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Come ready to move! Master Teacher Rael Isacowitz shares his famous Marathon Mat Class with Pilates Anytime. Experience the BASI Flow™ technique at its finest as Rael guides you through a moving meditation, linking one exercise to the next. When Rael pauses within the flow, expect to feel the passion emanating from him as he attempts to bring out the best in your work. The class is sure to challenge your body and your mind to the fullest degree. Best of all, you'll get to see firsthand why so many find Rael's style of teaching inspiring and motivational. This session will utilize the Mat Work as both a warm-up and a conditioning routine and lasts approximately two hours.
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May 06, 2011
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Thank you so much. Thank you for that warm welcome at you know, it. It's truly such a, uh, a pleasure and honor being amongst you all. Um, when I woke up this morning and heard the sound of the waves, looked at the moon glittering over the water, I was reminded how privileged we all are to be in such a beautiful place and very importantly to be movers, to be able to move, to be able to feel the joy of movement. And I thought of this class and I always want to give of my best and share of my best and the best that I can give is that we all feel the joy in moving in, moving feel that the mat work, the work we do is so far beyond to use that word, just exercise. The exercise is wonderful. It is the vehicle, but it is the vehicle for that joy.

It is the vehicle to achieve wellbeing. Uh, Joseph PyLadies never, rarely spoke of exercise per se. He spoke of wellbeing of life and um, I don't think there's a better environment to enjoy that, to feel that inspiration, to be installed with that inspiration and joy then being here all together. Many of us have known each other for years and years and years. So it truly is, uh, from my point of view at celebration, um, we're going to go through a rigorous mat work class. Uh, just seeing who I have here of course gets me totally fired up and uh, uh, I, it's very difficult to, to be actually possible for me to hold back. So, um, we're going to go through a rigorous class. I want to say to all you out there, uh, to be somewhat cautious.

This is a class that is geared towards people who have experience, who, uh, are familiar with the work. For those of you that are here, be cautious, take care of your own bodies, be responsible. No. When you have reached a point that is at your limit or beyond your limits. The one thing I do ask for everyone, those that are in the room and those that are outside participating, please keep moving. I structure the class in such a way that you will keep your heart rate up and we build and build and build to the climax of the, uh, at that point your heart rate should be elevated.

Your body temperature should be elevated. You should be warm from the call so that you are prepared to, to perform the movements that we'll do at any particular point. So if you are able to do a movement, say we get to the teases, the infamous teases and uh, you are unable to do teases today, that's absolutely fine. Just do another movement that is similar to the teaser that will achieve the same goal. Do a nother, uh, abdominal back extents exercise, maybe do the open leg rocket, whatever it may be. Keep your body moving when you stop.

It also stops the energy of the cars. We become one as we perform this work. So please keep that in mind. Allow yourselves to introspect, to become very, uh, connected with every cell in your bodies, but also with those around you to the queuing that I am giving throughout the session. Um, one of the point is that we will often about an hour break for a few minutes just to allow you to run to the restroom. And uh, let's make it as brief as possible. Don't lose the energy, the fire that we have built within. As you take a brief break, we'll come back into the room and uh, we'll continue for probably another hour. Okay.

So we are aiming at a about a, let's see where we go. 90 minutes to two hours again if eh, at dinner time, which is that five hours from now, if I'm still going, feel free to stop me. Okay. So let us begin. [inaudible] creating a good foundation for the work by placing our feet firmly on the ground. Oh, hands behind that thighs and use your arms for support.

Your arms are the structure. They they the structure of the bridge, they are holding you up. And let us build the spine from the pelvis, from its foundation upwards. Move through your sacred, through your lumbar spine, through, through the thoracic spine, since whale scapular sitting floating freely on the rib cage up through the neck to the tip of your head. And we inhaled together and exhale and we inhaled together.

[inaudible] with each breath. Feel how the energy gushes into the body, nourishing each cell. Become aware of your bodies. Feel the balance between the two sides of your body, between the front and the back, since the still within your bodies. And we inhale again. And as you exhale, slowly round the spine, leaving the shoulders above your hip joints.

So it's truly a sense of feeling your sacrum pudding under the tip of your head, reaching forward and your back being pulled away and allow it to straighten up again as it recoils and exhale as you draw deep into the center of your body. And inhale, feeling like rubber and exhale as you draw deep. Inhale, using your arms, using that power of your upper girdle to support the spine as we again round and we inhale and this time we go a little deeper and feel the back thinking towards the Mat. As you feel the lumbar spine imprinting into the mat and like a wave, we roll up into that straight back position and exhale as we float down, right? Beautiful Work and rolling up again.

Allow the arms to the line of the back and exhale as you first round and feel that little breath as the arms reach out and then take you up. This is all about breath. Don't think of strain. Don't think of this as abdominal. Notice how we built it from the breath. Don't think of going too far. There's no strain in this. It is just about feeling that energy rolling through the body like a wave.

And one more. And this time we straighten the legs with us. Ah, and Ben and reaching out and [inaudible] rounding and reaching out and rounding and pause just there and draw your heels in to just touch your hands. Good legs should be about a fist apart. Not Too wide, not too narrow. Good. A little higher up.

Good. Are you feeling joyful? Yes, and we slowly lower it down. I'm just going to sink a little further down the mat and we relax the spine into its natural position and when I say natural, it probably will be neutral. But what's important for me is that there is a balance between front and back. Yes, the abdominals are engaged, but also feel those deep post Steria, the muscles of the back engaged.

Feel how your diaphragm moves up and down and is mirrored by your pelvic diaphragm, the pelvic floor. You are aware of your inner thighs and the elongation of your neck. Hands reaching towards your feet. Your toes and feet are alive as you inhale and we call the pelvis. As we exhale, rolling and we inhale and we exhale as we call the pelvis rolling down the should truly feel like a massage for the back. Inhale and exhale as you roll up. Feel how the backs of legs, the hamstrings, complete the movement.

Inhale while you're up there and exhale. Don't rush it. Enjoy it. Relish each vertebrae each moment. All the way down to that neutral natural position. Inhale and exhale as you roll up and inhale and exhale, rolling through the spine all the way down to the pelvis and inhale and feel how the abdominals work to call the pelvis up and then the hamstrings. Engage together with some gluteal work at the end.

