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Lengthen and Tone

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In this Reformer workout on the Allegro 2, Tracey reminds us of the importance of mixing things up in your exercise routine to stay strong, supple, and flexible. She holds the perfect balance between stretching and strengthening exercises throughout class. You will feel challenged and ready to take on your day.
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Theraband

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Hi, Tracey Mallett here. How are we today? I hope you're feeling fantastic. I'm feeling great. I wanna give you this fun workout that really is about lengthening and defining the body.

Of course, we mixing it up, because that's what the whole program's about. So for this you'll need a box, obviously a reformer and a lovely TheraBand. So here I have this TheraBand here, a green TheraBand medium resistance. We're gonna be using this today. So a lot of stretching, lengthening, and toning is gonna go on today.

So, put your band down to start with. I'm just gonna put it down on the box here. All right, we're gonna get down onto your reformer here. We're just gonna take your right leg in front. I just want you to go into like a figure four stretch and just breech over in that stretch.

Just stretch out through your hips and everything like that. That's it, your hips. And then come back, let's switch to do this side. And then hips. Really open up through the hips and drop that knee down as much as you can.

If you want, you can put your hand up and lift up and press that knee out. Awesome. All right, let's come back to here. Now, we're gonna start with some leg work. So you're gonna play.

So I'm gonna have two reds and a blue or you could have three reds. We're gonna work those legs. So make sure your headrest is up. We're gonna roll down, place the feet at the edge right onto your bar here. Feet hit with the part and we're just gonna press out and in, make sure your shoulders are not jammed against the headrest, your shoulder rest.

All right, we're gonna inhale, exhale, and push away. And push away. So be mindful that we're keeping that neutral spine tap on down is anchored into the mat and you just relaxing, pressing out and in, nice deep breaths, nice inhaling and exhaling as we extend out. Lovely with them. Lovely cadence.

As to four, and three, and two. and one. And come back, let's take the heels where the toes are to where the heels were, and press out and in. There we're on that light releve, ankle joint staying completely still, feet are hit with the part, focused on the hamstrings pulling back. All right, nice and easy.

Let's do five more like that. Five, exhale four, exhale three, and two, and one more, hold it here. Let's start to walk through the feet, pressing the heels down, and four, and three, and two, and one. Lift up, bend your knees, come into your V position, press out and in and out and in. Heels connected together, scooping out those abs.

I love the breathing, exhaling out and inhale and feeling that rhythm of the reformer, you're going forwards and back in that beautiful rhythm. Let's do one more. I want you to hold it all the way out. Hold it here and just flex and rise. There we go.

Are you stretching out those perennials? Down and up for four, and three, and two, and one. And then lower down. Heels, nice and wide, exhale, push out and in, try and relax those toes a little harder now. Press out and in, (exhales deeply).

Breathe, (inhales and exhales deeply). And let's do four more like this, exhale four, and three, and two, and one. And come back, replaced the heels with the toes and push away. Keep the ankle joint still. There we go.

Nice to warm up the legs, you remember the legs, they got the largest amounts of muscles in your lower body, your biggest muscle. So we get them warm, it really warms the whole of the body up. All right, let's do five more, little bit more. Five, and four, and three, and two. Hold it here, that's flex and rise, flex and rise.

Working through the feet, articulating those feet. Let's five more, five, four, three, two, and one more, hold it there, bend in the knees and coming back. Draw in the legs together in a chair position, inhale, take the knees towards the right side, exhale, bring it back to center. Inhale over to the left and center. To the right, try and keep those knees together, bring it back to center over to the other side, and then come back to center.

Extend those legs, wrap the hands around, hold onto the shoulder rests here, inhale over, exhale back to center, (inhales deeply) inhale over. Find your obliques, exhale, center, inhale over, using those obliques to pull back to center, inhale over. And now we do a little corkscrew. We're gonna go over to the right, to the center, and then to the left. So you're rocking around that tailbone to the right, and then to the left.

