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Unraveling Tension

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Wind down on the Reformer in class six of Rediscovering Strength with Tash! You'll lower the spring tension to understand how to release your muscles during exercises like Footwork, Frog, and Leg Circles, then find your inner thighs and seat during Full Splits. Down Stretch, Long Stretch, and Balance Control Front will bring you back into full body integration, so that by the end you understand how building strength and restoration move hand in hand! Join Tash on your Reformer and let's move!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box

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Welcome back to Pilates Anytime. I'm so excited to theme this class of unraveling with you today. You're going to need your long box, and we're gonna start with a beautiful supine warmup on your Reformer carriage, and I would like you to put three heavy springs on your gear to secure your carriage. Right everyone, come and sit down. You're gonna lie supine, and remember, this is your time to receive the cues, and just to make sure that you are moving your body in a beautiful, safe space.

I'd like you to bring your heels up onto your foot bar. Check with your hands that you're lying in the center of your carriage, and then take a moment and just make sure that you're in your neutral pelvic placement, and in your neutral spinal placement. We're going to extend the arms down. You're gonna take a deep lateral inhale. And as you take that exhale, draw your pelvis into a posterior tilt.

Continue the movement as you keep that carriage still, and articulate your spine up towards your ceiling. All the way. Inhale, hold it here. Exhale, roll down. Let each vertebra individually articulate down into the carriage, connecting to your carriage through the lower back, and into your neutral placement.

Again, inhale. As you exhale, start the exhale, stabilize, then move the joints. Get the sequencing correct, in order for everything to move in the correct position. Inhale. Exhale to roll down.

Nice and slow, we're not rushing. We are moving intricately through each vertebra. Two more breaths here, inhale you guys. And we exhale, deep, deep, deep flexion. Allow your hamstrings, allow your glutes to lift your pelvis up and up and hold.

You should feel the work in those glutes, inhale. And then exhale to roll down. One vertebrae at a time, curling down, warming up your spine into your neutral. One more inhale. We exhale, deep flexion in that lumbar spine.

Rolling up, keeping your inner thighs running parallel to each other, lift and hold it here. Take a deep lateral inhale, and then exhale, roll down as your arms lift up. Reach your arms up, and then just extend your arms out and hold onto your pegs, ready for your spine twist. Lift your right thigh off the floor of the bar. Bring your left thigh off the bar, and draw your adductors together.

So your legs become one unit. Move your thighs over to your right side, inhale. And as you exhale, draw your legs back to your center. We inhale over to your left side, keep the right shoulder blade down, and exhale back towards your center. Inhale over, moving the spine from side to side.

Exhale back, and keep those knees nice and stacked on top of each other. And exhale back to the center. Two more, please. Inhale, moving over, moving over. Feel the obliques as you draw the legs back to the center, last one inhale over.

And over, and exhale back to your center. Keep your legs off the bar. Reach your arms back up to your ceiling. Make sure your shoulders are really stabilized here, even though there's no straps in your hands. We breathe in.

You're gonna exhale, draw your chin to your chest. Curl your head and chest forward. As you reach your arms in line with your hips, inhale pause. And then we exhale, lower your head and chest back down. Inhale.

Exhale, draw your head and chest up, and up, and up. Inhale, pause and hold. And we exhale, lower the and chest back down. Three more, inhale. We exhale all the stale air out of your body.

Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out. Your eyes look towards your mid thigh. Inhale, hold. And exhale to lower down, two to go. Inhale.

And breathe out. Squeeze the breath out. Little bit more, little bit more. Your pelvis is still neutral, inhale hold. And we exhale to lower back down.

Last one, inhale. We exhale, lift you hit and chest up. Keep the contraction in your abdominals. We're going to pause for the inhale. As you exhale, reach your legs and your arms away from the center of your body.

Inhale, come back, reaching the hands towards the hips. And we exhale, reach away. Pull down in the abdominals. Inhale to bend and hold. We're gonna do five more.

Exhale, exhale, exhale. Pelvic lumbar stabilization. Inhale, come back. Four more, exhale to reach. The eyes stay forward.

Inhale to bend. And three more, exhale and exhale. And inhale to bend, two more. And we breathe out. Get that last little bit of breath to work your core a little bit more.

Last one, exhale and exhale. And inhale to bend. From here, pause. Lower you head and chest back down, exhale. Take another beautiful deep lateral breath, inhale.

