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Invest in your Strength

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In the fourth class of Rediscovering Strength with Tash you'll see how a strong investment in Pilates will provide exponential benefits to your body. You'll begin with Pelvic Curls and lying Spine Twists to prep your movement, then move your focus down to your feet in Footwork. By the time you reach Long Stretch you'll affirm how focus and movement integrity at the beginning of your practice will pay off in the long term!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Hi, everyone. Welcome back to Pilates Anytime I'm Tash and I am excited to invest in you in this next hour of reformer Pilates. We are going to need the long box today, set up on your carriage. I have a pad with me, at the end of the session you might, you might not need it, but just in case you have a hard box, please have it handy with you. And I'm just gonna place mine on the floor.

So it's not in the way of the station for the duration of what we're going to do. So I'm going to stick my springs up, that will be ready for a warm up. So I'm gonna get you to bring your springs onto a light resistance, please, everyone. And then I'm gonna invite you to bring your pelvis onto your box, facing the back of your carriage. So the theme of the class is invest, I'm here to invest in you.

So set your expectations, raise the bar and let's move together. Reach forward, take your straps in your hands. I want you to thread your hands through your straps and reach forward onto the rope of your strap. I'm going to elongate my spine, engage the abdominals. We'll start with a beautiful lateral breath inhaling.

And then as you exhale, draw that pelvis posteriorly and just articulate your spine so that your body rolls back rolls back, rolls back, inhale pose, exhale to articulate your spine forward. Bring your shoulders over your hips and then extend and arrive in your upright posture. Again, exhale deep, deep, deep. We allow our deep inner abdominal muscles to work before the big guys kick in inhale, pose, exhale to roll forward, bring your shoulders stack them over the hips, but then allow the spine to work with your abdominals and your back. We're gonna do four more, exhale to roll.

Moving sequentially through that spine. Inhale, inhale, your eyes are looking forward. Exhale to roll your body forward and extend and lift, inhale, exhale, deep flection, moving and rolling. Allow your spine to move. Allow your spine to warmup, inhale, inhale and we exhale shoulders over hips and extend, inhale two more you guys.

Breathe out, use the brief. It is so freely available to us, let's use it. Exhale all the still air out of your body, inhale. And then we roll forward and we lift and feel the back as you extend your body up. Last one, exhale, deep flection.

We're gonna hold it down. Pressing the spine into the floor. Inhale pose, right leg lifts up exhale five times, inhale, lower down, breathe out. Let your breath initiate the movement to get those abdominals to work deeper, two more. And one more, exhale, Lets swap inhale, exhale, lift, you'll carry just staying still while you move the leg individually from the rest of the body, two more.

And the last one, hold the leg up for me, inhale. We're gonna do the leg changes as you exhale and exhale, pelvic lumbar stabilization. And I'm gonna roll my upper body a little bit further back just to get more deeper into the abdominals. Four more, exhale three, exhale two and one bring two legs up off the floor. Breathe in, exhale lift your chest, one vertebra up off the box.

Inhale, exhale, lift your chest. One vertebra, deepen the flection, deepen the flection. And then we articulate and roll up and control to put your feet down on your box, extend your back. Get a beautiful thoracic extension, inhale. Come back to neutral, exhale to roll back down.

Into the deep flection we carry on with abdominal warmups, lift your right leg, bent off the floor. Engage your abdominals deeper, bring your left leg off the floor. We breathing in, extend your right leg away. Exhale, exhale, and we change exhale and keep the chest up and draw those abdominals down. And I want to encourage you to let your breath take you deeper into those abdominals four more, exhale three, exhale two and one bring both knees inhale.

Make sure your pelvis is neutral. We exhale extend two legs away, two legs away inhale to beam and we go again exhale, reach and reach and inhale to beam. Exhale four to go and beam. Exhale three, no tension in your neck. It's pure abdominal work with pelvic lumbar stabilization.