Make sure that there's a long line. Feel that line, feel your thighs, feel that there's this long line stretching out the hip flexes at the top, drawing in the abdominals, pressing gently with your arms down into the ground to engage those shoulder extensors, the triceps, and feel the Scapula. Inhale and exhale as you roll down and lift your right leg just off the ground. Inhale, and the same thing with one leg. Exhale as you roll up and inhale, but you are so balanced that it doesn't make any difference that you are on one lego two and exhale as you roll down through the spine and inhale [inaudible] and exhale as you roll up and inhale and exhale as you wrote down and inhale and that too, rolling up through the spine and inhale and exhale one more. One more and inhale and exhale, curling up. Hold it up there, hold it up there. Feel the stability, feel how the pelvis is floating in space, absolute sense of balance and we inhale and we exhale as we rode down with minimal transfer of weight. We placed the other foot down. Gently lift, inhale and exhale as you roller and inhale and exhale, rolling them through the spine. Inhale and exhale and then him and exhale and inhale and excellent as you roll up and inhale. We'll do one more for good measure and exhale as you roll down and inhale and exhale, rolling up.

Hold it up there again. Feel the back of the legs. Feel the stability of the pelvis, some on support and slowly rolling down, keeping that leg there as the other leg. Joins it, reaching the fingertips to the ceiling, palms facing each other and we open the arms out to a big tee position and exhale as you squeeze a big air cushion and reaching out with your fingertips and exhale, feel the stability of the scapular and exhale the shoulder blades are absolutely still as those arms. Reach out the stretch across the chest and reach out hovering just above the ground and place the arms down. If you could bring the legs towards me as you inhale and you exhale and you inhale to the opposite side and XL and inhale, the legs are in that table top position, 90 degrees in the hip joint, 90 degrees in the knee joint and inhale, reaching over and exhale. Those arms are energized. Do not forget the arms.

They are energized. They provide stability for the upper body, which in fact provides the mobility for the lower body. Exhale and inhale as you reach over and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale. Place your right foot down and your left. Glide the hands behind the head. Interlace the fingers so the fingers are interlaced and the headsets in the hands as if it's sitting in a hammock and you inhale, start drawing. The abdominals in the spine, sinks towards the floor as you exhale to lift and you inhale. That is beautiful work.

That is beautiful work. Let's come up a little high. Yes, and don't be shy to come up high. Inhale and exhale. A great way of getting a little high as to put your hands behind your thighs and just use those arms again. Use your arms. You can see I'm using my arms now. Hold that height. That is beautiful.

Beautiful, Lisa. Beautiful Mary. Great Christy. Lift the arms up [inaudible] and relish that feeling and inhale and exhale as you lift it stood once more. Inhale, exhale as you lift. Just a little higher. Yes, good Mandy. And don't forget your inner thighs. They are important and they exit and inhale and exhale.

Inhale and exhale in this position. [inaudible]. I want you to call the pelvis up. Literally curl it up, roll it down. Now take the hands behind the head and uh, and inhale and exhale as you lift. Inhale. Exhale.

Cool. That pelvis that gives the back such a wonderful stretch. We go back into that neutral pelvic position. Feel out the sacred sinks like an anchor into the ground. Let's hold it up. Just a little higher is no rush. We've got a lot of time together. Time is on our side for once and uh, and inhale and exhale. Inhale and gorgeous. Great work. Great work.

Let me just see what's going on here. I like it. I like it like a lot. Did you call the pelvis up yet? Okay, let's call up. Get that beautiful. Reaching that sacred to the ceiling. Take it down again and hands up towards the CELIAC. I'm sorry I left a little higher. Ah, I feel we are waking up and inhale and exhale as we lift.

We're going to just achieve that position one more time by kerning up. Really like that. Kristin. Great work. Like beautiful. Now lower the sacrum again. Reach those arms to the ceiling, hands beyond the and rotate toward me. And exhale, inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and with all and exhale and inhale and reach over and inhale and reach over and inhale and reach and inhale and reach and inhale and reach and hold it. Hold it. Let's take one more little stretcher.

I'm liking what I'm seeing, liking a lot, what I'm seeing, and take the arms above reaching towards the ceiling towards the ceiling and take the arms back. I want you to create a diamond shape with your arms behind your head and put your elbows. Press your elbows a little deeper into the ground. Stretch your left leg as your right leg elongates towards the ceiling so we can give those abdominals. They still working, they stabilizing the pelvis, but a little bit of a rest. As we inhale, circling with and exhale, circling towards the other leg. Inhale and circle and exhale and circle and inhale and circle and exhale and circle and inhaling.

Circle and exhale and circle other direction and inhale and exhale and inhale. So the top what is flexed with a heel reaching towards the ceiling. The other leg is pointed, keeping the legs stable, the pelvis dough, and one more an inhale and exhale, reach that foot to the ceiling. Ben, stretch it out, reaching the other one up. Flexing and inhale, freeing up that hip joint. Exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale other direction. And inhale and around and inhale and around and inhale and around and inhale and around.

One more to feel the freedom in that hip joint and around and points. Bend the knee, stretch the leg and stretch the arms, palms facing each other. We do a roller [inaudible]. Inhale, exhale. And in this roll up, I want you today to think of this beautiful sea shape. What's important to me is that I don't lose sight of your faces.

If I can see your faces, the alignment of your cervical spine is good. Uh, just to the gentleman. If I could. That's it. It's a little narrower. Perfect. I'm just gonna. They, that was good. That was good. Beautiful, beautiful. Just a little too wide. So we're going to be there.

I want you to relax your shoulders, feel this position, feel this position because this position establishes a lot of the work a little lower. So we want to put the work where the work is and the work is right in the center of the body. So from here we inhale again and exhale as you roll down and inhale, exhale and inhale. And exhale. I'm going to say this again and again. I want you to feel the beauty in this line.

I want you to feel the joy in this movement. It's not an exercise. You are doing a beautiful movement, coordination of body, mind and spirit. There's concentration, there's control. They center. You feel the flow of the movement, the efficiency of the movement.

Inhale the precision and inhale and XL one last one and inhale and exhale. And I want you to open out, flex the feet. Tosi flex the feet. Feel that elevation elevation of the body elevation or the mind elevation of the spirit. As you open out, bringing the arms up and with your right leg you just go ah, and and to and and the re and that's nice ball. It's low, it's not big. Other side, don't hope for two foot of lift.

We're talking about two inches and deep into the spine and Ah, and Ah, reaching up and I've got something special for you today as we round up rolling down and just where you reach that chest, the position it's drew the legs in and let's take them up and draw the legs in and out and draw the legs in and take them up and draw the legs in and down. Feel that critical moment right there as there. It's to a few, even without straightening in the air, we just drew in and in and there and draw in and draw towards the chest. Call that pelvis up just slightly and drew in. Curl the pelvis up, just slightly grew in and up. Grow in. Curl it up just slightly, but this time take it back to neutral and shoot it out there.

What? Where? All we hundred. Yeah. Everyone looked to your right. Look to your left stretch at Nica. Look to your right, Eh, to your left and come to center.