And then we exhale, come back into your chest, lift reaching your right leg out ahead of you. We're gonna change lifting the arms as the legs change. And exhale, inhale, and exhale, inhale and exhale. And four more. (exhales) Two more, keep the height of the chest.

Bend your knees, hold it here. Lift your chest a little bit higher. And then lower your head and chest down. Place your heels on the bar. Set yourself up for your footwork.

If you need to slide up into your shoulder rest, go ahead. Your feet will be one fist width apart. You're gonna keep that pelvis neutral, and you're going to initiate the movement from your hamstring. So we inhale here. On the exhale, extend your legs away, all the way into extension.

Then inhale, resist and draw the legs back. Exhale, extend away. And inhale, control the coming in. Exhale, extend. Inhale to bend.

(breathes) If you're really creating the resistance on the coming in, you should feel the legs working. And back, four more. And exhale, exhale. Inhale to bend. And three more, exhale.

Is that pelvis still neutral everyone? And exhale, two more. And bend. And one more, bend halfway, hold it here. Hold it here, hold it here.

Feel like your legs are having a tantrum. I want you to tighten your leg muscles, your quads, your adductors, your hip extensors. Then we pulse up one. Exhale, two. Nice and controlled.

And four. Bring great attention to your own movement. Five, four, exhale three, two, and full extension here, as you come back down. Now we're gonna do a series where we lessen the spring tension throughout each position. Extend your legs over your bar.

Lift your arms up, breathe in. Lift your head and chest up for me, and roll yourself up all the way. Release one spring of your gear. So I've got two heavy springs on my gear. Reach your legs out again, inhale.

And then we roll down with control, control, control. You should not have shifted, so you can fit back into your shoulder rests. And then we're gonna bring the toes onto the bar. Make sure your heels are lifted. We inhale, and the same intensity as what you had with your three full springs, extend the legs away, and then inhale, come back.

And we exhale, reach, reach, reach, and inhale. So see what we're doing. We're unraveling our spring. We're lessening our spring tension, but the intensity and the awareness stays the same throughout the session. Exhale, exhale.

Resist back, four more. Exhale to reach. Are you keeping your ankles stable? And three, exhale. And back.

Exhale, two more. Resist in. And one more, bend those knees halfway. Hold it here. Same principle, activate the muscles around your legs everyone.

Keep the pelvis neutral and we pulse up one. Exhale, two. Move through your hamstrings, exhale four. And five. (breathes) Seven and eight, nine, and full extension, full extension.

Resist your carriage as you come in all the way. We're gonna move your legs back over your foot bar. Extend your legs away. Lift your arms up, breathe in. Head and chest flexes forward.

Exhale to roll yourself up, up, up. Remove one more heavy spring, so you just have one spring on your gear. Breathe in. So because the carriage is lighter, of course we need to work deeper into our stabilizers. Roll back all the way.

Bring your feet into your small V. Hold it here. Inhale, prepare. Now be careful, don't just shoot out. Activate your leg muscles, then extend.

Your feet should not fall off the foot bar. Inhale, come back. And we exhale, draw those adductors together. Inhale, come back. And we exhale.

You almost need to work harder on the coming in motion, because your stabilizers have got to work hard. And pull back. And five, exhale, exhale. Draw in, in. And four, exhale.

And back. Exhale, three, draw in a little bit more. Can you press your heels into each other more? Two more, exhale, exhale. And inhale.

Exhale, one more. Bend your knees halfway back. Hold it here. If I was in your room, and I came to press your knees down, you would resist me in this position. Keep the pelvis neutral, press your heels deeper towards each other.

And we pulse up, exhale one. Exhale two, exhale three. Guys, use the body and mind connection, and press those heels into each other. And five. Exhale four, control the up and the down, three.

Exhale, two, and one. Full hip and knee extension. Then draw your carriage all the way back. Bring your feet parallel. Keep your right foot on the bar.

Extend your left leg up towards your ceiling. We're gonna do single leg calf rises. You exhale, press your right leg up. Single leg calf rises. Okay, let's go, lower the right heel down.

Exhale, rise up. Inhale, lower down. Exhale up. Your top leg that's reaching to the ceiling is strong and solid. Inhale, inhale, exhale, rise.

Inhale, dorsi flex, exhale, rise. Four more down. And lift. Three down, and up. Two lower.

