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Cadillac Circumference

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You will open up your body with this creative Cadillac workout by Jenna Zaffino. She works on finding more space throughout your body so that you can support your joints. She teaches exercises using the Push Through Bar and shows how they can translate into other movements.
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Mar 18, 2020
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Hey everyone. I hope you're ready to have a lot of fun on the Cadillac with me today. We will start with the push through bar unsprung so it will be hanging and just remember anytime there's no spring on, anytime there's a spring on, we're always going to be extra safe hanging onto the bar itself. I've got a blue spring hung up for later. The fuzzies there's hanging, the roll non-BAR is hanging and the leg Springs are hanging before more fun as we go through, but for now we're going to begin with our legs about hip width, distance apart, holding the push through bar with our hands and just take a deep breath in and lift the bar up to your chest and as you exhale and press the bar down, this is your opportunity to get in touch with those back muscles. Feel the shoulders gliding and sliding on your back.

Breathing in and breathing out and it's just nice to kind of pull the bar apart as if you could elongate it horizontally across the room and feel that same width and space across your chest and across your back. Let's do one more big breath in, elbows, reaching, bar reaching and exhale, reaching all the way down and we're going to add a little knee bend or a plea, a bending the knees as we lift the bar up and then exhale, press down, reaching up through the crown of your head. Inhaling, bending and exhaling. And if you need the opposite breath today, you go ahead and take it. Do what serves you. This is your movement experience with me. I'll try to help out along the way, but whatever you need is a okay, good. From here, we're going to bend the knees, lift the bar to chest level. We're going to lift the bar up and then rise up on the balls of your feet and see if you can challenge yourself to lower your heels down as the bar stays still. So you've really got to build some length, maybe even an extra vertebra, bruh. Space in your back, bending to lower down. So PLE a, reach the bar up, rise up, lift and lengthen.

Lower for three, two. We'll pull it through. Let's do it two more times. Bent and stretch. Lift your heels. Lengthen the way. See if we could pull those hips away from your rib cage. Just getting nice and long in the lower back.

One more time to bend and lift. Rise up and reach through your waist for three, two, and one. Lower the bar. Let's bring our heels together and our toes together. We're going to bring the bar to chest height. Bring your right leg up, press it behind you, and then just lift your heel and the same idea extending in, lengthening through that right side, especially. See if you can press the bar up as your heel goes down. Breathe in, lift up, breathe out. Elongate and lengthen.

Breathe in and lift and breathe out. And just keep checking in or your hips square to the Cadillac. Is the bar still as wide as your collar vote and good bones and vice versa. And lower. Good. One more time. Breathe in. Lengthen. Press a little bit longer and then bring your right knee back up and we're going to place the foot onto the edge of the table. Flex your foot, press the bar through. Round forward. Just grazing over your toes.

Take a long hamstring stretch and let's pulse it forward. Just eking out a little bit more range of motion for four and three and two and one from here. Begin to roll up through your spine, shift your right hand forward and then turn over into turnout. So both legs are turned out here. We're just going to take a side bend, stretch up and over, reaching that bar past the toes and then lift all the way up and I'm going to articulate my foot here to give it a little extra motion, so flexing as I reach and then pointing through the toes as I come back up. Let's do it two more times. Reaching over. This is your chance to really establish some space, some opening in those joints, some support.

Last one and then come all the way back to center. Now if you can, we're going to try to rotate around taking our hands on the bar itself and then we're just going to bend the front knee and let the right knee drop down. A little opening hip stretch, and then lift up to stand and straighten. As you drop that knee down, think of that opposition. Whoops. Can't do that. They get that opposition in your belly lifting up as the knee reaches down. We'll do that two more times.

Bending down and just got my foot kind of hooked over the edge of the table and last one bend and then see if you can open your chest. Press the bar back, lift up, lift the sternum, reach back, got lots of different directions coming around. Take a deep breath in. Pull everything together. STAM tallest heart. One more time cause it feels really good to do that. So bending both knees, reaching the right down, lifting your chest up, looking up with your focus, and then pulling it all together. And if you can bend your knee to pull it back up to balance. So be it.

