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Digging Deeper

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Find the root of your practice--and your body-- in the fifth class of Rediscovering Strength with Tash! You’ll use the Ball to fire up your inner thighs in the warm up, then use it to find the power in your seat during Footwork. Each movement will show you how to move from your abdominals and drive from your center. Learn how connecting into your pelvic muscles will power your workouts in this exciting class!
What You'll Need: Reformer w/Box, Overball

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Hi, everyone. Welcome back to Pilates Anytime. I'm Tash, and I'm excited to move with you on your reformer today. If you have a Franklin ball, or a Redondo ball, or a small ball, whatever you wanna call it, grab it now, and then we're gonna start sitting up for beautiful warmup on the reformer. Our theme for today is "Dig Deeper." And with that, I'd like you to keep the word "root" in mind.

We are going to root ourselves, root ourselves in our mind, body, and spirit, using our Pilates principles. And we're going to enjoy this session together. So today, we're gonna start on two heavy springs. The foot bar is gonna be up, and we're gonna make sure the headrest is down, and you can join me on your reformer. You're gonna bring your body in a supine position.

You're gonna place your balls strategically in between your knees, and you're gonna place your instep on your foot bar, everyone. We're going to make sure we're lying in the center of our carriage. And before we start our spinal articulation, we're going to just do two beautiful lateral breaths. Take a deep inhale through your nose, and as you exhale, just feel your spine aligning itself in that neutral position on your carriage. Let's do that again.

Inhale through your nose, expand the ribcage, and then exhale, breathe out through your mouth and engage your deep core stabilizers. Now, let's move the spine, inhale here. As you exhale, use your inner thighs, bring your pelvis into a posterior tilt. Continue the movement and roll your spine up off your carriage. Inhale, hold it here.

You're going to exhale, roll down. Keep the carriage still underneath you and enjoy that beautiful stretch over your lower back as you move into your neutral position. Inhale again. Exhale, deep abdominals, curling, curling, curling, moving and rolling up, lifting, and feel your glutes and your hamstrings, as well as your inner thighs, because you are using your inner thighs to squeeze the ball. Inhale. Exhale to roll down.

Rolling down, articulating your spine, enjoying what your body is giving you in this movement. Three more inhale. (inhales) And exhale. Get rid of all the stale air in your body as you use a complete breath to lift that pelvis roll it up, lift it up and hold it, inhale. And we exhale rolling down. You should feel the back of the legs are definitely talking to you in this movement.

Two more, inhale. And we exhale your inner thighs. The back of your legs, your glutes are working, lifting, and lifting, and holding it. Inhale, pause. And we exhale, roll down, articulate down.

Every time you dig a little bit deeper into those deep core muscles to stabilize your body. One more inhale. And we're going to exhale. Deep flexion rolling up, curling up, and we're gonna hold it here. I'm gonna get you guys to just pause in this position, your ultimate pelvic core position for 10 counts, squeeze and hold it.

Use your inner thighs to squeeze that ball. Use your glutes to bring that pelvis into a deeper posterior tilt. We do four counts, three, two, breathe in. And as you exhale, you're going to rise your arms up towards your ceiling, rotate your palms to face each other, and then extend your arms. Bend your elbows, hold onto your shoulder rests or your strap pegs as you lift your legs up off your foot bar.

Ready for some rotation, we inhale. Move your thighs to your right side and on the exhale, draw your legs back to the center. You inhale over to your left side. You're still very much aware of using those inner thighs to squeeze your ball. Exhale back. And we inhale over to your right side.

Inhale and exhale back. This is such a functional movement. Allow your spine to go there. Inhale, inhale, inhale, and obelisks fire. Exhale back. Two more.

Inhale over to your right side. Keep your elbows wide, exhale back. One more. Inhale over and lift the right hip and exhale back to your center. Place your feet on your bar, lift your chest, and reach your ball in between your ankles as you lift your feet up, and place your hands on your knees as you lower your head down.