And one, rise up, hold it there. Bend your knee. Lower the right heel. Bring the toes of the left foot under the bar, to give yourself a beautiful stretch over that calf muscle. Bend the left knee to intensify the stretch, inhale.

And exhale, where's your pelvis in the neutral position? Two more breaths. And one more. Rise up, bend the left leg up off the bar. Bend your knee and come back.

We swap sides. Left ball of the foot on the bar. Extend the right leg up and hold it. We inhale. Make sure your pelvis is not skew.

You exhale extend the leg. And we lower down. And we rise up. Inhale, lower, exhale, rise. Inhale, dorsi flex, exhale, rise.

And can you straighten your right leg a little bit more? We do four more and rise. Exhale, three and rise. Two more. And one, hold it, hold it.

Bend your knee. Lower the left heel under the bar, slide the right ball of the foot. Grab the bar with your toes, then bend the right knee for a deeper stretch. We inhale, and we exhale. So we're on the light spring, our stabilizers have to work harder.

Inhale, inhale, and exhale. One more breath. Rise up, lift your right thigh off the bar, and then bend your knee and come back all the way. Extend both legs over your foot bar again, as the arms reach to your ceiling. Take an inhale, lift your head and chest up off the carriage.

Then roll yourself up all the way. Bring your legs down, and we're gonna go into our abdominal series, on the short, on the long box. From here, place your box on top of your carriage. Makes sure it's in the center, and I think what I'm gonna do just for the sake of safety, I'm going to demonstrate one without the straps, and then we're all going to decide if you feel you're going to need your straps, or do it with your straps, I'm gonna leave that up to you. So I need you to place yourself very strategically with your scapulas towards the edge of your box.

We did this a few weeks ago. Hands behind the head. Get the alignment of your neck and your thoracic spine in an accurate position. Your neck is not hanging back. We're just gonna get the movement pattern of the head and the chest, as we inhale, prepare.

You start the exhale, bring your head to neutral, then you flex your head and chest forward. Your eyes are looking towards your mid thigh, and this is going to be the placement with the hands in the straps. All right, hold onto the back of your legs. Pull yourself up with control, then decide if you're going to use the straps, or do this without the straps in the next series. So I'm gonna take my straps in my hand.

I'm gonna come back into that position. My springs are very light, and I'm gonna bring my hands above my head, with my palms facing out. Very important that you maintain the flexion in your spine. We're going to extend the arms and legs up to the ceiling. Rotate your palms and your legs out to the side, as you abduct.

Now exhale, draw your legs and your arms together. Then bend your knees, bend your elbows, the chest stays up. We extend up, rotate, open out to the side. You exhale as you pull on that spring, and then you bend your knees and your arms back. Inhale to extend, rotate, and open.

Only now does the carriage move, move, move, move. And we bend in. Can we do three more guys? Inhale, it's abdominal work, so you should not feel the tension in your neck here at all. Two more to go.

Arms and legs reach to the ceiling. Palms rotate, legs rotate. You reach and you exhale, exhale, exhale. And then we bend in. Give me one more.

Extend up. Rotate, open, exhale, exhale, exhale. Bend your knees, lower down. And here we go into the teaser. Continue the extension of your spine.

Reach your arms back. I'm gonna keep our knees bent for now. We're going to circle the arms on the inhale. Continue the movement. As you roll yourself up, move and press forward into your straps and arrive.

We then exhale. You can keep your legs straight if you want. I'm just going to be mind for now. We're gonna do three more teasers on the long box. And we go.

Inhale arms into the T. Continue the movement through the chest, through the spine, and you want to arrive, and you want to lift your back a little bit more, and then we exhale. Roll back down, roll back down. Keep your legs straight if you can. I'll be very proud of you.

And we go for two more. Rolling up, lifting up. Brace into your straps. Lift and lift, and be a little bit taller. And then we exhale.

Roll down. This is your last one, make it your best one. And we go, T position, chest up. Roll up, lift up. Hold it here.

I want you to stay here for five counts. Come on guys, commit a little bit more. Lift your chest, engage your abdominals. Three, two, one. And we lower down.

Control, control, unravel, uncoil, and reach, and enjoy the stretch at the end. Well done you guys. You're gonna bring yourself up, place your straps back down on your loops, and we're going into our hip work. Excellent work you guys. Bring your box down, please.

I'm gonna place my box at the end of my foot bar, and I'm gonna stay on the same spring for our hip series. So very light, so that I can work on the stability of my pelvis. Bring yourself into your supine position. Place your feet on your bar. Take your straps in your hands everyone, and extend your legs away.

