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Falling Out of Balance

20 min - Tutorial


What is your strategy when you fall out of balance? In this tutorial, Louise Johns looks at how your eyes and your vestibular system play a huge role in your recoil action during a fall. She teaches simple and fun drills and games that will stimulate your brain and body.
What You'll Need: Yoga Strap (2), Small Tennis Ball

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Dec 29, 2019
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Hello, I'm Louise Johns and this is Erin and I forgot her last name. Erin Wilson. And she and I have never met before. We literally like five minutes ago. What I wanted to do to get to...


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Such important work delivered in a playful, mindful and intelligent manner. Definitely going to implement into my teaching strategy. Thanks
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Love the fluid momentum of teaching.  very informative. thank you!
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What a creative sessions useful to all groups. Some of this is challenging but such fun. A great addition to a class

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