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You will strengthen your entire body with this athletic Mat workout by Delia Buckmaster. She starts with a standing warm-up to mobilize your upper body, then moves onto exercises that use the Weighted Balls to add more challenge to movements you already know. She also focuses on maintaining your rhythm so that you can sync your breath and flow of movement.
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Apr 22, 2020
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Hi, I'm Julia Buckmaster and welcome supply. These any time today I'll be teaching a math class using some Tony weights. Uh, you'll see that there are some two pound weights on the mats. And if you don't have 20 weights at home and only have regular weights, you may find that they may be a little bit difficult for some of the exercises that we're doing today. So you'll just have to put them aside just to continue your flow with the class and you'll be fine. So with me today are Christie, Aaron, and Hillary, and they are a super excited, can't you tell that they're taking my math class? Yay. Okay, so we're gonna start class by standing actually in front of your weights. So the weights are going to be at the back of your heel.

And I'm just gonna move mine back just a little bit and we're not gonna use them to start with. Just going to warm up with the upper body. So everyone take a huge inhale breath and reach your arms up towards the ceiling. Let your shoulders rise and feel a nice stretch and then bring those arms down by your side. And we'll do that again. And this is really for you to maintain a flow throughout your class in sync, your breath, and also to mobilize the shoulders because the shoulder blades are synonymous with the movement of the spine. And if you don't get those shoulders to lift and lower properly, you're not gonna be able to flex and extend properly. Hold your arms up there, take your hands behind your head in her, lace those fingers, and just allow the weight of your head to press into your hands so that you can stretch the back of your neck gently.

Your elbows should be in your peripheral vision. If you feel like closing your eyes, you can give me two big breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, and one more deep. Inhale breath and exhale breath. Bringing those arms out to a tee position position. Allow them to just rest underneath the shoulders and then lift those shoulders up to your ears to say, I don't know, and then release those shoulders down.

It's a really good one. I don't know very much. Shoulders up and then release the elevation and depression. You need to think about the back body when you do that. So as your shoulders come up, the shoulder blades glide up and as they come down they set like little basis of your wings. So inhale one more time and now find that neutral position and bring those arms out in front of you and little retraction and protraction of the shoulder blades.

If you can turn your palms towards each other and pull the shoulder blades together and then pull them apart and think as you pull them together, this is where you'll find that extension. And as you pull them apart, that's where you're going to find your fluxion. Inhale and exhale and one more. Bring them together, pull them apart, and then drop down into a little squat as you bring your arms across your shins and then stand all the way up, bringing your arms up to the ceiling. Just creating a little dynamic movement so you're warming up through the ankles and your knees and hips. This is a great place to gaze down at your feet to make sure that they are stable and in parallel.

And you could do whatever you feel comfortable here with your body. If you want to come up and give me a big stretch, you can, if you want to come down and round your spine, you can, it's totally up to you. We're gonna do that one more time as you band to bring in your arms out in front of you and then come all the way back up. And then just little arm circles. Bring them down or I should say big arm circles and forward and back towards extension, up towards fluxion one more time. And then reversing those circles as they come up to flection and around extension and two more and last one.

And then just shake it off. And you guys are ready to roll. So we're going to start with some footwork, but you have the weights behind you. And what we're going to do is we're going to actually do some squats or a parallel footwork, knee bands with your heels on the weights. So if you'll take your heel on the weights and then look down at your feet. If you're not comfortable here, then just you can go ahead and have flat feet to the floor.

What this is going to allow you to do is to do squats without having a hinge that body forward because you can load your weight at the back body and the front body arms or wherever you feel comfortable. So if you'd like to play some on your hips, you can, you can place them out to a tee. But start by bending the knees and see if you could stay nice and upright and then extend your legs and do that again. Inhale to bend and then exhale. Good. And I live somewhere where I don't wear high heels very often.

So I try to do a lot of plan reflection in the winter, especially since I'm in a flat shoe, flat boot, I'm technically a flat boot, my ski boot or my snowboard boots, so down and then up and think about rising from the heel. So then you do feel that connection to the back body as though you're gliding up and down on a reformer carriage. One more time bend and then extend all the way up from here. With your heels lifted, reach those arms up to the ceiling. And as those arms come back down, you're going to bend your knees just for balance sake.

Roll yourself down to bring the hands towards the floor. Once your hands are towards the floor, place them down. Take your feet behind the weights so that now you're in a plank position without any weights as a prop. Your heart is between your thumbs and it's going to hold plank for just a moment. And then shift your heels back. When you shift your heels back, you'll see that the weight is more towards your abdominals and as you shift forward in a planner fluxion, it's going to be more towards your shoulders. So just shifting back and forth. And while you're doing that, I want you to think about the center of your body.

So think belly button to your back is where all of the movement is coming from. On the next one, you're going to shift back and come up into a pike position. Dropping your heels down and then hold this position. And then think about the arms as they attach to the middle of your back. All over the shoulder warmups that we did should resonate here.

No tension into the neck and the shoulders. And we're going to go back to your plank by rolling through your spine. So roll through your spine, find that articulation, and then find plank. From here. You'll go back, lift the hips, roll through your spine, and drop your heels down. Do that again. You're going to lift the heels rolling through your spine.

So technically we're still working with your feet, but we are incorporating the whole body. Take it all the way back. Dropping your heels down twice more. Inhale, heels lift. Find your plank head as long with your spine roll through your spine. Drop your heels down one more time as you take it all the way to your plank and hold this time. Start to lift the eyes, find a slight extension with your back, and then go ahead and find plank again. And then you'll lower your knees in front of your weights.

