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Push Yourself and Let's Jump

45 min - Class


This Allegro 2 Reformer class is going to get you sweaty and out of your comfort zone! Tracey Mallett mixes it up with a combination of Hand Weights, Jump Board, and the Reformer Box. Get ready for a creative and challenging Lunge Series at the peak of the class! You will surprise yourself with just how strong you are!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Jump Board, Hand Weights (2)

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Hi there, Tracey Mallett here coming from my studio in LA. Super excited to bring this fun workout. Yes, you will sweat today. So, if you want to have some water on the side ready to take a few sips, that would be a good idea. Otherwise, for this workouts, you need a beautiful smile, which I know you guys have.

You'll need a reformer. You'll need a jump board. Also you'll need a box. And you will need some light dumbbells, because this is how we mix it up today. The mix-up is adding these little guys, some little dumbbells.

And if you don't have dumbbells at home maybe you can grab some water bottles or some cans of soup or something, whatever. But I'm sure hopefully by now you'll have some light dumbbells. You can even do the class without dumbbells if you wanted to. Alrighty? So, we're going to start, well, just put your dumbbells down onto the floor for now.

All right. We're gonna get down onto the reformer. We're gonna set the reformer at one red, one blue. If you want it a little bit light you can do one red, one yellow. We're gonna be doing some jumping.

So to start off with, but lets just sit at the edge of your lovely reformer here. Sit up nice and tall, and let's prepare ourselves for a fun workout. Make sure your knees are in line with your hips. We're gonna reach the hands up over your head. Reach up to the sky.

Pull your shoulder blades down and back. I just want you to hinge forward with the hips and then come back down. That hinge forwards from the hips, and then come back. Now, as you to hold that hinge here, now we're just gonna hit your right, move. I love doing this just before I start my workout.

Just to really open up my chest. Get that thoracic spine opening. And let's do four these. Four, three, two, and one. Lift all the way up.

Bring the hands down right on the edge of the reformer. And we're gonna slowly roll down, bringing the knees up into chair position here. Circle the hands all the way around and wrap them around. Now, we're gonna take the right leg down first. And then we take the left leg down.

This is just to warm up the core using your abs to exhale and inhale. You don't have to get the leg down to the floor, just exhaling and inhaling. Keep looking towards the side. Exhale down. Inhale back.

Exhale down. Inhale back. Now we're gonna alternate the legs. Alternate them. There we go.

Your aim is to touch towards the floor. You don't have to touch the floor just towards the floor. Keep that head lifted. Let's do four more like this. Four, three, two, and one.

Chair position. Now from here, we're gonna reach the legs diagonally out, bring the knees back in. Reach the legs diagonally out and draw the knees in. So it's inhale lengthen the legs, exhale scoop up those abs and you bring the knees into your chest. Inhale, scoop out those apps.

Exhale draw in. Let's do a few more. Inhale out. Exhale in. And inhale out.

Exhale in. Hold it there. Turn the feet out so you are working froggy position. Exhale out. Inhale back.

Try and keeping those heels glued together. Looking towards your feet. Head, neck and shoulders up and lifting the hands a cradle in the head. Those abs are working hard just to warm up that core. Exhale, scoop up those abs inhale, come back.

(Tracey sighing) Can we just do a couple more? Exhale reach, and inhale back one more. Exhale, reach and inhale back. Draw the legs together. Now take the hands, wrap them around the back of the thighs.

Hold it there. Lift the head neck and shoulders up just a little bit more. Now make sure your shins are parallel to the sky. Scoop out those abs, pull your scapula down. Hold it there.

Ready for a single leg stretch. We go. Resist. Resist. Resist.

Resist. And eight. And seven. And six. And five And four.

And three. And two. Hands behind the head. Keep moving. And reach.

And reach. Lengthen those legs out. And six. And five. And four.

And three. And two. And one. Draw the knees in. Reach the legs up.

Circle the hands around, Pull, so you gonna have a nice stretch Join the legs towards the chest in that great stretch. Beautiful. Bend the knees. We're going to take the hands behind the back of the knees, roll yourself all the way up. There's an abs exercise in itself as you roll up and lift up.

Good. Make sure your headrest is up guys. We're going to get down. We're going to start jumping. We gonna make sure that head rest is up.