Draw in. Curl up a little higher color and stretch it out. Palms facing each other. Let's do one more roll up. Um, now are we ready for roll? Like a ball? Not a moment too soon. Okay, so I want the hands a little lower. Mandy.

Good. I like it. I like it. Feel the ocean breeze and inhale and exhale. Balanced. Yes. And inhale and exhale.

Balance and inhale. And then it's new balance. They look, keep the legs nice and tight together. It good, good, beautiful. Inhale and balance and inhale and balance and inhale and balance. Keep it nice and small and inhale and balance. Stay there.

Take the sides of your legs and stretch out. Feel that elongation of the legs, the elongation of the back, holding on with the arms, stretching out, uh, balance. It's all about balance. Bend the knees, hands on the knees, and we go into an abdominal section. Not that they been asleep until now, but we now do the double leg stretch as we one woman stay. They stay. They're just a little higher. Shins are parallel to the floor. You should be in the air at this point.

Shins are parallel to the floor. Yes, yes. Good. Wendy, come up a little higher when you use your arms for support. If you need to earn exhale draw in XL, we recoil [inaudible] if say we recoil. Mm and yeah. Hmm.

[inaudible] [inaudible] excellent. Um, exhale and XLO can roll up. Now I'm liking it but I'm not loving it and I want to love it. Why? Because I feel you doing a movement and I want this to be a monumental importance. It's this is you only got one chance at the double leg stretched today.

Can you believe it? This is it. And you've got to do it perfectly. I'm not giving you another chance today. It's sad, but it's true. This is our only chance to do the double leg stretch perfectly. So Layla, it was correct. It was nice, but it didn't move me.

I went there and eh, oh, this is the best double leg bridge I've ever done. I mean that's not me saying that. That's using it to yourself. Okay. So whereas what you were doing before, I know it wasn't the best one you had ever done. It may have been, but it could be better. Exactly. So now we all going to go down and do another five and they all going to be the best double leg stretches you have ever done. So let's get ready and inhale.

Oh yes. Now we are talking there and reach and then and reach and beautiful martyr and reach and there and we roll up absolutely gorgeous. That was beautiful. We rolled down. Now we have earned some more. So we go to the single extra inch and, and three and six and seven, eight, nine and 10 and rolled up. Okay. Uh, what I want, because I'm seeing a choreographic interpretation of the, particularly the arms and coming from the dawn's world, I appreciate choreographic interpretation, but not in the pilates clause that we'll leave for advanced course. So I'm seeing this and seeing this and seeing this and seeing movements that are too light, so we're going to define it how we're going to get it today.

Today we are going to have one arm on top of the knee, one arm reaching towards the heel and both arms are very alive. They are active, they are not touching, they're active. They have a purpose, what the arms are doing or supporting you to bear down deeper into your abdominal muscle to get that good height. They are being used. Your leg isn't coming in, it's stopping you. That's where it's stopping you. Let's go. Inhale, down we go. Exhale. Inhale, prepares are aware only, so inhale change and exhale, stretch. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. The outside arm, the outside arm touches your heel, the outside arm change there and there and there and there and be hands behind the head to the Chris scurrilous and two and three and four and five and reach and seven and eight and nine and 10.

Rotate. Stay there. Stay there. Put the hand on your knee and left a little higher, little higher. Try and get that scapular off the ground. Now put your hand against your knee and push against your hand. Push against that hand.

Good head back behind your head. Rotate to the other side. Hand on your knee. Lift up a little higher. Sorry, I should've had you facing the same way, but we'll not in time to repeat the whole s theories now and hand. Now on the inside of union, push against your head. Push against your hand with your knee, the inside your knee. As you rotate in the opposite direction with your body, a hand back behind the leg.

And two more to each side and war and two and three and four hands behind the knees. Don't go down. Don't go down. Call the pelvis up again and, and call the pelvis up and, and oh the pelvis up and and call the pelvis up. Stretch the legs up so you get that height. Call the pelvis up. We're going to come back to this position in a while, but for now we're going to put our feet down, body down, and let's stretch those hip flexes a little. Get extensive work in the body. As we roll up through the spine, preparing for the shoulder bridge, I want you to push your arms into the mat. The leg that is closest to me goes up, reaching to the ceiling and down and up and down and up and down and up and exhale and inhale and points and flicks and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale.

Step and I won five pulses with the heel to the ceiling, right sh and two and three and four and five. Oded it up, hold it up, point the foot, reaching a little higher, bend the knee, taking it down, bend the other, stretch up and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale. Try and touch the ground with the foot and reach and up and reach and up and reach and reach and up and reach and up, up, up and down and up. One more, down and up. Stay up there, the heels going to the ceiling and five little pulses with your opposite hamstring as you push up and two and three and full and five point the foot. Stay there with that leg. As you roll down, lift up, take that leg and stretch the opposite leg. Shoulders, relaxed, hamstring pool as we go. Manny, can you relax the shoulders and that's it. I can see your face and Pooh. Oh Eh, yeah.

Absolute stability as you change and hands behind the head with the rotation. Okay. More rotation. [inaudible] and stay this day they stay. They looked a little higher. Oh, high a little higher. Take the foot, give yourselves a little stretch.

Bend the knee and stretch the leg. Bend the knee and stretch the leg. Hold it. Hold it. Point the leg. Now you, you're a little more relaxed. I want you to engage those abdominals again to prepare for that change of the legs. As you change, take the foot and Ben knee and stretch. Lisa, look a little more over to get. Don't forget your in rotation.

Don't forget you're in rotation. You're in rotation. You can rotate even more. I like it. Good. Manny, look out out to the side arts into the distance and point the foot. Bring the other leg up so you're right there. No better position to go into your rollover. Then putting your hands down, lowering the legs to 60 degrees, bearing. Inhale, flex the feet, flex the feet, open the legs slightly lower the feet toward the ground.

You don't have to touch and exhale as you come around and around. Inhale to 90 exhale. Oh, flex the feet while the legs are parallel. Open the legs, Dan, Ro and inhale. Excellent. Flexing the feet. Opening. Yeah. [inaudible] rolling.

We'll now reverse the direction of the legs as we open. Slightly. Lift two 90 exhale. As you roll over, flex the feet. Bring the legs together and Dan and rolling through the spy legs. Come around. Inhale to 90 exhale. As you rollover, flex the feet. Legs come together and down. Rolling down. [inaudible] and lower the legs. The last one, we stay over there.

