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Courtney Miller brings Pilates with HEART, the classes that she teaches in her own studio, to Pilates Anytime! Each letter of HEART represents a different style of class. H is for Heat, blending Pilates precision with fitness drills that will get your heart pumping. Expect to jump, curl, plank, hold, pulse, shake, smile, repeat. You'll get a high-intensity full body workout that will leave you ready to take on the world.

Courtney has also provided a Spotify playlist for each of her classes that you can add to your workout for extra motivation and fun! Here are her picks for Heat.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Theraband

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Hi guys, Courtney Miller here. And I am so excited to be with you today in this beautiful studio space to film for you the five class styles that we teach at my studio, Pilates Republic. Today we'll be teaching the first of the five, it's called Heat. The reason I named it Heat is because your muscles are gonna be on fire, and you're gonna be dripping sweat. We're using the jump board and we're also using a resistance band today.

I think it's really important when you get into a jump board class that you first warm up your jumping muscles, your hamstrings, your glutes, find your breath. So let's do that now. I have one yellow spring on and I'm actually gonna step into the well. So big step up and over facing towards the jump board. Step back and take a nice wide stance at the legs.

Hinge forward, hands to the shoulder blocks. Think of this exercise as your cat cow kneeling, inhale, chest up, gaze up and exhale, round your spine. Inhale, press down on the shoulder blocks to look up and exhale, rounding the spine. One more time. I like to bend my knees to get the most amount of movement in my thoracic spine.

And then exhale round. We're gonna go right into some movement of the carriage. So here I am in the cow, exhaling now pull the carriage towards me, belly button in and up, inhale tail feathers lifted behind me. Exhale lift (instructor exhaling) and inhale lengthen. Two more here.

Lengthening the legs all the way, drawing ups for the kneecaps in preparation for those jumps. One more, hold in the carriage, all the way to my shins and lengthening out. Adjust one foot so it's underneath your pelvis and take the other leg back. Keep that carriage steady, square off those hips down and up you go with the back leg, neck is long. Now you don't really need the machine here, but you're using it to give you some feedback.

Inhale down, exhale up deep belly in. Four, gettin' those glutes ready, Three, two, and one. I'm gonna keep that standing knee bent, stretch the opposite arm to leg long flex the spine knee to elbow inhale, lengthen out. Pull and lengthen. Think of this exercise as the calm before the storm there's gonna be a lot of big explosive movements in this class.

So let's find those stabilizing muscles. Three, (instructor exhaling) two, and last one. One, place the foot down. Take that squat gaze up. Exhale, belly draws in carriages draws under inhale.

Do it again, exhale (instructor exhaling) and inhale again. I'm pushing down into the shoulder blocks to help find those lats. Last time. (instructor exhaling) And lengthen out opposite leg. Take it back, practice down and up first, drop that hip. So we know our jumping muscles come from behind, glutes and hamstrings.

Feel 'em now, wake 'em up, shoulders down and back. Four, neck is long, three, two, hold the leg, stretch the opposite arm long and then flex knee to elbow. Pull it in and send it long. Exhale scoop and inhale reach. Exhale and inhale.

Gettin' that spine warm, moving all the little bones. One more and lengthen. Taking the feet down, big lift with the chest and forward fold. Awesome guys. Rebuild the spine.

We're gonna keep waking up those glutes with some bridges. Step up and out of the well, I had one yellow spring. Now I'm gonna add two reds. Now you can leave that yellow on 'cause the next series after bridge is jumping, but I took it off. So I have two red springs on.

Headrest is down, lie on down. Move away from those shoulder blocks enough that you feel like your shoulders have some room to breathe. Take the arches or the heels of the feet onto the board. And then exhale, hips lift up. (instructor exhaling) Inhale halfway down, exhale lift. So my goal here is to wake up my glutes, turn on those hamstrings.

But also stretch and open through the quadriceps. I'm not lifting so high that the weight is coming onto my neck. So I'm able to lift my head off the mat. I'm keeping my weight onto my shoulders, my shoulder blades. They're anchored down, last time.