Now, pick up your dumbbells now. You've got your light dumbbells, and it come all the way down onto your back. All right. So feet touch towards the top of the jump board, arms down. And we're going to start with our little baby jumps.

Inhale here, exhale little jumps. There we go. Slowly warming up that body. We are going to be moving a lot today. So it's really important that we warm up the body gradually, before we go crazy.

(Tracey laughing) I'm kidding. Four more. Four, three, two, And that's going to first position or your V position. V position, holding onto those dumbbells because in soon we're going to be adding the arms but not quite yet. Squeeze those heels together.

Four, three two. Back to parallel V positions. So you're alternating. We go parallel, We go V. We go parallel, we go V.

We go parallel, and V. We go parallel, and V. Let's do four more. And four, and back. And three, and back.

And two, and back. And one, and back. Keep that first position here. Take it nice and wide. Here we go nice and wide.

Turned out. Four, and three, and two. Parallel. Nice and wide. Toes pointing forward.

Four more here. Four, and three, and two. Now turn it out, and parallel. There we go. So we're alternating turned out and back.

There we go. We can feel our heart rate warming up. Yes, it's getting a little bit increasing. There we go. Four more here.

Four (soft screams) and, and three, and back. And two, and back. One more. And one. Now you're in a parallel position, bring the legs together.

Now we're going to raise the arms up. There we go. Beautiful. Now, what we're going to do is add an arm raise. Pretty simple.

We're going to lower and lift. Now, all of a sudden you've had those arms with it really increases your heart rate. There we go up and down. Let's do four more. Four, and three, and two, and hold it here, keep jumping.

We don't stop jumping. Beautiful. Now we're going to add a tricep extension. So we go down, extend. Extend.

So keep the elbows high. Watch you don't hit yourself in the face. Make sure your elbows stay high. That's it. Working those triceps.

But really what the arms doing with the extra way is really intensifying the cool contraction. When you're in the add, those abs got to work super hard. Yes. Lifting up. You got it.

Let's do four more. Four, three, two. Hold it here, don't stop. Let's take the legs nice and wide. You got it.

Now we're going to take your palms facing forward, We're gonna press to the sky cause it's like a rainbow move. So we bend press like a little rainbow. There we go. Little rainbow. Lift.

(Tracey sighing) And there we go, little rainbow here. We all need a rainbow in our lives. There we go. (Tracey sighing) Four more guys. Ready from here.

Four, three, two, and one. Hold it here, elbows are bent. Now, press up. Palms are facing inwards, because now we're going to add the fly with it now. So it's like kind of like a hug a tree.

We call this a fly. Ready? So we go down and fly. Hugging a tree I like. Hugging a teddy bear.

Here we go. Work in the chest. Down and up. There we are, good job. Let's do four more.

And four, and three, and two, and one. Bring the arms straight up and the legs together. Now right leg lifts. Beautiful. Take the right hand down.

Perfect. Now, we're going to kick the right leg, and right leg. Now, as we kick that leg we're going to press the opposite hand up. So you're pressing up to the sky. Lot of tricep there you're pushing to the sky and that single leg kick.

There we go. (soft scream) Four more here guys, ready? Four, and three, and two, and one, hold it there. Now, switch. Bring the other leg in.

Switch with the opposite arm. Okay, now extend that leg up. Go, extend. Extend. Just let that leg go first so you feel comfortable. Then when you're moving we can add the arm.

Press up. Working unilaterally here. Push up to the sky. And up. And up.

Good. Use your abs to contract stabilizing the spine as you lift off. Four more. Four, and three, and two. Hold it here.

Take the hands down and we're going to switch right then left. Go right. Left. Right. Left.

So it's kind of like a little grown Batman here. But guess what? We're going to try and add the arms. Are you ready? Opposition. Opposition.

You got to guys. Here. So making you think about your movement. Remember, Pilates is mind body. You're not on auto pilot.

It's about learning to control your body. Your brain moves your body. Right? So you're not allowed to do your to-do list right now. This is your time to focus, to learn how to use your body, to control your body.

All right, lets do four more. Four, three, and two, and one more, bring both legs down. Lift up. Your arms are here. Now, we're going to add just a little baby pike.