Inhale to 90 exhale, flex the feet, legs together, and then leaning the arm. The round, keeping the lightning active feeling you go. Whew. Whew. Whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew, whew. [inaudible] making the Finito in a flexed position. Rolling down the back. Feel it. Massage, bend the knees, heels are reaching towards the ceiling and straighten the legs. That's stretching the hamstrings at stretch or the lower back. So important. Bend the knees and stretch Ben and stretch.

Yeah, bend. Take the hands behind the head. Place the toes on the ground and stretch out. We lift the chest up. Instead of going straight into an expo, will reach the arms forward and immediately put the hands back behind the head.

Uber roll up through the spine, lunge back, and then down. Inhale, reach and immediately put it behind. [inaudible] roll up through the spine, back and lunch. And inhale, boom and back. Okay. Rolling up.

Lunging and back. Lost one, lifting, boom, and over. Rolling up. Lifting, lifting, lifting, lifting. Flex the feet. Okay. When the legs reach the arms forward and organize your pants.

Okay, good. You're doing well. You're looking great. Everyone's with me. Everyone's focused. I'm loving your energy. Loving the quality of your work. Let's get a little yes. So we're going into the spine stretch. We're interesting. Ah, finally we were up right in here.

We made it and exhale as we roll down the spine and inhale and exhale as you roll up the spine. Keep your arms just a little lower. That's nice. That's nice. Inhale and exhale as we rode down. Inhale and exhale an inhale and exhale as we roll down Sarah, straighten your arms a little more. Inhale and exhale as you roll up.

We added back extension to that. As we inhale and exhale as we roll down, we inhale as we reach the back arms alongside you is and we exhale and up to city and exhale as we roll down and inhale and exhale and inhale to elevate the spine and exhale and inhale as you reach out and exit and up and inhale and exhale as you roll down. And inhale as you reach out, reach out, reach out, reach and just the arms go up and two and three and boom and five and rotate to your right, right. You like a little spiraling top and to your left and as you rotate again to the right, drop your arm and give yourselves little stretch as your bottom arm goes against the leg. And the top arm opens out open a little more later.

Yes, not too much. There we go. And boom. I find you in the center at the side and open out, uh oh the joy. Oh, the joy of feeling our spines, the live and boom. I can't resist. One more time and opening up, reaching Mandy. Keep the almond little higher, the reaching arm reaching. You can even look at that back hand and say reach for the sky and boom and going over again and reaching for the sky, reaching for the sky, reaching for the sky.

Come to center and slowly take your ankles and just check behind you that you aren't going to kick anyone. Good. Excellent. Lift your chest for reaching out. Open leg rocker. We round the back. Okay, and up we come and we lift and we round and up.

We come and we lift and we round and up. We can and we lift and round that up. We come and we lift and round and up. We come, a lift and [inaudible]. [inaudible] we come and live. We're going to do one more and I want you to focus with determination directly forward, not to the up to the heavens, but directly forward. At this point here we soften the lowest by we role will lifting the head should not touch the ground, bring the legs together and then we find those deep hip flexes.

They're holding us, they supporting us, they supporting us, they supporting us, right Christie? Yes. Rail they are and open the legs wide. And that was a little Blas, wasn't that okay. Let's prepare for that. So yeah, so we rotate to the right. It's give definitive directions so those at home can, no rights are left rather than towards me, away from me and rotate to the right and reaching over and up and center.

Rotate to the lift and reaching over and up and center and to the right and reaching over. Now I want you to reach with that back arm. It's internally rotated, meaning the palm is facing the body. Uh, not overly internally rotated. You just saw the palm faces, the body. I want you to feel the energy reaching back, the energy with a front arm reaching forward. Your back is as flat as possible. I know mine doesn't look flat, but I'm trying. I promise you. And they lived up and center and over.

Now feel that opposition energy taking you over that leg, reaching over, reaching over and then reaching up again and with center feel it's spiraling through the spine and reaching over. Yeah. And then up and center, spiraling through the spine and reaching up and up. And one last time, but this time I'm going to give you a little support of your back arm to help you put it on the ground. Put your back arm on the ground, forehand on the ground and give yourselves a little stretch for the hamstring for the back. Allow your front arm to rest on your leg. Just opposite your foot. Yes.

[inaudible] and now lift up and then center. I want to go back for Sarah because what happened to Sarah is she came up and she kind of did something in between. So for my idea, Sarah, we are gonna be very defined and we are going to come up on the diagonally look proud. We come up and we rotate it around the long at Juvenile Exa Sarah, and then we come to center and well you made that fatal mistake like reaching over, reaching of feeling. Hmm. And then we reach and Sara will not make that mistake again.

She is on that upright poles spiraled around the pole lifting up, feeling the joy Sarah, and bring the legs together just so that you don't hit each other. I want your arms like goalposts. If you do have enough room keeping the arms reaching out like that, palms facing the ceiling. I'll do it like this. You'll do it like that. That's fine. Going to your right and, and boom, boom and boom, boom and boom, boom and boom. Let's pause for a moment. Let's pause for a moment.

What I'm feeling is that in your heads you're thinking, I've got to move my arms and shoulders, but I want you to put your heads here in this mid good of the body. I can't just say abdominals. No, it's not just abdominals. There's a lot of back work. Yeah, there's hip flexor work. There is abdominal work. There's pelvic floor lifting you. The whole core center of your body is working and this is where you put your minds. I can see immediately when someone does this, they will.

It's subtle, but they're working from their arms. When someone does this, the arms could be anywhere. The arms could be anywhere. I know the work is coming from. Yeah, that's where I want you to put it. You Ready? Let's put our hands. Where should we put them here so we know we've got room here is I feel some of you are being limited by the space. Ready arms a little closer together. Let's hold them. That's going to make it really nice and then straight on and then Eh, now behind your head and go and one dog and Duh, Duh and Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh and Duh.

The reaching up, reaching up, reaching up, reaching up and forward. [inaudible] bending your knees just so we can stretch. A hip flexes a dominoes. You rotate towards your right. Take your left arm in the center of your body, lifting up in the chest.

I want you to lift first and foremost, establish a table top with your pelvis. Then look up towards that arm as it reaches for the sky. Okay? And I look down towards your lower arm as you get a little more rotation, a little more height in the pelvis, and slowly come down to center and the other side. And we lift up looking up towards that arm beyond the difference between the two sides.

Slowly transfer your gaze [inaudible] to the back, looking down, lift the pelvis, lesson high, [inaudible] and slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly down. And again, put the hands behind your legs, lifting up a little higher, a little higher and round the back [inaudible] and straight in the back. Okay? And feel the flexible spine. So warm and comfortable right now.