Keeping the hips up, push all the way back. As my knees go down so to my hips, exhale, everything needs to lift back up. Inhale press and exhale pull. Now I'm taking extra care to make sure my knees stay in line with my big toes. If I take the time to plant these seeds now, during this bridge work, while I go into my big dynamic jumping exercises, the alignment that I need to be safe and effective is already gonna be there.

Two more (instructor exhaling) and one. Now let's work some unilateral stability. Keep those hips lifted. We're gonna call this a march. Not only are we working the stability of one hip and then the other, but we're teaching ourself muscle memory, right?

We're finding where that board is in space, even though you can't see it. And that's definitely an important thing during this class, 'cause we're gonna be jumping in all positions and in some of them, you won't see where that board is. So you have to remember and find it. Last time, and try to slowly roll down. Upper, middle, and lower back.

Reach and grab those straps, guys. I've got mine hooked onto the shoulder blocks. The straps I have has the option between the long loops and the short. I'm gonna choose those long loops, making it a little bit easier on myself today. You can choose the short loops if you're feeling extra zesty.

And exhale curls you up (instructor exhaling) and inhale takes you down. Hands right over the chest. Exhale up (instructor exhaling) and inhale down. Now you've got options. You could keep your head down the whole time or you could amplify and extend the legs (instructor exhaling) with those arms.

Remember the reason the arms are drawing down is because the chest is lifting up. (instructor exhaling) So see if you can marry those movements together. Three, (instructor exhaling) inner thighs squeezing together, two, and on the next one we'll stay up. Now I'm gonna ask, make a commitment. Either stay in your lift, or if you need to take a break and lower the head down, but don't go in between. Arms open and pull in.

Now there's not a lot of exercises in this class where we use the straps. So embrace it, (instructor exhaling) savor it while you're doing it. Five, (instructor exhaling) this is a back exercise four, so squeeze from those lats. Three, two, (instructor exhaling) and one. Take it down and take a little break.

Now, if the tension's not heavy enough for you, go ahead and make your switch to the short loops. Let's set it up again. Inhale get ready exhale, (instructor exhaling) lift pumping for the hundred. It is so important that we get into that big breathing during a jump board class 'cause that's where our power is gonna come from. Inhale for five and exhale for five you're lifted.

Arms are straight. Chest is wide, we're halfway there. Inhaling. (instructor breathing) Can you send those legs a little lower? Inhale and exhale, two more rounds. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

Last time (instructor breathing heavily) And you finish strong. You finished with that hold. Tuck those knees, scoop a little higher if you got it and take it down. Now you have options. If you have the soft touch loops, you might just wanna hook them up.

We tend to drop 'em so they're gone, drop it like it's hot. We're gonna put the head rest up. If you prefer to have your headrest down while you jump, by all means listen to your body. Speaking of jumps, this is heavy. Feet together, knees together, tailbone anchored.

You've got that neutral spine, go for it. Landing toe, ball, heel. So I would call this heavy jumping. It's simulating running up a hill or running against the wind. You got resistance, you gotta work it.

Do you remember our jumping muscles back here? Our landing muscles, our quads, our power muscles, glutes and hamstrings separate the feet hip's width. Keep jumping, knees over toes. Just like we practice. I want you to feel that heat in the quads, in the glutes, in the lower body, heart's pumping land wide.

Land and turnout. Big jump, big power. Think about flicking your feet off the board. Using the ankles and calves. Final five, four, three, two, one, and bring it in.

Roll to one side and help yourself sit up. Take one red spring off and find a straddle position. Let's give the lower body a little bit of a break here. As we go into some upper body. Find your hover.

I call this a straddle position. So to find it, you wanna squeeze your calves kind of under the machine and open your knees over your baby toes. Hover those hips, press the carriage out. I have one red on. Inhale bend, exhale push.

Every time I push forward, I draw my stomach in and out. (instructor exhaling) It's as if I'm in a plank position. I'm trying to lift my tail feathers to the sky, (instructor exhaling) fully extend my elbows without lifting my shoulders up by my ears. Four to go. Three, (instructor exhaling) two, one, and bring it on home.