Place your right foot in your strap, hover and hold it here. Bring your left foot into your strap, hover and hold it here. Today we start with a circle, so reach your legs out and away. Bring your legs up to 90 degrees, keep the pelvis down. We exhale, press the feet down.

Circle the legs out and around, and together. Again, exhale to lower. Circle out, and around, and together, exhale. So because the spring is light, we can increase our range, but not compromise on the stability of our pelvis. Three more.

Exhale, and enjoy the movement guys. This is just your time to move your body in a beautiful, safe environment, one more. Exhale down and around, let's reverse it. We abduct. Exhale, reach together and lift.

And abduct, inhale. Exhale down. And lift, four more, and reach. Getting the mobility in those hips going. Two more, and lift.

And one more, and lift. From here everyone, lower the legs down. Flex your ankles, bend your knees for your extended frogs. We extend the legs away. We abduct the legs, and then keep your carriage still as you draw your heels together.

Again, exhale extend away. Reach wide. Yes, your core has got to work hard, because of the less springs on the gears. Exhale extend. Abduct your legs, and draw the heels together.

Together, two more, reaching. And open. And draw the heels together, one more, extend. And open. And draw the heels together, lets reverse it.

We extend out. Exhale reach, as you draw into those adductors. And bend your knees. And extend out to the side. Reaching the legs long, long, long.

And bend in, four more. Extend out. Exhale together. Use your adductors guys. Come on, pull deep into those adductors.

And extending. And reaching. And bending, last one. Extending, and reaching, reaching, reaching, and bending. And because you deserve it, you're going to abduct your legs and hold it here for a stretch.

Keep it here, make sure your pelvis is neutral, your back is safe, and you can just allow those adductors to stretch. We breathe in, and we breathe out, hold it there. Inhale and exhale. Enjoy your stretch guys, one more. (breathes) Bring your legs into a bent position.

Draw your legs together, well done, take your right foot out of your strap, place it on the bar. Place the straps down and take the left foot out of the strap, and place both straps down. You can push yourself off to the side of your carriage, into your seated position, and we're going into a stretch. We're gonna do the front splits. You're gonna come and stand on your carriage.

Make sure your hands are holding your foot bar. I'm not changing my spring because I'm trusting that my body will be safe with the very light spring in this exercise. You can place your right ball of your foot on your bar, and again I'm gonna remind you, if you feel this is unsafe for you, please be, you feel welcome to place your hands on the foot bar. I'm going to engage my back, as I lift my chest up, and straighten my front leg, as the carriage glides away. My arms are in a T position.

I'm going to inhale, glide the carriage back, as I lower the pelvis towards the spring, and on the exhale, pull the carriage in, both knees stay straight. Inhale, extend the legs away. My arms are out in a T. My right heel is in a stable plantar flexion position. Bring the carriage back in.

We're gonna do three more here. Inhale, inhale, lower the pelvis, lower the pelvis. Press this carriage away. Exhale, pull up. My hands move behind my head.

Two more. And inhale, inhale, inhale. And I exhale, pull up. Draw in towards the pelvic floor. And the last one you guys, extend the arms out, extend the legs out.

From here, lean your body forward, reaching for your foot bar with your hands, if you're not already there, and we hold the hamstring stretch. Breathe in. Can you extend your back and hold it straight? Two more breaths. (breathing) One more breath.

Bend your right knee. Come in towards your foot bar. And we change the legs around. Left foot up onto the bar. Find your focus.

Find your stability. And rise your chest up, as you straighten your front leg away. Find your inner stillness before you move. We inhale, move the carriage out, out, and out. Exhale, draw the carriage in, lift and hold.

And four more. Inhale, inhale, quiet movements, still movements, deep movements. Exhale, exhale, exhale, three more. Inhale reach. And extend.

And move your body into your good stable comfort zone. Exhale lift, lift, and lift, two more. And inhale, inhale, inhale. Exhale, pull up, adductors lift, lift, and lift. And one more, inhale, inhale, inhale.

Lengthen and reach forward. Oh, this is my problem child hamstring. I'm gonna just bend my knees a little bit, just so that I keep my back, my hamstring safe, and we hold it, inhale. And exhale, the struggle is real. Two more breaths, inhale.

