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Energetic Jump Board Flow

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The Pilates Daily with Gia Calhoun continues with this full-body Jumpboard workout. You will start warming up with footwork and supine arms before moving into jumps, including side-lying single leg work and exercises for your arms and back on the Long Box. Get a quick burst of cardio and let that energy carry you through the rest of your day.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board

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Feb 04, 2021
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Hi, I'm Gia. And today we're gonna do a jump board class. The theme of the class is just bringing in some action and energy. So we're gonna get started. So before we start jumping, we're gonna warm up our legs and our abdominals a little bit.

So we're gonna start with some foot work, but with the jump board. So your normal foot board settings, I have three reds and one blue spring on. And then I'm gonna start on my toes in parallel with my heels nice and high. You're gonna inhale as you stretch long. Exhale as you come back in.

So I have my feet hip distance apart, trying to keep the weight over the big toe and the second toe rather than going out to my baby toe, trying to keep it nice and aligned. Inhale, stretch just to start getting the legs warm, getting them moving. Two more. Now we're gonna come up to the heels. Flex the feet. The heels are gonna go right to the top of the foot board or the jump board hip distance apart.

Flexing all five toes back as you inhale. Exhale to come in. So I'm trying to keep my weight centered on my heels, not rolling to the inside or the outside. That way I can flex the whole foot and work my legs evenly. Four more.

(exhales gently) Three. My arms are reaching long, getting them active already, pulling into my abdominals. Last one. Good, now I'm gonna come back to my toes. First position, heels together, toes apart.

Again, my heels are pretty high. Inhale as I stretch. Exhale to come in. So I'm trying to keep the heels glued together. Keeping that nice space hold, so my heels aren't dropping or lifting.

They're in the same spot the whole time. Knees are going over the toes. Last two. Last one. Now I'm gonna bring my feet back to the heels nice and wide.

If you're taller than me or wanna go all the way out to the sides of the foot bar or the jump board, you can. I'm gonna keep mine a little bit narrower, 'cause I'm on the shorter side. Inhale as I stretch. Exhale to come in. Inhale.

Exhale. So again, I'm pushing into the center of my heels, trying not to roll inside or out. I'm not going to my max turnout. I'm keeping it at a nice angle. Almost angling it toward the outside corners of the jump board.

Trying to stay heavy in the pelvis. We'll need that throughout the class. One more. Good, now we're gonna bring the feet back to the toes, parallel, hip distance apart. Push all the way out.

Lower the heels down and lift. Again, it's different than when we have just the foot bar on, 'cause we don't get that little calf stretch, but it's still gonna work the calf muscles. Four more. And three, try not to hyperextend the legs if you're hyperextended like me. One more.

Now push the heels down and hold. Now we're gonna lift the toes up and lower. Toes, working the front of the shins. You don't realize how much this muscle can burn till you start doing exercises like this. It's good if you get shin splints.

One more. Now come back to the toes, lift both heels up. You're gonna bend one knee, push the other heel down switch for a little run. And switch, switch, making sure the knee faces the ceiling. It's not rolling to the inside or the outside.

Two more sets. Both heels up, bend your knees. Come all the way in. Come on up. And we're gonna change the springs.

So I'm gonna do two red springs. Take everything else off and then lie back down. So you're gonna grab your straps. Scoot away from the shoulder blocks just a little bit. Legs are gonna come to tabletop, arms up to the ceiling.

So you're gonna push down a little bit on the strap, so your hands are right over your shoulders. Plug the shoulders in and pull your ribs down to the mat. I have my legs glued together. Take a deep inhale here. As you exhale, just push the arms down by your sides.

Inhale, arms come up to the ceiling. Exhale, arms push down. So nothing's moving but the arms. And press. Two more.

(exhales gently) Last one. Now we're gonna add the head. Inhale. Exhale, curl your head and chest up. Lower back down.

And then curl it up. And curl up, reach those arms to the jump board. One more. Adding the legs. Curl up, stretch the legs out over the jump board.

Bend back to tabletop and stretch out. I still have my legs parallel. Feel free to go into a Pilates V if that feels better for your legs. Two more. (exhales gently) Last one.

We're gonna hold this one up and pump the arms for the hundred. Inhale two, three, four, five, and exhale. (exhales gently) Inhale and exhale. (exhales gently) Inhale and exhale. (exhales gently) Inhale, reach those arms longer.

Reach those legs past the jump board. Four more, inhale. And exhale. (exhales gently) Inhale. Exhale, last two.

