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Sublime Symmetry

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How symmetrically are you moving? In the sixth class with Misty Lynne you’ll answer this question by focusing on the balance in your body. You’ll revisit the Foam Roller and use it to evaluate total body engagement with exercises like Roll Up, Roll Over, and Corkscrew. By the time you get to the variations on Knee Stretches you’ll feel a sublime symmetry from head to toe. Let’s find balance in Fortify The Mat with Misty Lynne!
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Welcome to Fortify The Mat with Misty Lynne. We've got our foam roller and we're gonna be working deeply today focusing on width, breadth, and depth as always. Let's get started. So remember if you don't have a roller you can do this without. I'd like for you to start here.

We'll be on our fours with the shoulders over the wrists, spread your hands so let the fingers have a moment to activate here pressing the pads of the fingers in the thumbs into the mat and activating your forearms. Now you can start a little bit more forward over your wrists but I'm gonna start back today because I wanna be able to roll and stretch my wrists to warm them up preparing them for the task that's about to be. So as I'm rolling I'm thinking about my armpits rotating forward they're looking at the mat they're not looking at my side body. A couple more here. And let's just do one more and hold this position.

Now, once again, widening your back we're going to draw the shoulder blades together for sternum drops and we'll push them apart. And now the width of your hands is important here. If you feel like you can't draw your shoulder blades together without shrugging go ahead and separate your hands away from each other create the space because this is a warmup. So there's no reason to abuse yourself now when we can abuse ourselves later. And let's just do one more here and hold this position.

Now for the next we're just going to do an opposite arm reach. So we're reaching make a fist here keep the armpits rotating forward and bring the arm back down. So we're balancing and we're breathing and we're doing all the good stuff that we're supposed to do but what I would like for you to think about is are you keeping your weight balanced over both thigh bones? Are you shifting your wrists for the reach? Shifting your weight for the reach.

Try to keep it balanced through the center of the body. We'll do one more each way your neck will stay long on spine. Last one And stepping down to the forearms. Spine is long you may wanna cheat your knees back a little bit so that they're right underneath your hips and the arms are gonna be here in the number 11 not here in the letter A. So get into your number 11 shape rotate your armpits forward and feel the strength in your outer shoulder.

Now we're just gonna reach the arms forward and then pull them back. And now watch, use your eyeballs to see are you maintaining the number 11 or you creating fascinating new letters for our language. No, no, no, no, no. Work the 11, three more. And make sure as you pull back, the activation is across your middle back and not at your forearms.

Take a big stretch here you've earned it because that's a really really big awakening of the upper body just to get started. And we're gonna continue on. Your roller is gonna go long on your mat and then you'll go long on your roller. Find your balance on the roller. Before we go anywhere, what I'd like for you to do is find your feet resting flat on the mat and not flat like you've forgotten about them flat like they've got energy coursing through them.

Your shoulder blades are wide your palms are down and we're just going to stay here as we find the rotation of the chest wide and the blades toward the roller. Find that engagement, squeeze your roller, once again, it's warming up, it's awakening your upper back and release it. As you do this again think of the rotation of the armpits towards your heels as the shoulder blades draw toward one another and see how loose you can keep the front of your neck. Release let's do two more like this. Wrap the blades, wrap them, wrap them and release.

And now on this one, find your rep first, really feel the symmetry between both scapula here and then you're just going to release it halfway. So you should still feel like your shoulder blades are holding on to your roller you'll bring your right leg up for marching. It's gonna come up to 90 degrees at the hip and the knee. Lifting and lowering. Exhale as you lift and inhale as you lower.

Now listen friends, here's the thing. I know if you're anything like me you are really in your heart and soul wanting to curl your toes that are on the floor. Do you know what we call that in my country? Cheating. So let your toes be broad, let your arches be engaged, let your breath help you bring the leg up hold the left leg where it is the right leg is going to join it.

Hold your balance. Just hang out think about what you're having for lunch or dinner or even breakfast depending upon where you are. Now dipping from the hip to take the leg to the floor. Now if you can see my arms that you'll see that they are relaxed. I can relax my arms when I'm working the area between my shoulder blades holding onto the roller.

