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Fall Out of Balance Reformer

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Learn how to prepare your body and train for slip prevention with this Reformer workout by Louise Johns. She continues with the theme of falling out of balance, teaching different sequences to increase your awareness and proprioception. She includes exercises that will allow you to work on power and elastic recoil so that you are prepared for any situation.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Pilates Pole

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Jan 17, 2020
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Hello, please, anytime I am here with you to do a little reformer workout. The workout is centered around falling out of balance, a little balance, asymmetrical, some power. I'll talk more about it with you when we get going. Let's start with something that you know some footwork so we don't, I don't scare you all away and or if you're going to teach this to your clients, you don't scare them all away. Put your foot wet Springs on. I am going to do three red Springs high on this balance, body reformer, and I've given myself a little head. So hop onboard.

Get yourself in place, place the balls of the fee on the foot bar and get your setup. Here we go. We're going to press on out and just for a second or two, allow your heels to drop down and just feel the weight of your body dropping into your heels. Let's cool that stretch. Rise up on the tip toes, bend your knees, keep the heels where they are and begin your footwork. Now you're welcome to do your footwork with me or do your own footwork and join me when we move on to something more exciting. Not that footwork's not exciting, but you know how it goes. Here we are. We're pressing back and I'm wrapping into the back of my body, finding my glutes. I'm going to press on back. I'm going to stay here.

Squeeze the heels together. No need to fuss with the four feet and press away. Squeeze. Go at your own pace, finding your internal rhythm and of course find your breath. Let's do four together. Four and three. Really tall to one.

Parallel the fee unless do some high kicks. Press one heel towards the ceiling and the other. There's a little sticky switching in between the feats. Notice I'm exploring my feet. Now I'm going to go toes, point around, spread my toes, check my pedicure, put my foot back down other way, heel toe around, maybe spread the toe and away. Do that again. Exploring what your ankle and your foot have to offer.

I'm going to do one more time down and bend the knees on in. Place the heels on the football, two feet like the number 11 press away. It's going to be shorter press and in. I'm just checking my neutral, keeping my four feet in the same position the whole time as I press, press now, keep pressing and then begin to do a little marching that looks like this down and up. I love this because it increases my awareness of where the foot is on the reformer, makes me concentrate a little bit more the next time. Place the ball of the foot on the foot bar and the other and go heel, heel, toe, toe.

I love this exercise because increases my awareness of where I am. It's making me concentrate because I don't want to miss that. Football helps me work on Dorsey and plants of flection. Shall we switch the leading leg. Press back, heel, heel, press back, heel, heel. Press back one more round now running in place.

Focus on the down and then focus on the up and now let's focus on the down. Up, down, up, down, up. That fascia loves a little bouncing. Babies light to balance. We'll go four, three, two, one heels up, bend the knees on in. Dismounts was me. Whew. I'm sweating. We'll put the foot bar down, one in the low position and it's going to pretty much stay there for the next few exercises. Take off your Springs.

Let's place one red spring low only. I'm going to stand and start on the other side of my reformer. So for me, I'm going to place my left foot up on the standing platform. Then my rights check how I've got my foot. I've got my foot Josten a little bit on the edge so that when I press away I've got some traction.

If you're a little tool that you might have to start with your foot out further, otherwise you're going to bump into the end of the carriage. That is not my problem. So I'm right here. All right, so first of all, hands on the pelvis, press out into your regular slide and then come on in. So we're pressing, not a big deal. Visualize the top of the FEMA is rolling in and rolling out. It'll nice hip mobility here. Now take the arms up, shrug the shoulders, touch the thumbs, and bring it on. In.

Inhale and exhale. Press in. We just building our awareness of the reformer. Now give me a side bend and it doesn't matter which direction. You can go over that way and then go over the other way. Now 10 then it doesn't matter which way you turn because it's the same every time. Let's do that sequence one side bend and the other side. Bend. OBA, a little spine twist.

You've done this before and another one and reten just warming up the spine, face the reformer. Place your hands on the foot bar and bring your feet onto the seats through a little version of elephant. I will confess that I learned this one from Courtney from watching plays anytime, so thank you for sharing, not the chin towards your chest. Take your eyes towards your knees and think about a good steady grip on the football grip with your toes, like a birdie on a perch, and then press them back until you feel like your head could touch the football in hell. Slide the carriage back until you feel that stretch that we know and love and the lower body. And exhale, bring it in and challenge yourself here.

