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Big Ball of Fun

45 min - Class


Kristi Cooper brings you this Mat class incorporating the Fitness Ball to build your skills for your practice. She begins by creatively using the ball to deepen your understanding of fundamental principles, then moves into traditional exercises with the ball to give you a different kind of sensation and challenge in your movements. Set your intention, go deep, and have fun!
What You'll Need: Mat, Fitness Ball

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Oct 29, 2020
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Such a fun class!  And even more ways to use the Fitball that I will be teaching to some of my clients this week.  Love your energy and emphasis on enjoying the process.  And such a beautiful location!!  Thanks Kristi.
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I like this workout! I didn't use my big ball from March, so I'll start using it again because of you, Kristi. Thank you so much! 
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Thanks for a stretchy fun class.  I thought the progression was spot on!  Just a perfect way to start my day.....
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Thanks so much!
I'm so thrilled to know you all enjoyed it. Dimitrina G I also hadn't used my ball in awhile so it was really fun preparing for this class. I'm glad you liked it! 
Diane D  I'm not the most patient person naturally and still,  I'm finally starting to learn that process really matters and it is way more fun if you set out to enjoy it from the start! 
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you just made my day,great class, by the way we're practically  neighbors I live in Ojai :)
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Enjoyed this live and now again thank you! 
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Thank you!  This was a great class and really worked my body.  I love the ball and your cuing is supportive and fun.
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Thank you so much! I enjoyed it and everytime I watch your videos I appreciate your way of teaching more and more! Thanks!
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