Your breath is inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale and exhale. One more, inhale and exhale. Hold it there, wrap the hands around, lift your head, neck and shoulders off the floor and just gentle pull here in that stretch, release, lift up a little bit higher. And then again, a little pull and then back. Let's do one more for that beautiful stretch, exhale, pull back here, and then all the way back and draw up the knees down and back.

From here, we're gonna turn to the side. We're gonna take it down to one red spring. One red, come back, roll down, take hold of those straps from behind. And we're gonna lift up, find your back first, draw the knees in and we're gonna inhale and reach in the arms and legs go out, inhale and come back. Exhale, reaching out, remember you keeping your weight pressed into your lovely loops here and connecting to your back and in, exhale, drawing those abs in.

Now this time, I want you to hold it out here, hold to when you toes out, abdominal openings, arms and legs in that nice kind of like a jumping jack. Snow angel, (exhales heavily). Inhale out, exhale in. Four more. Four, (exhales heavily).

Three, (exhales heavily). Two, (exhales heavily). One,(exhales heavily). Draw the knees in, rolling back, placing the feet down. Drop the right, little strap, bring the right leg in, find that connection with the hamstring, and then lengthen the other leg all the way out.

We go down, developpe, kick. Down, developpe, kick. Remember this is about lengthen and define. So you're lengthening those legs, developpe and kick. Split, bend that knee, kick.

Split, bend that knee and kick, two more. Split, bend that knee and kick. You got last time, one more. And kick, grab, hold to that leg, pull as you stretch, release back into scissors. Just scissors and scissor and scissor and scissor.

Keep the pelvis still. And four, and three, and two, and one more. Drop that foot down. Back into that stretch. Now open up your ribs here, draw those abs, down abs into the spine as much as you can, bend the knee, pull, pull, pull, pull pull.

That has that little extra stretch as you draw the carriage in, try and keep that leg straight. It's gonna start to shake a little bit. You could see my leg is shaking. I'm stretching out those hamstrings, and lovely. Take it away, place it back, switch to the other side.

Leg goes up. Find that hamstring connection. There we go. Then you lengthen that leg out. So we developpe, kick and back.

Developpe, kick and back. Elongation of that leg, and elongation, and back (inhales and exhales deeply). Feels really lovely just to move those legs. Active flexibility is something that we have to do continually to keep our bodies functioning as best as we can. The best version of ourself, right?

Two more, that's all that we can ask for last time and then going to your splits, those little scissors. Pressing down with that hamstring. There we go, keep the pelvis as still as you can. Four, and three, and two, and one. Bring the opposite leg in and stretch.

Feel that stretch. Woo, woo. Hamstring, hamstrings, hamstring. And release, take that leg down, bring it back up. Now, hold that position there, now draw the carriage towards the stopper.

The pelvis is gonna slightly tilt 'cause of the hamstrings. Try and keep that leg straight as you can and pull, the key is to keeping that leg as straight as you can. Yeah, and it's gonna start to shake, for five, for four, hold it. Three, two and one, beautiful. And come all the way back down.

Put that straps down, perfect. Let's turned to our side, we're gonna sit up. We're gonna take it to one blue spring and we're gonna come into this like little V, Z position so to say, like a Z position here, all right? Lift up. So from here, we're gonna lift, pick up, and we're gonna lift the hand up, so the elbows in line with the shoulder.

From here, you're gonna place the hand to the corner of the back of the reformer and you're just gonna press out and in. So it's kind of going over your head, right? Just going over your head. Now we're gonna add the hips. Hips come up and down.

Hips come up and down. So you get that beautiful line, beautiful extension through the front part of your body, through the abs as you reach and back. Exhale, reach. Four more. And four, keep breathing, pull the scapula down.

(Exhales deeply) one more, (exhales deeply) and come back. Grab it and then rotate. So now we're going into your obliques as we rotate. And rotate and breathe there, follow you gaze. Your gaze is following your hands.