Inhale. Exhale, curl up a little higher. Inhale and exhale. And hold, and bend it in. So I'm gonna drop my straps on the ground, 'cause I don't like the way it sounds when you start jumping and they're just dangling.

So make sure you have a little space between your shoulders and the shoulder rest just so you're not jammed up there when we start jumping. So I'm gonna start legs in parallel. You can have them hip distance apart or together, whatever you prefer. I'm gonna go hip distance apart. Just take a deep inhale here.

And then as you exhale, you're gonna push out and jump and then land. Jump and land. Third try on the land, toe, ball, heel through the foot. Try to get those heels down as much as you can. We have four more.

Three, two, last one and rest. Now we're gonna the switch the position. Heels together, toes apart in the first position. Again, not as wide as you can go. Keep it at a nice shoulder distance angle with your knees.

Take a deep inhale to prepare, Exhale, jump. Good, I like to keep my heels squeezing together as I jump, controlling that landing reaching those heels down every time. Four more. Three, two, last one, good. Take a breath.

Now we're gonna alternate. For my alternating this time, I'm gonna have my legs together for the parallel. So I'm gonna go parallel, turned out. So start in that first position. And then as you jump, you're gonna land parallel together.

Jump, land, turned out. Parallel, turned out. So you're rotating from the hips every time. And out, exhale, exhale. Four more, three, two, and one and rest.

Take a breath. (exhales gently) And then we're gonna come back to parallel. So I have my legs together. We're gonna do a jumping jack. If you prefer to do this turned out, you can.

I just like it parallel so I can go a little bit wider with my feet. So you're gonna do one jump, planned apart. One jump, plan together, just like you would do in a standing jumping jack. Out, together. And out, together.

Really go straight to the position each time. (exhales gently) Two more sets. Last set. And rest. Good.

So now we're gonna change our springs, so come on up. And we're gonna do just one red spring for some single leg jumps. So lie back down. Again, make sure you have a little space, so you're not jammed up against the shoulder rests. And we're gonna bring one leg to table top.

The other foot is gonna stay on the jump board, keeping your feet in line with your hips. So keeping this leg in tabletop, you're gonna inhale to prepare, exhale to jump. And in. Jump. Get a nice little floating action, trying to pull into the abdominals to keep you stable.

We'll do two more to make this eight. Good, on the next one we'll switch legs. Switch legs. Fold this other leg up. Good, still landing through the toes.

Toe, ball, heel. One more. Good, alternate. And in. Again, just like when we were on two legs, we're going straight to the position.

Make it nice and crisp. Two more each side. Last one. Last one. And rest.

We're gonna come on up and switch to a blue spring. So we're really gonna be floating out there while we're jumping. So one blue is gonna work your core a little bit more, so really pull into your abdominals every time you jump to stabilize yourself. So we're gonna start with a single leg stretch just like you would do on the mat. So one leg up into 90, the other leg is gonna jump, and then you're gonna switch.

If you want, you can curl your head up just to see where your feet are landing and to work your abdominals a little bit more. You can also reach those hands out or you can even pull in like you would on the mat, whichever you prefer. I'm wanna keep reaching my arms out. Two more. Last set.

Good, now for double leg stretch we're gonna pull into your chest with both knees. Stretch them out before you land and then come on in. So you're gonna jump in, stretch and land. In, stretch. So make sure you don't push too hard, 'cause then you'll hit the back of the carriage or back of the frame I should say.

You wanna go far enough where you can stretch the legs out before you land. Keep pulling in, trying to keep the pelvis stable. Two more. Last set. Good.

Now for scissors, one leg is gonna come up. I'm gonna bring my hands behind my head for this one just so I can get a little bit higher up. Keep that top leg straight. You're gonna scissor your legs and then land. Scissor and land.

(exhales gently) Trying to keep those legs parallel. Scissor and land. Keep pulling into the abdominals. Elbows are wide if your hands are behind your head. Two more sets.

(exhales gently) Last one. So we're doing the whole series of five if you haven't guessed already. So now we have double lower leg. So just like the double leg stretch, you're gonna have to push out a little bit so that you can get your legs back down before you land. So you're gonna jump with the legs, lower and land.

You don't have to go all the way to 90. I generally don't just to make sure I don't miss the board, 'cause the last thing I wanna do is have a crash landing. Your legs can be turned out or turned in. I like them parallel for this one. Two more.

Last one. Hmm, that's an interesting land. Rest. So criss-cross, the hardest one of this one just for coordination sake. So hands are behind the head.

Curl up as high as you can. One leg into your chest, so you're gonna start twisted to that leg already. It makes it a little bit easier. So as you jump, you're gonna twist the other side and change. Jump, twist, change.