We'll turn around to the other direction. We're going to bend that left knee, press it up, reach back into your lunge, lift up as you breathe in and find the opposition as you breathe out, lifting the heel and pressing longer through either side of the waist, lifting up and pressing through. One more time, lifting up and pressing through. Bring that right leg up to Pasa or bend position. Extend it through, flex your foot, press and round all the way forward into your stretch and just pulsing here. Eight seven each pulse gets a little deeper and four, three, two and one roll up through the spine. We're going to shift the left hand forward. We'll turn out, take a nice long side bend, adjust your hips as needed and then as you come up, if you'd like to add a little point of the foot, go ahead and go into that nice long range to just kind of pumping through the stretch as you go into directions. Using the bar with your hand to push down through the underneath side of your left side of your back in order to reach up through the right ribs.

And I think there's one more here. It feels like there wants to be, let's go off and over and then come all the way back and then we're going to rotate ever so slightly. Let that knee kind of slip off the end. Bend your knee again, zipping up through the front. Gravity pulls the knee down and you float your head and your spine up away from that pole. Good bending, breathing and inflating. You really want to feel buoyant as you go up and down. A sense of lightness and grounded-ness at the same time, which is kind of what we're after in most of our exercises. One more time.

Then down. Let's reach back. Open up. Find that nice long opening of the whole front line. Do you breath in? Pull yourself together to stand. Let's do it one more time. Bending your supporting like reaching down, chest up on the ceiling. Maybe the sky. Lift your heart. Come all the way back to center. Can you transfer the weight imbalance?

Hopefully so. Excellent, and then we're going to come around. I'm going to have you come underneath the bar now and have a seat on the table, making sure that you have enough room to roll back. A little foreshadowing here is coming your way. So we're going to open our legs up to a wide second position. Press the bar up and again hinge.

So use your hands pressing against the bar and use your sitz bones pressing against the table to create that opposition. And as you start to recover, tilt your hips back and see if you can just slide your legs together as you pull the bar closer to you. So that's our blueprint for what's going to happen next. We're going to reach out, lengthen, and then pull from the center of the belly all the way back and in. I'm sure some of you are starting to get curious about where this is going. Ignorance is blessed right now. Just stay with it as you keep going. Let's do one more time reaching out now this time, pull back from the center of your pelvis, drawing your knees in and lift the bar to your chest. Super fun.

Let's press it forward and reach out to your hinge. This is part two, bending and pulling it in, and it's just a matter of putting all the pieces together to start to coordinate. It's one of our [inaudible] principles and often it's less of a management of a lot of parts and more of a, how can I find the most direct line of connection between those parts? All right, here's our last one. Coming in. Now from here, stay in your upper contraction. Extend your legs out. See if you can press the bar, pass them, press your legs up against the bar and pump. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Deep in your contraction, can you bend your knees in and then we're going to come all the way back up.

It's not as horrible as it seems. Let's do it one more time. Vending in and then curl up deep and press that bar. Press your legs about you're above the bar. Pump two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight and then contract lift up. And from here we'll come to vertical. Lower the bar, slide yourself back. And we're going to take my left, your front leg to the outside of the table, and then all the way down with your back leg extended.

So this front hand will be here for your forehead and the opposite hand will go on the bar here. So we'll start all the way down. And don't be afraid to kind of snuggle into the Cadillac and really use that front inner thigh to connect to the wood panel here and just reach your right arm long so you get that long stretch through that side with the leg extended. And then feel your shoulder blade gliding back onto your back to connect into your spine. We're going to do that two more times. Breathing in and breathing out. And one more time. Breathing in and breathing out and just begin with both arms to come up into your extension. So let's find our baby Swan. And at this moment there's a beautiful image. It's not mine, it's from a dancer named Mabel Todd.

And she says to imagine that your rib cage is piercing your spine. So if you can find that engagement of the upper back and just kind of lift from that place to bring you into your Swan, wherever you're ready to go. And then as you lengthen out, really reach for something. So you've got downward pressure on the bar. You certainly could be holding on with all of your fingers.

And we're just trying to again, draw out some of that length, taking up space. So we're lifting up, finding that back engagement and then reaching out. None of this should be super labor intensive. It's more about finding your connection to the shape of extension to a back. Then what does that for you and how can you integrate more parts of your body? Speaking of which we're going to do just that. So lift up one more time, come to a Swan. That's that.

