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Stabilizing Mat

45 min - Class


You will improve your hip mobility and stability in this Mat workout by Marimba Gold-Watts. She starts by breaking down exercises that you already know so that you can really pay attention to the mechanics of your head and neck. She then moves on to more challenging work to test your strength and balance.
What You'll Need: Mat, Yoga Strap, Overball, Theraband

About This Video


Hi, my name is Marimba gold wax and I'm the owner of articulating body ink in New York, New York. I'm also the 2018 [inaudible] anytime winner. And today we're here to do a matte class...

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thank you for a great class!
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Pilates Anytime you've found a gem. Thanks. This class was interesting, well-led, and challenging. Hooray for Marimba!
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Wonderful cuing and great exercises. Enjoyed the class!
Loved the mobilization of pelvic rotators. Thanks Marimba.
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Congratulations !! I do like a lot your class and the content. keep going!!!
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I found the Clear and Effective cueing helps with the challenging yet accessible exercises. I appreciate the "quiet" moments in the class... giving time for students to "hear " their own bodies. One of my favorites on PA. Thank you, Marimba!
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Holy hip glide! My hips are thanking you for a fantastic mat workout. I felt a strong "eureka" moment while lifting the legs into table top after using the strap to pull the femurs into place. This basic exercise was very powerful. I often have trouble verbalizing this concept to students, and the strap was a very direct way to experience it. I also loved the side plank progression. You guided us into it so gradual and smooth, it was very sneaky. :) Pilates Anytime just became so much more valuable to me! I can't wait for more videos from you!
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Nice work, thank you. I am looking forward to try all exercises.
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Great class! Hips feel fabulous and love the spiraling at the end of class :) Thanks for another great hour of movement Marimba!
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Awesome great class
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