Inhale and exhale. Breathe in. Expanding the spine in flection. Press and pool. Two more. Press and pour. Last time, press and pull all the way in. How did it go? That's turnaround. Excuse my back. Get yourself set up.

So remember the food is on the inside and then just to mention, I can use my shin up against this football. So when I press out to the side, I've got little leverage hands on the pelvis, checking out the view press outs and in the FIM is role in an L. we'll just do two more this side. Last time sliding. Take those arms, go pinkies touch this time and else. Elongate the spine. Breathe in and out. See if you can time it so the hands touch and the carriage slides together.

I've got one more now. Outside bend, it doesn't matter which way because every time do the other side. It's the same thing. Ten one way. It doesn't matter which 10 the other way. Let's do the sequence again, one side, Ben, please, and the other way. I love this one twists and the other way and return pulling it in.

Guess what? This come back to elephant because we're still preparing our spine for movements. Exactly the same. No-frills same thing, not the chins. You get nice head, neck control. Frame the head between the arms, send the carriage back so that you could tap your head on the foot bar if you needed to. I don't know why you would need to, but just in case. By the way, in house, slide it back. Exhale, pull it forward. Inhale, exhale, do one more. Inhale and exhale. Now walk the feet together. Here's the variation and that'd be mindful because the carriage, you might move from underneath. You lift your heels, just a credit card, distance off of the seat. Take your eyes to your belly. If you have the ability, send the carriage back and forth.

It got a lot harder. What I find interesting is the shape between underneath my feet in my belly, in my throat. It's the same shape that's do one more time in and out and walk backward. Take your hands wider and let's just stretch out a little bit. How's it going? You should feel a little bit warmed up.

We're going to go back to our standings. Slides. Come on up. Now just to mention if you, if you do sweat, I'm sweating a little bit. I'm going to grab one of these guys and place it on my carriage so that I don't slide. Step on up, left foot, right foot and all the way in. Start to slide again. Why chitchat? We'll do four of these. Now we're going to start to produce a little power.

If I was going to slip and fall, it's the one biggest rep max I'll ever do, so I've got to train for that. Here we go. I'm going to just do a little skater first. You know this one pressing out on the foot bar. Now I'm going to produce a little power, so watch what I do. I press out and I control back. I breathe in.

You'll find that inhalation helps to keep the spine stiff and gives you some stability. Let's do three and in and two and in and one and in and pause. Step back. Come quickly to the other side so we don't lose our rhythm. I'm still on that one. Red spring low. Sometimes when I'm [inaudible] feeling feisty, I put it up, but I'm going to keep it low for today. Skates.

Find the support of the carriage. Don't worry if the hips move too much. It's all good. Choo. Hello everybody. Now let's go for some power. You're ready. Let's go eight and pull back in. Breathe in and back and in. Do what you'd like with your arms. Explore what they have to offer.

Notice my fingers and my rests. I'm making different shapes. I do believe I've got one more and return. I'm out of breath. Hand down for safety. Off we come. How's it going? Chest expansion. I'm going to keep my one red spring low.

Bring my knees to the middle of my carriage. In your what? White machine not going to use this. I'm going to bring my knees to my middle of the carriage. Remember, if you need more stability, bring yourself up. If you are one of those classical teachers, you might like it back here. I split the difference and go in between. Here's the prep, grab the handles, find my alignment. Exhale, press the handles behind me, finding that bridge position, and then inhale forward. Exhale, press in hell forward.

So here are just set up the movement. First of all, something familiar that we've done before. Let's add a little neck movement, which is an inhale look right and look left and return it forward. Three more. Exhale, look left and right and in and forward to progress. Look, rights and laughed and forward. Last time, press look left and right and forward and return.

Place them on the pegs. Control front. Place your hands on your shoulder. Rest. Place your feet on your seat. Now if you're already nervous, I suggest you come to the floor and do a plank because that's what we're doing. Feet right here, or fee on top of the foot bar. Come into your plank, squeeze your legs together.