[inaudible] and rounding. And Paul's, as you elongate, Elongate, Elongate, take a big inhale and feel proud that we have reached the halfway mark. So let's take a little break. Okay, let's begin again. Let's try and bring our focus back into our bodies, into the room. I know that's difficult to try and ignite that flame again.

We now go into a more difficult section of the class, so please be cognizant of safety of your bodies, any weak links that you may have protecting yourselves and not doing anything that could be in any way, um, dangerous or have negative repercussions on your bodies. So being that we were in a lot of hip flection, I want to now go into the back support. I want you to be aware here that we are not articulating the spine up but we are hindering at the hip joints and the shoulder joints as we lift up and down. Another part of this exercise that we sometimes ignore that is so important is how we give ourselves a stretch to the flexors of the wrist. So we're getting this beautiful stretch of the flexes.

We get that those upper, mid and upper back extensors working. So we've got the shoulder extensors, the back extensors, the hip extensors, all the extensors of the body are working as we lift up and slowly down and up and slowly down and up and down. And this time we stay up there and we lift the right leg just off the ground and we go up and down and two and down three and I'm full and uh, five and Hagia just above the ground and place it down and otherly up and down and too. And uh, the re and uh, and full and uh, five and hovered just above the ground. Ben, that leg and Ben the other. So you stretch those shoulders just a little bit further. We lived a live doc, lift up, lift up and we sit down. I'm taking you straight into the advanced corkscrew.

So I'm gonna demonstrate the sequence quickly so that there'll be no misunderstandings and then I can walk around and correct. [inaudible]. Okay. So I want to see those x as we've got that corkscrew. Why I wanted to show that to you is there are few red flags in terms of safety of the body.

The first is we are clearly transferring weight onto the shoulders and certainly some onto the cervical spine. We need to be aware of that. If you have any neck problems. This. The rollover that we did earlier, the control balance that we did earlier are red flags and not recommended. If you have any neck problems, you notice that corkscrew, there is literally a rotation in the spine. As I take the pelvis and the legs to one side, they swoop around to the other and then come to center. When we go into that scissors, notice how my back is in slight hyperextension and that's important.

If you want to reach over and tip the ground as I did, that essentially is preparing you for exercises like the Highbridge because that's essentially the, the position you go into. It actually wasn't performed that way in the classic form of Joseph [inaudible] Way. It was in more of a neutral position and we've just extended it that little bit further to get the arking of the body. What you want to think is that your sit, your lying over a spine corrector, a step Arrow or the baby arc as it's called. Are there any questions about it?

Because I don't want anything to go wrong here. No, I'm not going to talk very much during this, so I want to get us going. We started from here. We were in this position. Let's go one more time just to get the flow of these exercises up here. We sat down and slowly rolling down, rolling down, bringing the knees to the chest, stretching the legs out and rolling over. Okay.

Now taking your legs to the right. Roll down that side of the spine. Moving the legs around to the other side and over you go. Taking the legs to the left and rolling through the spine. Moving around and up and taking the legs to the right.

Rolling down that side of the spine. Over to the other side and center to the left and rolling down through the spine. And one more to each side. And to the right Ben Unis and arch the back holding the pelvis like a bowl in your hands. Stretch the legs to the ceiling. Right leg comes towards your face, left leg away and pool, pool and pool. Boom.

And three [inaudible] and into the bicycle. So we touch the floor and we tip the floor and we tip the floor and we took the floor and ah, and reverse it. We stretch the legs and stretch that eggs and stretch that exact and stretch that exact and stretch the exact and stretch the legs out and bend Unis and roll up hands behind your thighs, holding a balance position you'll save. Perfect. So now what we're gonna do is we're gonna go from this position roll down again, and we're going to do the jackknife off to the Jackknife. We're going to come right up into a teaser position to do the hip circles.

I see the joy on your faces and I am inspired by that. So rolling down, stretch the legs out to 60 degrees. Inhale to 90 exhale to rollover legs. Go down and up, rolling down feet, opposite face and and inhale to 90 exhale down and up. Yeah, rolling down through the spine and taking the legs of three more.

Inhale down, up, [inaudible] and rolling down the legs. Come down and lifting tonight and rolling over down and the Jack Knife to go out using ohms using the hip extensors, using the back and rolling down. I'll do the last one with you and lifting up over there. Up [inaudible] rolling down into your teaser position. We love it. Putting the arms back, taking the legs three times to the right. We go round and boom and two and boom and three and boom, and four. I say three, but we'll do five. Boom.

Either Direction and one and ah, and two and three and four and five. Hold it. Lifting up and rest. Oh, so we're going to do an exciting little exercise. Now we're going to prepare you for the fully hip circles, which I don't often see. A rarely good version being diamond. So what we're gonna do is there and there, and they, and they, and they, and then, and boom, boom, boom, boom. Okay. So that's the beginning. And they, all you add is a circle of arms.

And so, so, oh, we ready? Good. Sarah, let's decide on directions first. So Christy, you decide legs, which direction? Arms, which direction. Legs. Right arms lift. Does everyone know rights and lift? Love it. Legs, right? Arms lift.

Go and go and go and go and go and go and go. Oh, I love it. Okay, have a rest. Oh Wow. You're just wanting to carry on. Okay. Want to carry on? Good. So now what we do three in each direction. You go in the same direction. Three times.

We add all those go up because they, the upper body legs go down because they the lower body. So we've got this type of thing happening. Kristen said legs, right? Arms left. Are you ready? And Rao and boom, Rao and boom and boom, round other direction. Boom. Round and boom and boom.

Round and round. Hold it, hold it. Hold it. You did beautiful work. Yes. Okay. If you can face that way exactly on your sides, you all face that way. But when looking at way your head going in that direction, perfect. We're going down to that side. Exactly.

Damn. So placing the arm just on the floor in front of you for some support. We now start warming up those lateral flexors of the trunk, wheezing the legs together. As you exhale, lift and inhale down, and exhale, lift and inhale down. And exhale, lift an inhale down and exhale, lift and inhale down. And exhale, lift, inhale and exhale, lift. Take the hand to the ceiling directly up to the ceiling, squeezing the legs together. Just the top leg goes up and and to and and three and, and four and uh, and stay there. Stay there, stay there.

The bottom leg goes up and two and three and four and five. Stay there squeezing the legs together like a Dolphin on its side or mermaid or any such ocean creature. You bend the knees and you flip. Boom, propel yourself through the word of boom and propel and propel and propel and da beautiful and stay there. Brewing the top leg in. Whoops and [inaudible] put it on the floor.

I want you to externally rotate the legs. That knee is going backwards and the foot is alongside your leg and I want you to hold onto the leg that's going to give you a nice stretch. Well, that upper trapezius side of the neck as you lift the leg up and, and two and, and three and a and full and uh, stay up little circles, inwards, Da and two and three and four and five circles the other direction, Duh. And two and three and four and five. Flexible the book, little beats upwards one and two and three.