As it following your hands. Four, rotate around. Three, rotate around. Two, rotate, and one, rotate. Beautiful.

Bring it down, let's switch to the other side. So we're gonna turn in your Z position here. Pick up, put hands right behind you here, elbow. And let's just reach over, and over. Keep the scapula pull down and you're going over towards your bar.

Now let's try and see if we can lift up and back, lift up and back, lift up, and lift. So good. Lift through that frontal part of your body. (exhales heavily) Two more. (exhales heavily) Oh, one more.

(exhales heavily) And then back, nice work. Grab hold of your strap, now rotate around. (Tracey inhales deeply) Exhale and inhale. Rotate in. Follow your hands, so we can get that full rotation to work into those obliques.

Okay, got those obliques working. (Tracey exhales deeply) So good to get that lovely rotation through the torso. (Tracey exhales deeply) Couple more. (Tracey exhales deeply) One more time. (Tracey exhales deeply) And then back, beautiful.

Put your lovely strap down. We're gonna get up. And then from here, I want you to take your bar. You're gonna bring your bar down, all the way down. Make sure your box is at the end of your reformer.

Let's take it to one red spring. And if you've got your band, you're gonna pick up your band here. And we're gonna take your right leg forwards, but place the band underneath that right leg. Before we start, make sure the band is equal. And we're just gonna put our hands either side.

Now, just so your back heel is off. So you're in that lunge position here. So find that lunge position, and then you're gonna lift all the way up. Now, choke the band up. Your thumbs are gonna lift up and all we're going to do is reach forwards and back.

Reach forwards and back. There we go and back. Reach forwards and back. Reach. So keeping that leg, your back legs still and you're reaching up and down.

There we go, let's do four more Four, three, two, and one. Hold it here, take your hands forwards, reach into that stretch. So there just split there, hold it there. Hold that stretch. Now from here, we're going to bend the knee, pick up your strap, rotate and look back.

Holding onto that strap and looking back in that stretch. Beautiful. And then come back slowly, bring it back. And let's switch the legs. Come all the way back, pick up your band.

(Tracey exhales deeply) Step forwards, wrap that band under the instep. Put the leg forwards. Before you do anything, put your hands down onto the reformer, lift the back heel off, get yourself into a lunge position. Feel that hip flexor stretch, feel safe. And then once we're in that position then we can come up holding your band here.

All right, so you're in that nice lunge, we're gonna reach that leg forwards and back. Working that hamstring and see if we can add those arms. Those shoulder raises. Forwards and back. (Tracey exhales deeply) Focus on keeping the same height.

In other words, you're not dipping up and down. You'll stay in one height. You've got a cup of water on top of your head and you don't want it to spill all over your body unless you're super hot (chuckles). All right, let's do four more. Four, three, two, one more, hold it there.

Come all the way down. All right, now let's just stretch. Reach out into that splits, go as far as you can get your hips square, make sure you're in that lovely split. Awesome. Now bring your knee back in so it's bent right.

Now, I want you to rotate, grab your band, rotate and look up. Hold that stretch. We all forget that flexibility's super important. So maybe for you mixing it up is flexibility. 'Cause all of us need to do a lot more than what we actually do.

And then come all the way back, beautiful. Bring it back, back, back, back. Come down and let's get yourself into a nice downward dog. Just take your band. Just put the band away to the side for the time being and hold that stretch.

You in that lovely downward dog position. Now step forward just a little bit. Now you on one red spring or if that's a little heavy, you can bring it down to a blue spring, if you want a little bit more core work. I'm taking it down to a blue, all right? So from here, we're gonna come up onto a releve, walk the hands forwards, and come into a plank position here.

Send in your hips up, back up into your downward dog, press your heels down into the box. Releve, come back into your plank position. Exhale back, flex, inhale, plank. Slow and controlled. Not always the easiest.