Get a good head position going and just stay here for a second. Find your breath and out. Now either stay there or inhale, press the carriage forward and exhale. So if I fall down on the ground, I need the upper body strength. That's what this is about. One more time. Come on in.

Bring the knees down, step on off. Give the rest of the little shake. Spring change, red spring going up. If you're lighter, you might just like the yellow spring. If you're heavier, some of my men out there, you might want to put a blue spring with that red. Come on up. You can use your sticky. That's probably not very graceful and I didn't catch it. The virus put it on.

I'm going to stag up, so look where I have got my sticky on the back of my carriage. When I come on up, I split my stance feet like this and I'm going to turn it a little bit. If it makes you nervous being on here, put your standing platform in place. Otherwise just stay with me. Press the carriage out, lift the heel, bring it back. Let's do that again. Press really good toe off for the hip drive, press and back. Now let's begin. What should I do?

I bend the knee and I come on in. I bend and I come on in. I'm trying to simulate walking so I push. If I was to slip, I would press the carriage back and press. Yup. Sit. Go, sit, go. Yes. Go for three. Use your breath to one more hold.

Now we're back in the 80s and we're doing some aerobics. You can March the arms. You can pump the arms or get crazy and do a little jazz arms. Do three with me. Three, two, one. Control that. Kinetic energy. Definitely put your hand down.

Come with me. Other side. Moving my sticky back. My right foot is going in front. My left foot is going at the back and then I'm going to turn on the diagonal. My feet, just the right size again, put the platform and if you're having trouble, all right, toe off and back. As the toe presses, the hip drives forward.

It's really nice for people that have trouble with the toes. Okay. Are we ready? Ready squat down and up. If I'm a 50 year old, which is not too far away, I need single leg squats. I need squats, I need slip prevention. I'm training now and I'm pushing and I'm pushing and I'm going for three. Watch my fingers and my hands.

I'm exploring now let's go in and out. Eyes up. You can March the arms. Try that. You can pump the arms. I'm going to with my leg this time or Jazzercise for three. For two for one. Come on.

Up and down. Yes. I'm hoping that was not too noisy. I'm going to get rid of this guy. Remember we were doing chest expansion earlier on. Let's bring that red spring down. If you'd like your arm, work heavy, keep it up. Bring the knees back on. You're welcome to stay exactly here or put your head rest down and put your right foot to come into that split stance.

I suggest having the ankle up against the shoulder rests and then get that hip Eben left arm overhead. Press the arms up, moving the rib cage up, moving the shoulder up, moving the hand up. As far as I can and then I'm going to do a little backstroke. I breathe in and out here. I'm just prepping. I'm prepping you for a movement that's coming later. One more, and then return. Now left arm up, right arm down.

Do the same movement repeatedly getting my post area bleak. Chain up and fired up. One more. Remember that sequence. Lift up your straps, cross the right one, put it in your left so that the left one is underneath. Grab your short straps, brace yourself with your ankle. Press the arms back, chest expansion. Once more, you can see I'm fidgeting to get steady now. Exhale, inhale.

Let the nervous system be okay and your brain catch up to what's happening. I'm going to add some variation if you would like to. Now go back to that same pattern. Left arm up and down. I've got my knuckles leading.

I'm going to try not to ride the carriage. Breathe out. Let's go for three press notice. I've got two fests. Two, one more. Press and down. How's it going?

I'm cross. Put the right one on the bottom. The left one on the top. Two feet on the foot football coming up. So carriage football. Remember, you can go down there. Control front once more. Here we go.

This time rise up on your tip toes. Exhale, push back. Inhale. Exhale two and out. One more. Forward and down. Be safe. Set down. One, two, right knee, down, left foot in front. Get your steady. I'm really sweating just so you know if I begin to glow, that's why. All right, right arm up to the ceiling. Think about where this arm comes from. Find your middle finger this side.

Trace it down through the armpit. Your last rip on that right side and shrug it all up. The little backstroke. Now here, notice what happens to that right pelvic cough. As we reached the arm behind us, it rolls forward one more. Now here's the pattern, right arm up, left arm down posterior oblique chain. Two more, one more, and pause if you're feeling unsteady to stick with the ons with no straps.