So now the tops of your feet are resting on your weights and find a child's pose. So while you're here, you get that little extra stretch into your feet. Arms reach out in front, and then roll yourself all the way back up. Reaching back to grab the weights out in front. You're gonna have a seat towards the front of your mat. And we're going to use the weights to do a little half rollback.

So feet are going to be in parallel. Every right toes pointing forward. I was alone earlier, I had no one to talk to. Hands are out in front. You can bring the knees together if you feel like that gives you a little bit more supportive, your inner thighs. But I prefer that your feet be parallel. So starting from here, you're going to tilt your pelvis back and move your pelvis away from your legs.

Once you feel like you have found your flection. If you need to adjust your feet, adjust your feet, and then reaching with the fingertips forward. Find a tall spine weight should just rest comfortably. Inhale at the top. Exhale, tilt the pelvis back, roll back, inhale to hold, and then exhale to come up with every roll back. See if you could find a deeper and deeper fluxion.

It is your choice to roll back, maintain, see curve and come forward and that set up tall or you can come right back into a tall spine. As you come forward, just make sure not to snake the spine on the way up. Let's try that twice more. Inhale, breath. Exhale as you roll back. Pause. Inhale, exhale to come up. And the two breath pattern is to slow you down a little bit. One more time. As you exhale this time I want you to pause. Squeeze your knees together, hold it here so you can go a little bit lower.

Maybe bring your feet a little closer. Squeeze your knees even more. Go a little bit lower. One more time, feet a little bit closer and knees squeezed together all the way down to the mat, rest your head the way it should now be underneath your hands with the palms flat. So now situate your feet for a little chest lift. So the legs are going to be about hip distance apart, which is only about the width of your fist. Maintain neutral with your pelvis and just lift your head to glance at your legs. And once you lift your head and shoulders to glance at your legs, maybe you could separate the shoulders a little bit more and find a little bit more flection and then lower yourself back down to the mat and rest. It's an NTL as you nod your chin, exhale as you flex, draw your ribs towards your hips, hold it at the top, and then lower yourself all the way back down. We'll try that twice more.

Your head lifts. Do not pin the chin to your chest. Think about creating space there and also space between your shoulder blades and lower yourself back. You'll do this one more time with the weights on the mat, head and shoulders up. Exhale as you flex. Pause here at the top and then lower yourself down. This time the weights are going to come off the mat, so grab them, turn the palms up, and now your arms are going to be out of float. If it's too much resistance, you can rest your arms to the mat.

Lift your head and shoulders up again, reaching your arms towards your feet and pause. We're going to do some bicep curls here by bending your elbows, bringing the weights towards your shoulders and extending what this is going to do. It's going to create a little bit of tension back or weight back towards your shoulder so it makes it a little bit more difficult to maintain that flection, but you're going to concentrate on keeping that C curve with your spine. Just one more time. Now this time hold placed, awaits weights to your shoulders, lower yourself to the mat. Stay here, keep the weights where they are. Now you've got two to four pounds back here, so head his shoulders up. Exhale and flex. Keep the weight at your shoulders.

This is gonna make it harder. Inhale and exhale. Slower. Lower. It was harder for me anyway. Is it harder for you guys? Okay, nod your gin before I assume XL and flex. I don't know. I've been, it's hard for me. Hold it. And then lower yourself back down. Reminder, you could drop the weights at any time. Head and shoulders up. Exhale as you flex. Inhale to hold.

Exhale as you lower yourself back down. We'll do that one more time. Had his shoulders come up. You flex. Make sure there's no tension into your neck. Take the weights, place them behind your neck. Cradle them. They're like, they're giving you a massage and lower yourself back. Ah, now you've got a little head rest. Okay, so elbows are wide, but they're still in your peripheral vision. Just check your pelvis again. That tailbone should stay heavy into the mat. Now as the head and shoulders come up, the weights even further back. Exhale, breath as you come up into your chest. Lift.

Elbows are nice and wide and then lower yourself down. This is also considered an app prep. So we're just prepping the upper body for what's harder. So exhale as you flex up, and then inhale, exhale to lower. You could always switch. Just single breath pattern. So exhale up.

Inhale, lower. Exhale to lift. Inhale to lower. One more time, and then pause at the top. So we're going to stay up and hold. This time we're going to release the waist from behind the head. Reach 'em out. And now the waves are going to assist you to lift a little bit higher.

Hold it here. Palm space in, arms. Come out to a tee. Inhale breath. Exhale. Pull them in towards your thighs. One for four, and exhale two, two more. And exhale three. One more. XL four, hold it, drop your weights, put your feet on them and lie down. Okay, so now you're going to move the weights further away from you, but you're not going to have the center of your foot on top of the weights. You're going to have your foot and actually a Dorsey flection. So your toes are gonna be pointing up towards the ceiling.

This is going to feel like a nice little stretch. Arms are by your side. We're going to tackle some hip rolls, so from here I stay up towards the ceiling. Tilt your pelvis back, find imprint, and then roll your hips up into a bridge. Once you find bridge, if you don't feel comfortable, you're not stuck there, lower yourself down and start over and then roll yourself back to the map. Now, everyone's first instinct is to work the glutes, but instead of that, can you think about stretching your hips? So tilt the pelvis back. Think about stretching your hip from your hip bone to your knee, and then lower down. If you feel pressure on the other side of your knee towards your shin, you might have your feet in the wrong place. Continue to move while I talk, so just roll yourself up and then roll yourself all the way back down. We're going to do one more. You're going to take it to the top.