One more, exhale, exhale and inhale. Bend, hold the chair, rotate your palms up to the ceiling. Give me a little bicycle exhale, inhale, extend and hold. Just a little bit deeper. Exhale, exhale and inhale extend.

Lets go for five exhale, keep your upper arm absolutely still as you move from the elbow four more and keep your wrists aligned everyone, exhale and inhale two to go and exhale, your shins are parallel to the floor and last one, exhale, exhale, extend, control and hold, inhale lets cool and we roll and we roll. And I'm super tempted to do a tease again, but I'm not going to cause we warming up, place your feet down onto your head raised. Sometimes the movement just encourages us to do a little bit more, but I have to be sensible. Come and step down, come and place your box down at the end of your reformer, please, everyone. So that it's out the way.

You can add your springs on for your foot work. So if you wanna go ahead and put three full springs on then go for it. But we're gonna do a full series of parallel heels chose. And then of course the single leg foot work. Bring yourself to the side of your carriage and come and lie on your back.

Lying supine. Your heels are parallel on your bam. You extend your arms down by your sides. You're gonna make sure your pelvis is neutral. Your abdominals are engaged.

Breathe in. Find those hip extensors, exhale, fully extend your knees inhale back. And exhale, reach away and inhale bend and three, pelvis is stable, exhale four, resists back, exhale five. We're gonna do eight of each. Exhale, two more full hip and knee extension please.

And one, hold it halfway and stay here. Keep that pelvis neutral. Tighten the muscles around your legs. Like you're having a little tantrum in this position and we pulse it up for eight. Exhale seven, four, three, two, and full extension, move back all the way in.

Place your toes on the bar, keep those ankles lifted as you extend your legs away and inhale, resists back, exhale, extend away. Draw the ribcage down and back. Exhale, exhale and inhale. And you wanna get that last five degrees of knee straight to get the muscle fibers to kick in over the knee. Three more and back and exhale two and back.

Last one, bend and hold it here. Keep your ankles stable. Can everyone activate those extensors your glutes and hamstrings. And we pulse up eight, exhale seven, resist your carriage, resist your spring. Five, four, three exhale two and one extend and come back into your small weak toes stay on the bar.

Exhale extender away, drew in and back. And exhale, get that last little bit of adductor, squeeze and back and exhale, draw, draw, and in, resist the carriage. We'd only hear the wheels of the carriage make a noise as you come back and three more and in, exhale to full extension and one, bend halfway hold, we exhale pulse. And the more you draw those hills together the more those adductors are gonna work and five, four, exhale three, two and full extension and come back all the way. Bring your heels wide onto your bar, inhale, exhale, press into the heels.

Now draw those adductors together together and come back and exhale draw the ribcage down, maintain your neutral spine. And we exhale, exhale, inhale back and breathe out. You've probably done this 1000 times in your lifetime. I want you to dig a little bit deeper. Don't get bored of the foot work.

It's so essential for us. And two more and one more, exhale, draw in, draw in, bend your knees half way, hold it there. Your legs are not floppy, they are active and we pulse up and up and exhale, exhale, four, three, two and full extension. And come back you guys. Last position toes wide on the bar, inhale.

Keep your ankles nice and stable and come back inhale and exhale. Can you lengthen your carriage more out of your hips and back, exhale, extend, extend and inhale and breathe out and back, four more. Exhale, reach out, inhale beam, exhale, draw those abductors together together and bend those inner thighs. Two more and one more bend and hold it. Heels are stable, thighs are stable.

We pulse up one, exhale two, three, pelvis is neutral, neutral, neutral, four, exhale three and two and one full hip extension and come back. Great work you guys bring your toes parallel on your bar. Ready for your curve rises, exhale stretch away. Inhale, lower your heels down. Exhale rise up.

Inhale lower, exhale rise. Breath equally through both feet for me, inhale, inhale, exhale and inhale, inhale rise and five more and up. And three full range of motion two and one hold it up. Bend your left knee, push your right heel under the bar. Activate both feet.