Otherwise grab hold of the straps. I'm going to show you the up level. This side, I could tuck my back foot underneath me. It's going to create more tension across the front of my right hip, which might distract me and make me fall down. So you choose chest expansion, exhale and inhale. I'm rolling that right hip forward as I press the carriage back. Asymmetrical shape to challenge the balance.

Now let's make that asymmetrical arm position. Press back, let the knuckles lead, press back. I'm going to turn this left one press that it's like a different country on this side, so I'm struggling a little bit, but let's go for Thery. Find your steady. Try not to ride the Springs. Last one back and forth. Nice job. We made it. Come on down. Come on off.

Shake your rests. All right, let's grab our long boxes. We'll use one of these stickies and we'll place the box in the middle and the sticky in the middle. We have a change. The foot bar is going down him and I'm going to put one blue spring on the top. Only now when we explore the reformer, these are your rises.

I'm just going to make sure that these are facing this way because we're going to get ready to pull two hands on the corners, boobs and or chest on the box. If it's comfortable, if not, move everything forward. Grab both of the straps. Climb up. We're going to pull festival. I like to have this moment of just having a little rest. Lay in the rib cage and the shoulders move upward towards my ears like we did earlier on when we were standing. Now plug the shoulders in. Find your upper body and your lower body and connect the two.

Pull yourselves forward. You're running to the end of the carriage, that spine and then back. Do a little pulling. Initiate from the arm pits. Pull them out on your body up a buddy's connecting to the lower body. Not a big deal. Now just because we can pull forward quick. Let go. Ready?

One, two, three. Heightens your awareness. Gets your nervous system excited about what you're doing. Keeps you focused. We'll go three to excuse the bump, one down, bend your knees. Come on back all the way. That's the best part. So from here, since we're here, bring the arms out, bring them down, raise the thumbs up, do a little scaption. No, bringing the shoulder blades together. Bring them up.

Lean to your right as you look up at the left and down around there, and go right down around. Then lift left to and around. Then lift right. Two more. Finding the shoulder in the opposite pocket last time and down and pause. Either stay there or come up again. Post with your arms. A little extension. Bring one heel in a way, single like kick.

You can poles. You can just explore the quad. Stretch back and forth and then down. So now let's add the arms and the legs. Let's refresh our memories. Bring the arms up. Left arm leading up and down, right. I'm leading up and down. Left. Bend the right and down, right.

Bend the left. Breathe in and out. Complicated a little complex movement. Keep your brain interested. Lost time and down and pause. Hands on the corner, slide on off. Football's going up. Take the spring off, move it back.

Bring it into place in the low position. Once more. Had to think about that for a minute. Bring it back. Blues. Spring high is still on there. Sao friend, belly down on the foot on the carriage face in the football. Same thing, just upper body. Press away first. It's really, really late and come on in. It's really, really like, did I say that already?

N press away. Look mom, no hands. You knew this was coming. Press absorb, press, absorb. Keep going. Things to think about. Bend your elbows, feel like they're like Springs and push, absorb and push. I might stop moving the reformer look, go places and stop and return and take a break. I'm not sure if I need to move this reformer back. Hopefully it's all good.

All right. Did you have fun with that? Take that red spring. Put it up for your Swan for that blue spring away. I just had to get up cause I wasn't too sure how far down I was. So let's come back on top. Alright. Red spring elbows is, why does your box press away? Traditional swans is something that, you know, lifting the chest. Now do me a favor, Brule road and the upper back. So what do I mean by that? Take your upper back. Take the rib cage wide.

Send your breath back there in and out and in and out. Come on in. Do it again. Press lift on up. Three breaths in, wide and out. Breathe in wide and out. Last time. Breathe in wide and out. Press away.

Come on in. Hands on the corners. Straddle the box. Don't fall off. Sit yourself up. Get rid of this guy. I was like to do something like throw this over my shoulder. All right, a version op, horseback, legs off forward. Place your hands underneath your thighs. Have your wrist on the edge so you're not compressing your risks on the soft surface of this box.

Bring your heels out to begin with, Nadia chins was your throat. Rock forward. Curl your tailbone down and make that [inaudible] C shape that stomach massage shape and down. Some of you will giggle and think you can't do it, but you can shift your body shift, lift and round and back. Shift. Lift down. Inhale and exhale. Do one more shift. Lift and up down and stop for a minute and shake the rest.

