!
Thank you all so much for watching! Susan - we did use yellow BB springs for the Roll Back bar exercises, but I highly recommend trying the exercises with springs that suit your practice, and/or moving the attachment up or down to dilute the tension to meet your needs. Hope this helps!
This was an awesome class! Loved all the cues and use of the roll down bar. I can’t wait to repeat.  Thank you
Wow, that was INTENSE !!! Loved it all, as always. Thanks a lot, Benjamin :)))
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