You have the ability to maintain and we're going to go ahead and bend your back leg and extend and then lengthen all the way down for a little extra hip and thigh stretch lifting up. Let's then let's extend and lower down. How about we do two more and it's kinda nice to turn your head. As you go down to the bottom, we bend, we extend. Try a little head turn here. One more time. Lifting up mutable we band. See if you can lift up a little higher.

Feel that full expression of your backbend and extend all the way down. Bring the bar to rest. We're going to go ahead and take your hands back. Come right up into a quatre pad position. You can have your front hand holding onto the side, your opposite hand at your shoulder. And we're going to extend our hips. So just lifting up into a nice long lengthened extension after being bent lower down and see if you can reach the leg slightly forward without dropping the hip out of the position.

So we breed the hip up and we breathe the leg forward and we're just paying attention to that guidepost there. It is of the side of the table all the way up into the side of the uprights of the canopy going at a pace that allows us to avoid any calm contusions is what I'm thinking of. Any sorts of, any sorts of impact. So just nice and easy. Now here's the last one. We're going to reach up now. Let's draw a half circle around and as you come forward, can you touch the Cadillac on the side? And then as you reach up and back, can you find the upright without slamming into it and hug into it? So very controlled, touching to hug, lifting and finding it here.

Just getting all of those beautiful hip muscles to show up for the party and reach one more and reach all the way up and back. And then slowly slide it down. Let's see if you can take that front leg, tuck it over, and then just take a stretch back into your hips. So pushing against the table, reaching down, and then we're going to seamlessly transition almost seamlessly over to the other side. So we're lunging, we've got our hand down, we've got our extension. You can make your adjustments where you need to. Let's begin with those reaches nice and long as you exhale, find a nice home for your shoulder blade on your back. There's always a short one shoulder blade that's a little bit less willing.

So sometimes we have to give it a little more information. Maybe send a few more invitations before we get a good RSVP, reaching and pulling in. So on this next one, let's reach out one more time. Fill up that side with breath. And as you exhale, find your shoulder blade on your back and then begin to feel what happens to your rib cage as you bend your upper back. And how can you transfer the weight down into your hip flexor to create a nice grounded back then so the upper body can be free as the lower body takes the weight and then reaching forward. And I'm really liking that turn of the head at the bottom. So if you like it to add that in and then up and reach.

So we're fortunate in this environment to have beautiful scenes of nature to focus up and to inspire us. But if you're in an environment that isn't at the beach, then what can you do to call in something inspiring into your visual field? Maybe it's an item in your studio, maybe it's something in your home. What is it that you can call in that might help you become a little lighter? In this moment, we're ready to add the leg. Let's go ahead and bend it up, pull it and just opening it up, smiling as we go and reaching it all the way down and then pull bend.

Just hitting that high note without breaking the glass. Reaching out to go all the way through. We've got two more of these feeling the thighbone take weight as you just let the muscles move in a range that serves them. One more time. We're inviting rather than forcing, pulling it up and then reaching it all the way down. Bring the bar to rest first.

Come back into your Quadro pet lifting right up, hand under shoulder, hand on the side of table, and let's sweep back to our extension and can we emanate the length that we felt on the opposite side. So can we really feel that full connection of your hip flexor down against the table when you lift your leg up to horizontal? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Let's do two more times reaching up and lowering down, and last one, reaching back. This time we're going to do a half circle around. Remember to hug or touch the table in the front.

Lift it up gently. Find the upright and hug into your inner thigh. Circling around to touch and fueling yourself through breath and when or if your brain starts to tell you a little story that it's time to stop. See if you can just change the dialogue, become interested and curious about what happens if you do. One more. What happens if you reach a little farther? What happens if you breathe a little deeper? Let's do one more to reach back.

Let's sweep it down and again if you can. We threading up and over and just stretching and reaching in that opposite side. Just letting that hip have a moment to recalibrate. And then from here we're going to come onto a Quadro pad with hands and knees. So we're going to do an exercise that I call reach around the clock and essentially the clock faces underneath you and the reach is happening with your arms and your shoulders. So it's very similar to thread the needle.