The minute I start to shrug my shoulders, not (indistinct) I'm gonna fall right off of this roller on camera and then I will feel shame. Don't feel shame. Hold it here. Drop both feet to the mat with grace and dignity please. Feet are flat.

Once again, energy through the soles of the feet the hands will come behind the head. For a little bit of ab prep here, inhale as you traction your head away from your shoulders exhale, blow, curl up to your shoulder points try not to change the tension in your legs. Inhale to roll back and exhale blow and curl. Find the energy between the blades even here. As I'm curling and lowering I can always see my inner elbow pits in my peripheral vision.

Two more here. Exhale, blow and curl. How hollow can your belly be? Inhale back. We're gonna add on here.

Exhale, blow and curl and hold. With grace and hopefully dignity we'll bring one leg up the table top and we'll lower it back down and the other way. So if you're feeling a little bit like a drunken sailor and you might flat off to the side I want you to think about your connection of your armpit to the opposite inner thigh. As you think about your cross diagonal engagement the balance gets easier. Three more, no tension in your neck chest or jaw and two more and lower and last one and lower.

Lower your head weight down bring your arms down for a moment let your shoulders relax if you were gripping and then we're going to bring the arms up for the roll up. As we do the roll up here, if you need a little bit of an assist you can take your feet wider on your mat if you don't, then don't. Rotate your armpits forward here find the engagement across your middle back big breath in nod the chin of the chest exhale. No tap dancing here instead really focus on your breath and your deep low core to get you here. Exhale start at your lower abdominals rolling back to the mat.

So this time as you curl up, think about your under butt your under butt is engaged lightly but it's not engaged so much that it tosses you off of the side of your roller. Inhale, big breath sitting nice and tall start at your abdominals exhale rolling away. Three more like this. Take your time there is no race happening. Sitting tall, check in with your feet, soft feet but energized feet.

Two more. Though I feel like I may have said two more three times. Sitting up nice and tall. Grow here to the crown of your head chest is broad, inhale, exhale, scooping back. And here's your last one.

Weight your big toes on the mat, use them as if they're suction cupped and they're going to be what allows you to keep your feet planted. Stay right here hold. Take a big breath in exhale, scoop as you lower down really think about your connections opposite armpits to the inner thighs and that helps you get to the mat. To dismount just roll off the side. For the rollover you've got a couple of options here.

If you need an assist to typically in your rollover you're just gonna bring the roller up underneath your hips this way as we did I believe in lesson two. Legs will go up to the ceiling here it's fine. Or if you don't want that assist and you want a little bit of extra work, bring your legs up the roller is touching your cheeks here. Legs are long give me a slight turnout and find your inner thighs in your under butt, big breath in, fingertips hold on, exhale, slowly roll up and over slow and steady wins the race folks. Separate the feet here, inhale, exhale rolling back down.

Remember symmetry, you should feel even work through both arms and both hands and all the fingertips. Cross one ankle over the other one, exhale rolling up and over. Find the armpit connection. Switch the legs here rolling back down armpits are rotated forward and your neck is free my friends. Tailbone hits the mat and we go right back over below.

The rotation of the armpits forward makes this easier when you think about what's happening at the neck. Rolling back down and your shoulder blades flat down to the mat like feet they never lift. Blow and curl, separating flex, rolling down, tailbone hits the mat and off we go up and over blow and switch. Take your time to roll down slowly, slowly, slowly bring the roller under your hips and now we're up for quick hip stretch before we go into our circles. Your leg is reaching away and the front of the hip is opening you may even feel the stretch in the hip.

Other leg is up, stretching it long, holding it here. Single leg circles, crossing the body and up and forth. As you're doing this think of the weight of the navel it's as if you have a sinker on your belly button and it's pulling it down to the mat and reverse. Your leg that's floating here is hopefully staying in one place not bobbing and weaving all over the place. Three.

Really think about the energy behind the knee and one. Hold, both knees come in let the low back release toward the mat and then... Oh, sorry. Bring one knee into the chest the other leg stretches away hold this stretch here for a moment. Really think about energy in your long leg and then take the free leg up circling.

Inhaling and exhaling. The nice thing about adding the roller here is that you really get a little bit more extra reinforcement in the leg that's down reverse. So you're abundantly aware of where it's going or not going as the case may be. Two and one. Both knees come into the chest, two choices to dismount.