We go inhale, change, inhale and exhale and exhale and smooth risers. Exhale, exhale, inhale, inhale, exhale and exhale. Two more six. Pelvic stability, one more, exhale, exhale. Rise, bend your right knee.

Push your left heel under the bar. Take your right toes and give yourself a beautiful gentle stretch in that cough for a little bit deeper in your calf. Place the right bar of the foot down, rise up, push the right heel down, bring the left hand and hold it inhale and exhale. And one more inhale. And exhale place your toe down, rise up onto both feet, bend your knees and come back everyone.

Slide your legs over the bar. Lift your arms up to your ceiling. Breathe in and we're gonna do one roll up exhale, to roll bring your legs to the side. And I want you to change your spring for your single leg foot work. So you're gonna be on your medium resistance.

Lie yourself down again. Place your right heel on the bar. Bring your left leg up off the foot bar. We're going to exhale, fully extend the right knee and inhale beam. And again, exhale, extend and beam and resist that carriage back, it makes all the difference if you control your equipment born, I know you guys can, you totally equipped to do that two more and hold it here for me.

You're going to extend your left leg, dorsiflex your ankle. We're gonna move into leg circle, so take your leg across your body, adopt your leg, we inhale for a circle and we exhale and we inhale for a circle and we exhale and around and pelvis is stable, which means you'll carry just stable. One more sit, inhale and exhale, hold it here, hold it here, hold it here. Reach your carriage out of that right hip. Let's reverse it out to the side and up and then exhale.

You inhale for one circle and exhale. You inhale for one circle and exhale. Two more six, last one and hold it. While we here, transition to lower the left hill into the bar, anchor that leg and bend your right knee to bring the carriage home. Exhale, extended away, inhale to beam and exhale reach, inhale beam.

Shh, and back and exhale four more, full hip and knee extension. I wanna encourage you to pull up the knee and back, two more exhale and one more hold it, extend the right leg, dorseyflex your ankle. Is your pelvis still stable and level, take the leg across the body. We inhale and exhale, inhale for a circle and exhale. Inhale and exhale one more set, inhale and hold it here.

Let's reverse it out to the side and exhale and inhale and get the dynamic of the movement. Boom, two more, in and out, one more inhale and hold it. Bend your knee, place your right bar of your foot onto the bar. Brace up into your plantar flection, lift the left knee off the floor of the bar and come back and we exhale, extended and inhale beam and exhale reach, reach and beam, keep the tracking of that right leg. Absolutely, you need lateral and engaged two more and back and one more back change legs, exhale , brace the away, inhale back and we reach, reach and inhale back.

Shh, check in with your spine, check in with your pelvis. We almost done three more exhale and exhale two more. Keep those wheels still. And one more and back all the way. Great work you guys, lengthen your legs back up over your bar, let's transition into your sitting position lift your arms up, inhale, lift your head and chest.

And then we exhale to roll back up. You're gonna bring your legs to the side, we're gonna set up for abdominal work. I'm going to keep my spring resistance on light, so one full 100% resistance spring or one rate spring for most reformers. We're gonna take our hands into our straps and we're gonna move into our abdominal work. We're going to do an exercise called the coordination and it's exactly that.

First things first you wanna shovey your shoulders down away from your shoulder wrist. So you have great shoulder stability drawing down into your legs. Keep your carriage still underneath you, when you lift your right leg and your left thigh up off the bar, we inhale for your preparation. As you exhale, call your head and chest forward, reach your legs away. Your legs are going to open and close.

You're gonna bend your knees and inhale lower the body down. We're gonna do another two slow ones. Exhale extending to your hundreds. Abducting, abduptaral legs, draw your knees in and lower down lets do one slow one. Then we add the dynamic, exhale, reach away, open and close your legs.