We're going to begin with reaching the right arm up and then you're just going to thread the needle like you normally would. So we'll establish that as the norm when you're threading the needle. Most of your weight is either on your shoulder or your supporting arm. We're not necessarily creating our neck to get there and you've got a good amount of support in your lower body too. So now we're going to take that arm up. And from here, if 12 o'clock is at the top, you're going to just reach for it and let the weight of your body open your shoulder. And then as you come up here, we'll reach again and then go to one o'clock and reach for that diagonal.

And then as you come up, reach to two and it's okay if you come off the table, just figure out where that might be for you and then come up and on three I like to turn my thumb down and look away from three that feels the best and then come all the way up. Four is for any moms who have to reach into the backseat of the car to get any number of things, but your child is screaming four and five is like way back there like way, way back there. It's barge, you can go and then six is right through the legs. So sweep it under and stretch all the way down. Lift it up, just having a rhythm. And seven, I like to see how far I can turn my head and eight, reaching a little bit farther in that dad, you know, these are all just areas of motion that we don't maybe pay attention to, but I'm sure that at some point during your day there's some level of reach that's happening. Here's 10, reach up and here's 1111 once more time, we'll get to it later. And then reach up and here is 12 and then come back to center, round your spine, extend your spine in one more time, round your spine and extend your spine and that pull that string from head to tail. That brings you all back together.

We're going to reverse the clock on the opposite arm. So open your arm up. Let's go right to 12 so we reach forward to 12 and press breathing and then reach to 11 almost an offering of all of those tight muscles and 10 lift. And this is the one where I turn the Psalm in and look away because that's just exactly what I need there and up. And then I like to keep it down as we go to I think seven maybe eight and yeah, there's seven and lift and six and I'm really looking where I'm going. And the reason for that is to take my whole body along with the reach five sometimes flipping myself inside out and four and what I start to notice is as I put the focus on my hand and rotate my spine, I'm not really thinking about rotating my spine, but it's happening because I'm looking in these directions and I'm starting to get a lot of good juice in there.

Let's go one and reach and 12 and of course you can go faster or slower depending on what you need. Let's round the spine up. Let's extend finding those shoulders in the back. You should be able to find a little more range now that we've just put the two sides together and then what's round one more time and roll all the way up. We're going to go ahead and hook the blue spring onto our bar for little kneeling cat. We'll start with our hands at the bar and our elbows bent at chest level and just like we did contracting back, seeing if we can find a bit of a stretch here and I'm going to bring you right into it since we've warmed everything up that we need in this case.

So we're reaching the chest down and lifting the seat up and just looking forward, where can you find that expression of extension and then rolling back. Press your hips open. Just do a little pull up to the top. So starting from the belly to the back, rounding back, feel your body in that C curve. Deepen and extend and lift. And incidentally, if the push through bar moving, it ever feels like it's disconnecting, check in with your wrists and keep them long or challenge yourself to keep them long because if you really keep them long at this moment, it becomes much more about flexing your spine than it does about moving the bar.

So as you think of the bar moving, think about how it moves from the spine itself. Last one. Good Chris. Cross your ankles. We're going to come all the way into our saw and from here we're going to lengthen up and just like we did before, find the hinge forward, same initiation from the belly pulling back. Check out those risks and as you press through, keep them long as you reach through your legs, rolling back towards the mat, lifting up and revisiting that length we found at the beginning of our session in standing rounding to press through and rounding to lift up. Now from here, rounding back, we're going to start with our right arm, so sweep your right arm open to the back of the Cadillac and then keep both sitz bones grounded as you take a big side bend. Stretch over to the side. From here, we're going to carve out this space saw through thread the needle very similarly to the clock and reach all the way through and just breathe as you press an opposition, so both arms reaching in two different directions. Sometimes this can be a side bend, sometimes it can be more of a lengthen. You decide what you need today, then pull back through your right hip pocket to reach, to lift up, to place it on the bar to push it through and we'll go to the other side.

Pelvis rolls back, cut through this space to the back of the Cadillac. Lift up and over. Feel your hips grounded. Carve out the space and really gather it up. Own it as you press through, breathe in and breathe out. Folding in your hips, reaching up. One more exhale, rolling back, carving the space, lifting up and push it through.

I think we have definitely a desire to do one more of those on each side. Let's see if we can let it flow. So open the arm up side, bend the back. Hello, fuzzy reaching around. Stretch it through. Just let it flow. Reaching back, hang from the bar, lift, press it through and if you are watching you can see that I'm following my hand with my eyes, which brings me a little bit farther into the range. Just lets me come along for the ride. Reach back and up and through and we roll up through the spine.

