Class #3940

Magic Circle Mat

40 min - Class


Use the Magic Circle to help you feel the magic in the air with this Mat workout by Kristi Cooper. She encourages you to figure out what your body needs to help you feel wonderful by the end of the class. She includes fun variations that use the Magic Circle to help you and challenge you while you work on finding the activation in the center of your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Magic Circle

About This Video


Hey everybody, the dolphin just pass by and that is partly why we're picking up the magic circle today. A lot of magic in the air today. So just find what you need to do to make yourse...


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very beautiful, thank you, i was hoping for something like this from you :)
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love that assisted tricep pushup. what a great idea!
Such a wonderful class and your energy always brightens my own.  Thank you!
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Loved the two way stretches! Thank you! 
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Thank you, feels good!!
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Your cueing is so great! I love your classes! Always a little something new, too.
Thank you all for joining me in class again. Vivian That push up variation taught me to do it well originally and now helps me with my shoulder injury.  I'm glad you like too! 
Sharon, I'm really glad to hear you found a little something new within the cueing of this class.  I love it when that happens for me (often!)
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Unpredictable movements with your great cueing with magic circle made my day; I always find it a bit hard doing push ups but with magic circle I have done it easily; thank you so much Kristi
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Fantastic - thank you Kristi! This was my first pilatesanytime class. Let’s hope they’re all as great as this one! I feel really ready for the day now!
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Loved the abdominal work, always lovely when you cue us to focus on our body to choose positioning at times. We all appreciate one position doesn't suit all. Thanks kristi
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