I believe that you are working in your own body's full range and capacity. One more breath. Exhale, exhale. Draw your carriage in, hold it here. Press through your shoulders everyone, stabilize through your shoulders.

Slide your front leg out into your long stretch position. I know, this spring is light, but you've got stabilizers, so let's work them. We exhale, press out, press out, press out. And inhale, move all the way forward. And again, exhale, exhale, exhale.

And inhale forward all the way. Maintain the stability in that spine. And we do five more. Exhale, and inhale, and inhale. Four more, reach.

And reach, and forward. Can you go a little bit forward guys? Don't stay in your comfort zone Allow those shoulders to work. And forward, and forward. One more, exhale, exhale.

Come in by bending your knees for your knee stretch, knees off. We press out and in. Little dynamic movement. Exhale and good job. Four more.

Exhale, three. Abdominals are lifted. And two, and one. From here press up into your up stretch, three. We lower the pelvis.

You move the carriage forward to the stopper. Engage your abdominals, bring that pelvis forward, then extend back. And we lower, inhale. Travel forward. Lift out of your shoulders.

Come on, strengthen your upper body. Lift the abdominals. And press back, two more in this direction. And we go, lower. And forward.

Reach, reach, reach. And engage. And lift the pelvis, one more. And lower, can I see your position? Hold your position.

Are you proud of yourself? Thank you, move forward, move forward, move forward. And lift up. We reverse it. Now we move the shoulders over the bar, into your front support.

You exhale, travel out. Then engage your abdominals and pull that carriage in, in, in. And move forward, keep your carriage still. And travel back. And lift those abdominals, and come in.

Two more. Travel forward over your bar. Strike your pose, give me precision. Then slide out, exhale. And then pull in, and lift, and lift, one more.

And over. Hover and hold. And slide away, slide away, and engage your abdominals. Pull your carriage in. And well done.

Bring your feet down towards the carriage, and step down all the way. Well done everyone. Really good work. Awesome work. For arm work we're doing the rowing series.

You can lower your foot bar down, please. I'm gonna stay on my light springs, my very light springs. If you're not hot, there's something wrong. Please let me know, I can help you. We need to work harder.

Bringing the body and mind into this place. So bring, make sure you've got one hand behind you for space for that sacrum. You can either keep your legs together, or have one leg on top of the other, it's up to you. And then we reach forward, and we're gonna hold the straps in your hands. I have a feeling I'm gonna have to take one light spring off.

Let me see. On the inhale, bend your elbows. Place your hands on your sternum. Sit up tall, be proud. On the exhale you're going to tuck and roll that lower back, unraveling the spine, curling and curling, and curling, and curling.

On your inhale, extend your arms out with the carriage staying absolutely still. Now pull with your straps, reach and lengthen your head down, as you aim to touch the hands behind the body. Then circle the arms into a T. The palms face the floor. Continue the movement all the way, arms over your head.

And then roll up, stacking that spine up, up, up. Inhale to bend. How's your spring tension? Exhale to tuck and roll, and roll, and roll, pause. Extend the arms out into your T.

Pull with the arms, lean and reach forward. Reach your arms, extend back. Circle the arms out and around into your T, all the way over your head, and roll up, roll up, roll up. I'm going to take my one very light spring off. So I'm actually just on one very light spring, so that I can work on my range with stability.

Two more inhale, hands on this sternum. Deep lumbar flexion as you exhale. So here's where the drama comes in. I have to rely on my stabilizers in my abdominals, in my shoulders, to stretch the arms out. Now pull with the triceps, reach and lean up and over.

The hands aim to touch each other at the back. Then circle, get the palms to face down. Continue the circle, keep the head down, and roll up. One more inhale to bend. Exhale, deep lumbar flexion.

Enjoy the articulation in your spine. Inhale to extend. Pull with the arms, reach forward. Elongate, head down. And then we circle up and around, and remember this position when we do our back extension later on.

Rolling up. Ready for number two. We bicep curl here. You exhale, roll your spine down, down, down, down. Move your elbows towards your hips, pause.

Then extend, lifting that spine, lifting your back. Arrive in this position where you're presenting your palms up to the ceiling, and then lower back down. Inhale to bend, elbows are lifted. Exhale, deep flexion as we roll. Roll, roll, pause and hold.

Then curl, but lift the sternum, lift the sternum. Be proud and lower down. Two more, inhale, flex the elbows. Exhale to roll down. Curling and curling and curling, and strike the position.