To the top. We're going to go ahead and bring our legs together, slide forward a tiny bit, roll all the way down, bend your knees and then place your right foot up. Now we're going to go into a parakeet variation. Choose the position of your foot that allows you to hold the bar. And as you're up here, you can maybe even put the metatarsal of your foot over the top of the bar. If you're comfortable holding with your toes, let that be your connection and then take a moment to create a bond with the bar so you are not partners that you are not going to disconnect and nobody is the leader you're working together and you can just feel that connection as you bend the knee down a bit. Notice if the bar wants to slip and slide, push against it to invite your hamstring to the party and then lengthen back up.

And perhaps if that's working for you, you can go ahead and transition it to reach it through. And at this moment it's not a light foot, it's a grounded hip and it's still connecting to that bar. The knee pierces the ceiling to pull the bar through to reach it up and the knee reaches back to the back of the Cadillac. As you're stretching. Let's do that a couple more times. Bending to reach and bending and stretching.

And then one more time to reach all the way up. Draw your opposite heel in, a little closer and let's begin to reach the extended leg up as we roll up to the top and then we roll all the way down to the bottom. So beginning to articulate from your pelvis to go up and then all the way down so you'll have some transference of weight into the bar and that's great. Just make sure that you're not looking for locked joints to make that happen. Let's do one more time. We're rolling up to stay.

Now we're really going to challenge this hip to open up as we pull the bar down. Same idea, reach it through hello and then pull and as you lift up, see if you can send both hips higher and again, pulling down, reaching through and pulling through and send the legs higher. It's all about maintaining the relationship as you go along with your breath. Reach one more time. Pull the bar through. Reach the leg, pull the bar through, send it higher. We're going to roll through the spine, bone by bone. As you bend your knee through. Draw your opposite leg into your chest. Take a deep breath in.

Exhale, curl forward. This leg is going under the bar as you slowly work your control. Breathing in, breathing out, breathing in, breathing out. One more. Breathing out. Can you extend your opposite leg onto the bar and can you roll up from here? It's not the easiest to reaching through. Grab onto the bar, flex your feet, take a little stretch. Points your feet. One more time.

Flex and point strong connection in your inner thighs. Roll down through the spine and then if you're ready, let's take the opposite leg off and we're now on the other side. Here we go. Pushing through a couple of times, reaching and extending and bend to stretch. Now we've got a relationship with the bar on the other leg. We know what needs to happen. We'll do it one more time.

Bending to press through and then to extend, let's roll up through the spine, pressing down through both legs to lift up and peeling down. And sometimes as we're going through lots of hamstring work, we can get a little fatigued. Remember to allow your sternum to lead the way down so you can remember all the opportunities for articulation that you have in this exercise. Rolling all the way down. We're going to do one more up to stay. Here we go. Get excited. Let's bend the knee, press it through.

Open that hip and bend and lift. So as I'm going through, I'm really identifying the places that I need a little bit more control and support in and I'm taking the time to be able to do that. And press and bend and lift. You've got one more reaching it through and bend and lift everything up and roll all the way down. We're going to bend through and take this leg into the chest. Deep breath in.

Exhale curls you up and you switch. [inaudible] one more time. Press it through. Lengthen that opposite leg out. Curl. Get your roll up. Going reach all the way forward to the bar and now it is time to attempt the reverse monkey. If the push through bar gods are on my side, it should look like a bend and extend and you get to stretch all those muscles and then we get to use everything we worked through. Oh, thank you. To get through.

So initiate again through the belly and extend and lift up. Find that extra length in your spine, hamstrings, back muscles and belly to extend and reach through. Let's do two more because it's working and no worries if this is your first time doing this, it's a journey reaching through last time vending and we extend and lift up through the crown of your head. Grow, grow, grow, grow, grow, bend and reach through and from here go ahead and just flex your feet carefully. Lift the bar up. We're going to unhook it maybe and lower it all the way down. So let's see how all that translates to standing, shall we?