We're gonna breathe in. Lift your head and chest. Use the resistance of your arms to deepen the flexion in your spine. Hold it for the inhale. And then we exhale.

Lower your head all the way back down. Inhale again. So as much as what your abdominals are lifting you up, your inner thighs are squeezing the ball, and your arms are nice and active assisting the abdominals in this position. Pause for your inbreath, and then we exhale to lower down, Three more before we crank it up. Exhale, lift up, lift up, lift up.

Your pelvis is neutral. Tailbone is down. Inhale, hold. And exhale to lower back. Two more inhale, and we exhale. Lift your head and chest.

Keep the pelvis neutral, pull on the thighs, but not thighs to the chest. So we're not pulling the thighs into the chest, we're pulling the chest towards the thighs. Inhale, hold. And exhale, lower back down. Last one, inhale.

And we exhale. Lift your head and chest. This time, you are going to stay up. Inhale here. On your exhale, extend your legs away, reach your arms down by your sides.

Inhale, bend your knees with resistance. We repeat that. Exhale, extend, and reach away. Inhale to bend and hold. Four more, exhale. Breathe out that last little bit of stale air out of the body.

Inhale to bend, and exhale three. (exhales) Shhh. Inhale to bend, two more. If your neck is not happy in this position, please go ahead and assist yourself with one hand behind your head. And we go for two more.

Exhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, bend. One more. Exhale, digging a little bit deeper, we're gonna hold the position here. You're gonna squeeze your abductors. Squeeze that ball for six counts.

Exhale, five, four, three, two, one. Lift higher, bend your knees. Hold it here. Those who need a little release in the neck, lower your head down. Then exhale, lift your head and chest back up. As you extend your legs, bring your hands behind your head, we rotate.

Inhale. Exhale to your right side. Keep the hips and knees still. Inhale, center. Exhale over to your left side. Inhale, center.

And exhale, rotate. And inhale. Lifting and rotating around the center of your body. Four more exhales. Can you keep your elbows wide?

And three, exhale two. Squeeze those inner thighs and ankles. And one, inhale to your center. Bend your knees. Hold onto your knees. Give yourself a little lift as you reach for your ball.

Place your feet down and lower your head down. Great work, you guys. We're gonna go into the single leg stretches. This might feel a little bit awkward, but just bear with me. Lift your knees up off your bar.

Place your ball to the front of your thighs. You're going to exhale. Flex your head forward and chest forward towards the ball. Now, place your elbows into the ball, hands behind your head. We're gonna extend the right leg away.

Exhale. Bend the knee, find the ball, change legs. Inhale and exhale, reach away. Inhale and exhale, reach away. Your aim is to push your elbows forward into your ball. Four more.

(exhales) Shhh. And exhale three. Is that pelvis neutral? Exhale two. And one, hold it here. Your one elbow will stay on the ball.

Rotate in the opposite direction. Then bend the elbow in the center. Exhale. Rotate to the other side. Inhale, bend, exhale, rotate. Chest lift with rotation and single leg stretch.

Inhale and exhale. Don't lose your ball. (chuckles) Inhale and exhale. Two more. (exhales) Shhh.. And one more. Rotate, come to your center, find your ball, lower your chest, lower your feet onto your bar.

You're going to keep your heels on the bar. Well done. Those abdominal should definitely feel alive. Do one pelvic hold and come and place your ball underneath your pelvis, everyone. If you don't have a ball, you just keep your pelvis or your spine in that neutral position on your carriage.

We're gonna do foot work. You're still on your two heavy springs. This time the pelvis is going to rest on the ball, so you have an unstable surface, and you're gonna find your stability within the movement. Inhale for me here. Exhale, extend your legs away.

Make sure you're not in an anterior tilt. You are still controlling your pelvic lumbar placement and stability. Exhale, press away. Reach out of your thighs. Inhale to bend and exhale, reach, reach, inhale, bend.

(exhales) Shhh. Allowing the hip extension to happen from the hamstrings. And back. And four more, reach, full extension. Exhale three and bend. (exhales) Shhh.