Swing one leg up and over for a little core exercise. Swing those hips forward. You want a lot of mat behind you. Roll back, hug your knees in, double leg stretch. Send it long.

Exhale, big squeeze, big hug. Let's do 10. (instructor exhaling) Stay in the lift. When your arms reach back, resist the temptation to look up and drop the head. Four, three, (instructor exhaling) two, and one. Into crisscross one leg extends and up and over you go.

Hips are heavy. Let those abdominals burnout because after this, we're back to jumping. Five, four, three, stay lifted two, and one and help yourself come up. Scooch towards that jump board and come right down onto your elbow. I aligned my elbow with the shoulder block behind me.

Stay lifted as if you're in a side plank, hang onto here or hand behind your head. Top foot, that is your jumping foot. Now you want a lot of distance between your elbow and your hip. You're about to go into a plank. I spoiled the surprise.

But before we do that, let's keep jumping and stay lifted and landing toe, ball, heel. Now I love being up in this position 'cause I can see my landing foot. I'm watching the knee travel right over the midfoot. I'm watching the leg fully extend on a jump. I'm trying to use the whole length of my machine.

So I almost hit the back, but not quite, adding a lift up, little. Doesn't have to be big. Just enough to get into those glutes. Eight to go guys, we got this. Land light. (instructor exhaling) I will tell you in all of our class formats, you're gonna be challenged.

We're gonna bring your muscles to fatigue, but just when you think you can't do another rep, we'll switch it up, we'll change muscles, and we'll just keep going. Two more. And (instructor exhaling) one. Nice job guys. You're still working that booty, but it's gonna feel like a whole new exercise.

Pivot and turn, you're on your hands and knees. For me it's my right knee that's underneath my pelvis, elbow soft. I like to start this exercise with a press so I can collect myself. Once I feel like I'm in a good position, exhaling, exhaling. If this single red spring is not enough, you can add that yellow one red plus a yellow makes a big difference.

Belly in and up. (instructor exhaling) Now this is what I was talking about muscle memory. I can't see the board. I have to remember my landing spot. Adding a little kick up when the leg is straight up, you go. (instructor exhaling) Belly in belly, up.

Five, four, (instructor exhaling) three, two, one. And bring it in, well done guys. We're goin' back into the straddle. Except this time you might want to scooch towards the back of the machine. We're gonna do some single arm work.

Squeeze your heels under the machine. Find your hover, push. One arm comes off, one arm stays on. If it feels too heavy, step backwards, eight on one arm, (instructor exhaling) eight on the other. Get that chest low.

I like to angle my elbow slightly wide (instructor exhaling) and switch, eight on one eight on the other, lifting my tail feathers, closing my ribs. Three, two, and one, and bring it in. You got another core series. You're gonna turn around to the opposite side, drawing your knees in towards your chest. Remember you need space.

Don't roll back off the machine. We did double leg stretch. Let's do single leg stretch. Pull, pull, use your arm strength to scoop a little bit higher. Getting that deep crease at the hip, hugging the knee in, big exhale.

Five, (instructor exhaling) four, three, two, and freeze, send the leg up. Grab for that ankle, two pulls. (instructor exhaling) Straight leg stretch scissors, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull two straight legs four to go. (instructor exhaling) Three, two, one, and you're up. Set it up, scooch away from the shoulder blocks or towards the board onto the side.

Send your hips to align with the back edge. Hold on or hand to head and find a rhythm. We're trying to minimize downtime in this class. Maximize movement, all movement all the time. (instructor exhaling) Spoiler alert, I told you we were going into some side planks, so lift up.

Feel like this is a preparatory movement for those planks to come, landing light toe, ball, heel. (instructor exhaling) Adding the kick up. Doesn't have to be big. Try to keep those hips stacked. (instructor exhaling) Land and kick.

Five, four, three, two, and one. That is still your jumping leg as you take your transition. So I want my stabilizing knee under my pelvis like a tripod. I'm gonna push out first, soften those elbows, find my alignment and then power out using the whole length of the machine. Fully extending the leg, drawing out through the knee.