You're going to hold it there and you're going to pause. Eyes are still towards the ceiling without moving your feet position you will you draw your knees in about a quarter inch. See if that inner thigh will connect a little bit more. Lift your hips a little higher. If you are tight in your hip flexors, you're going to be stuck in this movement. So don't do anything that's going to encourage the low back to over fire or for your hamstrings to cramp and then to late row yourself all the way back down.

Ah, so you guys are going to scoot the weights towards your hands and while you're doing that, I'm just going to scoot myself forward and then we're going to go into some open kinetic chain, bringing the legs up to tabletop. So just hold the weights with your hands, but let the arms rest. Let's start first with the right leg, bringing it up to a tabletop position and then go ahead and bring that left leg up. Don't think about it too much. Bring the legs all the way together. Okay, we're going to start with the legs glued together. Now you're going to turn the weights towards the ceiling and bring your arms out to a tee. You have two choices. You can hover your arms or you can rest them on the mat.

Considering the amount of raise mat, I don't have a choice. My arms are hovered. So from here you're going to take your legs to the right side of your body. And pause. Don't move your opposite. Shoulders should stay down. Your legs are blue together, and your eyes stay towards the ceiling. Then bring your legs back to center and then bring your legs to the other side.

Pause and then back to center. Let's add your breath. Inhale legs, move to your right. Exhale legs, calm to center. Hold. Inhale, legs move to the left. Exhale, they come to center and pause. Now visualize resistance from your knee to your belly button, so as your legs lean to the right, you're stretching that rubber band out as your legs come back to center. That rubber band retracts, but with control. Go to the other side. Inhale, and then exhale. Now to make these a little bit more difficult. Drop one way to your mat and bring the weight.

One of the weights between the knees, so hold it there. This is going to create a little bit more resistance. Arms back out to a tee. Weights, go to your right. Inhale breath on your exhale. Visualize that weight attached to your belly button. Pull it back to center, legs to your left, and then exhale and back to center. One more on each side, one to the right. I stay towards the ceiling and pull that opposite hip down.

One more to your left and then go ahead and bring the legs back to center. Taking the weight into your hands just so that you can lower the feet without causing danger to yourself. We're all women in here, so it's okay. All right, so now you're going to take that way to and place it back between your knees, but your feet are going to stay on the mat. So taking the other way into your hands, you're going to cradle it into your hands and bring it over your head. We're going to go into a woodshop, so adding a little rotation. Arms are going to come towards the ceiling.

Everybody's going to go over to the right side, reaching the weight across the side of the leg as though you're doing your obliques. Even if your hands are behind your head, you're still trying to get that shoulder down to the mat and the other shoulder in opposition. Lower yourself all the way back down. We're going to go to the other side. Lift with the arms, follow the weight with your hands. Keep that opposite hip down and squeeze away between your legs just so that you can strengthen those inner thighs like a little pedestal. Let's go over the other side. Inhale to rotate. Exhale back. Inhale to the other side.

Exhale to return. One more on each side. Inhale breath lower to the mat. One more to the other side. Inhale, lower back to the mat, and now if you'd like maintaining that way between the legs. Lift a tabletop. We're going to do this again with the legs up over to your right side. Inhale up, exhale to lower other side, and inhale. Squeeze in those inner thighs together and lower to the mat. Tumor sets opposite shoulder from the one going to the mat reaches away so you can create a lot more length through your back. And the inhale is meant to stretch your back. So other side. Inhale up.

Exhale to center. One more. Inhale, exhale to the center hold. Grab the weights with both hands. Bring the feet to the mat, arms to the ceiling as though your arms are weights or legs into the mat, holding the weights. Can you just lift into a bridge position? Hold it here and make sure that your glute to hamstring is fired and bringing our arms. Bring your arms over your head. Feeling nice stretch through the front body. And the reason I'm having you do this is because we're about to embark on more fluxion and I just wanted to open up that front body for just a moment with your arms overhead, roll your spine down, one vertebra at a time, and then rest your tailbone down. Let's tackle the 101 leg to tabletop, the other to tabletop.

Bring your arms up towards the ceiling and find the top of your modified hundred with bent knees. Paws are going to be facing down and you're gonna start to pump your arms. Five counts on the other five counts. You're gonna turn your palms up. Little coordination. Are you ready? It's an inhale. Two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, four, five and inhale, two, three, four, five XLT, four 20 inhale, two, three, four, five. Exhale, two, three, four 30 steady shoulders, three, five XL, two three, four 50. Did I skip one four, five XL, two, three, four 60 if I did, you're lucky. Three, four or five XLT, four 70 inhale, two, three, four, five XL to four 80 tumor sets, three, four or five almost there. Three, four 91 two, four, five.

One, two, three, four, five. Do not collapse. Extend your legs long down the mat. Hold. Squeeze your thighs together. Roll yourself all the way up and have a seat. [inaudible] placed the weights on the mat. Place the back of your legs, behind your ankles on top of the weights. Okay, this is a never a perfect one.