Hold it, inhale. Then we lift up, extend. Feel your extensors, and last one, inhale to bend. And exhale to roll down, roll down, roll down. Elbows in, pause and hold.

And tuck the pelvis, lift the sternum. Hold it here. Let me see. I want to feel your backs. I wanna feel your backs, and then lower the arms back down.

Great work you guys. Place your straps down. Spin yourself around please. And we do the rowing front. The rowing back.

Bring your thumbs into your straps. (laughs) Bring your thumbs into your straps, in your little chicken wings. Try not to sit into your shoulder rest. Use your extensors, and we sit up tall. We're going to extend the arms away.

Keep your back straight. You're going to tap your fingers towards your carriage. Palms face out. Then lift your arms up, circle them around. Your palms faces your front, and bring the elbows back in.

Extend out, lower down, touch. Lift up and around, rotate the palms so those short straps don't irritate your shoulders. Two more, reach. And lower. And your abdominals are close to your spine.

And up, last one. And reach, and lower. And lift and extend, ready for number two. And we go flexion. Extension, work your back.

Lift the whole structure of your spine as you circle around. And exhale over. Inhale, extend your back, hold it there. Is that you're straightest back on the diagonal line? Then lift your spine up, circle around, and lift the elbows, two more.

Exhale over. Reach and extend. I want to feel that delicious extension in your spine. Then lift the whole structure up and around, and we will do one more. Exhale over.

Inhale, extend, extend. Hold it, hold it, hold it. Lift the whole body up. Feel the back, circle here, palms forward. And we finish.

Well done guys. Let's move into our leg block. We're going into the single leg skating, and a little surprise at the end. So I'm back on two very light springs on my carriage. So it is a 25% and a 50% spring tension.

I'm gonna stand on the platform first for safety, and then bring the other leg in line with the foot. Bend your knees, place your hands behind your back. We're gonna do this single leg. So you need to be able to bring the foot up and make sure that you are active in the correct places. And then we exhale, extend out, and inhale, bend.

Exhale extend, and inhale bend. (breathes) And exhale. This really gets my glutes. I often have clients say, "Mm, I don't feel this. "Where should I feel this?" And for me, this is such a tough exercise.

Four more. Exhale, three. Exhale, two. And one. Let's go from here.

Stand on the platform, tilt your upper body even more forward, and you're going to lift your leg that's on the carriage up, all the way off the floor. Reach the leg out behind you, behind you, and then bring the leg back to the side. So we do a little circle. Reach it back and back, and out to the side. I'm gonna bring my arms into a T position.

Reach out to the back, and reach out to the side, and reach out to the back, and reach out to the side. Can you do three more? And reach, keep the leg traveling on the same plane, and lift it, lift it. Two more, and back. And one more, reach, reach, reach.

And come back, back, hold it. Oh, let's do five pulses up, one. Exhale two, exhale three, four, and five. Lower the foot and come back up. Other side guys.

Gosh, I'm glad I've said only five. Okay, sorry for my back. Step onto your wooden platform first. Bring your leg up on the edge of your carriage. Align yourself, test yourself.

Can you lift that leg up off the carriage? Leaning forward, abdominals engaged. We breathe in, initiate the movement with that glute lead as you stretch and bend. And exhale and inhale. (breathes) Exhale and inhale.

And five, pull in. Exhale four. Exhale three, bend. Exhale two, keep the stability on the standing leg, one. And last one, and come in.

transfer the weight onto the supporting leg. Lift your leg up in line with your hip. Move your leg behind you, behind you, and back to the side. And move the leg behind you. And back to the side.

Bring the arms to the T. We do four more. And back to the side. Exhale three, keep the height of the leg please. And abdominals close to the spine, two more.

And back. And one more. And back, hold it here for your five pulses. We go up one. Exhale two, lean forward, three, and four, and five.

Find your carriage, and lift yourself back up. Step down, well done everyone. Great work. We're gonna rise the foot bar back up. You're gonna bring your carriage onto one heavy spring for me.

And we're gonna move into your full body integration. Your balance control front. Great stuff. Bringing your hands onto your shoulder rests. Standing on your carriage.

Press your one foot into your bar, slide the carriage forward. Hold it here. Plantar flex the foot that's on the bar, and then bring the second leg, and hold your position here. Breathe in. As you exhale, move the carriage forward.