(instructor exhaling) Closing the ribs. And I'm gonna keep my spine completely stable. As I add that uplift. Kicking up and up. (instructor exhaling) Five to go.

Four, three, two, and one, and bring it all in. Great job guys. We're gonna keep that single red spring on, come off the machine. Now on my leg row too, and in the studio reformers that I have at Pilates Republic, I do have an extra little bit of ledge for me to stand on. If you don't, you might want to get a platform extender.

We are gonna come to a standing position. I want you to right away, get deep and low into a squat. I'm using this jump board as a guide. I'm pressing my knee against it. My opposite leg is at the carriage edge.

Hands come to prayer, start pressing out. (instructor exhaling) So I'm using the jump board to help me isolate this side, weight into the heels. There's a lot of booty in this class, if I didn't say that in the beginning. A lot of booty (instructor exhaling) ribs closed. As far as reps go, repetition how many, I like to work between 12 and 15 reps.

(instructor exhaling) But still working hard to find my edge. So when I think, "Oh, I can't do one more." I try to just do one more, and rise to come up. Nice work guys. Now you're gonna pivot to face your board and you're gonna take that foot back against the shoulder blocks. The foot that was on the ledge is now gonna be down onto the floor.

If you have a spring in the way, just step to either side. Bend your standing knee and enjoy a nice little hip stretch, arms are straight. This exercise is a pike. You have to drop your head, draw your hips up and try to shift back so I can clear the machine with my foot, then landing in the lunge. You pick the tempo.

Exhale, (instructor exhaling) lift, inhale lower. So what's driving me up is this contraction, this low belly drawing in and up. (instructor exhaling) I'm pushing down into my hands as if I was gonna pop up into a handstand (instructor exhaling) as if I could even do a handstand, I can't. But that's what I'm imagining three to go. (instructor exhaling) Two, and one. And I'm gonna land on the machine.

Lower down the knees. All right guys, before we do the other side, let's sit low. If sitting low on your knees doesn't work for you, try crisscross applesauce or put a ball or a yoga block under your bum to take pressure away from the knees. Lean your chest forward. I think of boobs over the springs.

Hands onto the jump board. This is a back exercise, power out. Now I'm on a red. I have to work really hard. If I was just using my arms and I wasn't using my back, I think I'd burn out.

So set those shoulders push from your back. Five, four, three, (instructor exhaling) two, and one. That was great. Let's do the other side, rise and turn. So the first thing I wanna do is get low.

Use my thigh against the board, send my hips down, my sit bones down, and start pressing out. Trying to keep my weight to the outer edges of my feet. (instructor exhaling) using the board to help me align my pelvis in this exercise. (instructor exhaling) When I get tired, I try to sit lower. So it's the sensation of going towards that burn, towards that sensation of heat. (instructor exhaling) Five to go.

Four, three, two, and one, rise. Turn and find the shoulder block, foot goes to the floor. So here you are, a little bit of a break in the madness of the jumping, enjoy that lunge. Elbows are straight, hips up. There's a shifting back that needs to happen.

Just a quick little reminder. This is almost like your elephant exercise. So see if you can find it and then landing. Exhale, (instructor exhaling) hips up, head down, belly in and up. When I land, I feel like I'm defying gravity.

I try to land lightly and slowly. Toe, ball, heel four to go. (instructor exhaling) three, two, (instructor exhaling) and one, good take it down. Alrighty guys back to some arm jumps. Now you are more than welcome to keep it on a single red spring.

I'm gonna go down to a blue. I'm reducing the tension. (springs clattering) I got a long, long day, a lot of classes. So this is better for me. You can play with what works on your end.

Pitch forward, now I want you to feel a little bit lighter in the seat than you did last time and start to jump. Anticipate that you're gonna have more time out here if you've reduced your spring. And what can we do with that time? A seated squat, hips up arms back. Now I have to always find that landing position.

(instructor exhaling) Using my glutes to lift my hips. Five to go, four, (instructor exhaling) three, two, and one, done, thank goodness. Add a red back on. So you now have one red plus a blue. I still have my headrest up.