So you'll find yourself moving around with the weights underneath you and that basically has to do with you favoring a leg. Okay, so we're going to go into the roll, roll up, arms out in front, find the top of your roll up. Arms can either be facing each other, palms or down, depending on what's comfortable on your shoulder. As you start to roll down, start to bend your knees, find the arches on top of the weights, and then roll yourself all the way down to the mat. Reach your arms overhead, arms, come back up to the ceiling, head and shoulders up. Start to push the weights away to find the top of your roll up, scooping your abdominals in, and you'll see that there's an indiscretion there as far as resistance. Start to roll yourself down. I mean not for me, and then roll yourself all the way down and then back arms come up. What I love about the weights as I can see, which one of my leg favors me on the roll up, so I'll get a little bit of a stagger and also makes me need to concentrate.

Come on, Christie and the Royal yourself all the way down. And again, inhale to come up. Accela as you flex, pushing the weight of your feet so there's an emphasis on the back body and then roll yourself all the way back and bend your knees and come back. You're gonna do that one more time. Is that okay? Inhale up. I don't know if anyone likes this one. Exhale and flex yourself all the way up. Find, find a little stretch and then sit up. Nice and tall. Little transition to our knees.

You're going to come up to tall knees and you're going to have the weights into your hands. Okay, I'm going to go ahead and face you guys for this. Is that all right? Yeah. Okay, so tall knees, but to get into tall knees, why don't you go ahead and have a seat? Not everyone can do this, but have a seat on your bottom. So when you go to come up, fire your glute to lift up and then you'll feel a little bit more supported in your hips. From here. We're going to hinge forward, so arms are going to be out in front of you and your body is going to hinge. I'm going to turn for a moment for the camera, but I want you guys to stay where you are.

You should feel like you're in a nice neutral spine and the weights are out in front of you just like this. You're nice and tall and I'll turn back towards you now, but he need to stay this way. If this feels like it's giving you some problems with your back, just drop the weights. You can still do the movement starting with your right arm, bring it out to the side, to a tee position. Don't look at the weight and then just bring that arm back and then do that again. Left side, inhale breath, and then exhale. You guys continue.

I'm just going to move my hair out of my mouth. Other side, inhale, and then exhale. One more as you bring your arm out to its end range and then return, choose tall knees or have a seat back on your heels and then you can decide where you want to be after that. Okay? Lift yourself back up. Hold, hinge the body forests. Stick your butt way back. Bring your arms in front of you. Now, if you were having problems with your kneecaps, curl your toes under. That takes a little bit of pressure off your knees. I'm in my experience. So bring your arm out to the side. Now follow that weight with your arm.

So this is a little variation with your spine. Trust this. This should be your right arm and then bring it down. That's good Hilary. And then bring your arm down. We're going to go to the other side. Follow that weight with your eyes. You didn't know. I could see at the back of my head. Can you add that and bring it back?

That's a skill set. Other side. Inhale as you rotate and then exhale to bring it back. One more to the other side. Inhale, exhale. And then come to tall knees. Nice and yeah, long give that quad a little stretch. We're gonna come back down or to stay here for a minute.

So I was giving you a break. So now bring your body back and your arms forward. We're going to stay on the right side. Bring your right arm and give me the emphasis on the return. So pull that hand back to center. Same side. Inhale. Exhale, pull it back to center. One more. Inhale, exhale, back to the middle. Pause. Other side. Inhale. Exhale, pull it in.

The emphasis is on that negative resistance pull. If you're a golfer, this is a good one. Exhale, pull other side. Inhale. Exhale. Pull it in. One annual exhale. Feel those abs working. Inhale, exhale. Three. One more on the other side. Inhale. Exhale, pull it in one. You've got this two one more am three and night. You can go to child's pose and you could rest. Hold.

Ah, and if you'd like while you're in this position you can keep your bottom down roller balls towards you as you round your spine and then you could stretch it away. So a little cat cow cause we are all going to go onto all fours and reach one more exhale and reach and then find your all fours position. Okay. The weights are going to go to the outside of your hands and the hands are going to go to the inside of your weights. You're going to start here by just giving me a regular cat stretch.

Just round your spine. Exhale, breath, and then straighten out your back. And then can you give me an extension? Yeah. And then exhale. And when you give me that fluxion can you give me emphasis on the lower abdominals putting your spine in its opposite comfortable position and then going in the other direction, taking the thoracic spine into its opposite position. Exhale, breath. Inhale, pass through neutral lookup and the past one neutral again. One more time. Exhale, breath. And then go ahead.

Back to that extension. Now from here, loading that front body, you're not going to use the weights for the first X for the first part of the exercise. Take your right hand out to a T position. Hold and hand out to T position. Make sure you're nice and square on your mat and then bring that hand completely down to rest. Do it again. Same side. Inhale to reach. Exhale to return. Two more. Inhale, lift. Exhale, return. One more, no weight in how reach. Exhale. Return same hand. Grab your weight. Place your hand on top.

You might have to soften the right elbow so that your shoulders stay level. Now bring your arm out to the side. Inhale up. Exhale, return completely. Rest the weight. Inhale again. Exhale to return. You have two more. Inhale to the side and back. Last one. Feel how that'll bleak works really hard that you don't rotate and then back.

We're not done with that. Okay. Now we're going to add the lower extremities to this exercise so you can extend your left leg behind. You. Bring your right arm out to a tee. Find balance there you have the weight in your hand. Bring the knee down. Bring the hand down. Rest completely. Inhale is your reach away. Exhale to return. Abs are working low back is working, but you want to make sure that you're not collapsing in that low back, that you're using that muscle. Now pause at the top, hold for five, four, three, two. Bring the knee down, bring the hand down and go to child's pose and bring your right arm underneath to thread and stretch that shoulder blade that you just worked.