Inhale back. And exhale, exhale, and inhale. (breathes) And exhale. Press your heels away from the foot bar. And four.

Exhale three. Exhale two. And one, from here, lift up into an up stretch. Lift, lift, lift. Then come back into your long stretch, and hold it here.

If you have the strength, hover your right foot off the foot bar. We do the leg pull front. Exhale lift, inhale down. Exhale lift, inhale down. (breathes) And four.

Exhale three, good work guys. And two. Exhale one. Find the bar, hold it. Point the left foot.

We go for seven. Exhale, push with the arms. And five. Exhale four, pelvis does not move, three. Exhale two, and one.

Place it down. Bring your right foot onto the carriage. Slide the carriage back, back, back. And you can step down. Great work you guys.

Are you still with me? Okay, from here we're gonna add all the springs on. We're gonna move into your side overs on the box. And we're gonna do the climb a tree in between. Bring your foot bar down again please everyone.

And then bring your box back onto your carriage. This time, we're gonna put the box down the short way, and I'm just gonna remind you, we are still on the theme of unraveling. So we're gonna move the spine in a lateral way, articulating it and unraveling it to the best of our possibilities. Ah, okay. Bring your body in your upright position.

Leg is on the box, foot is in the foot strap. Bring your hand onto the headrest. Find your obliques, and stabilize here. Bring your hand behind your head. Hold it.

Keep your spine still as you join the second arm behind the head. We're gonna inhale, lower, lower, lower. Exhale up and hold. And inhale, lower, lower, lower, and exhale up and hold. And three more, down, down, down, and exhale, hold, two more.

Inhale lengthen, and exhale contract. And last one. And hold it here. Rotate your body. Reach your arms up, and we pulse the arms back for five.

Exhale four. Exhale three, two, one. Hands behind the head. Rotate. Find your elbow or your hand all the way to your headrest, and enjoy the stretch here.

Stretch and hold, inhale. And exhale. And reach out. One more. Place your hand down.

Press yourself up all the way, and we come to the center. So spin the legs around, and we'll do the other side. Make sure your foot strap is nice and secure. Bring your hand onto your headrest. Find your stability.

Use those obliques. Hand behind the head, and join the second hand. We lower down, inhale, inhale. And we exhale up and hold. We lower down, lower down, and flex and lift.

Three more. Inhale, inhale, inhale. And exhale up and hold. Lift your eyeline guys. Two more down.

And lift and hold. And one more, lower, and lower. And lift, rotate. Extend the arms. We pulse back five.

Exhale four, three, two, and one. Hands behind your head. Bring the body neutral. Then come down all the way for your stretch. Reach the arm out, inhale.

And exhale. And breathe in. And out. And one more. Bring your hand down, press yourself up, all the way, all the way, all the way.

We're gonna step down. Move your box the long way for your climb a tree that we do on the long box to support our backs. Bring yourself down back onto your seated position. Hook your feet through your strap please guys. And bring your right thigh up into your chest.

Hold it here. Extend your back. Lift and hold it here. We're going to do three hip flexes, pulses into the chest. We go exhale, one, two, three.

Extend the leg away, inhale. From here, walk your hand down, two, three. Reach your arms back, extend your spine back. Circle your arms. Draw your chin to your chest.

Walk up one, two, three. Extend the back, and bend the knee. We go again. Exhale, one, two, three, and lift up. And hold.

Walk down, one, two, three. Lift the arms, keep the legs still. Circle back around into your T. Lift your head and chest. Walk up, walk up, walk up, and extend as you bend.

One more on this leg. Exhale, exhale, exhale. Inhale, straight back. Flex that lower back, one, two, three. And reach, and enjoy the stretch but keep your neck safe.

As you circle up, one, two, three. And bend. Ready for the other side. Great work you guys. Swapping legs, sitting up tall.

Arriving, arriving, arriving, and we pulse one, two, three. Inhale, extend. Walk the hands down, two, three. Keep the leg up, circle around and up. Walk one, two, three, and lift.

Let's go again. Exhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, reach. Walk down, one hand, two hands, three hands. Lifting up and around. Keep your neck alignment please, very important.

One, two, three, and bend, one more. Exhale, pump, two, three. Inhale reach. We walk down, two, abdominals are working hard here. Reach and extend, and enjoy the extension without the neck collapsing.

And you lift, lift, lift, and bend your knee. Well done guys. Let's step down. And take your springs off, and only keep your light spring on. We're gonna go into our back extension.