And one, hold it here. You're going to bend your knees halfway. Keep it here. Lift the right thigh off the bar. Lift the right foot off the ball.

Pulse your left leg out for 10. Exhale nine. (exhales) Shhh. Seven. Nice and stable. Pelvis is now resting on the ball with stability.

Three, two, and one. Pause and hold. Place your right heel on your bar. Don't let the carriage move. Don't your pelvis move.

Lift the left thigh and pause. We exhale, pulse, and pulse. Moving through your hamstrings. (exhales) Shhh, shhh. Four, three, two, and one.

Place your heel down, fully extend your knees away. No arching in that lower back. And then bend your knees, come back all the way. Bring the balls of the feet on the bar. Reach your arms up to your ceiling.

Take your hands out of the equation to stabilize you. We breathe in. Exhale. Press your legs out, out, out, inhale back and bend. Exhale to reach out, reach out, reach out, inhale to bend. And exhale, firing all the muscles around your thighs, guys.

And four and bend. Exhale. (exhales) Shhh. Full extension and bend. Exhale, two more. And one more.

Bend halfway, hold it here. Lift your right leg, bent off the bar. Extend your right leg up to the ceiling. We're going to exhale, lower the leg. Inhale, pick it up.

Exhale, lower it, inhale. (exhales) Shhh. Push through the leg that's anchoring into the bar to keep your carriage stopped. Three more. Exhale two, and one, hold it.

Bend your knee. Place the right foot into the bar, stabilize, and extend the left leg up. We exhale, lower it, inhale, lift. Exhale, inhale. Reaching and lifting. And reaching, keep the stability.

Three more. Exhale two, exhale one. Lift and hold. Bend your knee, place your foot down, and extend your legs all the way. Bend your knees, come back into your small V, breathe in.

Exhale full hip extension, inhale to bend, and exhale. So here my anterior tilt just wants to totally release my pelvic lumbar stability. So I've got to be very aware of how I position myself in this position. Exhale three more and bend. Exhale two more and bend.

Exhale one more. Bend and hold it here. Activate your legs by using your heels to press your legs together and we pulse out. Exhale one, two. Come on, guys, use your leg muscles. Four, exhale five, and six, seven, eight, nine. And full extension, and come back all the way.

Bring your feet parallel. Lift your pelvis up for me. Take your ball away. Articulate your spine down, everyone. Keep your right ball of the foot on the bar, and come and place your ball underneath your knee joint.

We're gonna do calf rises. Your calf rises. Exhale, extend your right leg out. Hold it here. Inhale, lower the right heel under the bar.

Exhale, rise up, and hold. And again, inhale, lower. Exhale, rise. Inhale, lower. Exhale. Keeping your shin at 90 degrees and rise up. Four more. Lower and rise up.

Inhale three and rise. Don't rush the work. Come on, work full range of motions. Two more. And one, rise and hold it.

Lower your heel under the bar. Pull your left knee into your chest. Get a little hip flexor release and a stretch through that right calf muscle. Holding it and holding it. And holding it, rising up, bend your knee, come back, take the ball away as you swap your legs around.

Holding it here, breathing in. Exhale, extend that left knee out. Inhale, lower. Exhale, rise. Make sure your pelvis is stable and neutral. Inhale, inhale, and exhale.

And inhale, inhale, and rise, rise. Five more. And lift. And four more. Lift. Inhale and exhale. Two more.

And one more, rise and rise. Then lower the heel, draw the knee in with your hands, and enjoy your stretch. Breathing in, and hold it, exhale. And inhale and exhale. Pelvis neutral. One more.

Rise up. Take your ball in your hand. Place both toes on the bar, and then bend your knees and come back all the way. Please extend your legs over your foot bar. Reach your arms up. Squeeze your ball in your hands.

Remember your ball's not here to be an accessory. It's here to create resistance in your work or instability. Inhale. Lift your head and chest. Reach your ball towards your thighs. Exhale to roll yourself up.

