Class #435

Mat Workout

120 min - Class


Come ready to move! Master Teacher Rael Isacowitz shares his famous Marathon Mat Class with Pilates Anytime. Experience the BASI Flow™ technique at its finest as Rael guides you through a moving meditation, linking one exercise to the next. When Rael pauses within the flow, expect to feel the passion emanating from him as he attempts to bring out the best in your work. The class is sure to challenge your body and your mind to the fullest degree. Best of all, you'll get to see first hand why so many find Rael's style of teaching inspired and motivational. This session will utilize the Mat Work as both a warm up and a conditioning routine and lasts approximately two hours.
What You'll Need: Mat

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May 06, 2011
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UNBELIEVABLE! Amazing to watch! He is a true inspiration! Thank you so much for providing this opportunity. We are at a disadvantage being on the East Coast. Can't put it into words, but thank you, thank you, thank you.
I love Rael!!! Kristi thank you thousand times for putting it here....Pilates anytime rocks! Can't thank you guys enough!
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Joanne, Glaucia, I feel exactly as you do about Rael! As many times as I have imagined him teaching on the site, I still can't believe he is here myself! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm!
Happy Pilates Day!!! I simply adore Rael! He is truely a master & inspiration. Kristi ~ thank you so much for this awesome site and for bringing Rael to this forum for all to share!!!!!
Oh my gosh !!! I feel so good ...only did the first hour but love watching rael and listening to him teach ....and learning as always !! I am so excited about your site ...thanks thanks !!!Happy Mother's Day to all of us moms everywhere !!!!!thanks ....
It's true, you can just take the first hour and get a complete workout in! I know I'll take it that way often, but nice to know I have the option to continue!
Thank you Kristi! And Happy Pilates Day. What a treat and a gift! I can't wait work with this in the morning! What better way to Celebrate Mother's Day than moving with Rael! Thank you Kristi
So inspiring!!!Thank you Kristi!You reminded me of the way I felt when I first met Rael (almost 2 years ago in Greece) and I immediately loved the BASI approach!
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It is the inspiration that I receive from all of you world over that inspires me always. Your comments touch me deeply. Thank you! To those of you who are mothers...Happy Mothers Day! Us men and kids could not do it without are all the best.
Thank you for this wonderful Mothers Day gift!
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