Finishing off with a beautiful back extension. I'm gonna keep my one light spring on, and we're gonna do the pulling straps, excuse me, and the pulling straps variation. So come and lie with your breastbone over your box. Exactly the opposite position that you were on before, to get the extension. Take your straps through your hands, and reach forward onto your ropes.

Right, from here, you're going to fold your body down, bring your arms next to the frame. You're going to pull on your straps, and you're going to extend your back up, up, up. Exhale to lower down. Again, we inhale, lifting and lifting and lifting, and we exhale down, and down, and down. Are your legs together?

Three more extend. Head in line with your spine. Use your ankles to squeeze your legs together, make it more meaningful, two more. And we pull. Abdominals lift, and lift, and lift.

And lower down, lower down, lower down. The last one with a variation comes in. We lift the back up, hold it here. We circle the arms into a T position. You continue moving your arms over your head.

Keep the extension, keep the extension, lift the arms. And then we lower the back down. Pull the arms through. Lifting the spine up. Circle your arms around into your T.

This is an important position for the shoulders. Continue the movement as your neck keeps the stability, as the arms reach overhead, overhead, overhead, and we do three more. Lower down, lifting up. Circle the arms, long arms, reach wide, reach wide. Continue the movement.

Back of the neck is long, and long lift your arms, lift your arms. And we do two more. And we go, inhale, inhale, inhale. Moving that spine in extension. So good for your posture.

So good for your upper body. Lift, lift, lift. Last one guys, make it your best one please. Unravel the spine, into extension. Give it the balance, give your body the balance that it deserves.

Reach over. We're gonna hold it here. Lift your arms for five, and four, and three, two, and one. Only now lower down. Bring your straps back, and push yourself up off your bar.

Great work you guys. Come and reach your hands onto the edge of your box. Step your feet away, extend your spine. Lengthen here, inhale. Lift your breastbone forward, look in between your hands, And then exhale to lower back down.

Let's do that again. Inhale, extend, and wrap your shoulders around your rib cage, and exhale. Lower down, two more. Inhale, and inhale, and inhale. And exhale, lower down, one more.

Inhale, inhale, and inhale. Exhale, lower down, lower down, and lift yourself up all the way. We're gonna finish with three roll downs. Come and stand next to your carriage please. Bring yourself into your body.

Feel how your body presents itself as you roll down, which is such a privilege, so inhale, lowering your chin. Move down as your spine is worked in its maximum range of flexion, extension, rotation. Inhale pause. Lift those abdominals. Rolling up, rolling up, lifting up.

Feel connected, feel proud, inhale again, and exhale, lower your chin. Rolling down. Feel the balance in your body. Acknowledge the changes that your body is giving you, inhale. And we roll up, exhale.

Lifting up, up, and up. Last one please, inhale. And exhale all the stale air out of your body. Rolling down, hanging down. Inhale here you guys, and exhale to roll up.

Lifting up all the way. Standing tall, standing proud. Be grateful for your healthy body, your healthy spine, and thank you so much for unraveling your body with me in this session.

High Intensity Workouts: Rediscovering Strength


2 people like this.
This is a gift🙏🙏🙏
2 people like this.
Very nice; full body workout, will go back and do this again.
2 people like this.
Love this class Tash, super pace definitely one to repeat again and again. Straight into favorites x
2 people like this.
Loved it!!
4 people like this.
Puhhhh what a class! Need to try again. Had to do some regressions. Especially the standing exercises on one foot and the standing splits I felt too scary to do. So I did the one leg ones on the floor and the splits with the foot on the frame instead on the footbar. But I keep trying! 
Tash Barnard
Z A 
Well done!!! For being so creative and mostly safe in your own practice ZA! 
I look forward to hearing how you build your courage and strength to trust your body into the splits!
Take your time and stay in touch!  x
Tash Barnard
Rebecca C 
Thank you for moving with me Rebecca!
See you back here soon!!  x 
Tash Barnard
Nicola F 
Oh YAY Nicola!
I'm pumped to hear your body enjoyed this session!
Now keep moving and let's be better together!  : ) 
Tash Barnard
Barbara L 
You're doing so so well Barbara!
Again, I love that you are placing value on safety and allowing your body to arrive and move in your own capacity!
WELL DONE!  I salute you!
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Thanks so much Tash, I've really enjoyed your series of workouts!
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