Swing your legs off to the one side, you guys. And then take your one spring off as we move into your abdominal work. So from here, I've got one heavy spring on. We're gonna come back into the supine position, and this time, we're gonna place the ball in between your ankles. Make sure you've got a little space for your shoulders in between your shoulder rest and your shoulder.

Ball is in between the ankles. And now we reach for your straps in your hands. Extend your arms up. Find your good shoulder stability, please. Inhale. We exhale.

Lift up into your chest. Lift, lift, lift. Inhale, lower back down, again. Exhale to lift up, reach, and reach, and reach. And then inhale to lower down. Two more. Then we're going to extend the legs.

And lower back down. And today is a good day to do the hundred, so this is your last three. And lower down. Ready? Inhale. Exhale, extend your legs away as you lift your chest up. Pause for your inhale.

And we squeeze the ball and pump the arms at the same time. Exhale. Inhale two, three, four, five, and exhale. Keep using those abductors to squeeze your ball, please. Adding an extra dimension to the exercise the hundred, that we all love so much. And four more. Two, three, four, five.

Can you lift your chest higher? And three more. Two, three, four, five. And two more. Ough, and one more. Pause and hold. Listen carefully.

Lift your legs to 90 as you lower your head down, we go into a roll over. You exhale, roll your pelvis up and over your head. Dorsiflex your ankles here. Keep the arms down as you exhale. Articulate your spine down, and down, and down.

As your sacrum touches the carriage, lift your legs... your arms, I'm sorry, and lower your legs. Let's repeat that roll over. Inhale. Lift the legs, lower the arms to the carriage. Exhale, do pelvic hold up and over.

Inhale, flex your ankles. Exhale, roll down, and down, and down, and control as you lower the legs and lift the arms. Three more. Inhale to lift the thighs. Arms lower down. Keep your head in the center.

Exhale to roll over. You're legs are parallel to the floor. Inhale, flex. Exhale to roll down, roll down. Control. You are in control of your equipment and your body.

Two more. Inhale to 90 with the thighs. Exhale. Deep flexion as you roll up and over. Reach over, flex those ankles. Don't lose your ball. (chuckles) Exhale to roll down. And down, and down. And lift the arms, lower the legs.

One more. Inhale to lift the thighs. Exhale, deep flexion, deep flexion, deep flexion. Dorsiflex your ankles here. Lengthen your arms away and roll down, roll down. Lift your arms and lower your legs back down.

For those who are keen, let's go into the Jack Knife. Inhale to lift. Exhale, roll over. Otherwise, keep playing with a roll over. Reach the feet down, extend the legs up, up, up, and hold. And roll down.

Exhale, exhale, exhale, and lift the arms, lower the legs. Two more. Inhale to lift. Come on guys, you can do this! Exhale to roll over. Keep the head in the center. Lower the feet. Extend the hips up, up, and up. Use your ball.

And roll down, exhale, and exhale, and exhale. One more. (Chuckles) One more. Inhale to lift. Exhale, roll over. Enjoy the movement. Enjoy the freedom in your spine. Inhale, lower. And extend, reach, reach, and reach.

And exhale, roll down, roll down, roll down, and finish strong. Bend your knees. Take your ball the way, place your feet down on your bar and then bring your straps back onto the pegs. Great work, you guys! Hope you're all fine. (chuckles) Let's do a pelvic hold. Come and place the ball underneath your pelvis, and we're gonna put your feet in the straps on the light spring.

Make sure your ball's in the center, and your body's in a safe position. Take hold of your straps again, and fully extend your legs away. Bring your right foot into your strap. Then engage that leg, so you've got stability, and you bring your left leg up. No wobbling around. You are rooting yourself on your ball.

Come into your small V position, ready for your Frogs. We exhale. Extend those legs away. Inhale to bend. And exhale, extend your legs away. And those who feel that they need a deeper challenge, you can extend your arms up to your ceiling, so your arms are not stabilizing your torso.