I like it up when I'm doing jumps. Lie down, single leg jumps. Before I go into single leg, let's find a rhythm with some bilateral. Heels together, toes apart, knee, shoulder width. Exhale. (instructor exhaling) Belly compressing, big breathing.

(instructor exhaling) Think of the backs of the knees coming together. (instructor exhaling) Two to go. Right leg goes out over the corner of the board and you're jumping on the left. Now you might not travel as far. Working so hard in that glute.

Keeping those hips level. Three, two alternate, whoa, feels like a break. It's almost like a rest when you get to switch legs. (instructor exhaling) Fully extending at the hip. Three, two, alternate singles.

Try to close that carriage lengthen the achilles. How are those hips guys? This is a reciprocal pattern. This is the kind of stuff that makes you stronger when you're jogging, walking, running. Three, (instructor exhaling) two, one.

Right into bilateral, feet together, knees together, hands in prayer, slalom. Now I'm gonna encourage you to let one hip become light. (instructor exhaling) Keep those shoulders anchored, knees and ankles connected. We got it. Five, (instructor exhaling) four, three, two, and one.

Roll to one side, help yourself sit up. How you doing? Let's get back into abs. Here's the span I talked about earlier. You have seen in previous Pilates Anytime classes that I've taught, where I use the band around the shoulder blocks to give my foot something to connect to so I can pull the carriage and not just push it.

For your next tension, you're welcome to do a blue. I'm doing a yellow. Join me on the yellow or push it on a blue. Come into the well. From here, I like to use the risers.

If you don't have them, use your rails. One foot back, I hook it behind both of the straps. If you want to reduce the tension just a smidgen, hook it behind just the front one, okay. Ways to play, from here guys, hands on to the box. Fingers wide, elbows, a little soft.

I'm just wasting time before I pop up into a plank, I'm ready, let's do it, okay. Ankles crossed, I'm gonna talk my knees in and out and I'm not stopping at my belly button. (instructor exhaling) I'm trying to pull through the risers, (instructor exhaling) exhale to pull. Five to go, four, three, these are powerful movements. One more (instructor exhaling) and take it down.

That deserves a break, hold onto something stable, lean back, stretch it out. Before we do the other side, let's do some tricep dips. You can use whatever's around you. You can even come off to one side to do your dips. You're gonna lift your chest, bend your knees and down and up you go.

So if this space here in the well doesn't work for you, then come off to one side of the machine and go down and up on the side rail. Elbows pointing back. Five, (instructor exhaling) four, just staring at that band, knowing that you're gonna do another set of those knee tucks, three, two, and one. Let's do it. Spread the fingers.

This exercise can be done on your elbows and forearms too. Send the opposite foot back, set yourself up, push your chest up, pull your belly up. Cross those ankles. Here you go. (instructor exhaling) Pull your knees past your belly button to your chest in and out. (instructor exhaling) Five, four, three, two, one.

And take it down. Decompress. Do what feels right. Pushups are next. You can play with your pushups guys.

You can do them with your feet on the machine, hands on the floor. Make it as hard as you'd like. I'm gonna take my hands to the side of my reformer. Step my feet back. Narrow elbows, inhale, exhale, head in line with spine.

Three, (instructor exhaling) two, one. I think I was easy on myself there, (instructor chuckling) probably could have been a few more of those. But moving on, lunges. So this exercise requires some balance and stability. If you're concerned about your balance, have a pole or be close to a wall, step one foot back.

And I'm gonna use that front. I'm not hooking behind both, gonna use that front. And then kind of like how we practice the pikes, I'm gonna use my belly to bring my leg up. Okay, stay low. You can hold on as you tuck your knees in, as you feel confident, you work a little harder and you find that balance.

(instructor exhaling) Stable here, belly working to pull. Five, (instructor exhaling) four, three, two, one. Up and down. Good work guys. We could do something fancy in between sides, let's not.

Let's just knock it out. Foot goes behind. Up, hold on. Find it, find that sequence of stability first. Push your edge, take it up to a balance.