Pike. Pike. Teeny tiny. Keep the hands where they are, focusing on those cores. Core muscles.

Ready? Let's do four more, that's all. Four, three, two, one, bring it to down. Draw the knees into your chest, awesome work. We're going to quickly get up.

Turn to your side. Lift all the way up. All right. Put you a little weights down. Quickly come with me you're going to grab your box.

Now, we're going to put the box short ways, like this. Perfect. And we're going to take it down to one red spring. One red. All right, we're going to pick up the dumbbell.

Always optional. That step up. Now, we're going to get down to the side here. Put your hands down onto your headrest, and the top and the bottom leg is going to be here. Your knees are bent.

And what we're going to do is jump with the underneath leg. So, come down on the edge. Put your foot forward, and we're going to be jumping with the under leg. So that foot as you can see, needs to be to the front of your board, and you'd jump in sideways. Put the hand forward like this for support.

There we go. So, all you can feel right now is your obliques, your obliques are firing. And also your glutes. Be careful that you don't crash. Land gently.

Now, this upper body's working super hard too. Your lats, your serratus right here. Can you feel that? Now, let's see if we can lift that leg up a little bit. Land, lift.

Down, lift. Down, lift. Down, lift. Down, lift. Down, lift.

Down, lift. Four more, down four, three, two And one and come down, beautiful. Now, reach the hand over. I'm just going to bring the elbow to the knee, keeping it nice and still, the carriage nice and still. Those obliques working here.

Lets do four more here, four, three, two. Now pulse for eight little eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Awesome. Let's go to the other side. All right, hand down, knees bent.

Here we go, reach that leg out. And we go jump, and jump, and jump. Keep your hand forward for stabilization And down. Slow it up. There we go.

Press it out. Those obliques are firing, control it down. Lift, control, lift, control, lift. Now we're going to try and lift that leg up just a little bit and down, lift. So you're going to go up a tiny bit.

And up, and lift, and lift. Four more here. Try and keep that lateral. You're in between two sheets of glass. Four, three, two, and one.

And bring it down. Reach the hand over. Keep that carriage still. Elbow to knee. Elbow to knee.

Keep that carriage still. And elbow to knee. That's it, the other leg is on the jump board. Keeping it nice and still. Here.

Four, three, two. Now, pulls for eight go. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Reach out and come in. (soft screaming) Beautiful from here.

We're going to turn around and we're going to put that little, little dumbbell forward. Reach forwards. We're going to reach forwards to here. And from here we're going to put your chest all the way onto the box and drop the knees down to here. Now, we're going to go into some lovely jumping movements, but first of all I want you to put your hands right here in a diamond position.

And you're going to push it out in. Out and in. So you can see I'm pushing out and in. Still on that one red spring. Here we go.

Now, we're going to add a little jump. Jump. So you in that little diamond position here, elbows pointing are out and you're reaching out. So, is kind of like you're shooting out of a cannon. You're parallel.

And you're pulling the shoulder blades down. Got that lovely extension. Feet are towards the top obviously the jump board. Push, and push. Now, when you feel comfortable, we're going to try and reach the right hand and bring it down, the right hand.

Right hand. Press. Got it? Two more. Now switch.

Opposition, lift. (Trace sighing) Keep breathing, keep smiling. Four, three, two, one. Bring it down. Now, we're going to try it with your lovely dumbbell Thumbs up and ready.

Down. There we go. Press up. Lifting up. Feel that back working in your right hand spiny eye.

Up. Up, lets do four more. Breathe four. Exhale three. Exhale two.

Exhale one. Come down. Let's switch with the other hand. Ready? Put down into the well. Go forward. Doing it to get those inner thighs connected together.

Lift. Lift. Perfect. Reach. Are you breathing guys?

Four, three, two and one, beautiful. Come all the way down. From here grab hold of your reformer. Pull yourself forward just a little bit, and then lift the legs up and your diamond position. Down and up.

Down and up, get your feet together. Up. Lets do four just of these. Four, three, two, and one, beautiful. Come down, gradually walk down, there we go.

Slowly come back, and let's turn back to the side. Awesome. From here, still on your one red, move it forward right against the jump board. And we're going to push it out so it rests right there in front of the reformer. Let's pick up your dumbbells, you have two dumbbells.