Choice one, push the roller that way and come off of it. Choice two, legs go up, come up and slide off. For rolling like a ball the roller is gonna come right in front of us and I'd like for you to lift into your ball balance here but you're holding onto the butts of the roller. Your spine is round and your armpits are rotated forward. Keep pressure between the roller and the shins and the shins and the roller, here we go.

Inhale back, exhale up and balance. Here we go. Four more like this. Use your full breath, keep your focus on your low core and your under butts are wrapping in toward one another. And two and one.

Hold it right here, stay, keep pressure into the roller. We're gonna take the roller up and bring it back down. The spine is still curled, the gaze is still on the navelish and you're really thinking about this leg extension coming from the back of the leg. One more each leg. Stretch it up, bring it down.

Last one up, bring it down and release there. So the roller is gonna go back behind us and I'm just gonna make a quick mat adjustment here. So I know this series of five is everyone's favorite we're gonna make it even more fun by doing it on the roller. Make sure your head is fully on the roller if you don't have a roller here but you want a little bit of a lift, grab a beach towel roll it long ways and find your balance there. Both legs are up in tabletop.

I don't care if the heels are dipped or up but what I do want you to think about is gentle hands here curl up to your shoulder points stay single leg stretch. Inhale and exhale. Now as you're working this action, how light are your arms? How wrapped are your shoulder blades toward the roller and four, three, two, one, bend both knees in, lower the headway down place the feet down scoop and roll up into your bridge just to reset your spine here start at the breastbone rolling back down taking your time. Legs come back up.

Double leg stretch, nod and curl up. How hollow is your belly? Press the legs away as you inhale and exhale pull them in and four, three, and two and one. Hold it here, one leg goes up the other leg goes away. single straight leg stretch and exhale.

So we're not forgetting about where the work comes from it's core and the roller makes it a lot easier to remember because if you just start randomly kicking the legs you're gonna fall off. And curl up a little higher, rolling down, bring the arms over head let the ribs lift, take a stretch and then you're just gonna take a reach. So I'm bringing my backside across the roller and then I'm going the other way. One more each way really, really use your breath to get there. Good, we're back to the center.

Arms come down double straight leg lowers. You have your options here you can keep the headway down or you can curl it up. Light arms, inhale lower and exhale lift. Keep your crack on the mat, the roller or the mat. But what we don't wanna do is lift up because that's gonna put stress into our next and shoulder girdles.

One more. Bend the knees come in. For crisscross you have two options. Option one, the feet will say down and you'll just crisscross this way as you know. Option number, two legs are in tabletop, you're curled up to your shoulder points light arms, you inhale twist and switch.

Think of the legs hugging the midline. And four, three, two, one. Bring it all the way down, come off of your roller gracefully and pause and reflect upon what we've just done. That's over. Now, legs are gonna be long we'll do what I call the unicorn spine stretch.

And I call it the unicorn spine stretch because my arms are up here. Now in this position I really have to wrap my fingers press my pinkies and my thumbs into my roller and as I'm bowing the roller adds weight. Not a lot but just enough so that I have to really really concentrate on where I'm holding this roller up from. And here's a tip, it's not the chest, it's not the shoulders even maybe the posterior shoulder but it's more happening from your middle back rounding over and rolling back up. And remember you're articulating up and over your waist so the waist doesn't come with you.

And up and here's the last. Exhale scooping and curling up and over round spine round spine and inhale rolling up. Take a side bend each way. Now's a really good time to feel those good pops that happen in between each bone when you're starting to warm up and come down. So open leg rocker is next.

This is going to be fun. You have a couple of options with open leg rocker Option number one, stay here in your balance with bent knees. Option number two, legs are up hands are pressing into your roller, roller is pressing into your legs and we're rolling and we're balancing. Scoop, inhale back, exhale up, hold. This is a neat way to force you to remember that its opposition.

My legs are pushing into my roller my roller is pushing into my legs. I can't do it and talk at the same time. So two more. And one more I tell you it usually goes much better than that. Come on down.

The corkscrew will be next. (indistinct) go on top of the roller for this one but I want you to think about in this corkscrew, is how far can you go without falling over? So I'm letting my hips lift as they go from one side to the other. Over, down, away and up. My armpits are rotated forward and yes I am holding onto my roller like it's handlebars because I want my hands to get some work in this workout as well.