Sometimes it's harder to slowly do the moves and not really focus on momentum using every single body muscle in your body to push. One more. Hold it here, hold. From here, we're gonna rotate. See if we can rotate and had that lovely rotation and then back, and then rotation, try and keep that carriage still.

Come back to your center, hold it here, pull back into your downward dog. Walk back, walk your hands back. Enjoy that amazing stretch. From here, inhale, reach out. Exhale, resist and curl.

Inhale, reach out. Exhale, resist and curl. Need to make it little bit more challenging, bring your right knee to the center, developpe that leg up, bend that knee. Now open that hip, inhale out, exhale round up. And inhale looking out, exhale round up.

Inhale looking out, exhale round up, one more time. (Tracey inhales deeply) And inhale out, exhale, round up. Beautiful. Draw the knee in. Switch with the other side, scoop out those abs.

Open up your hip, there as your hip opening there. Gorgeous, is by your biceps (inhales). Inhale, look out, exhale, scoop out using your hips. Inhale, drop your scapula down, and using your abs to pull the carriage back in. Inhale, lengthen out, exhale, drawing those abs and beautiful resisting that carriage.

Just do a couple more 'cause it feels so good. (Tracey exhales deeply) One more. Inhale out and then exhale. Rolling in. Draw the abs in round, round, round, and then slowly rolling yourself all the way back up.

Okay, step off, step up. Let's pick up your band again. Now we're gonna go still keeping on one blue spring, your lowest spring. We're gonna step onto the carriage. So you're gonna step onto the outside first, and put the other foot in the middle of your carriage here.

So you're gonna be slightly turned out. We're gonna start with doubling your band up from here and we're gonna go in that lovely rotation, back, plie. Rotation, center, plie. Rotation, center, plie. Rotate back to your center and then you lean the little plie.

Keep your shoulders over your hips, guard the imaginary wall behind you. Rotate, center, plie. Rotate, center, plie. Last time. Rotate, center, plie.

Hold it here. Now, we're gonna rotate. Press down, rotate, center, plie. Rotate, bowing, lifting, center, plie. Rotate, reaching down those inner thighs are loving you right now (chuckles).

And lift, rotate. Keep pressing the arms away from each other, dipping down, reaching first, back to center, plie. Can we do one more, and rotate, down, lift, center, plie, now hold that plie. Just take it out and in, out and in, press it out and in. There we go.

And push, press, press. Keep pressing the arms away from here to there, woo. Feel that back, and four, in the thighs, three, and two, and one. Nice work. Lift up, turn, turn, turn, turn.

Take the hands down on to your actual bar. Here's that beautiful stretch here again. Your hands are on the bar, now, split, scoop up, back out, bring it in. Split, scoop up, and back, bring it in. Split, scoop up those abs, take it back, hamstring pull in.

Last time. Split, scoop those abs, stretch it out. Draw it in, nice work. Back, bring the back leg to join here, well up and we're gonna go to the other side. So place that foot in the center externally rotate in.

All right, put your hands out in front. Depress your scapula. Find your back, work your back. All right, you're ready? We rotate and center.

So get that movement first in that rotation then we add our plie. Rotate, center, plie. (Tracey inhales deeply) Rotate, center, plie. Those inner thighs are burning. There's the define part of your class.

Define (indistinct). There we go. Rotate, plie, plie. Rotate, plie, plie. One more.

Rotate, plie. Now we're gonna rotate. Remember we're gonna bow down, lift up, back to center and plie. Up rotate, down, lift back to center, plie. Woo Woo.

One out. Rotate, you're bowing forwards, lifting up back to center, plie. And rotate, and down. We need you there guys. Try and keep with me, plie, you have one more.

Lift, rotate, down, lift, back to center. Plie. Lift up back to your plie, the outside leg. And we're gonna add that press. Elbows back, woo.

Breathe, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, lift up and up, beautiful. Turn around, yes. Back into your lunge, so holding onto your bar in front, your foot bar, are we there? Good. Now let's go into a split.