Okay, come up to the center, you going to put your left foot on the back of your shoulder is and your front leg you're in a lunge position. Just from here, just hold that lunge position just so you feel comfortable. And we just going to bring the knee in and out. I just want you to feel comfortable with the knee going in and out. This is just your prep.

One more. Now, hold it here. From here, we're going to lift all the way up. Now. we're going to shoot the hands up. We're going to come all the way up and down.

Up and down. Lift. So you're hitting the box as you come in. It's small range of motion. It's not going to be too huge.

You're going to feel those hamstrings. There you go, so you'll be tap the box with the reformer. Four more. Four, three, two and one more. Come down.

Fly away. Keep that lunge position you're in that fly. Yeah, that front thigh is working super duper hard. That back leg is straight. You working your posterior deltoid.

Try and keep that carriage still. Yes, keep that carriage still. You're working those thighs. Five, four, three, two and one more. Take the weights down.

Back into your plank position. Hold the here, draw the knees in and out. Pushup. In an out. Pushup.

In and out. Pushup. In and out. Pushup. In and out.

Down and up, just a mini little pushup if you don't want to go very far. Just a little mini pushup, One more. Mini pushup. And slowly draw the knees in. Don't have to go very far in that pushup.

Bring the opposite legs forward. You hit mini pushup. Right, in this position exactly what we did. So your reformer is going to hit the box. Alrighty, so you're hitting that box.

There we go. So let's do a few more, get yourself in that right position before we start. And then all the way back. Now, reach all the way up. All right guys, you're ready?

we going to bring it in. And back. In and back. In and back. Good and back.

In and back. Up and down. Good, let's do four more here. Four, three, two, and one. Hold it here.

Come all the way forward. And we're just going to open and in. Open and in. Try and keep that carriage still as much as you can. That carriage is still, and out and in.

Beautiful. Let's do six, and five, and four, and three, keep that carriage still, and two, and one more, beautiful. Come down. Get back into your plank position. Draw the knees in, push away, push up.

Draw the knees in and back, push up. In, mini pushups guys. Tiny pushup. In and out. Push up, two more.

In and out. Push up, last time. In and out, push up. Hold it there. Beautiful.

And slowly come all the way back. All right, put your feet down. Now from here, we're just going to take one dumbbell down to the floor and let's keep one dumbbell in our hands, in the front hand. We're going to rotate around. And all we're going to do is just go out and in, those obliques.

Out and in. Working on those obliques. And let's do four more of these. Three, two, and one. Now we're going to push out, transfer and lift all the way up from here.

Beautiful. We're going to rotate as we draw in and then come out again. Exhale, oblique, oblique. Inhale, press out. Oblique, oblique.

Press out. Drawing up through those abs, and press out. Three more. And up, and out. Obliques, and out one more.

Obliques. Hold it here. Bend the knees in and out. In and out. In and out.

You guys are rock stars. Two more. One more. Hold it here. Rotate around.

There we go. Draw the knees in, switch with the opposite hand with the dumbbell not from the left hand. And rotate your feet. Inhale back. Scoop up.

Inhale back. Scoop up. Inhale back. Keep pressing away into your back. Inhale and exhale in.

Just a couple more before we progress onto that next one. All right, you're ready. Put the hands, rotate. Get ready for that rotation. Lift up.

Now we exhale. Draw in. Inhale out. Exhale, draw in with the underneath oblique, and inhale out. Exhale.

Breathe, slow and controlled. It's all about controlling the reformer. And out. Exhale control. And out.

Can you give me two more? Sure you can. Rotate and out. Last time. Rotate and hold it there.

And bring it in and out. The back heel is off. And in and out. In and out. Couple more.

Looking strong, feeling strong, feeling fantastic. Hold it there. Rotate around. Push away out in that plank position. Draw the knees in, come all the way back.

And let's give yourself a little stretch forward. Beautiful. Slowly put the dumbbell down onto the floor and pick up your box. Watch that reformer. Pick up your box, take it down.

All right, guys. Now, we're going to move your box a little bit closer. There we go, I'm going to come forward to here. Now from here, we're just going to step up, and step down Step up and step down. There you go, step up, step down.