And again, stretching over, away, and up. Over, away, and up. Hold it right here while we're here we're just gonna take a bicycle. So my leg that's coming toward my face is parallel my leg that's reaching away is stretching for the floor and I'm dragging my toes along the floor as if I'm drawing sand toward my butt crack at the beach. Who does that?

Nobody. I will need a different image for that next time. Stretch the leg away and hold reverse. Dip the toe into the sand flip the sand away stretch the opposite way. Take a look at your leg tracking are you able to keep them parallel or are they doing interesting things.

One more each leg stretching through your knees both legs up big breath in and exhale rolling down. Coming off of your roller legs go long to the roller ankles are on arms up to the ceiling. We'll make fist tier find your armpits, chin and the chest. Take your time. As you roll up and over, find your feet stretch.

It's time for swan And swan with the roller is so sumptuous. But that said if you have any shoulder issues you're going to want to take your hands wider and if they're still tight, get rid of your roller you don't need it it's okay. I like to start with my wrists on the rollers my hands will either be in fists or palms facing in. As I lengthen and lift up into my swan, I rotate my hand so my palms are on my roller and then I'll slowly roll back down being aware of lowering vertebra by vertebra. And again lengthen through the crown of my head as my shoulder blades traction down my back and then I'm lowering back down.

You use your breadth lengthening and lifting no flip top head please, none of this. Keep the crown of your head long. It's a connection or an extension of your spine. Two more. Lifting up rotating, grow, grow, reach long out of your legs without going SpongeBob style.

Don't squeeze your butt so hard it turns into a square. Think under butt not entire butt. We're holding up here swan dive here we go. Forward and up. Think light as a feather, not stiff as a board.

You wanna keep the traction and the engagement long on both sides of the body. Two more. Last one. Hold it up, big breath, lower down (indistinct). Cross one wrist over the other just hold this as a shoulder stretch we're gonna need it for the next series.

Lengthening long through the legs, through the arms switch across same idea reaching long lengthening. Breathing through your mid back here and come up. All right, so the next one's gonna be a little bit tough I'm gonna admit it. But if it goes well, you are going to feel super strong. So this is elephant.

In the elephant, I like for you to find your palms flat on the mat rotate your armpits forward. Oh and PS, you may also bring the roller under your hands if you're terrified to do this on your feet but I would never steer you toward your doom intentionally anyway. So my toes are on my roller my toes are spread my upper back is gonna be round, my lower back is flatish and then I'm pulling my roller toward me. And the idea is the work is happening here and my quads and my hip flexors it is not happening because I'm pulling with my arms and seven, three more, two more, one more. To dismount step one foot down then the other and then we're gonna bring the roller under our shins hopefully evenly.

Take the mid shin to the roller, rotate your armpits forward. Now realize that if knees stretches aren't your thing or you're just trying to find your stretch come here and hang out in your hover. If you're feeling like taking the challenge we're gonna go here. So rotate, keep your back flat for the first set, lift up out and in 10 times. Nine, really focus on folding the thigh bones and the hip joint.

Four and three and two and one. Coming down fixing my mat. Same thing with the round spine rotating your armpits forward. Here we go. Scoop your belly, pubic bone towards your nose and nine.

And six and four and three and two and one coming down. For our last one we'll do the tinkerbell variation which is the hardest of the whole series. So realize that if you have to do it with one ankle crossed over the other to begin, that's great. If you're ready for the big kahuna, let's do it. We're up.

One knee is gonna come forward other legs in and out. Five, four, three, two, one and we switch knee comes in. Five, four, two and one. Coming down, woo, nice job. Just take a side stretch here cause your obliques may be requesting it.

Maybe that's just me. Bring the arm behind your back twist. Other side same idea. Side bending over. Arm behind your back twist.

Looking up broadening your clavicles here. All right, hand is down Leg will go out to the side and now we're going into the kneeling psychic series. We're only gonna go up down and front and back here. So side body in a diagonal. This hip is pushing forward here and let's bring the hand to the forehead like we're being taken with the vapors and the leg is gonna lift up and down.