Find your split. Now we pike up using your abs, so scooping up through those abs. We go back into the split. Now use your hamstrings to pull back into that lunge in that hip flexor stretch. So we do our split, we pike up, we split, hamstring pulls back.

We split. Now use your abs, lift up, up, up, up, up. Back into your split, hamstring pulls back. Still two more. Split, lift up.

Split, one more guys. Split, lift up, back, and in. Bring it all the way in, in, in, in, in. Bring the legs. I'm gonna step down gracefully.

Step down, take your band away. Just gonna put the band there, beautiful. Okay, from here, we're gonna come all the way down. We're gonna take the straps and put the straps around the knees. So we're gonna take it up to one red spring, okay?

And we're gonna come all the way this direction. So you can put your head rest down now, okay? Put your headrest down. We're gonna wrap the knees with the straps, wrap and wrap. And then pull yourself down, so your butt is really close to the shoulder rests in that position here.

Now, holding on, just drawing the knees into the chest. There we go. (Exhales) breathing as we draw the knees into the chest. Now let's take our hands, wrap them around, put the hands behind your head. Now we're gonna do our little hip circles.

We're gonna keep the feet together. And so we bring the knees in, we open, drop down and bring it back in. So this is such a great exercise to get that femur moving around in your hip sockets, hip mobility to keep those hips nice and open and relaxed. Let's do a couple more. Exhale, inhale.

Exhale, inhale, let's reverse it. Exhale, inhale. (Tracey exhales deeply) That's it, nice big circles. Four more. (Tracey exhales deeply) Three, two, and one, hold it there.

Rotate, reach your hand as if you're reaching out like this, hold it here now. Doubles. Imagine someone's pulling and trying to shake your hand and you're reaching. You're reaching forwards and you're inhaling and exhaling. Keeping lifting up.

(Tracey exhales deeply) There we go, couple more and smile. And let's go to the other side. Ready, and pull. (Tracey exhales deeply) Inhale, exhale. (Tracey exhales deeply) Four more.

Exhale, four. (Tracey exhales deeply) And three, exhale, two, and exhale, one. Wrap it back round, take away those lovely straps gracefully roll down, we're gonna come all the way up, put those straps back. From here, we're going to move your lovely bar up. So you wanna put your bar up.

There we go. And we're going to take that leg back around here in your Z position. You're gonna keep that front leg first like this. Let's take it either one red or one blue. I'm gonna go for a blue, just a little less.

You're gonna turn your foot out and we're gonna lift up. And as you lift up, you're gonna go into this lovely side stretch as you lift up in that side position here, and then we come back. So make sure your foot is turned out forwards. Hand is here, knees against the shoulder rest. So the arm circles and you lift up in that side position.

Can you feel that stretch? Through the frontal part of your leg here? Look towards your hands, come back, bring it back, and then reach over towards you. Let's put the hand here, this hand lifts up. Lift your hips up into that side stretch.

Look, it's a huge stretch to the adductors and then come back, gracefully sit down, and lift. (Tracey exhales and inhales deeply) Let's do one more for good look, okay? Hand here, reach out, lift your hips up in that beautiful side bend. Look over in that stretch and then bring it back, lower your hips. That's it, bring that carriage in and stretch over.

Release, turn around, take your foot. This foot out to the side, push out, reach out, and then come back again. So my foot is turned out and I'm stretching out and then back. So my foot is pointing diagonally forwards and back. Press out in hose inner thighs, lifting up with those inner thighs.

Now we can add those arms, reach out, and back, reach out, feel those inner thighs. Two more, reach out, and back. One more. Reach out, hold it into that stretch. Bring it back, bend the knee.

Put that foot toes on that shoulder rest and push out and in, out and in, out and in. Press, so we keeping that stability out and in. Press. Press. Press.

Hands behind the head. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Bring it in. Take hold of the bar. Take that leg, and stretch back.