And exhale, exhale, and inhale, bend. Four more. Reach out, reach out, inhale, bend. And exhale three. Extend that hold. Inhale it in. Two more.

Reach, reach, and bend. One more. Exhale, exhale, hold it here. Plane to flex your feet. Lower your hands. Lift your legs up to 90 degrees on that inhale.

Then exhale, move down, out, open, and around. And again, exhale, around, and up. The aim is to keep your pelvis as still as possible on your ball. Please, guys, don't make that lower back arch, or don't lose your pelvic lumbar stability. Three more.

(exhales) Shhh. And two, exhale and around. And one more, exhale and around. And we reverse it. We open or abduct. Exhale, circle and lift.

Inhale, exhale. Enjoy the rotation in your hips, please. (exhales) Shhh. Three more. Exhale together. Two more. Up and around. Oh, my pelvis needs to be a little bit more stable.

And around. One more. Inhale and exhale. Keep your legs on this level, on this plane, we're going to inhale, abducted your legs. Let's have a dorsiflexion here. Then exhale, draw those inner thighs together.

Point your toes, inhale open, open, and open. Exhale, flex, then draw the legs together. Four more. Inhale wide, and wide, and wide. Flex the feet, and exhale, draw together. Let's go three more. Inhale.

You're surely aware that your two legs are working equally the same way. And two more. And exhale. Exhale. Last one, inhale. Inhale. Last one, your best one.

Exhale, draw together, draw together. Plane to flex your feet, bend your knees back to 90 degrees. You're going to take your right foot out of the strap. Find your foot bar. Push into your foot bar.

Bring the left leg out, and then place your straps back where they belong. Lift your pelvis, articulate your spine, and roll your pelvis back down. Slide your legs back over your bar. One roll up to bring your body off your carriage into your seated position. We lift your head and chest, inhale.

Then roll yourself up, exhale, and come into your kneeling position. Great job, guys! I hope you are nice and warm. You're gonna place your ball on your carriage. We're gonna go into a stretch. We're going to place the ball underneath the right knee.

If this is too tricky or complicated, or it takes away the good focus of your work, please feel free to put the ball down, okay? I do not want the ball to be a distraction to your good technique. So from here, you're gonna stabilize with your shoulders, with your arms. Elevate your pelvis, and then bring that left foot up onto the foot bar into your hip flexor stretch. We're still on the same spring.

We hold it, inhale, and we breathe out, exhale. And my legs are shaking. Inhale. I'm not gonna lie or pretend. One more. On your next exhale, press into your foot bar and extend that front leg.

But I want a straight back, so this is my dodgy hamstring. I'm gonna keep my knee bent here, and I wanna encourage you to go into your own full range, please. One more breath, but with your straight back. Come back, and we repeat this stretch. We inhale and we exhale.

Give me posture, always posture. Whenever in doubt, just lift your chest, and open your heart a little bit wider. One more breath and exhale. Reach out, extend, and reach, and hold. This is a hamstring stretch.

Breath in and breathe out. And inhale, exhale. One more. And bring yourself back in all the way, let your carriage come home. Take your foot bar off the carriage, and we're gonna swap the ball over to the other side.

Place the ball down. Make sure your foot is against your headrest, your shoulder rest. Anchor the knee and swing the right foot up onto the foot bar. Slide the carriage away. Lift your chest, be proud.

Inhale and exhale and breathe in and exhale. One more breath. Then move into your hamstring stretch. This side is better for me. Breathing in.

Keep that back straight. Keep your back active. And one more. And we move back and lift, and lift, and lift. Pull forward. One more breath. One more sequence. Exhale, breath in, and exhale.

And one more. And then extend that leg away, always making sure your hands are nice and safe on your foot bar. Breathe in and we hold it. Is your back active? Yes. One more breath and come back all the way.