Take a deep inhale here and exhale and then back up so we can do it again. On the other side, weights are still to the outside of your hand. No, wait this time, flat back, left arm out to the side, find your end range and then bring it back. What you need to be aware of here is that your arms, they don't do the same thing, so wherever one arm might've had end range, the other Meyer may not have end range and it should feel like that shoulder blade is colliding into the center of your spine and then bring the hand down. Pause, grab that weight, soften your elbow if you need to on that left arm, take the arm out to the side. Inhale, exhale to return. All of these can be done without a weight.

If you're at home and this is too much, don't worry about it. Just keep moving. Inhale out, back to center. One more. Inhale out to the side, back to center. Hold. Now the lower extremity as your left arm goes out to the side, your right leg goes out, your make one long line, and then you bring everything back with control, which is the hardest principle to achieve. So if you think about that as being a huge part of this workout, you'll be successful. Inhale, reach it out, exhale to return. One more time. Arm and leg reaches away and you'll pause out there for five, four, three, two, one knee comes down, arm comes down, no weights as you stretch. And then bring the opposite arm up and over. Yeah, and then bring the arms forward. And I guess while we're down here, we'll work on her back.

So we're going to go ahead and move the weights and then lie onto our belly. This time you are in a prone position. The waist will be to the outside. It's a little bit harder for me on this narrow map, but I'll figure it out. Okay, so cause you know I'm so broad. All right.

So you're going to press your pubic bone down into the mat and press the tops of your feet into the mat. You need to set up your lower half of your body for success for this one. Okay, so the elbows are in a comfortable position. They should actually be resting on the mat, but I don't, they don't need to. It just depends on the flexibility of your shoulder. From here, lift your nose up and see about just stretching your collarbone by lifting your eyes forward with your head and then lower yourself back down. Imagine a marble about the size of this weight and push it away with your nose as you lift yourself up. Finding that extension mid back neck, and then lower yourself back down. Continue to press those hips into the mat, lift the nose, press that pubic bone down. Feel that your quads are strong.

Do not squeeze your glute and then lower yourself down. I'm not a big button. Squeezer and then lift up. I found that it's hurt me more than it's done. Me. Good. So lift up and then go ahead and release down. Now from here you're going to push the weight away from you as you lift up.

So start to lift your nose up, push the weights away, allow them to rest. Be on your forearm or underneath your forearm and eyes are up as the weights come back to, you need to time it so you don't take it all into your shoulder. Such a bend your elbows. Bring the elbows close to your body where they're safe, and then lower down. The closer your extremities already, your midline, the safe for the joints and those extremities are so lifting eyes up. Start to roll the weights away from you. Find that little Swan prep and then lower yourself back down.

And I've also found that in a Swan prep, people really like to take your photo so you need a smile. So I always smile. Now when I'm an extension, I'm like, someone's going to take my fixture. Ah, inhale. Yay. Exhale. I bet you Nicole took her photo and then lower yourself back down. One more time. We're going to press the weight away. Give yourself a nice stretch.

And then what I want you to do is to leave the weights there. So bring your hands back, curl your toes under and find plank. And I want you to hold plank here. So your heart again is right between your thumbs, breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Little slow mountain climbers dragging that back foot as you bring your knee in, and then bring that foot back. Bring your other knee and, and then bring it back. So what you're doing here is clean, a little bit of resistance with your foot. And this could be called front support as well.

So it depends on what school of thought you went to. Everyone knows what a mountain climber is except don't collapse into your low back. And think about the resistance of your feet being pulled in by your abs. Remember that rubber band? It's at your toes. So every time you pull it in, you're pulling the rubber band from that back wall in. Release one more on the other side, and then lower the knees and find a little child's pose. Again.

Take a deep inhale breath and exhale. As you roll yourself up, you're going to swing the legs back to the front. We are going to do the app series next. So if you thought you weren't going to, you're going to get away with it. It's not the case. So take the weights into your hands and roll yourself onto your back. We will go from here to little shoulder bridge, which is nice.

So line on your back, right leg. Don't think about it too hard. Just bring the other leg up. Okay, there we go. All right, so head and shoulders come up. Flex your spine. Find the top of your single leg stretch with your upper body. Palms face up as soft elbows as you extend your right leg. Bend your elbows, defined the bicep curl. Line your toes up as you extend the other leg. Extend your arms. Do it again. Inhale, exhale, or go. Inhale, inhale, exhale. Exhale, whatever works for you.

Whatever's going to move your body with a flow. Whatever resonates with you just once in a while. Try to switch your breath around so that you could see the difference cause it will change the objective. One more on each side. Bring the knees into tabletop. Lower your head and shoulders down and rest. Double leg, stretch, head and shoulders come up. Wrap those weights around your legs and hold as your legs extend away from you.

Your arms come out to the side. They should stay in your peripheral vision. Arms, legs out, arms, legs in, just like the spine stretch or spine twist. Inhale, emphasis on the way in one inhale. Exhale. Pull it in to inhale. Emphasis in three we're going to six reach and for two more and pulls.

If you get even higher and hold, rest your head and shoulders down. Arrest your knees down. Extend your legs to the ceiling. Remember those weights behind the head. Everything leads to another place. Those weights behind your neck. Cradle them. Head and shoulders. Come up. Look at your legs. Hold lower the legs. Inhale, exhale. Pull it up.

One. We're going to six and two. Last one. Bend those knees. Lower your head and shoulders down and bring your weights down by your side. Extend your legs. So the ceiling again, this time drop a weight with emphasis like you mean it had his shoulders come up. Hold the both ways into your one way into your hand. Lower than left, like all the way to the mat. Take that weight, bring it around the side, grab it with your other hand. Switch and switch. Figure rate and switch a switch.

