Class #4407

Full-Body Reformer Flow

45 min - Class


Enhance your Reformer workout by adding in Tracey's creativity and a Theraband! With the use of a Resistance Band, you can choose the intensity that works for you. While targeting your core throughout, Tracey makes sure that your arms and glutes are challenged to their maximum. This total-body workout will be sure to amaze you!
What You'll Need: Reformer, Theraband

About This Video


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In addition to the wonderful hard work of your classes, I so appreciate your upbeat, positive, wonderful personality!  I always look forward to your classes.  Thank you for this series.
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Loving these new Tracey Mallett classes! Thank you so much!
I’m your súper fan . So challenging the theraband I Just loved arms on fire🔥
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Thanks Tracey, this hit all the right spots and kept me super engaged! I love the 45 min length too, tend to gravitate to those vs. 60 mins...hmm I wonder why :D
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❤️i know it's gonna be fun when it's a Tracey Mallett class! love all the things in this flow. thank you 🙏🏽
Always amazing my friend!!!

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