So we don't often use horseback in class. It's almost impossible and everybody complains. So I started coming up with ideas on how we could get there. You're either gonna watch for four and take a breath or up. Level it with me. Now we're gonna leave the seat completely. Please don't fool off.

Are you ready? One, two, three left. Shift up and down. Ready, shift, lift up. Don't forget your breath. Breathe in out. That was quick on up. Squeeze your thighs to your forearms. Let it go. Take a break. Shake the rests. Shake, shake, shake. All right, enough of that.

Let's place the foot by down. We're getting ready to do climate. Trey, get rid of your boxes and let's put three red Springs on. I don't need to get rid of my box cause we're going to use that box. We might climb a tree in place, so we've got to go back. It's extra exercise like these guys. This one's lighter than mine. Mine is like five pounds. This one's a light one. All right, we need a dowel.

I always feel very important when I have props and we need the fuzzy and a slide. Those little guys out the way and sit on top. So let's talk about placement. This is a little bit close enough for me. If you're like me when you're teaching classes, you don't bother with the Rebo football cause it's a lot of changing. So let's do that little sneaky thing and just put them over the shoulder ass. Make sure it's right up against the metal and on we go again.

Let's just do a little prep something that you know, so roll back. So arms are on the horizon cause we're prepping for climate. Trey, call the tailbone down, get your feet connected in your foot strap and then a roll on up again. Let's take the inhale, inhale into the back body and then exhale. Keep going. I was like to give old tentatives they're a little less than the actual exercise that I want to do just in case somebody wants to just do this one more.

And then up Dow, place the Dow behind your right knee. Pull the Dal in and lift your elbows and kind of shrug your shoulders a little bit. Let's prep the hamstring. Now when you extend the leg out, let the dowel go a little bit to maybe move it down and or up and prep the leg. If you keep it pulled in, you'll give yourself a little something behind the leg there. Now here we go. Call the tailbone under. Catch the foot strap, roll back, park this at 90 degrees and decide if you want to go back any further, you don't, no problem. Pull yourself up.

Push the leg forward and restack. Let's do it again. Roll on back. Implying that the tailbone goes under, the head stays upright, the leg stays at 90 maybe I get a little braver and I start to let the arms go and it's quite nice because this dowel is right here. Co up. Push forward and up. Now if you're less flexible, take the hands wider. I'm going to come with you guys, roll on down. Call the tailbone under, let the spine do the work, so don't get to here and stick your head out. Let the T spine come all the way. I'm holding the dowel.

Then the neck will flourish at the end, not the chin towards your chest. Now doing upright rope. Pull yourself towards your thigh and up. So much less scary. Let's do it again. Roll on down. Here we go. Hang off the end. Explore. Can I go narrower?

Do I need to stay WIDA co in all the way, transition to upleveling. Save. Flexibility's not a problem. Press the ball of the foot into the dowel. I'm inching my hands together. Roll on back. I'm not going to be able to extend. Push the leg forwards. There's a little bit more dynamic. Inhale, catch and press. This time when I come forward, I'm going to produce a little speed and the celery one more time. Produce a little speed and de salaray.

Stick with that or put it away and give me two or three climate tree as you would normally take it back. You can grab the hands on the inside of the rails. Bring the arms forward, climb up, give your shit a little kiss. Give your leg a little love for all the work it does up. Maybe hold the rounds, continuing with what you're doing. I can show you a variation down. Hold the rails.

We can do circles. We'll go three and one direction. If this is not for you, continue climbing up and down other side. Getting a good grip with the upper body. One more. I'm going to bend. Hold, not the chins was a chest pushed the leg forward. Come on all the way up. Whew. How are you doing?

Let's do the other side. Grab the doll. If you don't want to use the Dow, you don't have to. You can do the whole thing as you would normally press the Dow forward. Remember, let the tension go. Prep the foot and the hamstring. We'll do it three times.

I find this really helpful for people that are not overly flexible. Have the mobility that they need in the hips. Are you ready? Wide for less. Flexible, narrow for more and also wide for short legs, long legs. You're figuring it out here. So I'm holding, I'm scared. I don't want to go any further and no problem.