And and hold it up. Point the foot and slow. [inaudible] Lee down, taking the other leg out and lift up onto your elbows and we go pool and pool and back and pool and back. And watch that you don't kick a Jada, add back or kick the furniture and back, minimizing the movement of your trunk. Whoa. Back and pull and stay back. Stay back, relax sharing with us arm reaching forward, putting the other arm down on the floor so you can lift yourselves a little higher and that leg goes up.

And two and three. Meredith, I want you a little more straightforward, so not up to there, but directly forward there. That's it. Even lower that arm a little more. Good and up now. So they would add leg. Bring the leg all the way. Oh, and all the way back. And this is where a short negative people have an advantage and you're long legged people have to suffer for your blessings of long limbs and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

Good. And now bring the legs together, lifting that leg up. The thing I'm about to fall off of. That's okay. Hopefully Odey Odey holding. Do you feel that they left the legs a little higher and feel it more?

Yes. Yes. Take the legs forward and then to the other side. [inaudible] you're perfect. And lift and lift and, and lift and down and lift and lift. And then lift and lift and lift and uh, and lift and uh, and stay up taking that [inaudible] to the ceiling. Top Lake goes up and down and two and, and three and, and four and five.

And Dan stay up there. Other Legos, lifting and lifting and lifting and lifting and lifting and stay and bring the top leg over. So, and squeezed the leg up and two and [inaudible] using those hip adductors. Three, the inner thighs four and stay up there circles in one direction so it doesn't really matter. I want five circles, two and three and four and five and the other direction. One and two and three and four and five and flicks the foot. Little beats one and two and three and four with that flex foot five, hold it up there, hold it up there and straighten the other leg and lifting up into your sidekick. It's really important for me here. I know we're thinking of the legs because the legs are moving, but there's a lot of shoulder work going on here and a lot of oblique work.

So I see sometimes the sagging into the scapular here we using the stabilizers of the Scapula, the lower Trapezius, the serratus anterior, the muscles that draw the scapular away from the center of the body. And then we've got these oh bleeds. So holding it nice and high and poor and black and poor and [inaudible]. Just wait a minute, wait a minute. You know, with discriminated little against the men. So yeah. So I want you to lift back. Look at that.

That's what I was looking for. I mean, this is a strong man and he's not giving me all these gods. There we go. So you see how beautifully stabilizes. I mean, look at that now. This is what I was looking for. I wasn't getting there. Okay. Ready? It's beautiful. Beautiful. So much nicer. Yeah. Good. And Pool. Nice Mandy.

Boom and pool and back and pool and back and pool and back and pool and back and pool and back and pull and stay back. Lovely. Nah, take that on forward and the leg. So I like it just to be, that's better. Mater, pure, perfect. Perfect. It's reaching forward. It's, it's, it's to give you the opposition line for the leg. So the leg is here and this is here. You feel that the arms pulling that direction and the legs pulling across the body. Now put the arm down to feel it go even further.

And then this is where we had our own. Okay. And I'm sorry. Take the leg from the back over to the front and then from the front over to the back, from the back feeling those gluteals working to the front, over and back and over to the front and over to the backstay. They reaching it even further, reaching it even further, pushing into your elbows, pushing into your scapular, pushing in. You know, I don't want you to do now in this position, just lift the pelvis off there. That's how supported you are. So you can just lift the pelvis off. You didn't even know it was there, but it is there. Beautiful.

Now bring the legs together and, Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that we missed before the Dolphin kick our mermaid. So you know, let's do it right over here is to right over here. We created a little new one. So let's put our hand here and our dolphin kick and a dolphin kick.

It feels a little different in this position, but it works just the same working the those obliques and dolphin kick reach and dolphin kick reach and dolphin kick reach. Good, good. Okay. Sorry. Now we've got the, almost forgot that. Now it's just like a teaser, but you're on a slight diagonal so you're literally, your pelvis is rotated slightly, so you're biasing towards your obliques. Lift the arm a little high overhead. That's where you are lifting the legs, lifting the arms. You're on one side of your pelvis, one side of your pelvis, one side of your pelvis. Okay, and roll onto your stomachs.

Good, good. I'm liking that a lot. Thank you, Christie for reminding me about the mermaid and [inaudible]. What I'd like to do is just warm up the backs a little by placing your hands by your sides, squeezing your arms against your side, drawing your pubic symphysis slightly into the floor so you, you rounding your pelvis, rounding the lower back, slightly using your abdominals and feel, put your hand under the abdominal area to feel that you've got a bit of a space there. Now keep that space as you squeeze your arms together, squeeze the arms against the sides of your body. Sorry. Legs are down. And that's important for me.

Reaching the tip of your head into the distance. As you lift up, keeping the legs down, keeping the legs down, the thighs are actually pushing slightly into the ground. And then slowly there. Okay. And pushing the thighs slightly into the ground.

Lifting up on the inhale, squeezing the arms by the sides of the body and exhale, squeezing the arms and inhale and XL and inhale and exhale and inhale. Take the arms out to the tee position. [inaudible] oh, that's difficult, isn't it? Uh, you know it, we'll do take the hands behind under your forehead and I want you to lift your elbows up. [inaudible] and slowly down like little bats up and uh, and up elbows, elbows, elbows. So the scapula glides slightly towards each other and uh, and up and down and up. Hold them there. Placing the hands under your shoulders, lower the backs, keeping that same abdominal support.

You lift the back and you glide the hands forward so the elbows are directly under your shoulders. Lifting the legs just off the ground. When do you bring your elbows? A little closer together. Just the elbows. Good feeling good support from the elbows. You know how I know that you've got support.

Put your hands on your shoulders now, push into your elbows and look directly forward with the termination focus and determination. We now are getting into some of the back extensor work. It's difficult, it's focused and it's important. Very important. Putting the hands down. We do the single leg kick as we go. Pool, pool, pool, pool, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh. Keep your abdominal support. Focus directly forward. Focus forward. Wendy, focus forward.

Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh Duh. Let's pause for a minute and give it a wrist. Um, the backs of crucial importance and as we get older, well I feel two things are happening in, in [inaudible] and we'll speak about it throughout the day. So much focus has been given to the abdominals and it oftentimes at the expense of back extensor work. The second thing is as we get older, as we dealing with a population that is aging, and as we dealing with a society that is changing, we need to put more focus on the backs. Now. I appreciate that many of you are trying to keep that straight alignment of the spine where the head follows the line of the spine and your eyes are gazing down about three foot in front of you.