Four. Your standing leg and your standing arm are rock solid. So no shimmy sham there. Hold it up, stay. Leg goes forward leg goes back.

Four, take your time and three and two. Last one. Bring the leg in come up. Second side the same idea. Find that nice long body line, hand comes behind the head, body is long.

Press the bottom hip forward and make sure your bottom heel isn't out there. Bring it in line with the standing knee, vapors, and we're gonna lift up down. Four. Lifting from the outer thigh pulling down from the inner. Two, one.

Now lift up and hold forward and back. Where's the rotation of your armpits? Forward. Three and two and one. Good, bring it in.

Coming down, we're gonna go onto our backs for a series of bridges on the roller. Now two options here you can do them with your arms down or with your arms up but what I want you to really concentrate on is the idea that we started with the shoulder blades wrapping in toward the midline of the body. So no matter what poison you choose make sure that that's included. We're gonna rotate the arms in if the arms are down or if they're up. Starting down, scooping, articulating up, up, up.

Hold, inhale at the top exhaling articulating down, down, down, hold. Scoop, pelvis leads. Pubic bone toward the nose rolling up, up, up. Now check in with your feet, did they rotate outward or are they staying in their lane. Please keep your feet in their predetermined lane.

Exhale scooping, rolling up, up, up, hold. Bring the arms up hold. If you are so inclined let's march. Eight, seven, six. So you're marching in a straight line.

It's like at a parade people don't march down the street in a zigzag we don't march on the roller in the zigzag either. Hold it up, stay big breath in, exhale, roll down. Extend the legs long. This is our brief and temporary respite point and flex. Four, three, two and let's point on one drag your roller back in arms are still up, big breath in here, exhale scoop.

Find your forefoot, the ball of the foot and the toes wrapping over as well pushed your roller away pull it back in. Inner ankles are pressing forward away from your nose. Three and two. Resist the urge to let your back arch and one hold it in, roll down, extend the legs long. We'll bring the heels together and turn the legs out on this one and we'll roll up for eight counts.

Here we go. Eight, seven, six. Reach through your heels reach through your inner thighs. Three, two, one, reach. Grab your feet.

Breathing here. Two more breaths and here's your last breath rolling up. We're going to take a simple side plank balance here. So my legs are going to be stacked but please know that you can also stagger. If you stagger top leg comes forward please.

My bottom arm is heavy I'm making a fist so I'm connecting into my armpit and my top hand can be here if I'm not sure if this is going to go well or it can be here if I'm pretty darn solid about it or it can be here if you know you're a rockstar. I don't know how I'm feeling about it today so I'm gonna bring my hand here. Pardon me. Flexing your ankles and now scooping and lifting your bottom side up. Hold.

Two, one and lower down with grace. See, delicate, not aggressively rude to your own pelvis. One. Keep this armpit rotating forward rolling back down. And now we'll roll up same idea.

Lift, keep reaching through your top leg, hold, hip blowers. Three and lift and two and lift. One more set. Down and up hold and lowering down. From here swing your legs around.

Options, you can either pull the knees all the way in or you can (indistinct) it depending upon what your legs allow. Without a roller this is okay as well but with the roller let's start with the arm on the forearm, the forearm on the roller. It's in tight and I'm side bending over pressing away and coming up and taking my stretch over. Up and again reach. My roller is high so I'm getting a good stretch both in the front of my shoulder and in the back of my shoulder.

And one more. Stretching over. Hold two hands to the roller push it away. Big stretch think of getting your back hip down as you come up down, down, down counter stretch here, up and over. Now the knees are gonna come back, they're in line with the pelvis.

So the farther forward they are the harder it's gonna to be balance this doesn't feel super great. On your foam here other hand goes to the hip stack your feet really important. Rotating the armpits forward, lifting up. Hip lift here, press your pelvis forward, tap the hip down. Two more like this and then we're adding on and slowly lower with grace and dignity.

One more. Lengthen and lift up hold clamp open and close. Five, four, and three and two and one. Hold, leg lifts parallel, think of dog on a hydrant. Lift and lower.

Five and four. Heel and knee are in the same line and two and one. All righty, come down. Gently, we're gonna bring our roller to the opposite side. Same idea starting from the beginning of that series.