So what makes Plenty's hardest coordination? Just made it harder. Reach for four and three and two and one. Bend the knees. Lower the head and shoulders down. Hold weights behind the neck again. Here we go. We're going into your obliques. Grand finale of these head and shoulders up. Extend your left leg away. Rotate to the right. Inhale as switch. Switch.

Exhale as you cross through center. Inhale as you rotate to get as much rotation out of your back as you can. That's what's going to work your old leaks for 4:00 AM three and two last one, both knees in rest. Bring your weights by your side and hold everyone. Okay? All right. Now the weights go back underneath the feet, but this time the feet should feel flat like they're in a flip flop.

Yeah. Are we good? Alright, so can you do me this? Can you not roll through your spine? Can you think about your gluten hamstrings, where they connect and lift from there? By lifting from there, you're immediately going to fire the glute if done properly. Now just bring your bottom back down. Let's do that again. Firing the glute. You have to fire that pelvic floor without the pelvic floor. The glute won't fire properly and that's where you get that hamstring cramp.

Lower yourself back down. There's somebody of hamstring cramp. The good thing about it is I could stare at the ceiling and just pretend that no one's having a hamstring cramp. Just lift your hips up and then lower back down. Can you guys ready to make this harder? All right, we'll pull your pelvic floor is up ladies, and then lift your hips up. Okay, hold right now you're in a flip flop. Can you take your right foot and put it in a high heel by pulling the way towards you and finding that high heel. Lifting your hip up a little bit higher.

Then find your flip flop. Same leg. Lift it up, same leg. We'll do it three more times. I'm ignoring Christy, shaking her leg out cause I, Oh, is that you? Sorry Christie. One more time. Erin, find your pelvic floor man, and then go ahead and lower your hips all the way to the mat. Are we good? All right. We have another side, sadly. So everybody lift your bottoms weight.

Pull your pelvic floor up, lift your hips up. Okay. Everybody's in a flip flop, but you left high heel on and lift that hip up a little higher and then bring it back to a flip flop. Do it again. Lift and lower. Three more. Inhale. Exhale. Good. I'm doing it and I'm talking to more. One more lift and then lower yourself all the way back down.

Okay. Those of you that thought it was over. We have one more reply and both. I mean, what's the point? If you don't put both your high heels on at the same time, hands down, lift your hips up. I can't work under these horrible conditions. You guys lift your hips back up and hold. Okay. But your right heel on. Put your left heel on hold.

Take a deep inhale breath for four, three, two. Roll yourself all the way down. Extend your legs long. Reach your arms overhead and roll yourself all the way. Hey, not gonna lie, I kind of regretted it. Once I got into that position, we were already there. I was like, Oh, that was not a good idea, but we're going for it. All right, so now what you're going to need is to lie sideways.

So I'm going to have you guys turn with me that way. Is that okay? All right, so you're going to have the weights. We'll do some sideline sideline work. I'm going to have you lie all the way down and we're gonna start off with just the weights out in front of you. Fold your bottom arm under a set of crates, a little pillow for your upper part of your or your for your head, and then you're going to line your backup with your mat so that way you know where you are in space. You're going to take the weights out in front of you and just place your hand on one of the weights so that you're comfortable holding that cause.

We're going to be using it in a little bit. Legs are extended long. Glooming your legs together. Go ahead and lift your legs to a float off the mat. From here with your legs glued together, you're gonna lift the legs up another inch and lower down, and the top leg just acts as dead weight. You're just lifting and lowering from the bottom leg, but you have no resistance except for your own body weight. If this is causing any tension into your low back at all, bring your legs forward into little hammock shape to protect that lumbar spine.

Twice more, lifted up, lower down. Last one, lifted up, lower down and rest. Now let's make it a little bit more challenging by bending your knees and placing the weight between your legs from here, extend the legs long. Now you've got an extra two pounds right at your knees, but you're still close to your midline. So it should be okay. Now go to float the legs up. Hold from here, you gonna lift up another inch and down an inch. If you need to rest your legs completely down onto the map and you can rest them completely down. So there's two ways of challenging challenging yourself. Just make sure that you're maintaining some type of sideline neutral.

If you're not collapsing in your low back and your eyes are forward, people always want to look at their weights or their feet, but the eyes stay forward so that your head is lined up. One more time, lift and lower, and then relax. Now bend your knees. Now the weight's going to go between your ankles. So right not right on the bone of the ankle, cause it'd be too hard to balance it there. And if you also having a hard time holding it above the ankle, you could place it between the feet. So whatever's most comfortable for you, bringing the leg slightly out in front of you left hand is going to be on the other free weight, shoulders, back, eyes forward, spine in neutral. Lift the legs up an inch and down an inch. Ice forward. As you can see, the further away you put the weight, the less range of motion you're going to have and the less support you're going to have because the further away from your midline, the harder those extremities have to work. Inhale up. Exhale, lower last one.

Inhale and exhale to lower bend those knees. Bring the weight back towards you and then to allow for a little bit of freedom with that leg, you're going to bend your right knee, pull it in towards your chest, and take one of the weights now into your hand. Reach that arm towards the ceiling. Hold it here. Find balance with your torso inside and there are sideline, and then lift that left leg up towards the ceiling and then lower that leg down. Now bring the arm to the leg. Inhale, bring the arm to the leg.