Lift, and, lift, and lift, so the carriage comes to your stopper. Beautiful, guys. We're gonna stay on our knees. You're gonna bring your ball in between your knees for a little abduction reference. And we're gonna go into your Knee Stretch Flat Back followed by the Knee Stretch Knees Off. I'm gonna stay on the same spring resistance, so I still have my one heavy spring on.

Hands are in line with the shoulders. Pelvis is lifted off the heels. And from here we move from the hips. Inhale, exhale, And I want you too to get the dynamic of the movement. (exhales) Shhh.

Out, and exhale, and inhale, exhale. (exhales) Shhh. Four more. (exhales) Shhh. Two, one, hold it here. Stabilize through your shoulders.

Breathe in. Lift your knees up off your carriage. Same exercise. Inhale. (exhales) Shhh, shhh. Keep your head in line with your spine.

(exhales) Shhh. Four more. Exhale. Use your abs. And two, and one, hold and hold, hold it. Lift your abdominals.

Give me shoulder stability, and then lower your knees back down with control. Amazing, you guys! So I want you to please just watch how you're gonna get into this next movement. And again, if it feels too complicated, if it feels messy, please leave the ball and do the exercise without the ball. So we're gonna go into a single leg up stretch variation. I'm gonna place my left foot into the shoulder rest.

My ball is in my right hand. I'm pushing my chest down towards my thigh. So my shoulders and upper body is stabilizing me. And then I'm gonna trust my own body as I transfer the weight onto that left leg, and I bring the ball into my right knee and place my hand on the ball, okay? So now that you've seen that, I'm gonna do it with you.

So make a good choice if you need the ball, or if you don't need the ball. I don't want you to fall off your carriage, okay? (chuckles) So lift your pelvis up. Press down with your shoulders and anchor your shoulder and hand into your foot bar. I transfer the weight onto my left foot. I place the ball in between my knee joint of the right side.

And then I lift my foot up, and my hand goes onto the ball. Go into your left knee extension. Lift your right side up behind you. We first do four stretches. Inhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, inhale.

(exhales) Shhh. Two more. (exhales) Shhh. One more. Great work, you guys! From here, we're going to move the carriage and come into your front support position. Hold it for five. Four, pull the knee in three.

Two, and lift up. Pull the carriage in. We take the knee out to the right elbow, and we hold it for five. Four, three, lift your knee, two, one. Come back into the up stretch.

The knee comes across to the left elbow, and we're gonna hold it here for five. Great work. Find your line. Three, two, one, and we repeat that sequence, you guys. And we come forward, hold it for five. Abdominals, left shoulder stability, head in line with your spine.

And lift up, up, hip abduction, and out to the side. Hold for five. Pull that knee in a little bit more. Two, one, and lift, last one. And across and lift out of your shoulders.

Navel to spine, three, two, one. Come back up the way we started. Bend the left knee, find your carriage with your right foot, and you are safe to repeat the exercise. Thank goodness, on the only other side. Okay, transfer your weight onto your right foot.

Find your stability. Anchor your shoulder. Bring your ball in between your knee and your calf, and then lift that foot up. Find your position of your hands on your foot bar. Lift your thigh up behind you.

Straighten your right knee. Four up stretch. One, inhale, exhale, inhale. Now that you know the movement, enjoy moving in this range. Two more. And one, (exhales) shh, inhale. Pull your knee forward, hover and hold for five.

Four, three, two, and lift. Pull the carriage in, and we move the knee to the left elbow. Hold it for five. Four, three, two, and lift back up. We go across, and we go across, and we hold for five.

Four, three, two, and one. Lift up. Here we go for round two. And all I'm asking is that you do your best. Do your best for yourself. Four, three, two, and lift up, lift up, lift up, and abduct.

And we go, four, five, navel to spine. Four, three, two, last one. And upper body strength is required. Last one, hold for five. Four, three, two, and finish all the way up, all the way up.