Ribs are closed, tummy's tight. Five, (instructor exhaling) four, three, two, and one. Up and over, good work guys. Take a second. Alrighty, the fun is just beginning.

Let's take the band off. Put it down. Let's add some resistance so the carriage feels stable. So I already have a red, excuse me I already have a yellow. I'm gonna add a red to it.

So I have one red and one yellow. And you could even add more springs if you're worried about the tension and the carriage being wobbly. One foot comes up. You're gonna send those hips back. And then it's a vertical rise as you sweep the arms down (instructor exhaling) and you're trying to decelerate, so you don't ker plop.

(instructor exhaling) And down, and down, and down. But wait, there's more. You can stay here. This is a good place to be. If you want to add a really high level challenge, you can add a pistol squat, what?

Use the board, lift the opposite leg. See if you can rise up without using that bottom leg. So I go down (instructor exhaling) and up. Go down. (instructor groaning) I don't know if I can do it without making that noise. Up (instructor exhaling) and down.

That's as many as I have. Let's see how we do on the other side, coming up and over. So the first flow is a dynamic explosive up. And you guys can keep going as I explain. And this might be where you continue.

If you want to, you're gonna hold the board. You're gonna sit low. That's the easy part. The hard part is getting up (instructor groaning) from that position. (instructor exhaling) Down, up, down, down, oh so much work. I'm doing one more, that's all I got.

(instructor groaning) Down. Wish I could do more for you guys. That's it. I'm taking that yellow spring off. I'm leaving that red spring on.

So I have one red. I'm gonna come into this position. You know it, you love it. We were here earlier in our jumps. Now, we're gonna pike.

So stagger your feet. Use the shoulder block in front of you and find it first. Once you feel stable, you're ready to swoop that top arm up, hip dips up and up. Try to keep that carriage pretty steady. Up and up.

We have five to go. Four, three, two, and one, take the hips down. Take your bottom hand through the shoulder blocks, support your head like a pillow, whatever that means to you or use a prop. You're gonna take your top leg over the board. It is not the jumping leg, fire into the belly.

Bottom leg powering you out. Keep those hips stacked. (instructor exhaling) My challenge to you do not drop that top leg. Bottom leg lifts to it. Inner thigh to inner thigh.

Tummy tight and there is a lightness in the neck, a relaxed sensation through the upper body. Three to go. (instructor exhaling) Both legs, let me see 'em jumpin'. Now this takes some serious obliques to keep those hips stacked, (instructor exhaling) to keep those legs lifted. How's that neck? How are those shoulders?

You're just gonna zap energy from yourself if you feel tense there, so let it go. Four, three, two, and one. Nice work guys, pivot turn. You're gonna take prayer position arms, palms together, elbows wide. Using that front little ledge push out.

Stay here. Option one, no movement. Option two hips up, head in line with spine. (instructor exhaling) And lengthen. Now pikes are about the journey.

So how are you gonna get there? You're gonna round your back. You're gonna exhale. Look at your toes. Final four. (instructor exhaling) Three, two, and one.

Take a knee down and get ready for those pikes on the other side, guys. Elbow against the shoulder block, stagger your feet. There might be a more natural way for you to do it. You should listen to your body. Hold on and find it.

Before you let go, make sure you have that stability. Inhale down, exhale up, hip dips. (instructor exhaling) Try not to move the carriage. Use those inner thighs. We have four, three, two, and take it down for one.

Make that pillow, support yourself. Top leg goes over. Bottom leg is your jumping leg. (instructor exhaling) So there's a lightness in those ribs, float 'em up. Once you feel like you have a good connection to your landing, add that squeeze up.

(instructor exhaling) Now it's easier to get those legs to connect if I lean back, but I'm not going to. (instructor exhaling) Five to go. Four, three, two, one, both legs. Find it, hip over hip shoulder over shoulder. Don't let those legs drop when you land.

We're going back into our pikes in five, four, three, two, and one. So help yourself sit up, we're coming back into our pikes. Let's come into that same upper body position. Palms down in prayer, elbows wide. Find those elbows right underneath your shoulders.