Make sure you're twisting the ribs, not just the elbows. And then I like to just keep an eye on my feet so I can see when to land, 'cause with this blue spring on when you're floating for a little bit longer, it's harder to tell where the jump board is. One more each side. And rest. Take a breath.

Good. So we're gonna come on up. We're gonna change our springs. I'm gonna go back to two red springs. Take off the blue.

I'm gonna grab the long box. So I'm gonna put the box just in front of the shoulder rest. And then I have a little sticky pad just so I don't slide around on my box. So you're gonna lie on your chest. And then your nose is basically on the jump board.

You're gonna keep a little bit of extension in your upper back just so you don't hit your nose when you're pushing out. Legs are extended long. Shoulders are down the back. So before you jump, we're just gonna push out with the arms and then come back in. And pushing out.

So it's just like you would against the foot bar, pushing out. The elbows are slightly wide not all the way out to the side. Think of to a low diagonal, pushing out and in, reaching up through the toes and the top of the feet. Two more. Last one.

Now we're gonna jump it, but before we jump, I'm gonna change to one red spring, 'cause two springs is a little bit much to jump on the box. I'm gonna scoot forward just so I don't slide back. Shoulders are down away from the ears and I'm gonna push out, jump and then catch. Jump and catch. So again, the elbows are angling toward this low diagonal.

So they're slightly wide, but not out as wide as you can go. Four more. Keep pulling up in the abdominals, three, supporting the back, two. Last one. Good.

Now we're gonna choose just one hand, so that hand's gonna go to the top of the jump board right in front of your shoulder, the other arm out to the side. You're gonna push out and in. Push it out, in. One more. If you wanna change to the blue, feel free.

Switching hands, other arm out to the side out. I don't know if you can tell, but one of my arms is definitely much stronger than the other. One more. Now for the single arm jumping I'm gonna switch to a blue. Again, if you wanna just stay on that red, you can.

For me, it's a little heavy. So first side. Other arm out to the side. You're gonna push out, jump, and land. Jump and land.

Two more. Last one. Other arm. Jump out. So you don't have to clear the board too much just enough to let go and catch.

Trying to stay stable in your upper body and rest. So coming back to that red spring, take off the blue if you have it. You're gonna push out both hands and just hold your arm straight. From here you're gonna lift your chest up. Think of lifting out through the top of the head pulling into your abdominals to protect your low back into a swan, and then lower back down.

Pushing out, keeping those arms straight, lifting the chest. And lower back down. Two more. Lift the chest. Try to get a little bit of extension in the upper back.

Reaching out through those feet. Last one. And lower. Good, come all the way in. So we're gonna take the box off.

So come on up. Just move the box to the side. And then we're gonna stay on this red spring and we're gonna do some side-lying jumps. So you have some options. I like to just lie on the headrest with the headrest up and then just hold onto the little pull behind the shoulder block.

If you wanna have your arm through with the head rest flat, you can. You can also come all the way up onto your elbow, whatever feels best for you. Just make sure you're directly on your side with a little space underneath you. So the bottom leg is just gonna stay tucked in out of the way. Top leg is gonna jump.

We're gonna start with the top leg parallel. You're just gonna jump out and in. Out. Again, it takes a little bit of getting used if you haven't done it before or in a while like it's been a while for me just to know where that foot bar or jump board is when you're landing. Just try to land toe, ball, heel.

Four more. Three, that knee is landing right over the toe. Two, last one. Now I'm gonna turn the leg out from the hip. Your knee is again over the toes and you're gonna keep that rotation as you jump out and in.

Still trying to keep the hips stacked, so keeping that space underneath you. So the abs are engaged. The waist is long. We've got four. Three.

Two, last one. We're gonna alternate like we did when we were on our backs. So you go parallel, turn out rotating from the hip every time. Turn out. Parallel, turn out.

Parallel. Turn out, two more sets. And out, last one. Good and rest. Now we're gonna switch legs, but stay on this side so the bottom leg is gonna jump.

The top leg is gonna reach out over the foot bar. So we're trying to keep that leg parallel again and just reach it long. Try to keep it still. That bottom leg is gonna jump out and in. Again, it takes a little bit of getting used to.

Just trying to stay stable on this side, so you're not rolling back and forth. So even though the bottom leg is jumping, you're still filling that top hip working. Exhale as you jump. Two more sets. And rest.

One more keeping this leg reaching long. As you jump, you're gonna lift this bottom leg up trying to meet the top leg. So you're gonna jump out, lift. Make sure you're not lowering the top leg. You're lifting that bottom leg up.

