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Key Connections With a Chair

55 min - Class


In this episode of Power of Props with Karen, you will use the chair to help strengthen key connections in your body that tie into full exercises. You will go from standing to sitting to the floor and everything in between, working your legs and stability, deepening your core connection, and even getting some cardio. This is a great to class to enhance your understanding and refine your technique regardless of your level.
What You'll Need: Mat, Table Chair

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Oct 30, 2020
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Power of Props with Karen: with Karen Sanzo


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What a wonderful connecting class, thank you for sharing your masterful cueing Karen! The addition of the chair as a prop definitely provided a deeper felt sense of the connections, plus added an element of fun and variation to the mat repertoire! After following the class felt a nice sense of openness and extension in the thoracic spine, plus a toned and connected feeling all around the hips. Loved the beginning leg and hip work! Bravo, another wonderful class, hope to see more of these!
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I had been doing a lot of the work in the beginning in quadruped and doing it standing was just the modification I needed.  Thank you Karen Sanzo, love your classes!
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One of my favorites!
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Love the sequencing and stacking of the exercises, thank you💕
Hello and thank you all for these first comments. I absolutely love this platform and am grateful for the opportunity to share:  Pilates For All Bodies.(r)
Great class. Some fantastic stuff. Very useful for older clients. Thank you.
Amazing class! So much building blocks towards the advance exercises on the repertoir!
Thank you so much
Who would have thunk it. My chair is my new best friend.  Great work out.  Startling in places.  I've been challenged to take my body to new places.  I dont have access to a reformer. Now I have a chair. :) 
Great work!! Now I have a new equipment My chair!!! fantastic class

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