Bend your knees, deepen the flection and lower down. So for those of you who can add the dynamic to the movement lift up, open close, bend deepen the flection and lower back. It's a long exhale as you left top bend and lower down five more. Inhale lower and four more making sure your abdominals are doing the work, not that neck. Your option is to keep the head down and keep moving your legs if you prefer to save your neck, well, you shouldn't prefer you should just do that.

Two more, pum pum in and down last one, exhale, lift, open, close beam, lift and lift and lift, and lower down. Keep the legs up, hold the position. Yeah, it's those in-between moments that it's gonna help us volt strength in the stabilizers. We move into your abdominal openings. I want you to think of snow angels.

We breathe in, we exhale, call the hidden chest up, rotate your legs and your palms into external position. We inhale, move your arms and legs out to the side. Exhale, draw the legs and the arms together. And we inhale, inhale, inhale, initiate the movement with your legs and your inner thighs. And we go for five.

Stretch your knees, and four more inhale, chest up and exhale together and inhale. If that neck is taking strain please be kind to your body and lower your head two more. Inhale and inhale and exhale reach and reach and reach one more and inhale and inhale and exhale, exhale, exhale, parallel legs pause and hold and lower down. Brilliant place your feet on the bar. You can keep your spring resistance for your hip work as you push away, place your right foot in your strap, hold it in the table top position, bring your left foot in your strap, in your tabletop position.

Today, we extend the legs. We externally rotate your legs and we're gonna move into your down circles and up circles inhale or your preparation. The pelvis is neutral. We exhale, press down, circle around together and we exhale and around and we lower and around seeing that we all a little bit more experienced in this space, you can move your circles to such a degree that you really get that ball and socket joint to move freely. Four more, but keeping the neutral pelvic lumbar stabilization is important, please.

Two more and around and up. And one more exhale around an uphold that yeah, we reverse. We inhale abduct, exhale circle and lift, inhale, exhale, exhale, and lift. And we open and reach and elongate your legs and left, four more nice and smooth. After this, we're gonna go into your frogs and your extended frog rivers.

And last one, finish yeah at the 60 degree angle, inhale to bend your knees for me, exhale, press your legs away, open your legs out to the side. Now keep the carriage, so as you use those adductors to bring your heels together, exhale, extend, and open out, and then draw the heels together, you should feel those adductors work. Extend and hold, keep your carriage still, three more. And roll together two more. Extended and hold then abduct and give me a slight pause then pull the heels last one, exhale, reach and extend and draw really for the reverse, we open inhale, use those adductors, exhale, lengthen your legs and draw them together.

Bend the knees inhale to open, exhale reach and lengthen and lengthen and give me a little bit more of adaptor and bend and we open inhale and we exhale, keep your pelvis nice and still, no movement in that pelvis, two more. And the last one extend, extend. Keep the carriage so and exhale, draw in, draw in and bend your knees, bring your thighs parallel to each other. Take your right foot out of the strap, place it on the bar, anchor yourself, bring your left foot out of the strap and bring your carriage all the way home. Place your straps down again.

And we're gonna move into this semicircle exercise, I'm sure you've done this before and you know to get into it is actually more complicated than the actual exercise itself. So I'm here to help you, I'm here to invest in you. We're gonna make this easy, you're gonna reach your legs over your foot bar Lift your legs hang over your foot bar. We're on the same spring, you're gonna reach your arms up and around over and find your shoulder wrists. Now in one swift movement you're going to extend your carriage away and slide it all the way back.

If you don't have sweaty shoulder blades that would have been much easier. You're gonna bring your feet now onto your foot bar, and you're gonna lift your pelvis up into your extension to start, hold the chair. Your arms are straight. Your glutes are active. Your heels are together, and the knees apart.

We're going to inhale extend the legs away. Exhale, articulate your spine, rolling down without moving your carriage, let your tale burn find your spring and inhale to come back. Exhale deep lumbar flection, really move and dig deep into that lumbar spine lift and hold. We extend extend extend not all the way you wanna feel your glutes, yeah, feel the glutes, feel the glutes and then exhale, exhale, exhale. Find your spring.