Push into the Dow and row yourself up. Breathe in pockets, roll back in hell XL, row yourself up or comes in threes. Roll reach, row up. Let's go all the way over with this Dow, all the way, all the way, all the way. Try to avoid just having the neck. Do the what? Let the thoracic spine, that T spine, nod your chin, push forward. Do the work for you.

One more same, same. It's about nine repetitions in total, which is way more than you would normally do. Let's explore it a little bit with the dowel. So what I found is if you put it in the arch, it's fine, but it's that planted fashion might talk to you. So place it over the ball of the foot.

If you have little short legs like me, you'll be able to push the ball of the foot into the dowel. I'm going to press back. I might get a little bit of skewed depending on the hip rotation. I have used a little speed and push forward rocking in how back and push forward. Last time, rocking and push. You can play with that or go for your full climate tree.

Rounding the spine, pressing back. I'm going to square myself a little bit. Climb down, take the arms overhead if you want to in the runners, finding that nice length through that bottom leg. Bring the arms up, come up, kiss your shin and down again. One, two, three over. Now you can stay here with me and do some circles would go three in one direction. I'm really working that downstairs leg for stability and reverse. Hopefully my legs making circles. One more bend, roll.

Push all the way back up. Take a second, breathe in and out. All right, left foot goes in mermaid. Come to the side now here Dorsey, flex your ankle and bring the heel to the middle of your pelvis if you can. If it bothers your knees, let the foot relax and of course bring the leg over the top. Head rest is down obviously cause we got the head rest the box over the shoulder ass. But if you need a little bit of the floor closer than put it up, reach right arm as far to the right as you can.

Place it on the shoulder. S bend the elbow and reach this left hand. Open the fingers. Feel the webbing of your fingers. Push down and come up. Remove the hair. Ready to go over in hell. Bend the elbow. Push down and up. One more.

Over hand down. Bend the elbow, push down, come on back. Interlace the hands. Take them into your head behind and the elbows forward. Now we're going to be a little bit more Steph and a little bit more stable. Inhale, think nose, Naval pubic bone in a line and press on up. Inhale off the end, finding that connection, pulling up on that fuzzy and puck. Two more.

Breathe in and then out. Last time, breathe in and then out. Now 10 both of your hands to was the runners. Allow your head to go down. You're putting a little bit of pressure down on this right leg. Then push down and come back. Go down, push down and come back.

So now this is more about dynamic flexibility and mobility rather than that passive. One more hands go down, release the strap. Left leg is free, show me your left foot and away. Reach it forward and behind. You're going to find this left hand is light, so let's reach and pull just making some shapes on the reformer. Sometimes I'm going behind, sometimes I'm going forward. Bring it down. Come on up other side.

Here we go. Reach down for your, your foot strap or your fuzzy. Come into your side position. Remember Dorsey, flex the ankle or have it relaxed or take it off the ends. Bring the arms high on the horizon and if you get those individuals that get a little stuck right here, try bringing their arms up and it might help them to get upright a little bit. Let's go left-hand across the room. Pull up on the fuzzy, left-hand goes down, bend the elbow, push down with that left arm and come back up. Reach. Inhale over bend, reach and come back up to more of a down reach and press of down reach and press. Interlace the hands behind the head.

Pull up on the neck and bring the elbows forward. So the the chest kind of hollows. It's basically a side plank. So breathe in. Think nose, Naval pubic bone in a diagonal line. Pull on the fuzzy, anchor, the hip. Inhale, lead, big back body breath. Exhale and down. Two more brief and [inaudible] last time. Brave in and out.

Two hands, Tom. Walk them down. And again, if it feels uncomfortable on the leg, then just miss this part out. Push up and away. Go down, push and away. Active rebound. Elastic recoil under a second movement is quick. Go down and wait. Take the foot out the fuzzy, press the heel forward. Take it behind.

Look at your foot. Find it over your shoulder. I could just about see it. So explore with the legs swinging and maybe the right arm. Moving like leg swings. Maybe forward, maybe behind, maybe in front one more down. Push all the way up.

We're almost there. Home stretch. No more box. Away it comes. I'm actually going to place it to the side cause I'm going to stand at the end. So let's move our equipment out of the way so that the end of your Reforma is spray. I'm mostly going to take the dial away just to be safe. One blue spring on the bottom.