You're using that inner thigh to lift. And what I like to do to cheat is just stick out my foot a bit. So try to keep that foot pointed long without letting it rotate in and pronate. Four more. Three.

Two. Last one and rest. Lie on your back. We're gonna do a little figure four stretch for that hip. So you gonna cross leg you just worked over the opposite and then pull that leg into your chest.

Whew! If you're like me, this should burn a lot. Just let it release, takes a second. Just breathe into that stretch. With all this jumping, your heart rate should be going up and down. It's like little sprints.

Just breathe into it. Try to turn out that leg and then release it. And we'll go onto the other side. So whichever arm position you were on, you're gonna lie on the other side. Your hips are kind of toward the back of the mat just so you have a space.

Bottom leg is out of the way. You're stacked one side over the other with the space underneath your waist. The top leg is gonna jump in parallel. It's gonna push out as you exhale and land. Exhale.

Inhale. Good, so make sure you're not just pushing from the foot. You're using the whole leg all the way up to the glutes to jump. Four more. Three, stretch that leg long.

Two. Then we're gonna go into the first turn out. Out and in. We're just gonna go straight into each position since we already know it. Still keeping the hips stacked.

We have four, three, get ready to alternate. Last one. So we're gonna go into parallel. Parallel and turn out. Try to bend in as much as you can.

Don't skimp on that position. And out, turn in, and out. Two more sets. Parallel. Rotate, last set.

And rotate and rest. Switching position. So the bottom leg is gonna jump. Top leg is parallel reaching over the jump board. Again, check your hips.

Make sure they're stacked. And you're gonna jump on that bottom leg and out. Good, that top leg is just reaching long. Try to keep it as still as you can. Out and in.

Still use those abdominals to help stabilize your torso. Four more. Three. Two. Last one.

Bottom leg lifts. Lift it up and down. Lift, good. Just like most things, one side's gonna feel easier than the other. This is my harder side.

Lift and lift. Four more. Three. Try to keep that top leg still. Bottom leg lifts up.

Last one and rest. Lie on your back. We're gonna stretch that other side in that figure four stretch, turning out that knee, pulling the opposite leg in. Catch your breath. Breathe into that stretch while it releases.

(exhales gently) One more deep breath here. And rest. Good. We're gonna come on up, and we're gonna finish with an ease lunge. So keeping the same spring, your hands are just gonna go to the top of the jump board.

You're gonna have one foot against the shoulder rest. Try to get the toes on the carriage as much as you can with the heel against the shoulder rest. The opposite leg on the floor is gonna be pretty far forward, almost to the front of the reformer. So before you push back, square off your hips. Tilt your pelvis down or your tailbone down.

So you have a long spine and you're not dumping into your low back. And you're gonna bend that standing leg as you push back. You get a nice stretch on your hip flexor which is always nice after jumping, 'cause sometimes they can grip a little bit. Just breathe into that stretch. Try to keep the shoulders down, keep lifting the spine, lifting the abdominals.

And then come back in. Now I'm gonna bring the standing leg back a little bit. I'm gonna bring this knee against the shoulder rest and then push back again. So it'll get a little bit more into your quad. If you can reach back with the same hand as foot and grab that foot into a quad stretch which again feels nice after jumping.

And then come back in. And then we'll walk over to the other side. So the standing leg is toward the front of the carriage. The other foot is against the shoulder rest. Keep the knee down.

Keep the tailbone under. Square off the hips and then push back, bending that standing leg, trying not to dump into that low back again. You wanna keep it nice and long and you actually feel a better stretch in your hip flexor when you do it this way. Good, coming back in, bringing that standing leg back halfway. And then the knee is gonna go against the shoulder rest and then push back again.

And if you can, grab the same foot as leg and pull it toward you for a little quad stretch. And then come on in slowly. Come on up. And should have your heart rate up. Just take a nice breath and you're all finished.

Thank you.

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Such a lovely elegant workout - thanks Gia x
Thank you.  Lovely session.  Enjoyed your cueing and tone of your voice.  
Nice variations, Gia!
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This was just enough for today🙏🙏
Shari L
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I like this mini workouts- perfect to start or end the day! Also doable when have another exercise like walking!
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Really enjoyed this workout, especially loved the sound of the waves outside, very soothing with your voice and the waves, thx Gia...
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I like the abdominal variations toward the end
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thanks Gia, that was a great quick workout. 
Andrea O
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I truly enjoyed and your voice is very pleasant! It was a joy!
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This was very nice Gia, after a long and tiring day of meetings and sitting, this was just what I needed :)
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