I want you to think of lifting your gaze by using your back small. So from their use. Drop the Scapula a little further. Use Your for me. This is tough because that's where I need my work right there in that mid back. So I earn the right to take my hip face higher and my gaze out there, you have to earn it because if your back is here and you lift your head, you haven't earned it. That means that you're going to put stress on your neck.

You've got to earn it. Yes, I can get it. I can get this. I can look directly into the distance. Okay, so let's do that. Uh, I went a little higher. Gaze from you, a little higher gaze from you. Uh, who else wasn't high enough? A little higher gauge from you. You are high enough. Your eyes were just gazing that look at, this is where you present yourselves to the world. Okay, so let's get back into this with the support of those arms up. Up. Yes, you're earning it. I can see you're earning it. You've earned it. Go a little higher. A little higher. That your Chin a little.

That's it. Good gays. Nice. Yes. Look a little higher. Look a little high there. That's it. There we are. There we are. Meredith. You can come another inch, Kristin. Straight out. Good. Are we ready? Yes, we're ready and we go. Pool, pool, pool. Oh Duh, Duh, Duh. Keep gazing and ta and and kick and kick will foster and Da da and da Duh Duh, Duh, Duh Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh, Duh. Manny, lift higher. Duh.

Use your back muscles Manny and pool and pool and pull and pull and pull and pull and pull and stay there. Now feel those hamstrings. Feel the hamstrings. Feel the hamstrings. Lift the thigh slightly off the ground. Lift the tie slightly of the ground. Taking your toes to the ceiling, to the ceiling. Lisa, not towards me.

Thank you. Don't forget your shoulders. Don't forget your scaps. Yes. Do you feel your glutes, you do feel your glutes or you don't feel your glutes? No. Okay. Little higher man and either side and the thing that thigh just off the ground, taking it up, taking it up. Okay.

Up towards the ceiling. Using your elbows for support, using your backs for support and no better time to do the famous women. So lifting just off the ground. Left arm right there, right on. Left leg, left arm, right leg, right arm, left leg and dat. Dat, Dat, Dat, Dat, Dat, dat, Dat de five. Counts to inhale and five counts to exhale just like the hundred [inaudible]. Paul's flying through the air. Take the arms around. [inaudible] take your right cheek down.

Your legs are still in the air. We worked hard to get that height. We not do three little kicks. One, two, three. Lifting and stretching and other cheek. One to three. Lifting and stretching and one, two, three.

Lifting and stretching and one, two, three. And lifting and stretching and one, two, three. And lifting and stretching and one, two, three and stretching, stretching, stretching. Straight, just the arms go up and, and two and, and three and a and four. And uh, take your legs down. Just your legs.

Bring the arms out and I know you don't have much room. Bring them directly in from this position. Loader the back and just lift the back halfway up. And now please keep the shoulders in place as you straight your elbows. Only as far as you feel comfortable. Let's all only come halfway.

Oh boy. Oh boy. Layla. Drop the shoulders just a little. Yes. Relax them. Do we love this position? Yes we do. Rail elbows tight by your side, Sarah. Thank you. And slowly elbows down and [inaudible] all the way down and reaching out and slowly those at home should all know that Sarah is a dear friend of mine. And slowly straighten up a little further. Good. Mandy, I love you. Focus. Yes. And then Ben, just to the elbows close by your side.

And then, and one more as we reach up and elbows pressing into the mat and take it up. Bending to the elbows from here. Push into your elbows, draw the abdominals in. Don't move your knees though. Just rich the back because what we're going to do, we want in the rest position quite yet. We're going to transfer the body through the elbows directly back to where we were. Nice.

Christie, beautiful fall. Draw the elbows, the abdominals in keeping their hands where they are. Stretch away from the hands and transfer back to the elbows. Back to that little bit of back extension. Nice Meredith. Nice. Everyone's looking good. Back into the abdominals and stretch, stretching, stretching. Tuck your toes under. Now you can move the knees in slightly.

Tucking the toes under. We push our heels to the ground, into the up stretch and up on to tiptoe and the heels go down, up onto tiptoe and the heels go down. Up Onto tiptoe. The heels go down and transfer the body into the front. Support position.

Lifting the right leg just off the ground and we'd go up and, and to and uh, and three and uh, and full and uh, and five. Stay there up there. Bend the knee and straighten the knee. Nice and high. Keep the pelvis low, bend the knee and straighten the knee and bend the knee and straighten, put it down, down, down, down, point the other foot and up and, and to and uh, and three and down and four and a and five and a hundred and stare. Bend the knee and stretch and bend the knee and stretch and bend the knee and stretch. Put it down. Two pushups, one and up and two and up. And now we walk and we walk and we roll up [inaudible] and we wrote down [inaudible] and we walk and we walk to pushups one and two and we walk, we walk and we roll up, try limited to two walks and we rode down and one walk and two walks and down and up and down and up and walk and walk and roll up [inaudible] and roll down [inaudible] and walk and walk and down and up and um, and a one, two and roller and roll down one, two and down and up and down and up.

Stay there. Oh, I know you're so anxious to run away, but we got to go all the way down to the ground. Oh, and yeah, we take our legs [inaudible] so I can get good eyesight. Good. Sightlines yes. We're going to do three rocking preps just up and down to open out our chest, open out the body, and then we'll rock with joy as we lift up using the quads to straighten the leg and the hip extensors to lift the legs and slowly down and lifting up and slowly down. Okay. Eh, lifting up, staying there and little rocks. [inaudible] good. Down, down and into the rest position.

[inaudible] [inaudible] relaxing the backs. Laxing the shoulders. [inaudible] taking the right arm and your left arm to thread it through. And good the shoulder a stretch. You have the better switch and lifting up to the other side. [inaudible] and into a quadriparetic position. Good. It's go in to the cat Stritch as we exhale.

[inaudible] inhale as we go all the way through. So the extension, maximizing the extension in the thoracic spine in this position, and then through neutral, maximizing the flection in the lumbar region. Not In the thoracic region and into neutral and then into extension and slowly through and into reflection and through neutral and into extension. And now with your right leg, you draw in to that deep flection through neutral and up into the extension and draw and up and draw in and Oh, up, up, up. And since I want you to feel the connection between that drawing the spine into flection and the knee coming in and then the back into extension and the leg going out. So drawing in, deepen, deepen, deepen, and then through the neutral and up into extension and then through deepen and up, up, up, and then deepen, deepen, deepen, and up, up, up and deepen, deepen, deepen, up, up, up.

Put that leg down straight down. But the other one, join in the front. Support everyone brings their right leg forward. Finding that firm, stable, strong position, nice and low. [inaudible] if you need support from your hands, certainly take it. I want you to gently bend the knee, just stepping the ground and slowly, oh, and bending the knee. Just tipping the ground and straighten out and bending it.