So the feet and ankles are stat foam is down top hand is either on your hip down or up choose your poison. Rotating your armpits forward we're lifting up hold and lowering down. Don't forget about your bottom inner thigh that needs to come to the party as well. Lifting up, up, up, and lowering back down. Adding on.

Lifting up, holding, hip lowers three and lift up. Two up and one. Keep that bottom leg super straight and come on down. Swing the legs around to the other side (indistinct) or stack legs either is fine with me. I want it to feel good and work your body.

So here we go. We're going up an overstretch from the top side think of lifting up counter stretch over. And again, up and over and up other way stretch. Keep the far side hip as low as you can. First up and over now rotate.

Now the first side hip lifts as you deepen into this stretch now scoop round your spine to come up, up, up. Good counter stretch over. Onto the forearm. Knees come back in line with the hips clam time. Once again, hand at the hips (indistinct) the vapors I don't mind whichever one you choose we're going up coming back down I just need to adjust.

Up for your clam, up and hold. Lifting your bottom hip and rotate. And four. Keep the inner heels together. Three, do it again.

Two, one last hold leg comes up fire hydrant. Heel and the knee stay in the same plane. Bottom hip stays lifted and the inner thighs are coming to the party. Lowering down two more. Lift and back down last one lift.

Bring it back down lower with grace and dignity. Tendon stretch is next. You need the roller for this one unless you have paper plates or sliders in which case you could always use those. Legs are long. Fair tip is we're gonna rotate to the sides and press into the mat breastbone is up to begin.

We're lifting first into a reverse plank here. Opening the chest neck is long you're looking forward. Scoop the hips through the hands with a round spine and up. Now if you're bum drags the floor that's okay just try to get it more round at your upper back. Two more.

Scoop, up, lift, lift, lift and here's your last one. Scoop, up hold. Kick. Three, two, one Gracefully lower down, flex your ankle stretch forward. The teaser is next it's coming we have to do it, we just do.

So you have some options. Option one, arms are straight up here just like this. You're rotating your armpits forward. Option two, arms are back here. Use your armpits connect them to your core.

Here we go. Big breath in nod the chin to the chest, exhale, scoop and curl all the way up. Get your legs to your roller and your roller to your legs. Hold and roll back in opposition. Two more Exhale, chin to the chest, scoop curl.

Once you see your toes start to come up, up, up, stretch those hamstrings scoop. And one more big breath in. Chin to the chest here we go curling up, hold it. Once you get to the top, tap legs lower bring them up to the roller. Tap, two, one, lower down in opposition.

Arms go back, lift your ribcage up. Good. We're going to come up and we're gonna lay on our backs on top of the roller. Once you get there, your first step is gonna be to open your arms out to a T. Now from here pull your shoulder blade away from the roller and bring it back in.

Other side pull your shoulder blade away from the roller and in one more each way out and in. Last one, reach and pull it out in a way and pull it in. Now the arms are gonna come together. I call this foam face wash. So my elbows are together my pinkies are together and I'm just going to wash my face with my forearms.

Bring my hands back without letting my elbows come apart or my ribs pop then I'm gonna pull back down. And this is a release action for the back of my shoulders. Just in case I got them bunched up somewhere between tendon stretch and teaser. And two more. And one more.

Good, now bring the arms back and around pull them into the side body. So some of you may be too young to know this but back in the '80s people would walk around in trench coats and like open their coats and flash you and it was really disturbing. Anyway, so this is the flasher arm position your elbows and your wrists are the same height. So I'm rotating my armpits forward to get my elbows up my wrists are not dangling below instead, they're working at the same plane and then I'm expanding the width of my chest. This is going to help me tap into my back body and finding my shoulder blades wrapping in naturally.

I'm not even having to aggressively make that happen. And you're gonna say, "Why are you being so nice to me right now? "We haven't done any planks yet." But it's gonna happen. So I just want you to find that releasing of the chest the expansion of the chest without losing the symmetry in the chest or the back. Hold this for about five more seconds and good.

Coming off of your roller. We're gonna place it off to the side and out of the way then we're gonna stand at the edge of our mat. For our plank series today, remember you have to modulate what your body wants to do but we're gonna start. Here in pilates stance, arms are down chest is lifted, and armpits are rotated forward. We're nodding the chins to the chests, we're curling up and over an imaginary rusty pole pretend you're wearing white don't let that pole touch your white shirt.