We're going to come over and find the fuzzy. Your inside arm is going low on the upright and your outside arm is going high. We're just going to do a little shoulder work and side bend stretching as we work through the upper body and the balance. Instead of feeling like you're going to hang away from the Cadillac, think of reaching your top arm up to create some tension. So the opposition points are the two arms and the body just gets to stretch in between them.

So we begin by pressing those arms apart and really letting the side body stretch and then pull your elbow down. Think of doing a pull down with the Springs so that arm connects into your back. So breathing in, reaching it apart, and then pulling all the way in. You can add that little head turn. It's the dancer in me that wants to go for the profile shot, but it also stretches the neck out really nicely. We'll do one more time reaching out and stretch and pull all the way in.

Then turn your Palm forward and you're going to lunge forward as we reach the arm up. So let that fuzzy draw your arm into extension, whatever is available to you and let your lunge deepen it if you feel like you need more, and then we're going to actively wrap that under arm forward as we come up to a balance, reaching the arm overhead so as you lunge your arm explorers, the space behind you, wrap that under arm, pull back into your balance. Feel really good about that. You can just lower that arm down. You're not lifting from here, you're lifting from here, but you're allowing everything to line back up. We're going to pull in reach, stretch it forward. You can always adjust by moving back a little bit if it's too much on your shoulder and one more time pull.

If you're feeling really good and you want to get fancy, we're going to just come and have a seat. I'll wait now and then I've got this elbow moving down and I'm going to take my other hand here for a little extra support and we're going to extend those legs out and we're just going to beat them for 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one cross, let go. Stand up and we'll do the other side. So again, one hand down, one hand up the arms, pull away from each other to extend and find that stretch of opposition. Pull the elbow down in the shoulder in the back. I'm gonna scoot in a little bit. We reach again, you're thinking about your wrist and your hand being an extension of the sideline of your body here. And again, reach up and stretch and pull it all the way in.

And one more reach up. Similar to our Swan. How can you invite that shoulder blade to get onto your back? Turn your Palm forward and we're going to reach and stretch and take our lunge. And then from here, wrap that under arm forward. Think of, it's almost like a telescope looking that way.

Zooming in on whatever's in front of it. Pressing, finding that nice long reach, stretching it back, exploring that backspace and reaching and pulling in. Let's do one more. We're going to reach forward or in a pull it in. You can also get fancy on this side and just use yourself to sit down and one more time. Extend, go 10, nine, eight. Sit up tall. Six, five, four, three, two, and one. Excellent. All right. We're going to move into a little teaser variation and then we'll finish up. So from here there's also a pushup in it.

We're going to start with our hands on the edge. We're going to come to our plank position. Those shoulder blades are so warm, so we're going to do one pushup. To press up, we're going to bend that knee, flip ourselves over. Take our hands on the Cadillac. One kick to lower down. We're going to contract in just like we did off the edge. We're going to bend our knees up. We're going to find one teaser.

We're going to bend down. We're going to turn over one pushup, flip it over. One kick contracting tendon stretch. If you know that exercise, one teaser, we am. Come all the way up. Let's do it the other way. Here we go. One, push up in plank. Take the leg that's not in the direction that you're going. Lift, contract, sit. Show it off. Bend, reach it forward, push up, flip it around, lift it up, adjust those hands then, and teaser. I think we should do it one more time.

You to so vent and down. Flip it, kick round it and show it off. Here we go. Push up bent stretch. Flip it around, lifted up contract. Find your teaser. Let's do it one last time. Flipping over to balance out. Find your pushup. Bring the officer leg around, kick it up, contract. Find your teaser. It's beautiful. Last time, reaching around, bent, trying to save myself face lift contract and show that teaser off.

Bend your knees and flip around this way and we take the roll down bar. We're just going to take it down nice and easy through the spine and then reach up. Exhaling as you go. Rounding over those legs. Let's do it again. Feeling everything we worked on today. Just letting it almost letting it go for a run, opening the Gates, so not being too precious about our roll down, but letting the work really show up in our spine as best we can reaching forward from here.

Let's roll up through the spine. Let's bring our feet against the uprights. We're going to go into, it's a fancy word called circum volution, but many of you will note it as reverse corkscrew. Either way, it starts with the side bend. We're going to side bend over. Both hips are grounded. You're going to roll down along that right side, center yourself and see the grounded-ness of your hips side bend to the other side. Reach all the way up. Peek-a-boo saw, come back up to the top. Let's go to the other directions of find that soft rolling back down to the other side, reaching up. Peek-a-boo the other way. Find your vertical spine breathing in and again, we'll let it go around back to center and find those spaces.