Then bend your knees as you find your carriage, nice and safe and lower the knees down. Amazing, you guys! Well done! We come and step down from it. We're gonna move into our arms series. I am actually going to stay on the one heavy spring, but if you feel you want to go lighter, of course, your stability is going to be challenged, but I'm gonna leave that up to you. Okay, you guys, we are gonna stand on the carriage.

If that is too fearful for you to be in an upright standing position on your carriage, feel free to go onto your knees. Okay, guys? So we're going to come back up. I'm gonna place my ball in between my knees, and I am going to reach forward and control as I extend my knees and reach to hold the straps for some chest expansion. We're gonna breathe in. Well done, guys. Exhale, bend your knees as you glide your arms back, back, back.

And inhale forward and hold. And exhale, exhale, exhale, and inhale, forward, and hold. And we bend, keeping the torso straight, no leaning forward, no leaning back. Four more. (exhales) Shhh, and inhale. And three more, exhale.

Keep your wrist straight, straight, straight. Inhale, lift. Two more. (exhales) Shh, and lift. Your next one, bend and pull. Hold it here.

Hinge in your hips, lean forward. Turn your palms to face each other, and we're going to exhale, tricep extend, ooh, and inhale, bend. That was a bit adventurous. Exhale. We're now gonna row. Push back, push back, inhale, bend, and hold.

And exhale. I always have to remind myself to not overextend my lower back in this position. Three more. (exhales) Shhh. Inhale, bend. Keep the knees bend. And two more, guys. Exhale, exhale, and inhale, bend.

And one more. Give me shoulder stability. Reach and hold, hold, hold, and inhale, inhale. And raise yourself up all the way. Ready for some biceps, so work the flexion in the hips and the knees. We exhale, bend, bend, bend.

Inhale, lift up, and stretch. Are you good? Let's go again. Exhale, exhale, exhale, inhale, stretch, and out. And exhale.

The lighter spring probably would have been a little bit better for me. And extend out and up, but I'm gonna keep going. I'm gonna keep the quality of my work. Three more. You do the same. And lift and hold.

And two more, exhale. I would've just been able to bring that humerus up a little bit more, which would be technically correct. Two more, and out. And one more guys, exhale, hold it. Hold it for five.

Four, three, two, and control, control, come out of it. Great. Place your straps back down, all the way down. I want you to come and stand on your floor please, everyone. We're gonna do a beautiful lateral flexion exercise with a little bit of stability and glutes at the same time. Let's have you point your right leg out to the right side.

Squeeze your ball. Reach your arms up towards your ceiling, Organize your pelvis, lift up, and hover your foot up off the floor. Breathe in, exhale, reach your leg up and over as your body flexes to the side. Inhale, lift, and hold. And again, exhale, exhale, inhale, lift and hold.

And exhale over. And inhale, lift, and hold. And four more, exhale, and inhale, lift. And exhale, three, and up. Exhale two and lift.

One more. Exhale, hold it here. Take your thigh behind you. Stay here. Pulse the leg up and the torso over for eight. And seven, (exhales) shhh, six, five, four, three, two, and one. Other side. Well done, guys! Inhale, exhale up and over, and hover and hold.

And exhale up and over. The aim is to move your side behind you, not in front of you. And lift and hold. Four more. (exhales) Shh, and lift. And exhale three and lift.

Exhale two, over, over, and lift. Well done, guys! Exhale, hold thigh behind you, and we pulse. And two, exhale three, and four, five, six, seven, and eight, and come down. Great work, you guys! Bring your ball between your glute and your heel. Lift your thigh up behind you and tilt your body forward.

Hold onto your elbows here. We're going to exhale. Press your heel into the ball and release. Exhale, exhale, and release, (exhales) shhh. You lift your thigh.

The higher you lift your thigh behind you, the more glute work you'll get. Five more. Exhale four, exhale three, exhale two, and one, hold. Lift your thigh. Lift your abdominals four, three, two, and change sides.

Great job, guys. Other side. There's a little cheat out. Don't have your ball between and behind your knee. That's too easy. You wanna have it underneath your glutes and bring your heel up towards the ball.