Donate those ribs, hyper extend and draw the heels in two more in this direction. Exhale deep flection as you articulate up, maximize the glute strength here, inhale to press and hold, exhale to roll and roll and roll coming back, one more. Exhale deep lumbar flection, curling, curling, curling, rolling, lifting, holding it here, inhale to extend and then exhale to cool and cool and cool. And come back. Lets reverse it.

Brace your thighs away pelvis' anteriorly, then we exhale articulate the spine up, up, up, up, inhale, move your carriage. Keep the carriage still and roll through each vertebra into that extension. I love this feeling in my body, it's my best ever. Extend the legs away. Moving with control and precision back up, back up and inhale one more.

Exhale to cool, articulate down. Keep those ribs down you guys, inhale extend and then exhale to roll up, roll up. Draw that carriage in all the way, stay here, don't turn your head. Reach for your frame with one hand. Reach for your frame with the other hand and give yourself a beautiful hip openness stretch here.

Breathing in and hold it, keeps thinking posterior tilt. Two more, one more exhale. Bring one hand back onto the shoulder raise, bring the other hand back onto the shoulder raise and again, just slide yourself in back onto your carriage. Well done, you did it. That's amazing, let's stay on this spring and we go into a stretch block.

Come and kneel on your carriage for me, everyone. Tuck your toes under. Bring your rifle of the foot onto your foot bar and extend and lift your chest up. Arriving with an upright posture. We're going to extend the left arm up towards the ceiling and hold this stretch here.

Inhale and exhale. One more, on your next exhale keep your hand firmly on your bar. Move into a hamstring stretch if this is too unstable, you're welcome to bring your hand back onto your foot bar. You always need to do what feels right for your body. Keep your body square, hold the stretch.

One more, come back into the hip stretch we're gonna hold the chair. You're gonna tilt your body over to your right side and you're gonna lift your chest up towards the left side, increasing the stretch over the hip and hold it and hold it and hold it. Bring the hand down this time. Go into your hamstring stretch, extend your back. Keep that right ankle in your plantar flection and encourage your spine to elongate even more inhale inhale, and exhale.

And one more come back, hold the stretch. Bring your right hand onto your right thigh. Rotate your body over to your right side and just enjoy a little release there and we come back. Great work, lets swap legs guys. Right foot back, left foot up.

Trust your body in the space with unstable extend your right arm up for me please, hold this stretch. Inhale and exhale. Keep your mind focused on your own body. One more, now extend out into your hamstring stretch. This is my problem side.

So my knee is gonna be a little bit bent, you can stretch your leg all the way, but I want those back straight and hold it and hold it and come back. Lift up, tilt your body to the left side, rotate your chest up towards the right side and keep thinking posterior tilting that pelvis. One more breath, and bring the hand down. Slide your leg away this time for your hamstring stretch. And we're gonna hold it for three breaths inhale and breathe out.

Extend that back, inhale and exhale. One more and bring your body back up. Rotate your chest. Left hand on the outside of the left thigh and keep lifting and lifting and lifting and come back all the way. Place both feet back onto your shoulder wrist.

We're going to do is stretch of the round back knee stretch. And then we're gonna come up into our long lever full-body integration. So sitting back one hand off the back of your heel, you're going to exhale, move your lumbar spine into flection, you guys. And we're going to inhale move back. Exhale, draw in.

Shh, remember the aim is upper body stability. Moving in that lumbar affliction four more and surrey, exhale two and one, hold it here. Bring your spine neutral. And for safety, come and stay down onto your floor, please. We're gonna go into your long straight from your up straight into your long straight and we're gonna add a single leg variation in.

So bring your hands onto your foot bar to secure your body. Step your feet up onto your carriage and then rise up and place your heels on top of your shoulder wrists. Now this is such a feel good movement move for all of us. I just always have to remember to stretch my knees a little bit more, so you know what your body needs to do, can you commit to that and applying it, we're gonna move into your long stretch. So drop the pelvis here.