Exhale as you lift. Inhale arm to leg, exhale to lift, and that left foot could be pointed or flex. But try both. You'll notice that it changes the muscle focus when you do so you either creating length or you're creating shortening at the front of your leg. One more time and lift and hold and ban that left knee. And you're going to place the left hand down. Sit yourself up to side so your legs are going to be to the side of you like a mermaid. Yeah, and then you'll take the weight, place it on the left side of your body, so right next to your leg so we can roll that away from us.

Reach your right arm towards the ceiling. Push that weight away and give yourself a nice side stretch. Hold. Breathe in here. Inhale breath, and then exhale to come up. Now place your right hand on the other freeway. Take your left arm up towards the ceiling. Roll that weight away from you.

Inhale, breath, hold, and then exhale to come up. We're going to do one more on each side. Left hand on the ball, right arm to the sky. Inhale, breath and stretch and reset. Arm up. Take the right hand out to the weight and then over to the other side and stretch and then all the way back up. Transition by bringing the weights in front of you, swinging your legs to the side. Head goes that way. Are you guys going to face me now? That's fine. I have to face this way.

All right, good. All right, so you'll have one way towards your hand and the other hand. Fold it under your head and you're going to be aligned up with your mass. You know, you guys can see me. All right, here we go. So we're going to start off with just the weight in our hands so we can prep the legs again. The legs can be in line or they can be slightly forward. To protect the low back, we're going to lift the legs up about an inch off the mat and then you're going to inhale to lift, exhale to lower.

What I like to feel is maybe that bottom leg trying to reach further away from the top Lake as simultaneously the top leg tries to reach further away than the bottom leg, so it creates a lot more in length from the hip joint. Two more inhale, lift and lower. Last one to lift. Remember that top weight is just dead weight and a return bend your knees bring the weight between the thighs. The other hand goes on that free weight so it's out in front of you and extend your legs out. Bring your leg slightly forward. Your feet should be the same distance apart is your knees, so don't try to bring your toes together.

Start to lift the legs up an inch and down. The further away the weight, the harder it is to lift your legs. So this, this is what it's like to add an extra two pounds to your legs. Inhale up and then lower and lift and lower and make sure that you're not collapsing. I'd rather see your shorter range of motion than a big range of motion and then completely losing the plot on your back. And then lower those legs back down, bending the knees, take the weight, bring it between the legs right above the ankle, extend your legs all the way out. Bring the leg slightly forward into a hammock shape, and let's try it from here.

A sort of float the legs up and then lower. And if you push that other weight out in front of you, it'll give you a little bit more support. So the closer that weight is to you, the harder it is to balance. But you could give yourself a little bit more of a kickstand. You'll have an easier time lifting that leg up. Remember to reach those legs up and away from your body. Two more. Inhale, exhale to lower. Last one, inhale breath, and then lower yourself back down.

Now you'll bend those knees and keep the bottom knee bent. You'll extend the top leg back out and you'll reach your arm up towards the ceiling. So now you have to create a little bit of balance here. Let's start by lowering that free leg, that gesture leg and lifting it up one more time. Then we're going to add the arm so as the leg comes up, the arm comes down, one and up and to and reach and try as much as you can to maintain a parallel legs. So that's you're working on that AB doctor two more and lift last one and up and then rest the leg down. Use the weight to push yourself up to seated position.

Legs will be on the right side of your body for me, it looks like the left for them. You'll have one weight on one side and one on the other. Reaching your arm that's furthest away from your feet to the ceiling and then stretching away. Hold it here on your inhale. Lift yourself all the way back up, hand on the other way. It doesn't have to be in a perfect position. You'll figure it out.

Reach out and over and stretch and then backup. And then over to the other side. How do we do? Do we do on that other side too? Now? Just too darn it. Okay. Well then just two on this side. Yes, and then all the way back up. Nice work you guys. How you feeling? Pretty good. All right.

You're going to bring in the weights towards the front of your mat, which I consider you guys close to each other, the front of your mat, and you're going to have a seat again. Christie, there you go. You're about to lie down, but I'll get you there in a second. Lowering yourself back to the mat. Taking your legs now to a tabletop position and we're going to tackle the teaser, so bring your action, bring your left foot down. With that reaction, maybe we should do a modified teaser to start. So what I'm going to have you do is keep one foot down and one leg up at it doesn't have to be exactly 90 degrees. You'll guys will figure it out. Okay. Take the arms to a hover. Palms are facing up, elbows are bent.

Lift your head and shoulders up as start to find your teas or flexi through your spine. Lift up. Knee can either extend or bandit, depends on how your leg or hip flexor feels, and then lower yourself back down. Now here's the benefit of the way, because you always want to know why in the world you're using something. So head and shoulders are up. It's pulling you up. So think of it as resistance so it brings it a little, it makes it a little bit easier. Just sit up and then lower yourself all the way back to the mat.

One more time. Inhale, breath, exhale into your teaser prep, and then lower yourself down. Let's try the other leg and see if it wants to cooperate. So other leg comes up, head and shoulders come up. Push that resistance or that weight forward. Inhale and exhale as you lower back to the mat and rest your head and shoulders down. Twice more. Start to reach for the arms, head and shoulders come up, lift, hold and lower yourself back down. You'll do that one more time. Nod the chin, exhale to flex yourself all the way up hold and then lower. Now you'll find out how the weights actually become harder. So the legs come up to tabletop, but I gave you something nice.