Hover and hold. Lift that thigh. Inhale, exhale, squeeze, and release. And two, exhale three, doesn't feel like I'm moving much, but the glutes is working as well as the stabilizing side. Four more. (Exhales) Shh.

Exhale two, and hold. Lift your thigh, close your ribs, and come down all the way. Great work, you guys! We've got one exercise to go, one back extension. I'm gonna stand diagonally to face you guys. We're gonna bend the knees.

You're gonna reach your arms out ahead of you. And you're gonna squeeze your ball. We're gonna hold it in this position. Ribs are closed. Abdominals are lifted.

Lower back is not arched, and we're gonna squeeze the ball. Exhale one and release. Two. (exhale) Shhh. And five. Exhale six. Squeeze and hold, eight, nine.

From here, take your ball in your right hand. Open your arms into a T position. Move the ball behind your body, over your head. Four more times into a T, behind your body, over your head. Three more in this direction.

Circle your arms out and around. And two more. And around. And one more. And around. Hold it here. We reverse it to the T, behind the back, and over. Four more to the T.

Keep the abdominals lifted and (indistinct) away from your (indistinct) Three more. And around. And two more. And around. And one more. And around and around, breathing in, bend your knees, lift your chest up all the way. Let's place the ball behind your head.

Press your head into your ball. Press your head back. Feel those extensions. Inhale, flex to the right side, inhale. And exhale, lift, and hold.

And inhale over and over, and exhale, left. Again, inhale to the side, exhale to lift. We're gonna an add-on inhale. Inhale and exhale. From here, flex to the side.

Reach your arms over and extend. Bend your elbows, ball behind you, and lift up. Inhale over to the side, reach the arms, lift your chest, lift your arms, and bend, and back. Two more. Inhale over. Reach, and extend, and extend, and extend, bend, and back.

One more. Inhale, and reach, and extend. Bend back and lift up. Amazing. Bring your ball to the front of your body, guys. From here, anchor your feet down into the floor, root yourself, be solid inner core, be solid in your heart. We need a physical posture.

We need a good posture of our heart. Let's organize that for the rest of your day. Breathe in, exhale, lower your chin. Move and roll your body forward. Allow each muscle and each joint to give you the freedom that it deserves.

Inhale, lift your abdominals, brace your feet, anchor your feet down, and move the rest of your limbs up, and up, and up. Again, inhale. Exhale, lower your head. Move down, roll forward. Feel that beautiful change in your body. Inhale and exhale.

Rolling up, rolling up, rolling up. Stand tall. One more inhale, and we exhale. Keeping the focus in your body. This is your time. Be grateful for it, inhale.

Be grateful for the spine that can move so freely in this space. And lift your arms, lift your heart. Feel your physical posture, recognize the posture of your heart, and keep that in mind for the rest of your day. Well done, you guys. Thank you so much for joining me.

Keep your posture upright. Keep your hearts pure, and have an awesome, awesome day!

High Intensity Workouts: Rediscovering Strength


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very nice. thank you.
2 people like this.
Really challenging and also felt so good! Thank you! :)
2 people like this.
Amazing class. Love your energy!
2 people like this.
So great to be taught by you again, Im enjoying your series, this was fun, challenging ,different, great cues as always. Thank you
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This was my first level 3 claaassss, and it feels just amazing! 🧡❤️🌺Thank you so much Tash, fantastic cues and variations 💛
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what a class! challenging lovely exercises ;) thank you 
2 people like this.
What a great class!!! One of the best I ever took!!! Thank you so much! And again: thank you so very much for your excellent cueing!!! It’s priceless! Even more so if you can’t see properly due to lying on the reformer. 
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Thank you Tash for an amazing class! "Keep your hearts pure" Love this message!
Tash Barnard
You make me smile thank you so much!
And more so thank you for moving your body with me xxx
Tash Barnard
Tova A 
HELLO!  Oh i LOVE this as well!   Hope you're well and loving your teaching!  X
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