Your weight is over the balls of your feet here. Now you're going to walk out into your plank position and we're just gonna hold it and hang. Find the wrap of your armpits, find the depth of your belly connection inner sits bones are engaged inner heels are engaged, make sure the buns are coming to the party. Now we're gonna do a slow half push-up and then we're gonna come back up and hold. And we're gonna tap the knees to the floor and then lift them up.

Two more. Down, push up, knees tap and stretch. One more. Come down, up, knees tap, stretch, hips to the sky, hold the stretch. Lift your breastbone field the symmetry between both arms and both armpits and both legs, walking back in, hold it here.

Weight is balanced over the balls of the feet and the heels you're stretched over big breath, exhale scooping slowly. Rolling up. Once again, is your weight balanced evenly over both legs? Hold it here. Slowly lift your heels up slowly lower your heels down.

Chin to the chest we're going back over. Rounding. Don't let the rusty bar touch your white shirt. Walking out. Hold it here.

Take your hands out a little farther forward. Hold it here so we're in extended plank and you're slowly gonna lower your forearms to the mat, hold. Find the wrap of your inner thighs and your butt cheeks. Hold, hold, hold. One arm then the other come up, back into our plank.

Head is up to the sky turn the feet parallel here bicycle the legs really accentuating the work through the toes rotating your armpits forward and don't forget to breathe my friends. And one more each leg. Hold nice and long spine here. Walk it back in. Stay balls of the feet spread them wide like a duck foot.

Softly bend your knees here this time we're rolling up with a round spine. Take your time. Roll your shoulders back we have one more to do. Big breath in, chin to the chest, exhale, scooping and curling, up and over, lengthening through the backs of both legs. As you stretch over hold.

Walking out into your plank. Hold rotate your armpits forward, lift one leg, place it down. Without a lot of shift through the hips or the shoulders lifting from the back body abs are engaged. Last one. Heels are fixed push the heels down.

Stretching through your shoulder girdle, walk your hands in. Nice long stretch, big breath in, exhale slowly rolling up. You did it. Have a very symmetrical day today guys.

Fortify the Mat: with Misty Lynne Cauthen


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This class majors in strength and balance. That's great for me because flexibility is my issue. Class is not easy but I found it very doable. I cannot rollup on a roller without wearing 5 lb leg weights and keeping my legs straight. I kept weights on for the entire class which worked for me. I had fun & got a good workout. Thanks to Misty Lynne I am also more dignified and graceful:) 
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Fantastic class Misty Lynne. I loved what the roller brought to the exercises, especially open leg rocker which is always hard for me.
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Fantastic class.  There a those who want a roller class for pelvic release and stretch deepening.  Then there are those who want the unique strength discovery you can find on the roller.  This class is for those who want to meet a roller challenge.  Come to class with concentration and your sense of humor.  Be willing to roll off to get the idea and then try again.  Loved it.  Went back and tried a few again with the harder variation.
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Gary, tried your leg weights suggestion for the roll up only.  Nice assist.  Then went back to trying without.  Gave me some insight.
Lina S
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Wonderful class Misty Lynne. Time went by so quickly! For sure, you can't help but feel the connection with the foam roller. Thank you again!
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Beautiful class, thanks again!
Maria P
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Great class! Challenging, creative and safe use of the reformer .  I remember to "roll my armpits forward" and always land "with dignity and grace" ha-ha. BTW Misty Linn has a striking resemblance with M. Obama ( in her best shape of course, no pun intended lol).
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Wonderful class. Foam rollers vary in softness/ lightness and a little in length which can make the excercises easier or more challenging depending on what you are using. Challenging but really enjoyable.
Laurence F
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What a great class! Focus on STRENGTH & BALANCE. Slow-ish pace, but still challenging - a good level 2. Very good cues and wonderful energy from Misty (she is quite funny and had me giggling once or twice). Went straight into my Favourite Classes! Thank you, Misty-Lynne!
Gary M Well Gary, I knew you were graceful and dignified - no doubt in my mind! And practice (and patience!) makes perfect on the variations. Glad you revisited them successfully!
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