Option one, do a second set, option two, make it harder. Walk your toes to the top of the board. What makes this more challenging? Is your hips get right over those shoulders. Head doesn't actually rest onto the mat.

What's holding me up here are my back muscles. Lengthen, use those glutes when you're here guys and lift. Four to go. Four, three, two, one. Take a knee down, well done guys.

Alrighty for our finishing exercises, and they are exercises, we're gonna go down to a blue. So I just have the one blue spring on, kneeling with the knees against the shoulder blocks. I have to somehow make my way to the risers. So I'm just gonna walk, hold on. My hips are lifted sort of as they were in my arm jumps, but now I some traction in my wrists and lats as I pull forward.

Don't forget about those abs guys. In and up they go. (instructor exhaling) Shoulders are down, shoulders are back. Inhale, fully extend exhale, pull final four. So yeah, we did work a lot of lower body today.

A lot of glutes, but we also got some good arms, some good abs. (instructor exhaling) One more. Hands to the rails, slide it back. Nice job guys. We're gonna turn around, lay down onto our backs.

This is an abdominal series. It's not really about jumping anymore. Straighten your legs. Find that neutral pelvis, curl up nice and high hands behind the head. One knee comes in.

The mat doesn't move. There's a quick switch and the other leg comes in. You might not want to count reps, just go. (instructor exhaling) Now, there are ways to make this harder adding your crisscross is one, also adding straight leg. (instructor exhaling) is one.

Five, four, three, two, one. And relax. Make sure your headrest is down. You know me, I like a good inversion. So let's do our jumping catch.

I have my arms out like a V. It might take a couple of jumps for you to feel ready to grab those risers, so you take your time. Elbows are soft, big exhale takes you over. Separate the legs, take your time as you roll down. Draw the legs together, Lego, do it again.

It can take a few reps to find that catch. You're not in a rush, up and over and slowly roll down. (instructor exhaling) Let go, do it again. Find it. Lift it and take your time.

Here's the reverse, land wide, together as you go down. (instructor exhaling) Jump wide, together. As you go down, do one more. (instructor exhaling) Up and over and down. Let's finish with a roll up. So I'm just gonna find that little edge with my heels.

Got to feel it. Make sure my hips and my sacrum most importantly are onto this mat. Arms up, inhale, get ready, exhale, roll through it. (instructor exhaling) Over you go. Now if you feel like you need to adjust your seat, now is the time roll halfway back and roll all the way back.

Do it again, exhale. (instructor exhaling) And tuck. If you feel like you're sliding back, like maybe your pants are a little slick like mine, just hold that edge and it'll keep you where you need to be. (instructor exhaling) Exhale. Last time, big roll up. (instructor exhaling) And rebuild. Guys, that was awesome.

45 minutes nonstop movement. We felt the heat, you did a great job. I can't wait to see you for the rest of the classes. There's four more to go. Empower, align renew, and tone.

I'll see you then, bye.

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Align, Mobiilze, Traditional, Advanced

Nov 25, 2020
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Courtney Miller
50 min
Reformer w/Box


Brunna C
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OMG Courtney your Heat class looks exhausting! 😂 I don't know if I'm fit enough to do this class but I'm going to give it a good go 💕 You are amazing 💪 I love your classes, keep them coming please. x
Hildegard V
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Great class! Loved the energy. Had to pause video a few tines to keep up and did it. Feeling great afterwards.🧘🏼
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Always a great day when there are new Courtney Miller classes!  I’m beyond excited to follow this series!  Thanks!
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Waiting for your class Really love it
Can't wait to do the next classes! 
outstanding!   You always find new ways to use the reformer.   I hope I can walk tomorrow.   thank you thank you thank you. 
Lillian L
What a great class! Efficient, challenging!
I Love it. 
all your classes are an eternal renewal, with energy, movement and improvement of the Pilates method...
Catherine, instructor em São Paulo and Paris
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You never disappoint.....thank you!!!!  Dear Santa, for Christmas I would love to be able to do a pistol squat like CM!
Phoebe R
YAY Courtney you're back! Please keep posting new content I've done all your older ones too many times! You are such a superstar xx
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