Got it? For four, three, two, one. Step right. Turn around. Prayer position.

And we're going to go into some plie's here. So you've got those lovely plies if you want on that releve. Optional releve. Pressing down. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, hold it there.

Turn back around, hands down, reach that leg out. Beautiful. Bring that leg in, step up, turn around. Step, step, go. Left opposite, leg going up.

So if it's in your right leg before now it's your left leg. Good, up, up, down, down. Good, up, up. Four, three, two, one. Turn it out.

Plie, optional releve. And pressed down. There we go, those legs working super hard. You got it. Optional releve.

And let's do eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, hold it there. Lower, turn it around. Flex forward. There we go. Hold that stretch and perfect.

Comeback. Next step we're going to keep it just here right now. Going to step up onto the jump board. We're going to take it to one blue spring now. One blue spring.

All right, Let's roll yourself down. All right. Take the hands behind your head, lift yourself up. And let's go into that lovely fly jump. You're in first position.

Now this is all about your abs now. Abs are working now. Yeah, we're going to try and come up and round in a circle. Circle. Lifting circle.

So you're turned out and you've got that lovely circle. You're floating in the air, doesn't that feel good? Float. Float. It feels really good, you're light as a feather.

Four more. Four, three, two, one, now reverse it opposite. Round. Round. And round.

Beautiful range of motion with those legs. Round. Four more here. Four, three, two, and one. And now we're going to go right, left.

Right, left. Now alternating we go right. Without this change now add a rotation. Criss-cross. Criss-cross.

Let's add the arm, reach. Add the arm, reach. Here in that lovely rotation, so someone's pulling your hands and you are rotating. There we go. Rotate.

Four more. Four, three, two, and one more. And then come all the way down. Knees to chest, roll yourself off this direction. Pick up your dumbbells.

There's you dumbbells. Okay, we're going to come back onto your box. From here, we're going to go forward. We're gonna come down into a row here in your lovely position here in your row. Perfect.

There we go down and up. Now, we're going to add a tricep extension. One tricep and back. One tricep and back. That's it, tricep and back.

That's why if you have heavier weights sometimes you can have two sets the lighter and a heavier pair. I have four, and three, and two, and one. Hold it here and pulse it up. Pulse. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.

Take it down, plank position. And we're just going to do a little run here. Run. Get that heart beat up. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, and down.

Bring the opposite leg. All right, down and up. Here we go up, keep pressing forward. (sighing) Can always if you want a little extra weight sometimes I'll take the two weights and bring the two weights together too. That's another option that you are happier to add that extra weight.

Okay? Let's have that tricep extension. Okay, tricep extension. (Tracey sighing) And there we go. Three more.

Three, two, and one more. Hold that arm up and press it up. Little pulses here. Pitch your body forward. Seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one.

Back down. Come back, all right? Let's go for a little jog. Good, 10, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two and one. And come all the way back.

Put those lovely dumbbells down. Going to pick up your box, take it out the way. Let's put your box down. Awesome. All right, let's come back down to finish off.

You're going to be all the way onto your side now. From here, bring your knees in. Come all the way down and still on your one red spring. You're gonna take your foot into that strap. There we go.

We're just going to go forward, and then press to the side. Forward and press. So for this is either a red or a blue, either or. And back. Keep that openness through your ribs.

Perfect. One more. Now, we're going to externally rotate it up and down. So it's turned out now. See how I'm turning out at the hip.

The femur's turned out at the hip and you're going up and down. That's it up and down. Couple more just to really open up that hip. Last time. Hold it here, now can we grab that leg stretch it out.

Perfect. Hook it back in, there we go. Drop that there. Lift yourself all the way up. Put that elbow here, diamond position.

And we're going to do some side bends. There, so your feet are in front of your jump board and you can do some side diamonds here. Side diamonds. So basically you're drawing your lowest rib to your hip, and those side obliques. Up and down, four more.

Four, side obliques, three, two, and one. Nice. Turn it around to the other side. So let's lie down. Then let's push away, make sure your shoulders are underneath your shoulder rest, of course.

Bring that leg forward and let's come out. Now, we're going to go forward and then back. Now, remember lifting up off of the oblique so you underneath is lifted and that opening here from your rip to your waist, then you go forward and back. Just the hamstring that's pulling you back. Good. Here.