Press your pelvis forwards, squeeze your glutes. There's your quad stretch and release. All right, let's go to the other side. So, here, make your foot a little bit further forwards, okay? Hand is here.

Now we're gonna reach and lift your hips up in that side stretch. You wanna look toward your hand, hold it there, hold it. And then come back, and in. Draw your scapula down. So lift your hips up, press your pelvis forwards, and then look all the way over to your hands.

Slowly, this time take the hand onto your shoulder rest and then lift over. And again, feel so good, slow and control. Draw your scapula down. Lift your booty up, lift your buns up into that side stretch and look over. Make that beautiful shape, elongation, and then come back and mermaid.

One more. Depress first before you reach out, watch your shoulder. Lift your buns up, up, up, up, and then slowly come down, finish off in your mermaid up and over. From here, stand up, take your foot, is diagonally out, okay? We're gonna reach that like out straight and we're gonna open and then up, and open, and up.

Let's open the arms, the arms actually help you balance a little bit and open and up. Just press out the small range of motion, it's not very big. And you just going out and in. Flow those arms out. Now, zip up with those inner thighs into your pelvic floor, into your abs.

Two more. (Tracey exhales deeply) One more. (Tracey exhales deeply) And back. Now bend the knee, put the toe against here. Hands on hips, bend, just stabilizing leg, push out and in.

There we go, out and in. Perfect. If you need to put your hands on your hips, you can or if you wanna put your hands behind your head, there we go. Just to stabilize, those inner thighs working out and in. (Tracey exhales deeply) And five and four and three and two and one more.

Bring it in, nice work guys. Hold on to your bar, lift up, press your pelvis forward in that beautiful stretch. Squeeze your glute as much as you can. That frontal part of your leg is gonna stretch. It feels super good.

There's your stretch. Hold it there, and then relax. Finish off, we're gonna work on the back now. So we're gonna come to here, quadruped position. We're gonna make sure we're on one red spring, come forwards.

Now we're gonna place our hands either side of your shoulder rests, already? And we're gonna take your right leg behind and we're just gonna push out and in, and you just pushing out and in, in that quadruped position. So it testing the water now in that quadruped position. Let's just four more of these. Keep everything stable so that upper back is working.

One more. Now, it's gonna get a bit more tricky, 'cause we're gonna take the opposite hand and we're gonna add a tricep extension. Tricep and tricep. You may need to choke up that strap to make it a little bit more challenging. And in.

(Tracey exhales deeply) Exhale. (Tracey exhales deeply) Four more. Four, three, two, and one more. Take that strap down. Now bring it back to the stopper aggressively.

Lift that leg up. We're gonna do our little tricep dip down and up. Down and up. Down and up. So the elbows are going back to the bar.

Four more, working that upper body. Three, two, one and lift up. Switch, switch to the other side. So the opposite leg. Find your stability, ready to push out and in.

Now, push away from your reformer. So you're pushing away from your reformer. Your scapula's pull down, those abs are working super hard. Feel those abs working? It's a lot about your upper body.

So don't just think of this is being your legs and your core. It's your upper body enabling you to stabilize here, okay? (Exhales) keep breathing though, deep breaths. (Tracey exhales deeply) Let's do a couple more before we add that little tricep extension. Okay, now we've got it already, we're gonna add that tricep extension, ready.

Press out and in. (Tracey exhales deeply) Keep the elbow lifted. (Tracey exhales deeply) Lot of stability, a lot of coordination here, but you guys are killing it. You're here, you're doing it right now. You're focusing.

Give yourself a pat on the back guys, come on. Let's do four more, you guys you got this. Four, three, two, one more, beautiful. Bring it down. Bring it back.

Reach that leg out. Yes, we got a little triceps, you ready? Lift that leg up, take your body down. Lift and lift. Good.

And down. And down. Let's do five more. Five, four. You got it guys keep the scapula pulling down.