Check that your body is in absolute great alignment. Hold it, you're going to keep your carriage still. You're gonna trust and commit to lifting the right foot up off the carriage. Hold it here. We're going to draw the carriage in, lift your right leg up behind you as you're up stretch again you're gonna slide your carriage away and you're gonna pull your right knee in towards your chest.

Hold it and hold it. Then press back into the up stretch. The leg rises up behind you. We move the right knee out towards the right elbow and we hold it and hold it and hold it. Move back into the up stretch, pull the carriage in and move your thigh this time towards the opposite shoulder.

Hold it and hold it. Abdominals are lifted. And we come back up into the app stretch and place the foot down. We're gonna repeat that whole series on the left side we inhale, plank it out, long stretcher, hover the left foot. I have a thing for a little sweet moment.

Then we come up into the up stretch, send the left leg away and draw the knee forward, hover, hold and press back up and lift and pull the knee to the outside hover and hold, hold hold and press up, carriage is in all the way in and move it across. Rotate, lower the pelvis and come back up into your up straight and place the foot down. All right, you guys, now that you know what's happening we're gonna repeat it one more time. We lower the pelvis hover and hold, lift the right leg. We exhale, pike up, we inhale, draw the knee in.

We exhale, lift the leg up. We take the knee to the right elbow and we lift the leg up, pull the carriage in, cross over to the le... Oh I said the wrong elbow and come up and left and hope and place your foot on the carriage. Back for the last side, lift your left foot. We pike up and draw the carriage in move the knee forward, hover and hold.

And we lift up and reach up, left knee to the left elbow, plank plank plank, proper plank and lift up one more and take it across and across and across and back up and lift and place your foot down. Great work. Step your feet forward and step yourself down. Excellent work you guys, great work. We're gonna go into arms meeting series.

I'm gonna adjust my spring to a slightly lighter than what I had to get through the full series. And then you're gonna come and bring yourself into your kneeling position facing the back of your carriage. Take your straps in your hands. Reach forward for your chest expansion. I want you to hold onto your ropes and you're not just gonna yank your body up, you're gonna breathe.

You gonna engage your abdominals and you're going to do a little ripple to lift up and the right. Inhale, exhale, press your arms out behind you and inhale arms forward. Your chin is parallel to the floor and your back is extended and forward. And again, exhale, exhale, inhale, and hold. Try not to swing on your spring, but rather resist, resist, resist, three more exhale, exhale, inhale.

And forward and what about drawing the adductor slightly towards each other? Just to get out of that lower back. Last one, press and hold, hold the chair. I want you to control the movement. Bend your hips, flex your chest forward.

We inhale bend your elbows, exhale, extend your arms away and inhale control. Little tricep extension, exhale, extend and inhale. No arch in the lower back. I'm actually talking to myself here because that's my little default. Two more and one brace and hold.

Do you feel your triceps? Do you feel your triceps pull up your elbows, are you sure? Come on, try a little bit harder. Then come up all the way. Great work, you guys.

Take your straps in one hand, spin yourself around to face the foot bar and then bring your hands back into your straps. Make sure they're not crossed over. Come and tuck your toes under. And again, stabilize as you bring your hands just to the front of your hips. We go into your ups circles, exhale here, circle the arms, open and lower.

And again, exhale to lift up, rotate in the shoulder, inhale and open and exhale raise the arms brace up, rotate and open and lower, two more. Rotate and open, last one, exhale, exhale, exhale, rotate and open we reverse. We exhale, lift and we inhale lower down. We exhale reach wide, reach wide, reach wide and lower back down and three exhale. Give me shoulder movements and down, two more, palms up to avoid the straps irritating the shoulders.

One more exhale and palms up, lowering down, move your arms over your head. Over the crown of the head. Avoid leaning forward. We extend exhale and we lower. And those elbows are out to this side.