I got to give you a little sour now, a little bitter. So we're going to try to find the top of our teaser. So head and shoulders up. Start to flex your spine. Find the top of your teaser, extend your legs out. This is still good. Arms out in front of you. Keeps the weight forward. It keeps you from falling back. Lower yourself to the mat.

Bring your arms down by your side. Head comes down. Twice more. Nod the chin. Exhale to flex. All the way up. Extend the legs. Reach those weights out in front of you. Easy is a relative term. Bend your knees. Roll yourself all the way to the mat. We're going to do that one more time. You're ready ladies.

Head and shoulders up. Exhale and lift yourself up. Here's where it gets harder. Legs, lower, arms lift and pull it up. One inhale, exhale. Two. One more. Exhale. Three, hold lower yourself all the way down and arrest. Dropping your feet to the mat, extending nice and long with the legs. Hold it here, a head and shoulders come up.

You're going to roll the weights towards your feet. Yeah, and you're gonna leave the weights out in front of you. Okay. Swinging your legs around and back. I'd like for you to find your plank again. So once you find your plank position, you're going to hold it here and then once you've held it for just a few seconds, I'm just waiting on everyone in. Here you go. You're going to lift yourself up to a pipe position and we're going to just incorporate a little bit of yoga here. So extend your right leg up towards the ceiling. Hold it there.

Once you've held that leg there for a moment and felt that stretch, shift that knee forward and place it between your weights and Holt grabs awaits with your hands and lift your upper body up to a hinge. Hold it here. Taking your arms behind you. Chest is open. Let's add some arms by bending the elbows and extending the arms back for one and then press it back into shoulders or wide. If you've got weights in your hands, what's the point? If you don't use your arms I guess. Huh?

Three and two and one and hold. Grab both ways with your left hand. Rest your right arm onto your right thigh and extend the arm towards the ceiling. Both of them from here into Rose. Bend that elbow. Pull it back for one. So now we're incorporating balance. A little bit of arm work. A little bit of endurance. Yeah.

So you can remember me tomorrow. There we go. You've got four more. Four, three, two and one with control. Place the weights into your hands. Place the weights down, hands behind. Step back into your plank. Find your pike and pause. Dropping your heels down. I normally always end the way I start. So if you can figure it out, this is what we're doing.

You're probably towards the end. Bring that left leg up towards the ceiling and hold. Shift that left foot forward and bring it towards your weights. Yeah, take the weights into your hands. Hold it here. This time arms are out in front for fly.

So you're going to lift it up to the side for one, pull it in and lift. Two and three. We're going to eight, four more for the weights on that forward leg so you can really feel that sporting leg working. Last one, hold. Take the weights into your right hand. Resting your left shin. Now I can look forward high reaching your arms towards the floor and then pull here for one and you can add that rotation to three.

You've got eight, four, three, two, and one. Hold. Now with both weights into your hands, release them into both hand. Step that back foot forward and flex the body for. Give yourself a little stretch to start. Hold and breathe. Roll yourself all the way up and let's step back to the back of the mat.

We're going to end up with some pushups today so the toes are pointing forward. You guys are ready. All right, go ahead and roll yourself down. We're not going to actually use the weights. You're gonna place them down. You're going to walk yourself out. You're going to find your applies pushups. Either the knees are going to come down to the mat or you're going to stay in a tall spine. Mind dropping my knees down. Give me two pushups. Inhale, exhale, press up one. Inhale. Exhale. Press up to find your plank.

Go to your pike. Walk yourself back. Grab the weights with your hands. Roll yourself all the way up. Lift those shoulders up to your ears. Inhale, exhale, release. Roll yourself back down. As you come down, bend those knees. Drop your weights. Walk yourself back out. Find your plank. Either drop your knees or stay long. Bend your elbows twice. One and two. Find your plank.

Find your pike with a quiet spine. Walk yourself back. Grab the weights with soft knees. Roll yourself up. Lift those shoulders up to your ears. Release them, lower yourself down. You have two more sets. I'm going to attend. Attempt a full plank now, so you're going to walk your hands back tall with your spine to pushups. Inhale, exhale. One. Inhale, exhale to find plank. Quiet as you walk back, grab the waist with your hands. Roll yourself all the way up, shoulders to your ears. Last one, you're going to roll yourself all the way back down. Place the weights down. Walk yourself out. And two pushups again.

Inhale, exhale, one and through the nose, out through the mouth. Now pause for a second. Don't move. Hold for four, three, two. Take it to a pike. Pause. This is your upside down teaser. Pull your abdominals in. You should feel strong here. Four, three, two, one. Walk your hands back.

This is the top of your roll up. Hold it here. Grab your weights as though you are stacking back to the mat or rolling back to the mat. Roll yourself up nice and slow. One, two, three, four. Pull those shoulders up to your ears. Release them back down. Bring your arms up to the ceiling. Take a huge deep inhale. Breath in on your exhale breath. You're going to bring those arms down. Bend your knees, drop your weights to the mat. Roll yourself all the way back up.

Reach your arms up to the sky. Bring your hands to prayer. Bring your hands to heart center, and you guys are all done today. Thank you.


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Some great variations thank you.
Adi S
It was great!!!
Lovely work Delia. Some beautiful exercise variations. I loved the playful dynamic of the group. Thank you!
Fantastic . . . got a sweat on :)  Thank you!
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Great class !  Thank you!
loving the side lying variations. Thank you! 
I really enjoyed this class.
Awesome,awesome,awesome! 🙌🏾
Loved this great overall body workout
Absolutely loved it! 
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