Now if you're taller and heavier, you might enjoy a slightly heavier spring step inside the well. Be mindful that you don't trip on anything. As you go on in walk forward, place your hands on the shoulder rests. Take a walk back. Place your cuff muscles up against the end of the reformer. Let the reformer take you forward. As you sit your seat back, finding that same lengthening of the arms and the shoulders rising. Now from the tailbone, lower the tailbone, draw the abdominals in and start to climb up your spine.

Framing your head like we did earlier on with that elephant that we did and then return allowing the head to come, the tools, the tail in the back. Exhale, draw under head to the tail in the front body and then head to the tail in the back body. Exhale up and then return. Now this time straight and the legs and if it feels too heavy, walk forward as you draw the carriage up, rise up onto your tip toes. So if you were to fall down and fall forward, you'd be on your tip toes. And then this time, lift the toes and draw up as if you're going to fall over backwards. Heels come up to prevent falling forward.

Toes come up to prevent falling back. Heals up, toes up, walk forward. Last little thing to do. Left foot on the front just like we did earlier on. Heel toe, that right leg back. Rock forward over the big toe and the ankle and back. Rock back and forth, letting that right hip come forward.

Let's add movements. Come forward, press the heel away. Try not to extend too much. Kinda stay low left arm because that's the left leg. Rotate out and back. Rotate out. Push through the back heel. Come forward and back up, down with the heel.

Up and back. Last time out, heel up, back, press back. There's a little hamstring round the spine forward now extends press back. There's a little hamstring and through the back body forward last time, press back, step back, right leg or the other right leg. Depends on which one you did. Ankle is food for support. Reach forward over the big toe and the ankle and back.

Breathe in and out. In and out. Breathe in. Release. Stay here, right. Um, reach it out and down. Rotation is different on one side to the other. As you come up, press the heel back.

As the arm comes down, bring the heel up, heel down and forward. Breathe in and back. One more. Yes, hand down. Push back. Get yourself situated, round the spine. Allow the tailbone to go under. It will be fine. Come forward. There's the extension.

Go back flax. Evening the hips. Round forward. Last time's coming up. Press back and forward. We've got to go back once more to be even back. Step the foot down. Walk back, come into your applies V or parallel the feet with the heels together. Take your hands down to the ground. Now. I like the end of the reformer right here because it tells me how far back my butt's going behind my heels. As I roll up, we're only going to do it once. I feel like I'm in the bathtub down here, round the spine, just like we did earlier on.

When pulling the carriage initiate from that low core activation, connecting the head to the tail, float the hands, feeling the calf muscles touching the reformer. Keep the tail down. Get the pelvis underneath you, frame the head, bring the arms up, bring the arms down mindfully, step back. Bring your feet underneath you. Get grounded. Get a sense of your posture. Take a deep breath and release. Nice job. Everybody.


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Can’t wait to try this routine - looks challenging and fun!
2 people like this.
Thanks for the awesome, fun class and your great instruction!
Sabine G
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A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. class
Thats was my first class I took from you Louise and I loved it! 
Your cues are so helpful and your endless creativity gives this class the icing of the cake, even the known swan feels so different with the extra breath. Thank you!
Keep going! I cannot wait to explore more from you!
Praveena C
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Love, love this practice. I miss you❤️
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Loved your energy ! Thankyou for this class
Taghrid K
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Beautiful fun and creative, really loved using the dowel for the tree, I think most people are afraid of it and this gives them a lot of security and something to hold on. Thank you so much Louise, Loved Loved the class.
Taghrid K
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Also loved the concept of spring recoil to improve balance and proprioception.
Theresa L
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All of the abovementioned plus want to say that I recently learned more about myofascial release and this class ties in with what I learned! thank you so much for a fun class with good cues and mindful energy!
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This was so much fun! And it offers a lot of new ideas and a dynamic approach to many of well known exercises. Love it!! Also, Louise your energy is contagious :)) thank you!!
Theresa Thanks so much for the feedback and yes, the fascial work is in here as our bodies love to be pumped which hydrates our fascia. If you enjoyed it you might enjoy our Primal work which you can see on Instagram @primal movementworks or with me @ljmovesyou :) 
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