No leaning forward and press up, press up, inhale to bend, three more. And bend, exhale two and beam and one and bend extend and lower down. Great work, you guys that got me shaking a little bit, come and step down for me. I want you to place your foot bar down, please. I'm gonna come back onto my one full spring for my glute work.

You're gonna come and stand on your stable wooden platform first and your feet are gonna be, your toes are gonna be in line with each other. Place your hands on your hips. I like to take my thumb onto that glute me to feel that it's working and then bend your knees and keep your body in an upright but leaning forward position. You're going to extend your leg away. Exhale, exhale and inhale, and press away.

So I know a lot of people often do this exercise and they don't really feel the activation of that glute mead. So I want you to really activate the muscle before you move your thigh. Okay, guys, four more, exhale three, exhale two. And you're gonna hold it out there, press and hold it. Fix your pelvis.

Pelvis is in a neutral position, your hindering from the hip hover and hold, draw up the glutes, draw up, draw up and hover. And we do five pulses out exhale four, if you don't feel this work, you need to dig deeper and sho and one and come back and lift up. Step down, walk around to the other side and we will repeat the exercise. Stand on the platform first, then place your feet, make sure the toes are in line. Bend your knees, keep the back up, lean a little bit forward.

Just for that glute to kick in. Now activate the muscle then slide the carriage away and beam, and exhale, exhale, inhale control, exhale extend full five degrees of the last knee straight is vital here. Two more exhale, keep this stability on the standing leg and one, hold it, hold it and hold it. Pelvis is great, pelvis is stable and we pose exhale one, exhale two and three. And five press and hold.

I'm shaking, and it's a good shake and come up and step down, back onto your floor, awesome work guys. So we are gonna do the 10 minutes stretch. Come and bring your foot bar back up onto your seating. I prefer to do the tenant's reach on a very light spring. So you're going to have to choose what works for your body.

Remember the stability is the key of the exercise and I know this is a scary position for most people. So if you haven't done this exercise before, please break it down for yourself. And only once you have the confidence get into it. Safety always wins. Press your palms down, press out of your shoulders you're going to drop your heels as you bring that pelvis up and keep your head down, brace into the shoulders out of the shoulders, we're going to lower the pelvis, move your carriage forward and then exhale, lift up hover and hold.

That was pretty awful. I'm gonna try again and we go lower and lower and exhale lift up, hover and hold, and press, press and lift. The goal is to keep the heels and they head down, down and lift up. Let's go for three more, exhale and exhale. And two, exhale and inhale, one more.

Up and hold, up and hold don't collapse, bend your knees, find your foot bar with your glutes and you can be very proud of yourself for owning that moment. Well done guys. Let's get going, we're gonna finish off with a beautiful back extension. You can bring your foot bar down and... Whoops! Bring your box onto your carriage.

So this is where you need your little pad to protect your hips. If you need it, I'm gonna stay on my light spring. I'm going to bring my body into a V frog position here. And then I'm gonna wage my pelvis into the edge of the box. From here, heels are together, knees are apart.

Toes are apart. We're going to stretch your arms down by your sides. Remember abdominals are always pulled up towards the spine. We're going to circle the arms, reach your legs and your arms out, on your inhale you're going to extend your body. Lift up, let your palms face out.

Then lower your body down and bring your body back. And we go again, reach your arms and your legs forward. Inhale into your extension, lifting and lifting and lifting, exhale down and come back and reach your arms and your legs away, long bodies, lift and reach and extend up. Feel your extensors lower down and come back. Let's go two more and reach and lift, up, up, up, and lower down and come back one more and reach and hold.

Work your extensus, lift and lift palms out and lower down and come back all the way. Great work you guys, bring yourself out of your box. Place your box down again at the age of your foot bar. And we're gonna finish off with a beautiful side lateral movement. We're going to sit in our mermaid position.

I'm still on the same spring. I'm gonna take the strap, the back strap, I'm gonna place my elbow in the strap. So I'll pick this exercise up from Grace, hurry, thank you, Grace. Hands behind your head, it is beautiful. We inhale and we exhale laterally flex to this side and we lift up and we continue the flection and we lift neutral and over exhale, exhale and lift up and over and lift your chin.