And straightening. Now lightly place the knee on the ground. Very light. Slowly take the arms back, back, back. Bring the arms to center as you lift up again. It's strong, determined work. I'm loving that.

Put the hand down at the leg comes forward and bend and stretch and Ben and stretch Ben and stretch. And Ben [inaudible] coming at up. Hands done bad. Bring the other leg too athletic and slowly just go down and you'll take a moment's rest. As you watch me get a little reprieve. Oh, just a moment. Don't get too comfortable there. Okay, I'm just going to show you next.

[inaudible] knee stretch. Knees off. So you're gonna take the body, the weight of your body with your hair arms. The pelvis stays low. You're right in the leg. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale, change. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Stay low, stay low.

And then we're going to stretcher onto our toes. Lower the heels, stretchy and slowly sit down. Let's go. Oh, we ready? Can't believe I'm running out of time. I said time was on our side. Okay, cause I lost lapse. So you ready?

Wait on your arms. Taking the right leg out. Go and in go and pelvis logo and in, out and in out anyone out and in one mall out in and change out and in, out and in and in and in. Out and put the toes down. No, no, no, no, no. Don't do it till the end because we're going have to do another one. So the pelvises or pell vi were too high. Pell vie too high. The gentleman, it's get a down. It's get a down. It's get it down.

Okay. So it's go okay. I'll do it with you all. We ready? Let's get low. Stay low with that pelvis. Draw into the abdominals. Weights on your arms, right. Legos when any two, any three, any for any five change legs, any two, any three, any full, any five on your toes up to tip toes. Lower the heels and slowly, slowly down towards the floor and okay good. We are going strong for some bend and twist. Sidekick. Kneeling, finish with a few teasers. Maybe a boomerang. Okay, so facing this way they go that way. You go that way, that way Wendy. That's okay. And I'll face the camera.

Okay. Top leg, top leg on top of the bottom leg or does it seem pretty clear? Top leg on top of the bottleneck that is precise. Curing. So top leg in front of the bottom leg.

That's what I meant and makes sense. Okay. Ready? From here and up and over. Uber. Get that arc and up. Pelvis barely touches the ground as we go up again and over and Cinta and down and up. Twist under and center and down and up and twist.

Okay. And Center. They'd hold it. Hold it, hold it. Bring the leg underneath and hand. Good. Keep the big high as you go forward and back and forward and back and forward and back and food and back and forward and back and forth.

Stay back, stay back, stay back, stay back. Stay back and [inaudible]. Oh really? It's a two band, two twist. Make them good. That's all we've got.

Ready? Up and over and up and down and up and over and up and twist and up and under and up and down and up and under and up. Up. I want you to just go down just to feel that pelvis almost touching again but doesn't quite touch. That's what I wanted to get each time. Nice. Bring the leg in and beyond the head and pull and back and pull and back and pull and back and pull back and pull and back and pull and stay up.

Stay up, stay up, stay up, stay up, stay up and down. They sing the center of the room. Okay. What we've got is three t's a preparations. Then we're going to do three t's or one, which is keeping the legs still.

The body goes down and up, down and up. Three teas or twos, keeping the body still. The legs go down and up, down, up teaser three, the body and the legs. But the legs don't touch. Go down and up that we're going to do a exercise, which I just coined this week. End this week. End The boomerang rock, the boomerang rock. We're going to rock and we'll rock and we'll rock. And then we're gonna come up and finish with a little seal puppy. And I think we'll be warmed by that. Okay. So, oh yeah. This is where we are.

So grateful for everything we have. As we roll down and slowly roll up. Roll up, roll up. Just easy. Our backs into the movement. Rolling down and rolling. Up and up and up and rolling. Down and rolling.

Up and up and up. Teaser the one rolling back and rolling. Up and up and up and, and, and rolling up. Up and up and three and rolling up and just the legs down and up and two and up and three and a half t the three rolling, Eh, rolling up. Up and up and rolling down.

Reach and rolling. Up. Up and up. Rolling down. Rolling up and up and up. Take the right leg over the left leg and reach forward and yeah, from here we roll down and grab the legs. So you take them with, and we rock and rock and rock and rock, Eh, rock and come up to teaser one, change legs and reach forward.

And we wrote down, take the legs with you. Rock and rock. Rock, rock, rock. Come up to teaser. One up, up, up, up. Take the legs. Ready, roll, beat, beat, beat, roll, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, beat, roll, beat, beat, beat, roll, beat, beat, beat, role.

BP Role, the VP role. Paul, try and get your arms even deeper. Try and interlace your fingers so you know you've got the deve and draw your heels and knees behind you, heals towards your knees behind you and just breathe [inaudible] and reaching over the top. Okay. Allowing the arms to relax, allowing the neck to relax. Just let all tension seep out of your body.

Take your fingers and gently massage the neck [inaudible] and then slowly allow the arms just to relax in front of you and roll up. Roll up, roll up through the spine, boating the spine, vertebrae by vertebrae, supporting with your arms as you did in the beginning of the class, feeling your pelvis like a rock of stability, the spine rising from that foundation and slowly roll down again through the spine [inaudible] and reaching the arms forward to get a little extra stretch. Allow the spine to open the vertebrae to open the back, the hip joints, the knees and the eyes gently open as you roll up. And Gaze directly in front of you. Oh. And is just to spend as moment focusing, breathing, feeling that joy and movement, joy in having worked hard. The privilege for being able to move. And we inhale opening the arms, rang in the arms all the way around to the chest and pressing on hands against each other, broadening the back, and a big inhale. [inaudible] same thing. The arms up, opening out, opening up, opening.

And thank you very much. [inaudible] I was two hours to the minute of great solid work. I cannot thank you enough for energizing me so much. It's, it's just feeding of your energy. It's a all thanks to you. So thank you very much. Thank you to Kristen [inaudible].


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It's true, you can just take the first hour and get a complete workout in! I know I'll take it that way often, but nice to know I have the option to continue!
Thank you Kristi! And Happy Pilates Day. What a treat and a gift! I can't wait work with this in the morning! What better way to Celebrate Mother's Day than moving with Rael! Thank you Kristi
So inspiring!!!Thank you Kristi!You reminded me of the way I felt when I first met Rael (almost 2 years ago in Greece) and I immediately loved the BASI approach!
It is the inspiration that I receive from all of you world over that inspires me always. Your comments touch me deeply. Thank you! To those of you who are mothers...Happy Mothers Day! Us men and kids could not do it without are all the best.
Thank you for this wonderful Mothers Day gift!
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