That might be just resisting their opening. I know for me, usually they live in the neck. Let's do one more each side. Reaching. Rolling. Just reminding myself that space is possible in the places where it feels like we need to hold on. Reaching around. Oh, I up and back to center. So let's pull ourselves together with some leg Springs just to finish up and put the roll down bar on the opposite side. We'll swing it around. Take yourself rolling down.

Take the straps on the feet, extend your arms where you need them to go. Let's frog all the way out. Let's rotate to parallel. We're just going to scissor the legs, reaching one long and one up to the sky and got tall girl problems. So we'll move over a little bit and then reach and read. Hug the elbows together. If your elbows are bent, they're long.

Reach from your back. One more each side and last one here. And then bring both legs to the low diagonal. So we're going to do a little walking pattern. It's the last coordination of the class. You're rightly goes low and then it comes back to meet the left.

Your left leg goes low and it comes back to meet the right. Your right leg goes high and comes back to meet the left, left leg, goes high, comes back to meet the right. Now we start on the left to going down and center and down on the right and center up on the left and center up on the right and center. Starting right go down and center. Left goes down and center right goes up and center.

Left goes up, starting left, going down and center, right and center. Left and center. Then right and starting left and center. Then right and center. Left goes up and center. Then right starting right, going down and center. Left and center right and center left. Okay, here's the finisher.

We're going to go down on the right down on the left center, right center, left up, right up, left and center. Starting left, going down, down center, center up, up center starting right, go down and down and center. Center up and up and center. Starting left down, down, center, center up, up center and stay. Circle your legs up. Let's turn them out and you get to do the biggest, widest, most expensive leg circle of your life. Again, lifting, turning out, lengthening both sides, reaching for something, one more in this direction and all the way around to lift, reverse, circling around to come up, just to let those hips fly and be free around and one more and around. Let's reach up. Let's take the straps off of our feet. Lengthen your legs long. Let's roll all the way up to come to the top.

Let's sweep our feet off all put together. Reach your arms up. Now, if you are vertically less tall than I am, you might need a little step to get up here, but we're going to rise up on our toes to really reach up to that bar. Nice Hy-Vee, and then we're going to allow our shoulders to lift to our ears. Just finding that length again and then draw the shoulders down into the back as you lift your heels up and then reach all the way down and then lift the heels up. Now, this might be enough for you, but you know with me, there's always always a part two, so we're going to draw their shoulders down, find them down, feel that active wrapping forward, and then pull your knees up and touch. Now pull them to the right and touch. Pull them to the left and touch and lower all the way down. One more time.

Shoulders pull down. Find it. Take a deep breath in. Pull them up and touch over to this side over to the side and all the way down. Let's lower the arms down, round forward, just reaching for the ground. Take a step away. If you need to bend your knees, set that foundation down, and then roll up through your knees, through your hips, through your upper body, all the way to the top. Head on top of the shoulders. Find your opposition. You did it. Good job.


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It’s so Nice to get this feeling of space inside when we are not allowed to go outside ! This class is exactly what I needed to put a bit of lightness in these heavy times ! Thank you 
1 person likes this.
That was great!  Thanks Jenna
1 person likes this.
Just what I needed today!  Loved waking up to see that Jenna was back on again!  Absolutely loved everything!  Especially all the push thru bar standing at the beginning!  Much thanks and love to all! 
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Thank you very much . . . just what my shoulders needed!!
Sue C
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What a great way to start my day today Jenna!
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Great class! Thank you for the inspiration💗
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Always love your classes. Lots of interesting variations and they flow beautifully.
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Enjoyed this very much!Had to improvise a little with tower reformer and box but it all worked out well and I feel well stretched now.  You always teach very creative classes and I really appreciate that.  Also your swan cue for transferring down to hip flexors was enormously helpful to me.  Thanks for this class, I will be repeating it.
Jenna Zaffino
Evelyn  - You're comment really touched me.  Thank you for sharing how the class was helpful. I'm so happy it could provide some relief! 
Jenna Zaffino
Suzanne You are so welcome - thank you for moving with me! 
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