Lift that leg up. Two more. Last time. Push all the way up, beautiful work. Come back, back, back.

Reach those hands forwards in that stretch. From here, open your legs just to tad. And you're gonna come up into a quadruped position, lift up, press forwards, come all the way back and stretch back. I'm just gonna stretch that back. Now, draw the abs in C curve C curve, lengthen and then back.

It's just spinal movements. Just rotating like a wave, (exhales). And curl through the spine, elongate and back. It does not feel so good. One more.

Curl through the spine, elongate, lengthen out, and press back, beautiful work. Hold it here, roll yourself all the way up. We're gonna open the legs nice and wide in a straddle. Let's just stretch. From here we reach the hands over your head.

We're gonna go into our halo here, just to open up your shoulders and let's go to the other direction. Your halo and lift up your heart centers up to the sky. From here, take it over to the side. Stretch over, switch, stretch over. Open up, look up to the sky.

Beautiful. And then come back. Slowly, step into your well, keeping on that red spring. Just to finish off, get that spine moving a little bit. Bend your knees.

Reach forwards, curl like a cat and then reach out once again. Curl like a cat, pull, pull back, reach out again. Curl like a cat using those abs. Reach out, bring your legs together. Bending that right knee up into like a lovely donkey position as we would say.

Now, curl like a cat, lengthen, reach. Curl like a cat, lengthen and reach using your abs, drawing in those abs, lifting back. Drawing in those abs, lifting back, hold it there, just pressing up just a little bit more. Pressing up, four, three, two, hold it there. Turn it out.

Grab that foot if you can, look out on the horizon, pull back. Look out, you can see that beautiful horizon again. It's gorgeous. Hold it there. You're mesmerized.

You cannot move. And put the hands back, drop down. (Tracey exhales deeply) Bend your knees, lift that back leg up. You're in that donkey kick here, donkey. Draw those abs in, reach out.

And again, draw in, and out. Use your abs to pull the carriage in, and then you elongate. Pull the carriage in with those abs. Pull out, that's it. Drawing in with those abs.

Lifting out, you got one more guys, you ready? Drawing in, lifting out. Now, donkey lifting up, lifting up. Good, feel those abs, feel the glutes. Four, three, two and one.

Hold it there. Externally rotate it. Grab it with the opposite hand, pull. Resist that hamstring, resist it. Now, look forwards.

Gorgeous, hold that stretch. See it's good to mix things up. That's why you always have to mix up your workouts, otherwise your body just gets used to it. Mixing it up, keeps your body fresh, keeps your mind alert. Keeps your body supple, sculpted, defined.

And basically it keeps you doing it even more (chuckles). And release, bring it down. Stretch it out, beautiful work guys. Roll all the way up. And let's take it forwards.

Rolling down through the spine. Rolling down. Slowly, rolling all the way up. Let's do one more time. So never be fooled by thinking a slow class is gonna be easy.

Don't ever be fooled. Slow, controlled movements is challenging. That's why your heart rate is up (chuckles). Awesome work you guys. I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did.

Great way to have strength, flexibility, and of course your heart rate is up too. You're moving, you're continuously moving from one move to the other. Awesome work guys, I hope you truly enjoyed that. Come back and workout with me again. It's a pleasure to work out with you here on Pilates Anytime.

Thank you.


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Ooooh just what I needed today! Lovely, luscious stretches.....but plenty of hard work too. Fabulous. Thanks was amazing to workout with you again 
Patida P
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Very good stretch indeed! Love it ❤️
Helen S
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That was a fantastic class thank you so much!!!  Love all the lengthening!
Alison H
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I am so glad I tried this class. I cannot wait to do it again.
Amy P
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Loved that class! Especially all the standing work- unique!
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my favorite in this program! loved it. thank you ☀️
Louise H
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Carla R
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Such a great class, thank you!!!
Michele M
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Great class!! Super fun and quite challenging too! Thank you Tracey!:) Always a pleasure!  
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Loved it!
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