You can put your hand on your hip if you want just to press that hip down so it's not hiking. Couple more. One more. Now, externally rotate. There's that lovely lift and down.

Think of this as flexibility within the leg. Inhale up. Exhale down. Inhale up. Exhale down.

Let's do four more of this. Keep that openness here. Stretch, stretch, stretch. Two more, stretch, stretch, stretch. One more, stretch, stretch, stretch.

Now, get that nice stretch to finish off with as you pull. Have that stretch. Hook it around. Take it away. Obliques here, come up.

Put your forehand down, your forearm. Diamond position in front of your board. Obliques. Obliques. Side obliques.

Exhale. Exhale. Four more here. Four, exhale. Three, exhale.

Two, exhale. I want us to do one more for good luck holding here, little pulses if you want. Hold it. (soft screams) And then release. Sit up nice and tall.

Back onto the top. Finish off one last exercise. We're going to work that mid-upper back again. We're going to go to one red spring. One red spring.

We're going to take one lovely dumbbell here. You're going to hold it in your hand. And this other hand is going to push away and then pull down. Push away and down. Tricep.

Tricep. Abs are engaged. Push away. Press away. There we go. Press.

If find this a little too heavy like I said, you can come down to a blue spring. Four, three, two, one. Lift up both hands reaching forward in that lovely, lovely stretch here. Now we're going to lift up, working through that mid thoracic spine. Focus in that mid, upper back.

Super important to let those postural muscles. For four, three, two, and one. Back to the other side and tricep. Tricep. Tricep.

There we go. Press. Press. Four more. Four, three, two, and one.

And come all the way back. Awesome work you guys. Put that lovely dumbbell down. Release. We're going to put your right leg in front in that lovely stretch.

Push away and stretch it out. And then come back. Lift up through the crown of their head in that extension. Push back. And then lift up.

Press down and lift up. All right guys, switch legs. Opposite leg in front. Push away. And then lift up, press the hands down.

Look up on the horizon as you lengthen up. And again, push away. And then lengthen all the way up as you press down in that stretch. Awesome work guys. And then come all the way back.

Let's come to the center. Let's roll ourselves out all the way up. Let's finish off for the roll down. We're going to take a deep breath in. Inhale to start with, chin to chest.

Rolling down through the spine. And then slowly rolling all the way up. Up. Up. And release.

Awesome work guys. Don't worry, I know I might have pushed you out your comfort zone a little bit. That's what this program is all about. Just mixing it up and just kind of jumping out your comfort zone just for a little bit. It's good.

It's always good just to step out that comfort zone a little bit. Feel a little uncomfortable. And then all of a sudden it becomes comfortable. That's how we make gains in our body. Not just from a physical point of view, but from a mental point of view.

You got this. You're doing great. Just keep it up. Looking forward to seeing you soon in the next class. See you soon.



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LOVING this series!  I am constantly cursing you and your "lovely" variations  ;)  but am feeling stronger today and looking forward to more and re-doing this series.  Thanks Tracey!
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Love it. I needed a new workout for my cardio day. Thanks!! And absolutely loved the box with the jump board behind it.
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hi tracey. love your videos. i use a peak reformer and the springs are different. any chance you could refer to the springs as "heavy" or "light" instead of by the color? thanks so very much.
rebecca jane Hello sorry about that, yellow/blue spring would probably equate to your half spring.  One red spring would be one of your heavier springs. I work on Stott reformers too but not on a peak reformer. 
Thanks and hope you enjoy! 
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thank you for the clarity regarding the springs. and again, thank you for your lovely, challenging classes.
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Such a great class! Love how you breathe life into all these wonderful exercises!
Clare D
I do appreciate your creativity in using all aspects of a bed, but unfortunately (even with a moderately decent home machine) this class doesn't work with the length of my bed / box.  I am sure it works a treat with studio reformers though.  I think I'll avoid all box workouts from now on!  ;) 
Clemencia Puerta
Fantastic Class Tracey!! Thanks so much... do more Jumping Board Classes please!!... yours are super creative repertoires!
Sharon E
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I just LOVE your classes! Thank you!
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Great workout and the jumping sequences really got my heart rate up!
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