Be proud. You've achieved so much in this session. You can be very proud of yourself. Hold it here. Rotate your body down, swivel and circle and rotate to the other side and up, reverse, inhale, exhale, rotate.

We did this in outstanding session last week and two more, inhale, inhale, exhale down and right side and move freely through that spine one more, exhale down, right side, lift up and reach your arms because it feels good. Open your heart, open your hearts and come down. Other side you guys. Good jobs, swing those legs around. Place your strap in your elbow.

So listen to the cues because you can't see me but I'll definitely cue here. Hands behind your head, inhale. And we flakes over away from the strap and we lift up and we flex over towards the strap, inhale, neutral, exhale over, over and lift up and towards the strap, one more, inhale and over and lift up. We continue to rotate to the diagonal, move around and around and around and up. Flakes away from the strap.

Rotate towards your thigh, squipe and pivot around around and up, two more. Towards the strap, exhale them, move around and around and back. One more guys, inhale, rotate down, exhale around and around, finishing in your upright position reaching your arms up towards your ceiling. Lift your heart, extend your back and open a little bit wider. Open your heart a little bit wider.

And come down. Amazing, place your strap back down, come and stand up for me, everyone. I feel it's just fixed to finish off with three roll downs 'cause you've worked so hard. So come and stand on your floor. Stand up strong, stand up tall.

Keep your abdominals close to your spine. Keeping a moment of reflection of why you are here. Why did you sign up? I know we are here 'cause I have an opportunity to invest in you. And I know it can't stop here so I will invite you, I encourage you, I urge you to take whatever you feel you have learned in the session or even in your life and go and pay it forward to the people in your space.

So lets finish for three roll downs. Keep the body, mind and spirit nice and balanced. Take your inhale, exhale, lower your head as you roll yourself down, feel your body, cause stay connected with your body, inhale and then exhale to roll up, roll up. Roll up, roll up, lengthen up, stand tall. Stand proud, be intentional, two more inhale.

Don't just collapse you contract and you control your body parts. We control our bodies with our minds, hold inhale and exhale, moving and rolling, standing tall and be balanced and one more inhale and exhale, lower your chin. Keep your palms facing each other to avoid those shoulders rolling in, roll down and roll down and be grateful for what you are feeling in your body. Inhale and then exhale to roll up, roll up, lengthening up, standing tall. Keep your eye on the prize.

Keep your chin parallel to the floor. Keep your abdominals close to your back and keep your heart wide open. Well done you guys. Thank you for joining me.

High Intensity Workouts: Rediscovering Strength


Lisa F
2 people like this.
Love Tash Barnard's classes. Thank you for the new reformer workouts, Tash!
2 people like this.
Tash your cues really help me engage my muscles. Awesome to see reformer workouts. Thank you!
Sylvia M
3 people like this.
Even though it's a 60 minute class, it went by quick! I really enjoyed this workout and I'm looking forward to more videos by Tash! Thank you!!
3 people like this.
I really enjoyed your class.  A wonderful challenge and great cues.  I found myself activating  muscles much more.  Thank you!!! 
3 people like this.
What a great, great, great class!!! I feel wunderful! Mind and body! And again: great cueing! It makes it so easy to follow!
Thank you very much Tash Barnard!
2 people like this.
PS: I wonder, if you can see me as well as I can see you? The cues are made for me like I have a PT with you...!!!
3 people like this.
That was spectacular Tash. I enjoyed every minute. I will definitely be excited to come back to this class and check out more of your work!
3 people like this.
Just love Tash’s instruction . It helps me focus on the right areas. Fabulous!
Sarah Spurr
Tash, I love your live reformer classes! Thank you!
Nelly C
4 people like this.
You make us feel so conscious of our body and position, pretty hard to do! Well done! Amazing class :)
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